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The operating principle of the Beretta UGB25 Xcel semiautomatic gun with break-open barrel
is based on short recoil operation which keeps the internal parts of the gun clean even after
prolonged use. The short recoil operation (and low barrel axis position) almost completely
compensates for muzzle jump during firing, with quicker and easier re-alignment of the barrel on
the target for the next shot. The use of special friction spring rings on the barrel sleeve allows
the heat dissipation of part of the barrel kynetic energy thus reducing the stress for the parts
and enhancing the gun life. The gun has been designed to fire all 12 ga. 2¾ in. (70mm) factory
BERETTA UGB25 Xcel, 12 gauge cartridges, loaded to standard specifications, without any modification.

TRADITION AND INNOVATION The Beretta UGB25 Xcel features the unmistakable touch of Giugiaro Design. The ergonomically
The Beretta UGB25 Xcel semiautomatic gun features an innovative locking system with break- rounded back of the light alloy receiver fits smoothly into the stock, allowing quick and instinctive
open barrel that allows operation in complete safety during competitions. Unlike conventional target acquisition. The polished sides contrast pleasingly with the other matte anti-glare surfaces.
fixed-barrel semiautomatic shotguns, this new type of break-open design enables the shooter The streamlined receiver and the newly-designed fore-end with its extended checkered
to move from one firing station to another without having to extract the chambered cartridge, configuration combine to give the Beretta UGB25 Xcel an extremely attractive look. The cross
simply by levering the barrel downwards. The single barrel offers the advantage of maintaining locking bolt of the break-open barrel is located at the top, near the back. On the left is the
the point of impact of the second shot exactly in line with that of the first shot, thus ensuring opening lever and on the right the cartridge carrier and the second cartridge feeding port. The
excellent performance. ejection port is located underneath.
The cartridge carrier receives the second cartridge on the right-hand side of the receiver, making The trigger plate is made entirely of high-strength fiberglass-reinforced technopoymer and
it immediately ready for use. It is chambered automatically through the feeding port after the first features self-lubrication of the firing mechanism, good vibration absorption and thermal stability
round in the cartridge chamber has been fired. for improved “feel” in cold weather. It is designed specifically to optimize the ergonomics. The
The design of the cartridge carrier button and its position on the receiver ensure quick and easy safety button is in the standard position (for right-handed use), but it may be reversed for left-
removal of the cartridge on the carrier. handed use by a qualified gunsmith.
The ejection port is in the bottom of the receiver. The ejector expels the spent hull downwards,
away from the shooter and nearby competitors, and is user-friendly for both right and left-handed OPTIMA-BORE® BARREL, OPTIMACHOKE® TUBES
shooters. All versions of the UGB25 Xcel come with an Optima-Bore® barrel with a lengthened forcing
cone for enhanced pattern distribution, reduced felt recoil and shot velocity optimisation.
In front of the ejection window port, a protrusion indicates the correct position of the hand on the
fore-end during firing to prevent contact with the hulls as the spent cartridges are ejected.

The internal shape of the Beretta’s Optimachoke® and Extended Optimachoke® tubes is designed
to reduce shot deformation and to enhance shot pattern distribution and concentration.
Made of selected walnut with a water resistant finish, the standard stock comes with a Gel•Tek The Beretta UGB25 Xcel semiautomatic gun with break-open barrel comes in a case that
recoil absorbing pad that reduces much of the felt recoil during firing. Different size recoil pads contains a wide range of accessories: a set of drop/cast spacers (fixed stock), a 25ml bottle of
can be mounted in a few seconds to modify the length of pull. The stock is designed to hold Beretta gun oil, a dummy cartridge, a stock disassembly spanner, a breech bolt pin driver, a trigger
the Beretta Recoil Reduction System. The fore-end, which is also made of walnut, has a semi- plate pin driver, interchangeable Optimachoke® and Extended Optimachoke® tubes and spanners.
beavertail configuration. Both feature an excellent grip thanks to the laser technology new
Between the stock and the receiver is a fiberglass-reinforced technopolymer spacer and inside Gauge: 12.
the stock is a metal plate that can be used to change the drop and cast of the stock by simply Cartridge Chamber: 2¾ in. (70 mm).
modifying their assembly position. A set of additional spacers is also provided. Operation: Semiautomatic, break-open barrel, short recoil operation with barrel kynetic energy
reduction system by means of special friction spring rings on the barrel sleeve.
MULTI-ADJUSTABLE STOCK Locking System: Elevated locking block.
In some versions the walnut stock is fully adjustable in terms of drop and cast, by means of the Receiver: Light alloy.
perfectioned Beretta Memory System and the recoil pad support can be adjusted to modify Barrel: Three-alloy steel, fully chromed inside, Optima-Bore® profile.
the length of pull and the angle of the Gel•Tek interchangeable recoil pad. The multi-adjustable Barrel Length: 28 in. (71 cm), 30 in. (76 cm).
stock can be equipped with the optional Beretta Recoil Reduction System inside, made of Rib: Ventilated (detachable by expert gunsmith).
a spring mass which counteracts the backward force of the gun during firing, significantly Front sight: Competition type.
reducing felt recoil. Safety: Button-operated, on trigger guard; reversible for left-handed shooter.
Stock, Fore-end: Walnut, checkered. Adjustable drop. Cast-on or cast-off.
FABBRICA D’ARMI Length of pull: 14.09÷14.88 in. (358÷378 mm) with medium Gel•Tek recoil pad.
Weight*: 8.1÷9.0 lbs (3.7÷4.1 Kg)
Via Pietro Beretta,18
25063 Gardone Val Trompia
* The values may vary with the density of the wood,
Brescia, Italia the length of the barrel and the shotgun’s configuration.
Tel. (030) 8341.1