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Name of Drug Mechanism of Indication Contraindication Adverse Effect Nursing

action Responsibility
Generic Name Inhibits bacterial Treatment of Hypersensitivity Skin rash, drug Avoid prolonged
Cefuroxime cell wall synthesis infections caused to cephalosporin fever, anaphylaxis, use.
by binding to one by susceptible GI disturbance,
or more of the organisms eg lower decreased
penicillin-binding resp tract hemoglobin conc &
Monitor function if
Brand Name proteins (PBPs) infections, UTI, eosinophilia.
with renal
which in turn skin & soft tissue
Axurocef impairment
inhibits the final infection,
transpeptidation septicemia,
Transient pain at
step of meningitis,
the site of injection
peptidoglycan gonorrhea, bone & Pregnancy &
synthesis in joint infections. lactation
Anti-Infectives bacterial cell walls,
thus inhibiting cell
wall biosynthesis.
Bacteria eventually
lyse due to
ongoing activity of
cell wall autolytic