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Award-winning, global superstar drops highly-awaited final songs of his innovative

cross-cultural studio album

Los Angeles, CA – July 20, 2020 – A new wave of sound has arrived! Influential, global icon and China’s
top superstar LAY (Lay Zhang) drops his final component of the ​LIT​ album today, by Zhang Yixing Studio,
which comes to completion with the final six songs for the twelve-track album. Following the
record-breaking success of the first six songs of ​LI​ T,​ LAY continues to bridge two cultures and two sounds
in an astonishing cross-cultural blend, while showcasing his personal growth in his artistry. LAY most
recently released the perfect summer anthem ​BOOM, ​where LAY gracefully forged together tropical and
hip-hop elements. To date, the first part of the album surpassed over 13 million streams and the music
video for LIT has been viewed more than 10 million times.

LAY creates a sensational, cross-cultural music style all of his own by using traditional Chinese
instruments and modern hip-hop beats for a new innovative sound interlaced with English and
Mandarin lyrics. Each of the tracks was co-written and co-produced by LAY ​himself to ensure his
message and story is clearly infused in each song. For the full album, LAY teamed up with GRAMMY
Award-winning producers Scott Storch ​(50 Cent, Beyoncé, DJ Khaled, Snoop Dogg) ​and Murda Beatz
(​Travis​ ​Scott, Gucci Mane, Drake​) ​to finish his vision. L​ IT i​ s LAY’s final contribution to his groundbreaking
cross-cultural hip-hop album that has been highly-awaited by fans.


“蓮”- translated to ​LIT​ in English describes a Chinese religious belief of the duality of “Life & Death”. The
“Lotus Flower” is also used by the same Chinese character as it’s a cultural icon recognized as something
that “grows and blossoms out of the dirt/mud”. This paints a perfect metaphor of LAY’s album; firstly,
the duality of a two-part release, and secondly it represents a new birth plus a new sound in the midst of
all his past achievements. Through the songs, LAY explores the concepts of solitude, arrogance,
self-confidence, loyalty, resolution and courage. These twelve songs blend very ancient musical
elements and concepts with the modernity of contemporary pop. From the lyrics, to the production, be
prepared for an emotional and auditory journey. The cutting edge production for newly released songs
like ​Changsha​, ​Mama​, ​Call My Name,​ ​Late Night,​ and ​Wish​ will give you a very cross-cultural and
refreshing journey as the combination of traditional “peking opera” and Chinese instruments are
showcased through passionate lyrics showing a whole new blend of music.

LAY received tremendous success this year garnering international attention after joining forces with
Steve Aoki and will.i.am for the hit cross-cultural collaboration ​Love You More, ​reaching #1 on the QQ
Music China chart. He became a household name in Asia and one of the most beloved stars in the region
with a loyal 49.5 million followers on Weibo and over 12 million followers on Instagram. As a solo artist,
LAY’s career has skyrocketed from tremendous success becoming the highest-ranked Mandopop star on
Billboard 200 chart and the first Chinese artist to enter the iTunes Top 60 in the US with his third album

The pre-order for Lay Zhang’s new digital album ​LIT​ went live on China’s QQ Music platform, and 9
certification records were instantly broken as it went live. The digital album surpassed 1.5 million
pre-orders within 7 minutes and 19 seconds of launch, locking in the #1 position on QQ Music’s daily and
weekly album sales chart. The music video and EP for ​LIT​ went on to break records for a Chinese artist.
In 24 hours, LAY received over 1.6 million views on his YouTube channel, and over 5 million views in four
and a half days on the music video for ​LIT​. Organically, LAY received over 100 reaction videos on
YouTube within a week of the music video’s release, which led to 1 million subscribers in that same
week on LAY’s YouTube channel (officially June 6​th​). Additionally, LAY’s song debuted at #22 on
Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart while LAY peaked on Billboard’s Social 50 Chart at #36.

Outside of music, he is a powerhouse in the acting world of TV and film and hosted multiple top-rated
reality shows in Asia, all while being the face of and representing top-tier brands such as Converse,
M.A.C, and Biotherm Homme in Asia, as well as Calvin Klein and Daniel Wellington Watches globally.

PRESS PHOTOS​ (credit: Zhang Yixing Studio)

LAY (Lay Zhang) is a multi-talented Chinese artist, producer, singer-songwriter, actor, dancer, fashion
muse, and philanthropist. He is China’s current top #1 idol becoming the highest-ranked Mandopop star
on Billboard 200 chart and the first Chinese artist to enter the iTunes Top 60 in the US with his third
album ​NAMANANA​. His big screen debut was the romantic-comedy film ​Ex-Files 2​ and he won the Best
Movie Original Soundtrack at 16th Top Chinese Music Awards for the film. His first solo single ​What U
Need?​ debuted at #4 on China V Chart and Billboard’s World Digital Songs. His EP ​Lose Control​ stayed at
#1 on Billboard’s China V Chart for 6 weeks in a row, reached #1 on the Gaon Album Chart, and reached
#4 on Billboard’s US World Albums Chart. His second album ​Lay 02 Sheep​ broke five records on QQ
Music, reaching Diamond Record in 9 hours and 11 minutes. His third album ​NAMANANA d ​ ebuted at
#21 on Billboard 200, ranking first on World Albums and Independent Albums chart. Last year, he
released a digital EP titled ​Honey ​and its title track of the same name in June 2019. The EP reached over
1.87 million digital sales in just three minutes after its release on QQ Music in China. In 2019, LAY was
invited as China’s Promotional Ambassador to attend the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. He reached
unprecedented success when tickets for the concert at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, China had
sold out in eight seconds, while the stop in Nanjing, China had its tickets sold out in twenty-five seconds.
He debuted in the music industry as a K-Pop idol with best-selling group, EXO.

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