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His Majesty King Khalid

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Table of Contents Dedication

Administration and Faculty Photographs School History


First Grade


Holiday and Special Events Sports

Student Portraits


This yearbook is dedicated to Mrs. Joan O'Brien, upper school principal, who has for three and an half years put forth a great personal effort in school management. Mrs. O'Brien's earliest contribution was made while principal of the old middle school. It was during this period, while working within a building providing only the most basic facilities, she proved her worth as an effective administrator. Perhaps her greatest contribution has been made since, however, as principal of the new Khurais school, where she is confronted with an even greater challenge, that of managing some five hundred individuals. Again her seemingly endless energy and selfless commitment have rewarded her, and ourselves, with a well functioning school; one we can be proud of.


First Grade

Riyadh International Community School's 1978 enrollment of approximately 1500 students consists of students of 30 different nationalities. It is this favorable combination and blending that gives RICS its unique identity and appeal. As might be expected, there is sometimes a language problem. To cope with this temporary handicap is an English as a Second Language program designed and geared to ease the student into spoken English with a minimum

of frustration and anxiety.






All in a

day's work


Riyadh International Community School began in 1965 in a small villa near Malaz. Mrs. Genevra Abou Seoud, school founder and first principal, with the help of a few teachers, at that time

pieced together a comprehensive curriculum that has since developed into a program that satisfactorily provides for the education needs of today's 1500 students. The present condition, with plans yet for a gym-auditorium and Art-Music complex, hasn't come easy. RICS does enjoy now, however; a certain unity that was formed when the Second through Ninth grade Khurais building site was provided by the Saudi Ministry of Education in September 1977. At this moment plans are in progress to expand RICS further. We remain optimistic.

The three buildings shown are previous school sites, the only facilities available for years.




Elieen Albrigo Sonia Alikian Ann Allman Brit-Mari Bach

Una Baker Pat Bennett Carolyn Bosch Joyce Bradshaw

Janie Brimmer lee Carver Nadyne Churchill Michalee Crocker


Eleanor Crutcher Bev Davis Pat Draper Debbie Eck




Edna Edwards Cathleen Faraj Margaret Frentz Barbara Garrison

Marie Granineer Karen Hedegaard Pat Hentz Diana Herrera

louise Hill Barbara Hogsette Cindy Holt Mary Ann Hoyt

Sandra Kadhim louis Kay Marie Kim Nolan Kim


;,,::::,:,:,::.:,:;_::.; .... ,::,::,.:;i.,;:.:.:;_:~,.':

Linda Kirchner Kathy Leaver Hazel liner Lindy lott

Sue Maloney Jane Marson Ana McCabe Kathleen McCavitt

Carol Mcloughlin Brian McManus Georgina McManus Betty McReynolds

Sue Mellon Gene Marinda Mary lou Mokrzychi Nora Norrish

Dineen Paris Mary Peeke Pat Pershing Nawal Qassis


Dorthy Readon Betty Reynolds Jan Rice Mary Ann Richardson

Mrs. Robinson Melita Sayed Sachiko Schierbeck laura Scovel

Debbie Shelton Agneta Skanberg Barbara Stanley Kristina Svensson

Norma Wallace Ellie Wheeler


Brilliant Personalities


The Enforcer

In the beginning

The Desert is an Ocean

The desert is an ocean

an ocean

of sand,

but, maybe soon,

it will be an ocean, an ocean

of buHdings,

and than I Don't think the camels

will like it any more, and then I don't

think the bedouins will like it

anymore either.

David Fifer 5th grade



The sand blows across the land, A land like a sea.

It blows and ruffles As the wind blows. It sways and twists As the night falls.

Julie Bradshaw Fifthgrade


The Wild One

Over field and hill, Moor and mile,

Jumping over every stile, Wining by with

leaps and bounds, Spinning round

And round and round.

Rearing up into the sky;

Then racing round a corner, He's the wildest one alright, He's the wildest of his herd.

When he gallops by He kicks the leaves Up to the sky.

Black and white his body shows With a brown dot

On his nose.

What a dazzling sight He looks,

Standing in the bright Sunlight.

Kim Stollard Fourth grade

First Grade

The Desert

You would think that the d

sand esert was


But it's changed.

It used to be miles and mile

of ~nd s


But now it's miles and '1

f . mr es

o city.

Mifita Meyer 5th grade

Sandy Land

Now here's a riddle. 'tis not very hard:

It· has many stones, It has lots of sand,

A camel walks through, And so does (l desert horse. It's the desert, of course!

Christiana Khalife' 4th grade


Ain't We Got Fun!

Dan Pershing

Vee joon


...• ,..,.,.,


'hurais Awni

Ian Clark



Samy Mikhail Sixth grade

Homework is a Menace

Homework is a menace,

That you have to do each day. It makes you work each minute So you have no time to play.

And when you have to do Two pages of math homework And you're getting hot and sweaty,

You go to the pool for a splash.

And when it's time to go to bed And you have to wake up early, Just think of the next day

Of all the homework you'll be doing.


Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is a busy town.

The construction is everywhere. Oil sheiks on the run

In their cars.

Taxi drivers drive too fast and Leave their wrecks everywhere.

A 100 years ago it was barely there.

Brian Herrera Fifth grade

Student Council

Student Council members: Chris Bruffey, Mary Zimmerman, Michael Scales, Bobby Woodberry, Simon Harris, David Kahng, Jennifer Smith, Moura Barth and Mario Economou (not pictured).


Prefects: Dawn Capling, Amy Rice, Elin Kordahl, Tammie Rock, Andrew Tavolacci, Lisa Wagner, Dan Pershing, James Ellis, and Petri Kokkonen.




Law and Order

in the East


.Jsten to the Band

The 78 - '79 Band of Renown. Pictured front to back are: Chris Bruffey, Tony Mauer, Leslie Marlow, Mary Word, Carol Mahr, Randall Liner, lames Canova, Ben Dilts, Elin Kordhal, Cindy Keller, Mrs. Martha Rice (director), Kevin Simmons, Robby Hogsette, Amy Rice,lisa Wagner, Marie Wolling, and

Beverly Ward.

Christine Zetterstrom




, ,

S \






f ,f:



~ 1




Jack Kaylor

John Wisner

Molly Mibach

James Henry


Rics Darlings


19 men

on the campus

---------y;--:._-. "

Special Education and ESL programs

The RICS Special Education program serves approximately 200 students from Kindergarten through the 9th grade. The program offers support help to students in areas of speech therapy, remedial reading, counseling, individual evaluation and audiological screening.

RICS provides an English as a Second Language program for those non-English speaking students unable to cope with normal classroom instruction. Patience and personal help prepare the handicapped student to confidently and comfortably merge with his or her peers.




This years Halloween was, once again, a roaring success, complete with costumes of every imaginable form from all grades. . . and, thank Allah, a historical first occurred, to the embarrassment of the student team, when the teacher's team won the volleyball game. Costume winners were:

Sixth grade, De Esta Richardson and Wolf Zacharias; Seventh grade, Michelle Goedgin and Peter Wong; Eighth Grade, Lesley Widdows and Mats OyvaII; Ninth grade, Monica Bastucci and Mark Meekison.



King's Creampuffs


Cast: John Scoles, Alec McCubbing, Ben Dilts, Steven Bryant, Rachel Polenz, jill larsen, Whitney Cudd, Stacey Boyd, Sue Spinney, George Bradshaw and Julie Payne.


Spring Concert

Riyadh Art Association Annual Art Exhibit


Christmas Program


Christmas Bazaar


The Ides of March

Mrs. Eli Wheeler and Mrs. Martha Rice combined their genius Spring '78 in the production of the musical spoof 'The Ides of March'. The well received play, with a cast of some twenty students, was presented on numerous occasions to the delight of all attending. Pictured on the left, clockwise from left, are Tim Hinkle, Scott Barr all, Sandi Crowle, and Cindy Soderstrom; below, to the right, clockwise from left, are Louis Burke, Tony Lamb, Steve Fisher and Skip Haughay.


L ..



The RICS Rebels played two our-of-town gilmcs in '78. The RICS-Dhaharan games went particularly well, RICS winning all basketball and volleyball games except one. leddah provided the real competition, however, and RICS went home with only a final game B team basketball win. Better luck in '79. Both games were a p!easu rc for all involved. R ICS team me rnber s returned with memories, newly established friendships, and anticipation of another season.

1978 Rics Rebels

Coach Brian McManus, top row, A team, Chip Edwards, Brian Davis, Eric Beinhart, Brent Berry, Tarek Genena, Perry Mason, Jerry Pennington, Mike Brant, bottom row, B team, Blake Hall, Jim White, Mike Malloy, Kevin Simmons, David Hentz, Andrew Travolacci, John Guarin, Doug Clinger



[uni or Varsity Team members, bottom row: Ka1le Svenssen, Jorgen Ericson, Brad Katona, Paul Vranesh, lee Clarke, top row: Mike Hatch, Mike Malloy, and Fenn Hall.


Team members, bottom row; Eric- Beinhart, John Hosstrasser, Fadi Hatoum, Barry Turner, Jeff Fite, top row: Mark Meekinson, Henry Perez and Kurt Berger.

RIC5's first volleyball meet with jeddah was a flat out win for RICS, aside from the Boy's Varsity loss. The girls played particu larly well, wi nning all sets. We din't fare as well the following day, however, when RICS and jeddah's coed teams met. jeddah took home the cigar having won virtually every game. 50 it goes. Coaches Brian McManus and Denine Paris have done an excellent job preparing the teams and at this time all teams and enrollment look forward to more wins. Not to be forgotten are the melodious cheerleaders who urged all teams to victory and the students who attended the games.


Lunchtime Activities

Lower School Field Day


Team members, bottom row: lisa Wagner, Bev Ward, lisa Brundage, Ann Marie Zapata, Whitney Cudd, Sheryl Harrington, Elin Kordahl, top row: Joanne Leanza, Traci Myhrum, Ann Reynolds and Terri Tayce.

Varsity team members, bottom row: Jim Vranesh, David Hentz, Darryl Grace, Jim White, Rusty Dixon, Todd Wiltshire, Billy McSweeny, top row: Eric Beinhart, Eric Krause and Andrew Tavolacci.


JV team members, bottom row:

Brad Katona, Russ Smith, Ryan Smith, Paul Vranesh, top row: john Woodberry, Ray lyman and Rick Hoyt. Not pictured, Brent Downing.

Student Portraits

Ninth grade

Elizabeth Acheson Edlyn Achiv Tarja Aula Monica Bastucci

Stakely Bechaud Kurt Berger Miriam Birtley Els Blom

Greg Bond Marida Bond Robert Bowen Stacey Boyd

Kirk Brimmer laura Brody Chris Bruffey Kevin Brundage

Jack Canada Dawn Capling Denny Cox Jacob Crocker


Beverly Crouthers Whitney Cudd Phillipe Daubenspeck Jonathan David

Danny Delisle Ben Dilts Ricky Dixon Adrian Donaldson


Brent Downing Jake Eberle James Ellis Freddy Evens

Aaron Ferguson Avril Ferguson Asa Fiagerstrom Ron Files

Jeff Fite James Ford lee Godfrey Debbie Goodman

Carol Griffith John Guzman Jack Hannon Stephen Harris

Christine Zetterstrom Fadi Hatoum Alex Hemb Pamela Henry

David Hentz Rick Hoyt David Kahng John Woodberry

Matt Kaufman Cindy Keller Kim Kickhofel Petri Kokkonen

Elin Kordahl Stephen Laing Michelle Lazar Cindy Wilmoth

Constantine liaskos Martina lindstrom Mary Zimmerman Mona l.issrnan

Anthony Madpak Carol Mahr Pat Maloney Raman Mahajan

Jeff McCullough Mark McCulloch Brendan McMullan Mark Meekison

Heidi Mibach Robert Mullennix Traci Myhrum Marie Wolling


Ida Paulsen Henry Perez Dan Pershing Todd Wiltshire

Rachel Polenz Andy Porch Lacinda Reppert Ann Reynolds

Amy Rice Tammie Rock Mary Roering Susan Stamey

Andy Tavolacci Terri Tayce lohan Topping Barry Turner

Mary Word Lisa Wagner Kevin Walk

Anne Walker

lames White Naluman Whitman


Eighth grade

Kevin Alexander Sahira Awni Thuraia Awni Eric Beinhart Brigette Berger

Michelle Biddiv George Bradshaw Sandra Broms lisa Brundge Steven Bryant

linda Byroade lisa Caldwell Tim Crone Rusty Dixon Jamie Donaldson

Rebecca Drury Claire Duddridge Mario Economou Rosemary Farsoun

Wendy Fiegel

lucia Filippi Douglas Finley Susan Fisher Sherry Forbes Viveca Fredriksson

Chris Frost Rita Fusco Susan Galarneau Sally Genena Claudia Grose

Tom Guard Gerard Gustafson Doon Guthrie Paul Guzman Sheryl Harrington

Kay Harrison James Henry Conny Hoebel Robby Hogsette Khalil Hourani

Dawn [okobsen linda Jensen Kim Jonsson Mary Kahng

Lori Kay

. : .. ~


Eric Krause Jill Larson Io Anne leanza Lana Lemming linda lemming

lonathon Lewall Soren Lidsmoes Randall liner Ray lyman Carolann MacGregor

David Mahr Mike Malloy Leslie Marlow Becky Matthias Hadyn Mayhew

Alec McCubbing Matt McCullough Brinton McCusker

Geoff McKay Christina McManus

Ericka McManus Billy McSweeney Kurt Meinders Annette Mendoza Brenna Milroy

Julie Mylar Tim Mullennix Martin Neameyer Anneli Nordberg Larry Oldham

David Olsen Mats Oyva!!

Stephanie Paterson Julie Payne Christine Perez

Mats Persson William Peterson Sue Polvi De Ette Poulin Terry Raeke

Lori Rapp Gretchern Renner Rudy Sabbagh Lasse Salonen Angela Sanzotera


Sean Scales John Scoles Mary Sells Edward Shawn Brian Sheasgreen

Kevin Simmons Angela Singer Kimberley Smith Russel Smith Ryan Smith

jeff Speiran Susan Spinney janine Stollard Anna Sundstrom Paul Tavolacci


Melissa Termezy Bupar Van Slyke Jim Vranesh Laurie Wagner Stefan Wanstedt

Beverly Ward Tony Westerling Susan White Lesley Widdows Barbara Wooda!!

Bobby Woodberry Liz Workman Emmett Urban Anna Marie Zapata Karen Zetterstrom

Seventh grade

Pam Alderdyce Keith Alexander Philip Alexander Samer AI Ghossiny Wael Awar


Carita Backlund Wendy Barber Maura Barth Ralph Bassfeld Brian Benaissa

Jimmy Bertrand Wessel Blom . Don Bush Corky Campbell David Capling

Steve Casey Carolyn Cauble

. Lee Clark

Mike Clark Frank Cline

Keith Collins Nancy Crawford Bonnie Crouthers Julie Crowe Cathy Daubenspeck

Richard Delude Judy Dias Pat Dilts Charlotte Drury Brendon Duddridge

Rina Economou Richard English Jorgen Ericksson Chuck Escue Robert Fitchett

John Fitzsimmons Gwen Foley Heidi Froelich Samara Fryer Simon Gemayel

Maya Gibson Julie Giles Michelle Goedjem Claire Gowers Mike Gundlach

Fenn Hall Roy Hardin Simon Harris Mike Hatch Samir Hatoum

Denise Hazen Mari Hogstrom Ken Holt LaVette Holt Patty Hoyt

Carmela Hubscher Amal lssa John Jensen Karel Johnson lsao Kageyama

Ali Kahkashan Dawn Karsten Brad Katona Ricky Kelly Tony Kiesel

Heidi Korte Cheryl Krause Jane leach Dia Lindstrom Angela MacDonald

Anita Manajan Tashia Maitland Brian Malloy Michelle McArthur Chris McCavitt

Elizabeth McCullough Nicole McGinnis Bridgett McLernon Mary Miller Matt Mistruzzi

Hywel Morgan Tony Mover Michelle Murtha Ingrid Vcanas Steve Oldham

Joseph Olszar Galena Oney Yee Joon Park Grant Redstone David Repath

- .... - .. - .. -.~,~~----------~-------------------------------------------------------

Missy Reppert Angela Rose [ari Ruusu Petteri Salonen Jocelyn Santos

Susan Winmill Todd Wood Peter Wong Thalia Yiannousi jorg Zacharias

Helen Schierbeck Lena Selinder Stephan Serenius Eric Shampine Julia Shefchyk

Vlrika Zetterstrom Nada Ziady

Beth Simmons Cheryl Spearmen James Stamay Jimmy Stanley lisa Stinnett

Beatrice Stroud Kalle Svensson David Tope Karen Tramell Shannon Tumpane

Nicci Vander Meulen Richy Vedell Paul Vranesh Marc Walker Glenn Webb

Elaine West

John West Cherie Whatmore Shelby WiJliamson Jacqueline Wilson



Sixth grade

Megan Adams Cheryl Addicott Ann Agren Roddy Balgarnie Trent Beard

john Berryman Ell en B i ekart Martyn Biekart Marc Borger Karl Brimmer

John Brody Bryan Callen Andrea Calvi Laura Cannon Anne Churchill

Ian Clark Ian Collins Carla Corkern Robert Courchesne Jacalynn Crawford

julia Cumberland Tania Daher Jeff Dalrymple John Daniels Joanne Darlaston

Crystal David Tiffany Davis Jeff Delude

Marjolijn Dolk Patrick Douglas



Bridget Downing Eric Dumerac Donna Early Kim English Datnyl Evans

Simon Evans Ulrika Faremo Andrew Ferguson Elise Finley Nancy Fisher

Mark Fitzsimmons Anita Frontera Mathew Galarneau Julie Gerum Charles Gervais

Cindy Glentz Terri Gri ffith Mario Guzman Sarah Hancock Brenda Harris

Karen Henson Noel Henson Katrina Hjelm Naomi Hoebel

Patrick Holt

lynn Hoyt Noel Jamison Patricia Johnson Jason Jones Fred Jonsson


John Joyal Ricky Kelling Ramzi Khoury Mia Kwun Michael Laing

Louise Leach Young lee Angela Lenos Derek Lincoln Anne Mabry

Michelle Markham Mazen Marrar Emma Matthews Rusty Mathews James McLellan

Patrick McSorley Arnold Mendoza Sean Mendoza Molly Mibach Samy Mikhail

Gunnar Mosberg Joseph Mover Dileep Nair Philip Notley Chris Null

Mark Palmer Richard Paterson Le Van Phuong David Prewitt John Quebedeaux


Tonia Rapp Michelle Reynolds Morgan Rhodes DeEsta Richardson Christine Roche

Edward Rockwell Emily Rogers Tristen Rogers Mike Scales Wendy Scharien

Patricia Scoles Maha Shahwan Glenn Sheasgreen Daniela Sianicka Jennifer Smith

leigh Stevenson Colin Stewart Sharon Styles Kristina Svensson Michelle Sweeney

Jill Tewalt John Tumpane Eddie Underwood Sam Uriate Pascale Van Woerkom

Eric Vaughn Mark Vranesh Chris Wade Gloria Wagner Wayne Wallace


Parks Warren Thomas Westberg Sean Wilcox John Wisner Laura Wittnebel

Guy Word Kurt Wulf Wolf Zacharias Raja Ziady Deborah Zsarko

Test Prayer

Now I lay me down to study,

I pray to God I don't go nutty.

And if I fail to [earn the junk,

I pray to God that I don't flunk.

If I do don't pity me at all,

Just lay my bones in Study Hall.

Tell my teacher I've done my best,

Then lay my books upon my chest.

Now I lay me down to rest,

I pray I pass tomorrow's test.

If I shall die before I wake,

Well that's just one less test to take.


From Lucinda Reppert's poster on her door.


Jari Ruusu

Nicci van der

Dave Popowich

John Woodberry

Sami Mikhail



Fifth grade


Omar Akel Mia Alexander Julie Brodshaw Chanda Christiansen Nung Crisp

James Harrington Karen Harrison Thomas Heidore David Hogsette Peter Johnson

Andrea Kettleborough Cory Kristiansen Michelle Lohmeyer lien Le Thi Aileen McLernon

Valerie Meadows Suna Noh Mark Rubat Susan Shefchyk Kelley Speiran

Erin Wackford Stephanie Walker

Mrs. Eileen Kordahl

Mrs. Joan Lincoln

Sonja Bassfeld Michele Blair Neil Blunden

Tone Christianson Karen Dore

Chris Forbes Jimmy Hentz lynn Jenkins Mihee Kwun

Kari Laukkanen

Adrian loyd

Huw Morgan Preston Taylor Jason Reynard Bengt Serenius

Angela Shelton Andrew Tinsley Trey Verbick Carolyn White Johanna Zetterstrom

~rs. Joan Lincoln

Ziyad Akkawi Stuart Arnold Marita Barnes

Rafik Betabdishoo Kirk Bracey

Stephanie Clark Suzanne Files Sony Gay Angela Huff Kamran Memon

Jennifer McCartney Carmel Milroy Mary-lea Moffat Sylvester Myers Greig Ness

linda Peeke Mike Speiran Lucia Valentino Odette Van Woerkum Kristina Walger

Mrs. Marse

Mrs. June MacDonald

Ienes Agby John Albright Elizabeth Alexander Annette Bernhardsson Gary Grottick

Michael Hambley Mike Knitte Margaret Price lynn lott Bindv Madan

Melita Meyer William Mutch Tim O'Hare Danielie Pahar Martin Skanberg

Maly Stewart Chris Sutherland Joe White Marie Wilholm Craig Wilson

Mrs. June MacDonald

Mrs. Barbara Smith

Elizabeth Askew Timo Aula Scott Bush Kimiko Cautero Jodi Clark

Kristina Dickinson Jennifer Escoffery jeremy Frost Sultan Ghosseine Rafiq Gibson

Jens Johansen Heather Mappin Darla Martin Nora Peterson Donald Phifer

Valeria Poqqio Elizabeth Quebedeaux Ed Raeke Kyle Smith Gus Trottman

Willie White


No photo available

Mikael Agren Benjamin Alexander Stacie Berry Kathleen Callen Elaine Clark

Mrs. Staley

Mrs. Barbara Smith

Shawn Frances Emily Franji Ricardo Gutierrez Karina Hatoum Damian Heal

Melanie Ray lukka Kvookoski Christopher larson Ann McCullough Alistair McLoughlin

Lucy Paddle Gay Rasmussen Edward Smith Allyson Streich Marcuc Wanstedt


Mrs. Marcia Wheeler

Mrs. Marcia Wheeler

Rick Kelly

David Albright Michelle Bond Daniela Eder Suzanne Ferguson David Fifer

Melissa Termezy

Phillip Gemayel Greg Hammerschmidt Brian Herrera Leqa Khovry Virginia Kiesel

Robert Lazar Angela McArthur Tammy McCord Salvador Mendoza Sharon Norrish

Constantin l.iask os

Vicki Ocanas Fiona Pritchurd Khawla Shahwan lisa Walk Todd Webb

Ken Webber

Mrs. Achiv

Fourth grade

Bonnie Botts Ricky Daniels Peter Escue Kevin Hipp Christiana Khalife

Fortuna Klouman Young Kwan Jane K y ritsis Jessie Laa Pasi Lassila

Shannon Lott Georgia Mabry David Macisaac Rebecca Marsh

Simon Mouer

Charlette Oney Bruno Polleri James Scoles Chris Smith Peter Stalstad

Mrs. Kathleen Caldwell

Mrs. Kathleen Caldwell

Salman Al-Ghosseine KJas Andersson Peter Back Sandra Bowen Anita Braun


Darrell Brown Nu-Nu Vilma Marco Calvi Fiona Duncan Kim Hardin

Julie Harrelson Jamison David Kelly litton Diana Marrata Sonja McGoldrick

Stephen Pearson John Price Susan Robb Christine Schriver Craig Smith


Robert Stevenson

.~~---~--~----~ _ _------ -_ _--------- -----------------

Mrs. Armida Dooh

Allison Bush Chris Cameron Tom Capling Rebecca Cappleman Sharon Darone

Gary Fron tera Deborah Gerum Ginger Glazener Iris Hubscher Nicklas lonasson

jody Lemons Jerold McKown Kate McLoughlin Ladonna Meyer Bobby O'Neal

Derek Pokorny Chip Remian Kim Stollard Marko Tolvanen Dominic Tranquilo

Frances Walker


Mrs. Armida Dooh

Doris Prewitt

Ornar Awar Kelly Douglas Dirk Eckent Stuart Edwards Justine Gilder


Mrs. Doris Prewitt

Christina Gustafson Steve Gutierrez Virgil Henley Melissa Kelling Michael Koidahl


Diana Matthias Paul Olson Lee Redstone Sandra Sabbagh Dina Shampine

Helen Shefchyk Jane Wisner Karen Zientek


Joyce Welch

Todd Albrigo Cindy Alikian Cecilia Andersson Graham Bragger Darwin Burke

Liz Bush Natasha Capplemen Tom Gervais Mark Giles Beth Graninger

Ragnar Haslinger David Hazen Debbie Heapey Mark Perkins K ara Shad rick

David Vander Meulen Darren Ward Asa Westburg Mike Wood Lane McLellon


~rs. Joyce VVelch

Mrs. Martha Wittnebel

Donald Benson Regina Cline Sabrina Crocker Mats Erikkson Chris Hedegaard

Amy Holts Scott Hulke Ghada lssa Paul lassies Mark Kaufman

Robby Kelly Mary Knutson Amber Malhas Petra Matthies

DeAnn McCormick

Rory McLead Elisabeth Mossberg Amy Robertson Craig Sargent Robert Whitton

Kevin Wilcox

Mrs. Martha VVittnebel


Mrs. Maxine Gould

Graham Arthur Michelle Astramakas Michael Balash Cristin Barth Ziad Bashshouv

Beth Boyd Lucia Farrugia Ewan Faskin Torbjoin Johannson jackee Lucky

David Mikhail lisa Potter Bill Kogan Mary Shefchyk Tom Smith

Joanna Stevenson Stacey Sweeney Jim Tewalt Craig Turley Wendy Wood


Mrs. Maxine Gould

Mrs. Janice Kemp

Teresa Addicott James Balisa Todd Barber Neil Boege Heather Davis

Wouter Dolk Jackie Froelich Elaine Grottick Russ Gundlach

Simon Hambley

lohan Hedin Kieth Jones Toni Jones Riyadh Lal Mikaela Lindstrom

Laya Medawar Faras Qasis Trey Wilkey Billy Williams Clayton Williams

Mrs. Janice Kemp

Russ Wilson


Mark McC II

U och

Third grade

Mrs. Kay Bond

Asa Agren Par Bernhardsson Kathryn Blair Kendra Breit Sarah Duperreault

Charles Glentz Wes Goedjen Aaron Hinchliffe lisa Laing Maria LQuviken

Tiffany McCord james Mclean Krysia Piqulicki Christian Rockwell Atle Ronning

Jennifer Stamey Kirsimaria Toronen Kevin Wade Monique Washington Ralph Willard-Chedgy

Mrs. Lynda Dalrymple

Pernilla Binnmyr Regina Brittingham Andrew Carter Karen Collins Christopher Dandy

Rhonda Haley Suhail Hameed Stephanie Hammerschmidt Sophie Hansen Emily Iaclr

Jennifer Knittel Marie Leckstrdm Barkha Madan Rebecca Onyett Jeffrey Rodack

Andrew Sincere Errin Spinney Alessia Taslnazzo Nicholas Thorpe Richard Tope

Tony Uriarte lee Valentino

Mrs. Kay Bond

Mrs. Lynda Dalrymple


=~-~~-----------------------------~------r---------------------------------~~-"""""-""""""-- ......... - "II

Mrs. Lynn Gillespie

Tina Clark Darby Downing Christopher Duplissls Michelle Faroj Charlotte Forssander

Michael Franji Sarah Heal Denis Hoebel Gareth Kingston Lily lai

Keki Madon Lisa Peeke Dana Pennington Karin Peterzen Donald Robinson

Pia Ruusu Herbert Shaw David Stark Stephen West Kelli Wilcox

Mrs. Lynn Gillespie

Mrs. Harrison

Dalad Akel

Brian Alexander Daivd Bowcott Stephen Brook Beth Cameron

Carin Christiansen Dal Christiansen Richard DeFey Ieannie Derryberry Genevieve Donaldson

Ianathon Frost Jamie Grant David Guzman Anette Hogstrom Tracey Kay

Julie Lucky Nicola Dorch Erik Rasmussen K irsty Stokes Pamela Wiliszewski

Mrs. Harrison

David Woodberry




·i I


Shannon Afdahl Andrea Austin David Caldwell Christopher Franson Michael Hancock

Thi-linn Haynes Gordon Jones Stephen Johnson Lath Malhas Bruce Mitchell

Yolande Muller Wendy Mutch Fouad Rahme Marid Sandevn Lara Starmer

Andred Twigg Scot Webb Allyson Whitley Susan Williams


.~----------------------------------------------------------------------------------~------~=== .. ~

Mrs. Hatch

Mrs. Pat Hoefling

Shawn Alikian Adrian Gowers Richard Greenwood Timo Hakala Tracy Hays

Rusty Holland Nany Kanz Linda Keger Morgan Matthews Colin McCavitt

Mary Kate McLernon Bruce Mibach Nancy Mues Jaime Musick Marie Raeke

Samara Rao Wade Richardson Helena Serenuis Briget Tumpane Doug Wallace

Mrs. Pat Hoefling

Billy Yawn


Mrs. Marilyn Skipper

Paula Broms David Bussiere Brad Dalrymple louis Diemert Karen Escoffery

Robbie Glendinning Sonja Goodman Madeleine Hancock Jane Hughes Iaakko Kuuskoski

Monica Magnusson Heidi Marse Karen Miller Liam Milroy

Brent Micolle

Shane O'NeillMark Pearson Paula Poggio Remco Van Woerkom Homer Wheeler

Karl Wittnebel



Mrs. Ginette Spearman







Mrs. Marilyn Skipper

Mrs. Ginette Spearman

Angela Buxton Brian Clark Leila Daoud Christian Dare Claudine Gay

Dina Khayat Christine leech Ruth Lincoln Douglas lemons AJexandrina Moodie

Stephen Novak Robert Price Maria Santucci Monique Schuttevaer JR Staley

Robert Stevenson Robert Stone Pia Talonpoika Kathryn Vedell Anthea Whitton

Bersabel Yilma


Second grade

Mrs. Margaret Castell

Roarna Akel Ulrika Axelsson Steve Cestaric Claes Dallstrom Graham Duck

Larry Jacobs Larissa Kingston Kathleen Koidaith Satu Lassi la Sarah Meeke

Alan Norrish Katy Notley Sara Reynard [oackim Ritzman Gavin Robb

Tracy Stokoe Brian Wheeler Walid Vaness Wilkes Tracey Wilson


Mrs. Margaret Castell

Mrs. Pamela Hughes

Alistair Alexander Nicole Darlaston Sheryl Haley John Holt Elisabeth Johansen

David Kafman Regina Kessinger Anne-Berit Kristiansen Joseph Litton Christy Martin

Niklas Pahlmas Amanda Platte Steven Potter Sita Rao Erik Spijker

Mrs. Pamela Hughes


Stuart Lloyd Tyrone Tinsley Kirt Wackford Wynnie Wong Simon Wright

Mrs. Lorraine Kellen

leah Abare Victoria Drury Susan Farsoun Robert Findley

Alyson Flammond

Kevin Grigsby John Hentz Kenny Johnson Peter McKinnon Michelle Nicol

Jeff Null Carl Prewitt Baker Quinby John Rankin Martijn Schuttevaer

Jenny Stanley Chris Tarr Jason Tonks jerome Washington


Mrs. Lorraine Kellen

Mrs. Angela Mayhew

Firas Akkawi Robin Blair Susan Crutcher jacqueline Pansak lohan Fredricsson

laura Gerun Simon Heal Amanda Huff K lass lassies leon jones

lisa Iouris Yuri lambert David Mortimer-Hawkins Mathew Mullenix Cunningham Nicole

Samantha Parsons Virginie Dolleri-Moullon Mairi Stark Michelle Stedley Michael Wheating

c.~; .. ';;':';,;,::-·:' - -: -.. .

Mrs. Angela Mayhew


No photo

David Benson lisa Boege Robert Braun Amy Bush Carla Carbonara

Monica Esmarelda Lynne Faskin Regina Flanagan George Hamilton Kenneth Iesudlarn

Andrew Johnson Aaron Kleist Joe Larkins Basim Najjar Julie Nichols

Richard Paddle Darrell Stinnett Nicholas Talonpoika Carnie Trottman Joshua Underhill

Charlotte Winberg


Mrs. Kadhim

Mrs. Roberta Rodway

Perry Albrigo Maya Al-khalil Dana Azzorn Quinn Carver Chung Ho Choi

Mrs. Roberta Rodway


Frank Floyd Susan Gallik Asa Johansson Garrett Lamb Ghassan Medawar

Eric Meyers Tina Pahor Paula Pikulicki Natalie Rawlings Steven Scoles

linda Skanberg Susy Stewart Paul Van Slyke Kate Vernon Kenneth Wester

Maya Ziady

·---------------------1, .. -------------===".,,0'.' .... '.·.' .. 0·'.·'~ .. <,==".=.-.;,.'''''.=, .. ,.,.,.''~.,.,.,.'''!~.",~=, . ="'_"""""0""_..diN"""

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Mrs. Shampine .. ···;,";1:;:~;~~':!t\4~!i;i;~;;;_~~~:!';;,~;">'H,

Mrs. Shampine

Bernard Abdo Elizabeth Boyle Bianca Burni DeShannon Coston len Foley

Suzanne Foster Susan Gemayel Cara Graninger

Tracy Jones Chip Mabry

Alia Ounssi Arto Paavilainen Ketan Paleja Peeter Randsalv Jessica Shaw

Richard Taylor kim VanderMeulen Bobby Zimmerman



Robert Courchesae

First grade

Mrs. Olwyn Alexander

Iutta Auvinen Jagger Hammitt Todd Henson Tommy Hutto

Sung Moon Kang Patricia McGolrick Karina Meyers Deepa Nair

Blair Nicolle John Oney Andrew Pantalone Robert Thomas

Soraya Tumpane


Mrs. Olwyn Alexander

Mrs. Lynn Baxter

Caren Adams Jason Astley Eric Attinost Farida Barnes

Mrs. Lynn Baxter

Christofer Berg Kim Ekelund Barbera Findley lesper Gronvall

Kevin James Stephanie Paige Marsicano Adam Mills.

Tommy Mues

Karen Ouldcott Mark Westley

Amira Attalah

Matthew Buxton Stacey Derryberry Sherril Foley Elsa Johannesson

Oyvind Paulsen Aser Samahy Mithra Saunders Simone Singletary

Christina Smith Stephen Streich Giorgia Tasinazzo John Valentino

Andrea Wade Harry Walker Justin Wilkes

Jason Zan


Mrs. Hamadeh

Mrs. Canada

Mrs. Hamadeh

Stephen Carter Bruce Forinash Teddy Heidorf Per l jungberg


! 'j

Cinthia lucas Gillian Scharien Hakan Stalstad ViVi~nne Stephens

Kristen WuJf


Mrs. Ann James

Petronella Berg Jennifer Hardin Magnus Holm born Hennele Hyytiainen

Andreas Hammerstedt Tobias lohanssen l.als Lapas Kim Littlefield

Nikki Reynolds Joey Santucci George Stone


Mrs. Ann James

Audrey Allen Claire Betterton Clare Dandy Darryl Duplissis

Joanne Forster Thomas Franklin Dar Gibson Jacob Greber

Mrs. Littera

Dana Horrox Peter Larsson Jimmy McMackin Reshma Memon


Ida Mlowe Maarika Nisula Julie Stevenson Nickolas Yazbeck

Mrs. Kay Markham

Ulrika Agby Charlotte Ammendrup Jonas Bernhardsson Aisling Gibbons

Richard Hamilton Melissa Haughay Mia Hens Sara lohasson

Mark Khalife Sari Mannila Marie Mossberg Jeffrey Musick

Klaus Pokorny Bryan Rogan Martin Sharp lin Yu


Mrs. Kay Markham

Mrs. Lydia Meeke Marias Adractas

Brian Bowen Peter Bussiere Robert du Feu Suzie Dwyer

Jonas Edstrom -Yvette Franji Stephanie Fulton Vache Havounjian

Tamara Haylett Hirotaka Kishi Marsha Matthew Heather McArthur

Bryna Repath Curtis Skipwith Sian Stokes Claire Straub

.. ::: ..... --;._::,: ..... ', ..

Mrs. Lydia Meeke




Mrs. Pauline Morrison

Tania Alikfan Nichola Arthur Annika Back M~rten Bernhardson

Jennifer Dickinson David Grimes Mattias Heden Brian Iouris

Neil MiJler Michelle Parsons Joe Robertson Kori Shadrick

Melanie Stevenson Mary Whitley


Mrs. Pauline Morrison

Mrs. liz Waldron

Natalie Behring Candice Bradford Heather Breit Christopher Duvall

Philippa Farrugia Tracey Ferrara Tiffany Fitchett Rosemarie Grant

Mrs. Liz Waldron

Kamille Medawar Derek Muller Eun jung Park Parichart Somleedanklang





Mrs. Conn

lorinda Braun Jamie Caldwell Kathleene Clark Ali Hinchliffe

John lssa Andreas Jonasson Angie Martinez lucinda Rudin

Sanna Siltala Madella Tsentas Michael Turley ludvig Zetterstr6m

Mrs. Conn

;: .. ~:

Mrs. Lucille Labbate

Leigh Achiu Asa Hogstrom Kristin Hulke Danny Koidahl

Mrs. Lucille Labate

Marc lucio Alicia Meeke Kimberly Myhrum Marie Oxheden


. .,;{

Renee Weithers Riyan Ziady

Riikka Rahko john Rand Shane Scibelli Mikael Thulin

· ~ _------------------------".----------------------

Mrs. Gro Ronning Mrs. Sue Buxton

Tone Aunan Allison Austin [mad Bashshur Johnny Benson

Rayan Boushacra

Chad Caudle Katherina Dreith Michael Elghazaly Richard Evenhouse Michael Flammond

Sean Froehlich Jake Hansen Linda Harris Maria -lsabel Jassi es Kathleen Klein

Kathryn Krishon Kyriakos Kyritsij Seya Moosai-Mahara] Jeremy Padmos Sheila Ramos

Christopher Robinson Elijah Underhill Stephen Warren

Mrs. Gro Ronning Mrs. Sue Buxton

Mrs. Carol Muir

j M}g("er Behring . Nicole Farah Khalid Handal Michelle Hurst


! Alissa Khalek Michelle Lucas M;~[anie Midgley Ch~·istian Mossberg

Colette Nicole Bassim Riad Cory Zagelow

Mrs. Carol Muir

Mrs. Ilene Shalala

Jon Hendrickson Sarah Hunter Christine Imelauer Adam Kusmak

Andrew luke Samuel Mendoza Petteri Pekkaren Nicole Rawlings

Sabine Renner Rhonada Tisdale Kathrine Winberg

Dima Azzam Elizabeth Crutcher Christopher Derryberry Elias Kakesh

Fredrik lisinski Jimmy Macisaac Lory Manswell Mika Martola

Angela Mason Anja Muggli Julie Nelson Andrea O'Laughlin

Ja-Myung Park Marcos Poggio Lena Westberg

Heran Vilma


Mrs. Maureen White

Mrs. Mary Whitley

David Dorn Ashley Franson Sharon Jones Anna l.ahtlnen

Elllnor Lundmark Darlene Nichols Eric Peterson Carolyn Pletruslewicz

Vasare Rastonis Nadine Renner Steven Schriver

Scotty Smith


Mrs. Mary Whitley

Mrs. Betty Vander Meulen

Mrs. Betty Vander Meulen


Johnny Daniel Cody Davenport Anders Gartner Katherine Hancock

Jason Harris Katrine Hoahr Sojin Kim Paul Lakey

Eeva Makela Heidi Olson Nicola Robb Elli Sigmond

Mark Stokoe Samppa T(;r()nen David Trottman

Ninth grade scrapbook