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ABB High Power Rectifier Services

Here’s the answer. What’s your question?

How can I guarantee future success?

With more than 100 years’ experience, ABB is your guarantee

of success in the future. Because whatever rectifier services
and solutions you need, we have the answer. We know that a
safe and reliable installation is essential to your success.
And we know how to ensure safety and reliability for your
complete rectification and power distribution system:
from start-up and commissioning through its entire lifecycle.
Our aim is to secure your investment, Site Services. Through our local
and keep your assets operating at service partners, we offer rectifier
their highest levels of efficiency and system repair, maintenance
reliability – so you can realise and services.
maximum productivity, and optimum Spares. We provide a detailed list of
plant performance. recommended spares and can review
Based on standardised designs, our your system spare parts inventory.
customised solutions enable us to Training. With our depth of
maximise economies of scale, speed experience, we can provide your staff
of implementation and serviceability. with the training they need to operate
We have the experience, the knowledge and maintain your systems at peak
and the resources – all under one roof performance.
– to provide end-to-end support, from
Upgrades and Retrofits. Our
the AC utility to the DC bus powering
technology enhancements can
your process.
improve the performance of your
Though every application is different, existing equipment.
with our flexible approach and
customised solutions, we can satisfy
your unique requirements.

Who has the services I need?

Our portfolio of dedicated service
solutions can be tailored to suit

your needs. Our services include:
ABB take our concepts
Health Audit. A detailed performance
and turn them into an
review of all major components of
operational reality.
Mike Sauer
Charter Steel
” your rectifier system.
Is my system healthy?

An ABB Rectifier System Health Audit Why are my processes less

can assess performance, identify efficient than they should be?
problems, and help you create a road An ABB audit doesn’t have to stop at
map for upgrades or retrofits. the physical system. With our long
A typical ABB System Health Audit experience in power rectification and
normally includes. conversion within the primary metals
● Temperature measurements of and chemicals production and
components and connections refinement industries, we are also
● Thermal scans well qualified to review your entire
● Transformer oil sampling DC power supply equipment.
and testing So you can reach your targeted
● Check and review of alarm production levels and your energy
and trip points consumption objectives.
● Functional tests of critical control
relay, overvoltage and overcurrent Does my rectifier transformer

protections need replacing?

● Measurement of power factor Your rectifier transformer is one of the

and harmonics hardest working elements of your

● General review of system entire system and any number of

performance against start-up data factors can reduce its life expectancy.

(where available) However, you don’t want the expense

● General performance review against of replacing your rectifier transformer
customer requirements if simple maintenance or repair could

As part of the health audit, a detailed solve the problem.

report with recommendations will So ABB offers transformer testing

be provided. to establish the health of your unit.
And having established its condition,
we can carry out preventive
maintenance, a complete tap changer
service, a transformer overhaul or
“ ABB’s experience and
innovation helped achieve
whatever repairs are required, to
keep your transformer operating
at peak efficiency, and to prolong
its working life.
a 30% production increase.
A. Karim Salimi
Aluminium Bahrain

How can I maximise my investment?

Having invested heavily in Should I upgrade or retrofit?

your rectifying installation, ABB has the capability to offer both

you obviously want to achieve upgrades and retrofits.

the maximum return on your If you are considering an upgrade,

investment, over the longest you need to identify the objectives you

possible time scale. hope to achieve, and the indicators of

success. You should consider the price
Your plant should be continuously
of the equipment, the expense of
monitored, and you should regularly
downtime, the long-term productivity,
examine the steps you can take, short
and the return on investment.
of complete replacement, to enhance
performance, efficiency and profitability. The retrofitting alternative involves
adding something to your existing
Questions to ask include: equipment, to improve its performance
● How safe are the oil-cooled rectifiers? and compensate for the inevitable
● Am I getting the best return on the deterioration which began as soon
cost of my air-cooled rectifiers? as it started to operate.
● Could money spent on maintenance
Can I upgrade my rectifier bridge?
achieve a better return?
Older rectifier designs use closely
● How much could I save through
matched semiconductor power devices
increased reliability and availability?
such as diodes and thyristors.
● Am I still getting an optimum return
Semiconductor manufacturers, and
on my investment using the present
even the original rectifier manufacturer,
control systems?
may no longer be able to supply such
● How can new protection
closely matched devices.
concepts be added?
Component ageing can cause
As you would expect, ABB has
deterioration in contact resistance,
the answers.
failed fuse components or snubber
We are specialists in improving existing circuits, or may degrade the power
equipment, to extend its lifespan and structure of the rectifier in other ways.
maximise your investment. As a result of Spare parts may no longer be available.
your own plant status checks, an ABB
However, complete replacement is
System Health Audit, a feasibility study,
not the only option.
a functional test or a failure analysis, we
ABB offers a range of customised
can help identify upgrade and retrofit
services, to help extend the life and
opportunities which will maximise your
increase the reliability of your
investment for the longest possible term.
existing rectifier bridge.
Is my control system the
best I can get?
“ The technical
assistance from ABB
has been excellent
Miguel Melendez

If your rectifier control
system is ageing, you will
be finding it increasingly
difficult and costly to
service and to find spare
parts. Many electronic
components found on
older analogue and digital
circuit boards are simply
no longer available.
However, an upgrade to ABB’s
AC 800PEC control platform will
reduce maintenance costs and improve
control, servicing and troubleshooting.
The AC 800PEC offers a range of
built-in, state-of-the-art diagnostics
tools. It also features an optical
connection to make it easy to access
your process. With a microsecond
cycle time, speed is dramatically
increased, and Matlab/Simulink instead
of C/Assembler greatly enhances control
development efficiency. There is also provision for internet- equipment failures within the plant
Web-enabled, and with connectivity based remote diagnostics. can also occur as a result.
to any commonly used field bus, the ABB offers a range of system studies
How can I lower the cost of power?
AC 800PEC not only provides full and simulations, using the latest
Depending on the terms of your
Industrial IT level 2 integration – advanced simulation tools. We can
power purchase agreement, you are
maximising your productivity and conduct basic system assessments,
almost certainly being charged high
performance – but also removes the or complete and comprehensive
fees for excessive VAR consumption.
problem of dwindling support and plant-wide system studies.
Your injection into the utility grid
replacement parts for your existing, After analysis of the results, we can
from your plant will also be subject
outdated rectifier control. provide the necessary system
to maximum allowed harmonic
Predictive diagnostics distortion requirements. solutions, whether you require
The AC 800PEC provides increased harmonic filtering, switched capacitor
Rectifiers, drives and other power
serviceability using predictive banks or static VAR compensators.
electronic equipment typically
diagnostics through extensive We can also make any modifications
generates system harmonics and
rectifier monitoring and overall to the existing equipment which may
contributes to lowering the system
system supervision. Monitoring be needed, so that your harmonics,
power factor. This not only has an
parameters inlcuding Thyristor system resonance and power factor
impact on the cost of purchased
temperature, DC current, DC voltage issues are resolved, and your power
power, but also on the reliability
and primary voltage mean multiple purchase costs are reduced.
of the system and the life of the
traces and trends can be plotted.
equipment. System upsets and
Where can I find the support I need?

Whether you simply need control platform, you can benefit from
occasional training, or you significantly enhanced diagnostics,
wish to outsource your 24 x 365 on-line support, and remote
entire service requirement, diagnostic capability.
ABB has the answer. How can I be sure I have the
An ABB Service Contract offers complete spares I need?
flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Availability of critical spares is a key
From training via the ABB University, element in reducing Mean Time To
to on-line troubleshooting, and from Repair. We provide a detailed list of
preventative maintenance to emergency recommended spares, and can help
site visits, we can tailor our service to you review your system spare parts
your needs – to help you realise the inventory: so you can reduce unnecessary
benefits of our expertise in products, holdings, but ensure you have the right
systems, applications and processes. parts available when you need them.

Who’ll help out at 3am on a Sunday?

ABB Service Road Map
Our Priority Hotline Service operates
With ABB’s commitment to high quality service you can be assured of
24 hours a day, 365 days a year, giving increased availability of your plant with a reduction in unplanned downtime.
immediate access to our highly trained We call this the Service Road Map. Over the long term it will standardise your
rectifier support engineers. With an power circuit configurations, control platforms, maintenance protocols, optimise
upgrade to the ABB AC 800PEC the handling of spare parts and provide for training and health audits.

This all leads to reliable and safe DC power supplies for the entire system’s life cycle.
All you need to know
For comprehensive rectifier
service, advice or information
on any aspect of your rectification
system, please contact ABB.


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