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Enriching the lives of Lowcountry residents with disabilities through equine assisted activities • Summer 2008

How can I help?

• Friend $50
• Sponsor $100
• Red Ribbon $500
Rider Spotlight – Davis Loar
• Blue Ribbon Patron $1,000 By Andrea Loar for us to be finished so he could get up. And his eye
• Reserve Champion Patron $2,500 Click. A door was unlocked in my son’s brain. contact has improved so dramatically. We attribute
• Grand Champion Patron $5,000 And we believe that Heroes was that key. all of this to the activities that the instructors
• Honor/Memorial We know that must sound a little dramatic, but engage the children in during the horseback riding.
• Land The children really have to focus all their energy on
• Stock for us, Heroes on Horseback was a bridge between
• IRA’s all the therapies that our son, Davis who is 3, is completing the various activities that really require
receiving, along with the regular socialization that heavy concentration – its fantastic!
Please mail your contribution to: occurs at school which he attends 5 days a week. Davis wasn’t very aware of his own body. He
Heroes on Horseback When we first began the program in January had a high threshold for pain and his motor skills
PO Box 3678 our son was barely uttering one syllable words. were delayed and he was quite clumsy, still unable

Bluffton, SC 29910 By March, when to jump with
843.757.5607 his breakthrough both feet. While
Or donate online occurred, he began Click. A door was unlocked in riding Hawk,

www.heroesonhorseback.org speaking 2 word my son’s brain. And we believe Davis has become
more aware of his
phrases, and he is
now speaking in that Heroes was that key. own body. The
FALL PROGRAM CALENDAR • Volunteer Orientation Saturday Sept. 6th HELP WANTED 4 word sentences. instructors have
10am-12pm New Volunteer Openings This program been instrumental
• August 18th – Deadline for Fall Rider dramatically improved his speech skills because the in this process, always pointing out to him his body
• Volunteers report to work the week of • Chief Volunteer Coordinator – responsible parts and the horses body parts while they were
Enrollment Forms – instructors really engage the children in repeating
September 9th –November 14th for organizing the activities of the daily the commands to the horses. mounting him. The children are also engaged in
Davis Loar with his ribbon from the spring
• August 19th – Volunteer Training Clinic volunteer coordinators His attention span and following directions was various motor skills activities to improve in this horse show.
• See on-line calendar for specific lesson area.
w/Mark Mayer 5:30-7:30pm • Ground Lesson Facilitator – responsible for a terror for his teachers, and not much better for
dates & holidays us, along with eye contact. He can now actually sit We cannot express how much we love Heroes on “Davis and 2 other children with similar challenges
facilitating an established ground lesson. through an entire storybook and really absorb its Horseback. We truly believe that it was the final were served this spring in newly added lessons
CALENDAR OF EVENTS • Chief Ground Lesson Coordinator contents; beginning to ask simple questions about icing on the cake for Davis – it made him realize made possible by the Community Foundation of the
the pictures on the page. We cannot begin to tell that he was part of our world, and we were part of Lowcountry.The community Foundation awarded nearly
• October 18th – Spring Island Trail – responsible for lesson curriculum and his world; finally, he was ‘with’ us. We will forever
you what amazing progress this is. Previously he $50k to enable HOH to expand services.We are
Ride. Support our program while organizing the activities of the daily did not even look at the pages when we read to him be indebted to Heroes and Mr.. Larry, Ms. Ann, slowly restructuring program offerings to touch more
enjoying the best of the lowcountry Ground Lesson facilitators – he would look all around the room just waiting Mr. Chris and Ms. Laura. lives. Keep checking our website for updates.
from horseback. Please see web site • Ring Assistant – serves as the assistant
for details.
• November 1st – Family Fall
to the Instructor – tack safety check,
approved for mounting, dismounting and
Witness the Magic
Festival – games for kids, second set of eyes in the ring. There is something magical about assisted activities to children and adults especially in things most people take for part of our program.Without the
concession and arts & crafts for sale the partnership of horses and humans. with physical, cognitive, and emotional granted like walking, being able to hold generous donation of their time, we
• Sidewalkers, Horse Leader, Class It is a relationship that science and challenges. HOH is a premier accredited objects, or just holding your head up. could not provide services.Volunteers
at the Bluffton Community Center. Coordinators and Barn Managers are words cannot begin to describe.This is riding center with NARHA (North Therapists, nurses and doctors all work are inspired by the improvement
Vendor Space Available – please call needed for Tuesday – Saturday mornings why Heroes on Horseback encourages American Riding for the Handicap hard with patients to make this happen, of the individual’s quality of life in
to reserve space or Donate Items. the community to visit the farm and Association, Inc) and a member of but when they’ve done all they can do, our program.Their contributions are
and Tues, Wed and Saturday afternoons. witness our work in action. Heroes South Carolina Special Olympics. Our well, that’s when the magic happens; immeasurable and our volunteers are
Claudia Ascencio 705-3689. on Horseback (HOH) is a non- programs serve individuals ranging in and the magician has four hooves and a our greatest asset. If you are interested
profit organization that is dedicated age from 3 to 65 years old. It truly is velvety nose. in volunteering please contact our office
Ethan Weber in his first lesson with instructor Laura. to providing effective therapeutic magic to be part of helping someone HOH is a volunteer intensive at (843) 757-5607 and visit our web
Laura is getting Ethan’s attention. horseback riding and other equine- make improvements in their life, program. Our volunteers are a critical site www.heroesonhorseback.org.

P.O. Box 3678 Bluffton, SC 29910 Visit heroesonhorseback.org 757-5607 office or 757-5612 fax P.O. Box 3678 Bluffton, SC 29910 Visit heroesonhorseback.org 757-5607 office or 757-5612 fax
From the To our Donors
It will be another busy and exciting year at
Heroes. I welcome your thoughts, questions and
suggestions. I appreciate all of your interest and

support. Each day of involvement with Heroes
proves to me that there is just no better place to be!
- Rebecca Morris Please accept our Gratitude
and Apologies
I am honored to be serving as the new president
of Heroes on Horseback. From the very beginning
and to this day, volunteers have been the backbone
of the organization. They serve as side walkers,
At the beginning of the fiscal year we switched to a new software system that is used
to record donations. The transition created a little chaos with our data. As a result of
the confusion we committed the sin of failing to acknowledge some of your generous
donations. Please accept our most sincere apology if you did not receive a letter of
site coordinators, fundraisers, horse groomers,
administrative assistants, and board members. I look appreciation for a donation or contribution this year. HOH is funded entirely on the
Executive Director forward to working with this team of wonderful generosity of our friends and neighbors. We could not provide this unique and valuable
Celeste Pruit people. I am also excited about working with our service to our community without your help. We have identified the flaws in our system
celeste@heroesonhorseback.org dedicated, talented staff whose personalities, and have implemented processes to prevent this from happening again.
Program Manager experiences and professionalism bring so much to If you are in need of a receipt please contact our office. Thank you for your
Kendra Twitty Heroes on Horseback. understanding and continued support.
Heroes on Horseback is young organization
Equestrian Director
Laura Kinsey
and is facing all the challenges and frustrations of
growth. We recognize the need to diversify offerings,
A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO Riders from PEP Strive camp strengthen balance, coordination and
advanced riding skills. They were challenged to keep their horses
Barn Assistant
improve fund raising efforts and the need for board
development activities. With a grant from The
OUR MAJOR FUNDERS moving while keeping a noodle between them as they rode.

Mary Allen • Community Foundation of the Lowcountry: $50,000.00 for growing program
Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, we are services in Southern Beaufort County
Board of Directors working with the Ostroff Group from Boca Raton,
Rebecca Morris – President FL to conduct organizational and board assessments • Children’s Relief Fund: $15,000 for Tuition Assistance for Southern Beaufort
Emily Newman – Vice President with the goal of creating plans for board development, County children
Deborah Drury – Secretary staffing needs and fundraising. • Hargray Caring Coins: $10,000 Your coins do count!
Maxine Uttal – Treasurer Thank you for your support
As we’ve grown, we’ve faced many challenges but
Board Members have never lost sight of our mission. Our programs
Denise Bishop remain exemplary, and individuals with disabilities
Joan Clear Heroes on horseback wants to sincerely thank all that
Linda Davenport experience physical, emotional and mental growth
Shayla Ellenberger as a result of participation in our programs. Please have supported our mission to provide therapeutic
Thad Lane view our web site, www.heroesonhorseback.org horseback riding and equine assisted activities to people
Elizabeth Loda or, better yet, visit our site at Running W Farm in
Jim Rozmajzl Pritchardville to see how Heroes on Horseback is living with special needs in the lowcountry. Davis Loar after receiving ribbon at the spring horse show.
Sue Sigler is proudly working on advanced inde- Shown with volunteer team Ann, Larry & Chris.
Immediate Past President changing lives one stride at a time! pendent riding skills.
Bernie Bernstein
HAHRA Registered Instructors From the Horses Mouth
Denise Bishop
Laura Kinsey From the Immediate Past President Our herd says thank you from the bottom of their barrel bellies to all the volunteers that
cared for them while we rested the pastures.You all know who you are and we love the time
Nancy Pickering that you gave to us.Thanks again – and please keep coming back to give us treats!
Leslie Sullivan My term as president of this wonderful organization has come to an end. It was an especially rewarding
Maxine Uttal year for me as I worked with clients, volunteers and new staff as they began the journey of leading Heroes on
Rhetta Yount Horseback to a new and exciting level. Best of luck to our incoming president, Rebecca Morris, who I know
will add her non-profit experience and wonderful personality to the office.
Our Mission I expect that Dr. Paul Spiers, president of our national organization, The North American Riding for the
• Heroes on Horseback, a non-profit Handicapped Association, will not mind if I share with our readers some of his wonderful letter from the
premier center of North American summer 2007 issue of STRIDES magazine.
Riding for the Handicapped He wrote:
Association (NARHA) fosters: “As any of you who have watched The Horse Whisperer or read The Man Who Listens to Horses will
• Safe, professional and ethical know, when Monty Roberts gets a horse to “join up,” it means the horse is ready to participate in the activity
equine assisted activities for individuals or training that he wants to teach.The urge to join up stems from the social nature of the horse. As a species,
in the Lowcountry with Physical, mental
or emotional disabilities without regard horses naturally want to be bound to the herd. As humans, we are not so different. Our species also has a
to race, color, creed or financial need. social nature, and most prefer to be part of a group.”
• Educational opportunities for all Come on readers, “join up” with Heroes on Horseback. The joy you will see on our clients’ faces as they
individuals interested in equine ride or groom our beautiful horses will raise your spirit to another level. Trust me, I’m speaking from years of
activities. wonderful experience.
• Research to enhance and contribute to Thanks so much for your thoughts, Dr. Spiers. The rewards for volunteers are priceless. Volunteer Spencer poses with the wooden horse he made for
the field of equine assisted activities. Bernie HOH. The horse, Rosie, is used to help students get the feel of
Blake from the PEP Summer Strive camp learning to groom a horse. being in a saddle before getting on the horse.
P.O. Box 3678 Bluffton, SC 29910 Visit heroesonhorseback.org 757-5607 office or 757-5612 fax P.O. Box 3678 Bluffton, SC 29910 Visit heroesonhorseback.org 757-5607 office or 757-5612 fax