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Sahara and Sahel regions Test

Objective Notes
I can locate the Physical Features I can Locate:
following physical
features by: -Kalahari and Sahara Deserts
Kalahari- Southern Africa region, south of the Congo Basin
Relative location= Subregion Sahara Desert-Northern Africa region, North of the Sahel region
it is located in and its location
relative to nearby major
physical features (i.e. Atlas
-Atlas Mountains and Mt. Kilimanjaro
Mountains are in the Northern Atlas Mountains-Northern Africa region, East of Atlantic Ocean
region of Africa, East of the Mr. Kilimanjaro-Eastern Africa region, South of the Ethiopian Highlands
Atlantic Ocean.)

Absolute location= I can use

latitude and longitude to
-Niger and Nile rivers
locate a physical feature on a Niger River- South of Sahara Desert, feeds into Atlantic Ocean
map. Nile River-West of Ethiopian Highlands, flows into Mediterranean Sea

-Meditteranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Red Sea

-Congo Basin-Central Africa

I can describe four North: West

geographic -Sahara Desert -mostly Dry, grassland plains
characteristics of each -Dry climate -Arid/Semi Arid (north)
subregion of Africa. -mostly Desert vegetation w/ broadleaf &Tropical Wet/Dry (Equator
green forest around Nile -tropical grassland vegetation
-oil is a key resource -oil is key resource

Central and South: East:

-Tropical wet near Equator -Arid/Semiarid
changes to semiarid southward -Ethiopian Highlands/Mt. Kili.
-Broadleaf evergreen forest near Congo -Nomadic Herding &
-Congo Basin and Kalahari Desert Subsistence farming
-Diamonds, Gold, Manufacturing
I can identify where the
Sahara Desert, Sahel,
and Oases environments
are located in Northern

I can identify two major -Environmental challenges of Sahara Desert:

environmental 1.Sandstorms
challenges of the Sahara, 2.Unpredictable rain
Sahel and Oases 3.Flash floods

-Environmental challenges of Sahel Desert:

2.Marginal Land
3.Desertification increasing

-Environmental challenges of Oases:

1.Struggles against the harsh desert environmental
2.Limited available water

I can explain two ways 1.Satellite phones to keep in touch with customers
for how technology has
improved trade in 2.Drilling machines cut through rock to locate underground water
Northern Africa
3.Trucks and planes improve transportation and for bringing people and
goods between oases.
I can identify and Date Palms are extremely useful; Its fruit, the date, is eaten fresh or dried.
explain the importance Its trunk and leaves are used as building materials, and the fiber from its
of dates in an Oases bark is twisted together to make rope. Date pits, or seeds are burned as fuel
environment. or fed to animals.
I can explain the An Oases provides relief especially for those who live in the Sahara region,
significance of an Oases as it has water and therefore vegetation (plants.)
in a desert Environment
I can describe two ways Human modification #1 and way it has caused environmental stress:
human modifications -One modification is the use of cash crops: these are goods produced to
made to the Sahel make profit (opposite of subsistence farming.) It depletes the environment
Environment have because of its wear on the soil, since so much is grown at one time and does
caused environmental not suit the land better than raising traditional crops.
stress and can propose
two solutions. Solution #1: Begin to be more knowledgeable of the land; grow traditional
crops that are still valuable, and won't deplete the land as fast or as much.

Human modification #2 and way it has caused environmental stress:

-Another modification could be cutting down trees for things such as
firewood. This depletes the land because it causes deforestation which
eventually leads to desertification of the land.

Solution for #2:

- A solution could be to switch to alternative resources to burn, such as
coal, which cuts down on deforestation.

I can give a definition for Definition: groups of herders who move with their animals from place to
pastoral nomads and place in search of pasture and water.
identify two ways they
are successful in Reason #1: They travel in smaller clans; this helps for traveling purposes as
Northern Africa. well as sharing resources and food when they reach Oases.

Reason #2: They are better able to practice Agriculture Shifting, which is
using the land and abandoning it after a couple years in order to let it
revive; nomads are extremely adept to packing and moving.