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adj comparative superlative

Funny _________________________ ______________________________

________________________ more interesting ______________________________
________________________ _________________________ the best
Strong _________________________

Fill in with the comarative or superlative form of the adjectives

1. Bill Gates is one of the people in the world. (rich)

2. The Dead Sea is the place in the world. (low)

3. In my building there are seven floors. In your building there are five floors. My building

is than your building. (tall)

4. February is than April. (cold)

5. The English test was than I expected. (difficult)

6. Me. Jones is 75 years old. Mr. Tomas is 60 years old. Mr. Tomas is than Mr. Jones.

7. Rona is the girl in class. (beautiful)

8. This was the lecture I've ever heard. (boring)

9. I have a headache. I feel than yesterday. (bad)

10. David is the student in class. (intelligent)

Choose the correct form of the adjective.

1. He is very ( politer / polite ).

2. It is the ( hot / hotter / hottest ) day this year.

3. This road is very ( dangerous / more dangerous / the most dangerous ) . It is

the ( dangerous / more dangerous / most dangerous) road in this area.

4. Apples are ( sweet / sweeter than / the sweetest) cucumbers.

5. The USA is ( small / smaller than / the smallest ) Canada.

Compare the pictures.

1. A car is (fast) a bike.

2. A car is (comfortable) than a bike.

3. A bike is (cheap) a car.

4. A car is (expensive) than a bike.

Now fill the gaps with FOR or SINCE:

1. I have been living in New York 1 year

2. I haven't seen you a week
3. I have been waiting 12:30.
4. I've lived here 5 years.
5. I've lived here 2003
6. she came here I've been very nervous
7. She has been married ten years
8. She has been a doctor 1998
9. I have been living in Valencia last june
10. I haven't seen you last week
11. Yesterday I studied three hours
12. She has been studying English
two months
13. She has been studying English
last January
14. She has been studying English
15. She has been studying English your birthday
16. She has been studying English two hours
17. She has been studying English six minutes
18. She has been studying English a long time
19. I've been working here the last two years.
20. I have loved you the first time I saw you

FOR or SINCE - which is correct?

FOR or SINCE ... Which is correct?

___for ___since | eleven years

for since | ages
for since | nine thirty
for since | a really long time
for since | we found the money
for since | Easter Sunday
for since | ten seconds
for since | a minute
for since | Friday night
for since | June 23rd
for since | some hours
for since | four years ago
for since | a week
for since | three days
for since | my birthday
for since | Dad came home
for since | midnight
for since | six months
for since | our car was stolen
for since | a century