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The capital of Scotland is:

a) Dublin b) London c) Edinburgh d) Glasgow e) Manchester

What is the name of the traditional skirt in Scotland?

a) kylt b) kilt c) kelt d) patterned skirt e) checkered skirt

Dublin, the capital of ____________ has over 600 pubs in the city.
a) Northern Ireland b) Wales c) Scotland d) The Republic of Ireland e) England


a) a state b) a flag c) an area d) a sculpture e) a film

The Highlanders live in:

a) Ireland b) Wales c) England d) Scotland e) Switzerland

What do people call New York?

a) The Big City b) The Big Town c) the Big Apple d) the Big Bang e) The Big Plum

The world –famous Statue of Liberty standing in New York Harbour was built in:
a) America b) France c) Ireland d) Germany e) The United Kingdom

The Thames is a river flowing through:

a) London b) Bucharest c) Paris d) New York e) Rome

Cricket is a famous sport in ____________.

a) Russia b) The USA c) France d) Germany e) Great Britain

____________ has the biggest population in the world.

a) Russia b) Germany c) China d) Canada e) India

Some popular foods in Texas are ____________, tacos, and chilli.

a) Barbie-q b) barbecue c) barbe-q d) barbeq e) BQ

The hula is a ____________ done by both men and women in Hawaii.

a) dancing b) dance c) play d) sport e) game

What is the symbol of the confusion of languages?

a) The Eiffel Tower b) The Tower of Babel c) The London White Tower
d) The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Europe Day is celebrated on:

a) December 1st b) May 1st c) April 9th d) May 9th e) December 31st

Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated on:

a) May 1st b) November 5th c) July 4th d) December 25th e) March 8th

Romeo and Juliet was written by:

a) Mark Twain b) Charles Dickens c) William Shakespeare d) Walt Whitman e) Dante

Why is St. Valentine a symbol of Love?

a) because he wrote love poems
b) because he was a priest who married couples secretly
c) because He is the God of Love
d) because he felt in love with Emperor Claudius’ daughter
e) because he encouraged people to fall in love.

The Sheriff of Nottingham is a character in:

a) Puss in Boots b) Little Red riding Hood c) Harry Potter
d) David Copperfield e) Robin Hood

Robin Hood lived in ____________ Forest

a) Crepy b) Sherwood c) Black d) Dark e) Robin’s

Which of the following composers was deaf when composing his last musical pieces?
a) Bach b) Beethoven c) Haendel d) Mozart e) Schubert

21 North is the opposite direction to ____________.

a) South b) center c) North d) East e) Sun

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