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FdA Design for Graphic Communication Term 02 Project

FdA Design for Graphic Communication

Project title: Graphic Design Applications 01 & 02: ISTD Typography
Start date: 10th January 2011
Deadline: 11th February 2011
Tutors: Paul Bailey p.bailey@lcc.arts.ac.uk Benedict Richards b.j.richards@lcc.arts.ac.uk

ISTD: Flatland

With this brief we take a different approach. Rather than offer a theme that requires you to
generate the content, we are directing you towards existing content – the Victorian (1884)
novella Flatland by the English schoolmaster, Edwin A. Abbott. You will find a mass of
references and the full text freely available online.

The Brief:
Your task is to produce a proposal for a new edition of Flatland that doesn’t necessarily
engage with the conventions of ‘the book’ as we understand them, although it may have text
matter, pages and a cover – or not. It could be a pamphlet, a chapbook, a poster, a
landscape, a happening, a dream, an installation, a text, a sound piece, an animation, a

Interpret the text typographically – you can be as ambitious as you wish to be, but you must
deal with the full contents of at least one chapter and show how the rest of the text would

There are no restrictions, no conventions, no rules, no given formats. Static work, moving
image, physical, virtual, ephemeral are all up to you, as is the navigation of the piece, its
viewer/ reader/user engagement, its scale, simplicity, complexity, composition.

What can it become? There is a quote in the film Amadeus that says if you have four people
talking at once, then that’s an argument . . . if you have four people singing at once, then
that’s Opera. Make an opera, not an argument!

Target Market:
Define your market, and how you will target it, in your Strategy.

- Research and Development
- Strategy
- Dummy/Prototype(s)

Submissions will only be accepted in one robust portfolio no larger than A2.

Formative Assessment Critique:

You will be expected to have your work ready for 10am, 10th February 2011.

You will present your finished work to the rest of the group. Failure to attend this
presentation will result in your work not receiving any feedback which could seriously
effect your grade.

During this presentation you will have the opportunity to talk about and answer questions
regarding your work. You will receive an indicative grade and both verbal and written
feedback that you should use to improve your work for the final Summative Assessment.

Year 01 Final Summative Assessment:

This is 1 of 2 projects you will undertake this term. You will be required to hand-in both
completed projects for summative assessment for the Graphic Design Applications 01 unit to
the FdA Office on Tuesday 10th May between 10.30am and 1.00pm
Year 01 Learning Outcomes:
• Demonstrate the ability to work independently and as part of a team, incorporating
teamwork and effective exchange of ideas. (Self Management)
• Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles and conventions of typography.
(Research & Development)
• Identify factors governing legibility and readability; and prepare text and images for
production. (Analysis & Evaluation)
• Use type, colour and image effectively through a variety of software applications to visually
enhance graphic forms. (Technical & Practical skills)
• Present solutions in a range of media that explore the relationship between graphic form
and function. (Communication and Presentation)
• Demonstrate an understanding of the role that media and formats play
within graphic communication. (Subject Knowledge)

Year 02 Final Summative Assessment:

This is 1 of 2 projects you will undertake this term. Please refer to the Graphic Design
Applications 02 PDF brief that you have been emailed and is also on Blackboard. You must
have your completed GDA 02 PDF (which contains both Term 02 projects) ready to hand into
the FdA Office on Monday 9th May 2011 between 10.30am and 1.00pm.

Year 02 Learning Outcomes:

• Apply principles and theories relating to visual form, legibility and readability in the
production of graphic outcomes. (Research & Development)
• Use colour and hierarchy effectively as a means of visually enhancing complex visual
material and integrate type with image so that a visual harmony and synergy is obtained.
(Technical & Practical skills)
• Select and apply appropriate design strategies that enable the communication of values and
meaning in a graphic design context and the inter-relationship between format and concept.
(Analysis & Evaluation)
• Produce graphic outcomes to a highly finished standard that adhere to external competition
and client guidelines. (Communication and Presentation)
• Demonstrate the ability to pursue research and explore methodologies to enhance the ability
to reference material for specific purposes within the context of designer, client and audience.
(Subject Knowledge)

Failure to hand in your work on time will result in you failing this course unit and
having to resubmit the work at a later date. Unless supported by upheld extenuating
circumstances, late or failed work will be capped at 40% by the exam board on
successful reassessment.