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Malden High School Our 96th Year
Volume 96 Edition 4 January 2011

Malden Takes On Poetry Out Loud

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ/8th)

was the victim of a shooting in Tus-
con, Arizona, on Saturday, January 8,
2011. (MCT). Coverage on page 6.

Junior Chung We Dai performs as a period three class winner. Full article on page 10.

Gymnastics Fights Adversity

In This Issue:

TV: An Accurate
Page 4

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Monthly Profile
Beverly Nyman
Page 8

Going Green?
Page 11

Posse winners
Junior William Wong running in a
Junior captain Alana Casey on the uneven bars. Photo by Megan Kelly.
Pages 12 - 13 track meet. Contrary to popular belief,
the track team consists of more than

T he Malden High School gym- ing from the high bar, or having Colby-Swayer just runners. More boys track on page
nastics team experienced an un- to deal with the bars being slanted Pages 14 -15 24.
fortunate beginning to their season and ready to fall apart,” explained
after a close defeat to long time ri- junior co-captain Alana Casey. The NFL’s New Rules
vals, Medford High School, by only new set of uneven bars will increase
Page 21
0.65 points. Although they have had the performance of routines for all
a minor setback the team is anxious gymnasts that participate in that
for their new set of uneven bars to event, as well as prepare them for Boys and Girls Opinion 2-5
be installed. competitions against schools who Basketball
The team currently faces dif- also have high quality equipment. World News 6-7
Page 23
ficulty when it comes to practicing Since the team had been unable to Local News 8-16
and improving because the equip- practice and have more experience
ment that they are provided with with such good equipment, it was
Boys and Girls Entertainment 17-19
now leaves the gymnasts at risk of a setback when arriving at Med- Track Sports 20-24
“smashing [their] feet on the low bar, ford High School and using their Page 24
touching the ground when swing- continued on page 22.
The Blue and Gold
Editorials January 2011

Political Climate is Hot

T wo years ago, 1.8 million people stood crowded
together for hours in the frigid January air, chant-
ing President Barack Obama’s name, undoubtedly
not only for wanting to work through December break
but for attempting to pass legislation that had been on
the floor for months.
Malden High School
with his presidential campaign’s catchphrase running Then, putting a halt to arguments about Con-
through their heads the entire time: “Yes, we can.” The gress and its decision to read the Constitution in all
The Blue and Gold nation (or at least, the 52.9% of it that voted for him) its censored glory, on Jan. 8, 2011, Jared Lee Loughner
77 Salem St. stood united under a vibrant blue flag, hoping that the showed up to Representative Gabrielle Giffords’s first
Malden, MA 02148 next four years would be full of progress toward the Congress on Your Corner event of the year and pro-
left side of the political spectrum. ceeded to shoot 19 people there.
But now, the red white and blue of Obama’s In the same way that Counter Strike was blamed
campaign posters seems ominous rather than hopeful; for Virginia Tech and Marilyn Manson was blamed for
rather than live up to the nation’s admittedly obvi- Columbine, the nation’s political discourse–-specifi-
João Nascimento
ously out-of-reach expectations–-fix the economy; fix cally the overtly partisan so-called debate that went as
Nidale Zouhir
Iraq; fix Afghanistan; fix Iran; fix North Korea; fix gay far as one Fox News anchor and likely 2012 presiden-
rights; fix health care; fix immigration–-Obama found tial candidate placing cross hairs over congressional
every bill he tried to pass into law hotly contested districts (including Giffords’s) that disagreed with
Brittany Foley
not only by Republican congressional representatives her views on health care–-has been blamed for the
Alexandra Mathieu
but also by half the nation. Massive crowds of people violence in Tucson.
emerged, protesting everything from tax hikes to First Even Senator John McCain, who spent the weeks
Lady Michelle Obama’s choice of apparel. Cable news before Jan. 8, 2011 lamenting the repeal of Don’t Ask
Brittany McFeeley
channels were overtaken, not by legitimate debate or Don’t Tell and spouting homophobic tirades before
accurate news reporting, but by overtly partisan news Congress, called for a more civil political discourse
anchors bashing those who did not agree with them. in an op-ed a week later for The Washington Post.
Omar Khoshafa
As Glenn Beck lamented socialism and Keith Olbermann, meanwhile, tweeted about his hopes for
Olbermann lamented liars, hopes for the bipartisan a “pledge against violent rhetoric,” but then, unfor-
America Obama had described during his campaign tunately, went on to bash Palin as well as many GOP
Cristina Peters
crumbled, making way for arguments over Twitter, defenders on the same twitter feed.
arguments on TV, arguments in newspapers, and ar- Ominously enough, more of the country appears
guments in Congress. Unfortunately, unlike legitimate to be echoing Olbermann’s sentiments than McCain’s.
Dan Holmqvist
political debate, these arguments seemed to yield few Though the media did, during very specific moments,
compromises and instead only fueled the already red attempt to remain as nonpartisan as possible (specifi-
hot anti-Obama sentiment, leading to the growth of cally immediately following Obama’s speech regard-
Reginah Sanyu
the ultra conservative Tea Party and massive losses for ing the shooting), for the most part it appears as
Democrats in the November 2010 congressional elec- though nothing has changed. If anything, both sides
tions. For a month or so, this seemed to be the cure for have been blaming one another for the attacks and
Alfonse Femino
what had been a Congress full of threats of filibusters for the political climate surrounding it. But making
and so-called compromises that only seemed to make the shooting about gun control or about Loughner’s
most legislation obsolete. After losing power in the political views (which are shady at best) is, in essence,
Alexander Gennigiorgis
House of Representatives, however, Democrats went doing precisely what Americans have grown bored of
on to pass tax cuts, food safety legislation, the repeal of over the last few years: over-politicizing something
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, an arms control agreement with that was never meant to be politicized. Because at-
Lauren Benoit
Russia, and health care for 9/11 first responders. tempting to assign some sort of blame to the Arizona
Sharon Lee
But even as Congress worked harder than it had shootings is politicizing it. Everyone from Palin to
appeared to for at least two years, the heated political Obama has issued some form of a statement regard-
climate did not cool down; Beck called Representa- ing the shooting–-and everyone from Palin to Obama
Kayla Bramante
tive Harry Reid and others who thought it might be has been repeatedly criticized by whichever news
necessary to stay in session over Christmas “really bad network disagrees.
people,” adding that he thought that they were “evil”
Haley DeFilippis
Catherine Poirier
Megan Kelly Nidale Zouhir
Natalie Fallano Co-Editor-in-Chief
Paige Yurek Editorial Policy
Joshua Kummins
The Blue and Gold is an open forum for
student expression. It is produced by students
REPORTERS & PHOTOGRAPHERS for the school and the community. The views
Rebecca Broomstein presented in this paper are not necessarily those
Kaela Bryan of the advisor or the school administration. The Corrections:
Freddie DiPhillipo views presented in the editorials are those of the
Johanna Lai editors-in-chief or guests. The goal of The Blue
and Gold is to inform and entertain students as The president of the Red Cross Club, Monika
Kristen Leonard
well as the community regarding issues that we Bashllari was not mentioned in the Red Cross
Jacob Martino
feel are important. article on page 11.
Vicki Ngan
Amalia Quesada Nylen We strongly encourage readers to respond
to material printed in the form of signed letters to Diane Klibansky’s name is spelled incorrectly in
Timothee Pierre the Spirit Week article on page 12.
the editors. No libelous, malicious, defamatory,
Amanda Rosatone obscene, or unsigned material will be printed.
Joel Stevenson The Blue and Gold reserves the right to edit the let- Kerri Shuman, Witchie Valence-Exilhomme, and
Lesley Ta ters. Names may be withheld upon request. Not Dan McClenthen’s name ’s names were mis-
all letters will be printed. spelled. Dan McClenthen’s name in the Powder
ADVISOR Although The Blue and Gold appreciates the Puff and Crew Faces Budget Cuts article on page
Ryan Gallagher support of advertisers, we may refuse any ad- 20.
vertisement that violates the above policy or that
Established in 1915 promotes products questionable to student use. Andrew Terenzi is a distance runner, not a sprint-
Any correspondence concerning this publi- er in the Retaining Their Title article on page 21.
cation should be directed to Mr. Ryan Gallagher’s
Check out our online edition:
room in C339 or to his mailbox in the main office. Photo was taken by Sharon Lee, not Lauren Ben-
http://www.maldenblueandgold.com/ oit on page 23.
The Blue and Gold
c/o Malden High School
77 Salem Street Corrections to the editor can be submitted to
Malden, MA 02148 theblueandgold@gmail.com
The Blue and Gold
January 2011 Opinion 3
Loughner and
Gun Control Letter to the Editor
Dan Holmqvist Harris Zhao

Head World News Writer Junior

T hirty-three. That is how many bullets Jared

Lee Loughner’s Glock 19 could fire with-
out having to reload once. Loughner was able
I s it just me or do you also hate Mark Zuck-
erberg? Well, in case you didn’t know, he’s
the guy that created Facebook, making bil-
life changing? Is it too late for me? Zuckerberg
started all the way back since he was 11, creat-
ing a network that connected all computers in
to fire thirty-three bullets within the span of lions of dollars annually, connecting people his own household. I am 16, and I have yet to
fifteen seconds, killing six innocent bystand- from different countries to each other, while do something as prominent as that. Oh the joy
ers and injuring an additional fourteen at an changing the way our social landscape func- it would bring me to know that I could change
Arizona rally for Congresswoman Gabriel tions. I mean, I don’t hate him in the sense the world, and have over 6 billion dollars in my
Giffords. If his second magazine clip had not that he’s “hateable,” but I do hate him in the bank account.
been kicked away, Loughner could have used way that I am not him. Don’t you ever dream Oh yeah, did you know that Zuckerberg
all three of the extended magazines (containing about changing the world someday? Maybe doesn’t even spend all his money? He saves
nearly 100 bullets) he brought with him on Jan. like Superman or Batman or even Sarah Palin it up, and spends it all modestly on what he
8, 2011. What was a tragedy could have been (maybe). Well, Mark Zuckerberg has done needs, while also giving away millions of dol-
much, much worse. just that! He has miraculously changed the lars to enhance educational resources in Amer-
This compels one to ask several ques- way our culture works. I mean honestly, how ica. Example: Newark, NJ where he donated
tions: What purposes do extended magazines many people out there do you know that 100 million dollars to a local high school. That
and semiautomatic weapons serve other than don’t have a Facebook? Like 2 … 3 … maybe only makes him more “hateable”! We know
to aid truly disturbed individuals in mass kill- 4 right? Well not including your parents of you have over a billion dollars in your bank ac-
ings? How could one possibly justify the need course, but Facebook has seriously changed count, and you can easily spend lavishly while
to have a gun with as much firepower as the the way our lives function. still having billions of dollars left. Okay? But
Glock 19 for self-defence? And what kind of And starting this generation, we have you still go on out there like you are so much
faulty gun control policy gives an obviously started to succumb to developing a new era better than us. Just because you can spend
disturbed 22-year-old man, who was denied in which information is able to travel, con- modestly, and change the world indefinitely,
a place in the US military for drug use, access necting different countries in seconds, and and make our lives so much better, you can just
to some of the most dangerous weapons in the connecting different people all in one savvy sit there with that condescending smirk, be-
world? network. Zuckerberg has changed the world; lieving that you are a god in our presence and
That is not to discredit those who tout that is obvious. And I am annoyed at that! I hate you. I hate you for changing the world. I
their own second amendment rights. The right Seriously, why couldn’t I be Zuckerberg, or hate you so much that I want to be you.
to bear arms has been a fundamental freedom why couldn’t I do something just as equally
of American citizens since the drafting of the
Bill of Rights. But this was before the age of Do you have an opinion?
semiautomatic hand guns, which are specifi-
cally designed to kill people with a deadly ef-
Submit your letter to the editor to
The Glock 19 is a favorite among gun en-
continued on page 5.

Comic by Jimmy Malzone.

The Blue and Gold
Opinion January 2011

Pop Culture Lacks Diversity

Alexandra Mathieu versity within its programs. My what’s out there in the cultural zeit- their impressive content and depth
Managing Editor Brother and Me, Cousin Skeeter, geist and spin it Nickelodeon style.” of characters, are far from perfect.
and Kenan & Kel were shows that Yet, time has proven that what They are, like youth television, un-

E ach American household is

reported, on average, to have
about 2.86 television sets, an aston-
featured African-American fami-
lies; Taina and The Brothers Garcia
highlighted Hispanic families and
children and people in general,
want are not always what is good
for them. The programming on tele-
able to broadcast a variety in ethnic-
ity and even a correct portrayal of an
ethnic character.
ishing number when one considers cultures. These shows did not just vision for children and pre-teens is The best example is the 2010
that the average American house- have a black or Spanish character on the sugar of their “television diet.” It film The Last Airbender. Based
hold is also reported on having the show, but explored the culture of is not giving children the substance on the popularized Nickelodeon
2.5 people. Television has evolved each ethnic group. American teens that at such an impressionable television show Avatar: The Last
over the years from a luxury item were exposed to different lifestyles age they need. Instead of helping Airbender, the film follows Aang
to a staple in American culture. TV and cultures, opening their eyes to children learn to understand each and his friends in an Asian inspired
shows now cover an array of inter- the world around them. Even shows others’ backgrounds, Nickelodeon universe as they try to save the
ests and topics with programming with a mainly white cast still of- is feeding them pipe dreams and world from the invasive and heavy
for any person, of any age group. fered a different point of view than instilling in them an obsession with handed Fire Nation ruler, Fire Lord
That being said, TV has a very one the norm. The show Caitlin’s Way fame and notoriety at an early age. Ozai. The driving force behind the
sided relationship with the Ameri- covered the life of a troubled and While the shows are entertaining show was its East Asian influences;
can public: although it caters to the tragically orphaned girl who, opting and to an extent funny, they are from the names of the characters to
people’s entertainment needs, it is out of going to a juvenile detention hardly filled with substance and the foundation for the styles of fight-
not an accurate representation of the center, chose to live with her aunt. rely more on cheap gags than actual ing they use, the show is a homage
people it serves. Clearly the programming of this era, sustaining content. to the colorful East Asian culture
On the one hand, all forms of while offering more diversity, also Surprisingly, films and movies and its rich history. However, in
entertainment, from television to offered more depth in its characters targeted at youth are on a converse M. Night Shyamalan’s adaptation,
novels to films, are escapist media. and more complexities within the path. These films are beginning to the cast was primarily Caucasian
Even shows that emulate real life plots they faced. touch upon some surprisingly sen- or Indian. Those who were fans of
like Friends and Seinfield are im- Comparing the programming sitive topics in a manner that is far the show were displeased and even
mensely popular because they offer on Nickelodeon now to the program- from what it was in the past. Toy enraged at the disregard of the eth-
a life that is different and separate ming from the network’s past indi- Story 3, which debuted in June 2010, nicity of the characters in the film.
than that of the viewers. However, cates the change that has occurred. was received with universal critical Dragon Ball Evolution, which came
while people enjoy television shows iCarly, Big Time Rush, and Victori- acclaim. Named the “Best Movie of out in 2008, had the same issue as it
for this reason, the most popular ous are the most popular shows on 2010” by Time Magazine, it takes a featured a Caucasian lead in a film
shows are those that the viewers the network and share a common humorous look on growing up and that was based off one of the most
can relate to. Yes, it is fun to indulge theme. All three depict teens becom- dealing with the changes that come popular anime of its time. It is this
every now and then in a show that ing famous in some way, whether it with doing so. This is a topic that any- lack of appreciation of culture that
showcases bizarre and unrealistic be through a web show, a band con- one from all age groups can relate to youth films and television are both
characters, but the shows that last test, or a school for the performing because it has substance; it goes past lacking.
the longest have characters that arts. The issues that the characters the surface problems portrayed in Whereas the previous era in
people can identify with. face on the show are superficial and youth television and hits a powerful youth programming is character-
However, now, with the US focus mainly on crushes, fame, and chord with its discussion of a hu- ized by diversity and self-discovery,
more diverse than ever, television balancing the two. There is no em- man issue: coping with change. Toy this one will be remembered for its
does not seem to be keeping up with phasis on diversity or the different Story 3 is not alone; Where the Wild homogeneity and triviality. Who
the times as much as it should. To be cultures that make up the American Things Are, Up, Despicable Me, and knows, perhaps as the US heads to-
more specific, children and young culture. The explanation for the WALL-E are all films rated PG that wards more equality for the people,
adult programming seems oddly shift from depth to surface level go beyond shallow discussion and youth television shows will follow
homogenous in its racial and ethnic content? “Every kid thinks they’re present meaningful material such as suit and have a show on an Asian
representation. The popular cable five minutes away and one lucky the pain of loss and the power of be- family or a homosexual teen. Until
television network, Nickelodeon, circumstance from being famous,” lief. As films of this caliber continue then, the youth of America will con-
is the perfect example of this shift. stated Marjorie Cohn, executive vice to garner acclaim and bring money tinue to be shocked when it realizes
From the 1990s to the early 2000s, president for original programming to the box office, perhaps youth that attaining fame is not as easy as
Nickelodeon’s time blocks geared and development at Nickelodeon in programming will take a hint and the TV shows make it out to be.
towards teenagers, TEENick and an interview with The Los Angeles follow suit.
SNICK, offered a particular di- Times. “We’ve always responded to However, youth films, despite
The Blue and Gold
January 2011 Opinion 5
continued from page 3 http://www.maldenblueandgold.com/

thusiasts. The gun is light, reason-

ably priced at around 500 dollars,
Oppression, Televised
and small enough to be concealed
under an article of clothing. But
according to the St. Petersburg
Times, the main draw of the gun is
its extended magazine: “The stan-
dard Glock 19 can hold 15 bullets.
For 60 dollars more, you can add
an 8-inch extension. And double
the ammunition.” Perhaps this is
why this specific model was also
used by Seung-Hui Cho in the 2007
Virginia Tech massacre that killed
an additional 32 people.
It is not surprising that a
mass killing like this happened in
Arizona, considering the state’s
lax record when it comes to gun
control. In fact, last year, Arizona
was the third state that allowed its
citizens to carry concealed weap-
ons without a background check
or any formal training.
But even then, some people
remain unconvinced that the state’s
gun control policy had anything to
do with this month’s shooting. Re-
A display in the Kadhmiyah section of Baghdad, Iraq, warns that women who don’t wear the hijab, or traditional
publican state Senator Ron Gould
Muslim head covering, will be punished in the afterlife. The display, shown on December 30, 2010, was erected
controversially suggested that “I
by Islamist leaders in Baghdad as part of what many women see as a campaign to limit their role in public life.
don’t see how gun control could
Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.
have prevented that shooting un-
less you take the guns out of the
hands of law-abiding citizens.”
It is time for gun control policy Megan Kelly The show caught America’s at- ery women eventually does, some
to be changed in America, and in a Copy Editor tention after several major news cor- earlier than others. I didn’t have to
substantial way. Congress, in 1994, porations such as The Huffington be pushed to wear one, I decided to
wrote legislation that limited the Post, CNN International and CBS at age 14.”
number of rounds an ammunition
magazine could hold to 10. But ten T o a TV producer looking for
the next hit TV show, a title like
“Niqab” (which literally means
News posted it as front web-page
news. Comments on the articles
The difference between coun-
tries with large “fanatical” popu-
years later in 2004, this legislation range from radical feminism to lations such as Afghanistan, and
was allowed to expire, since then, “veil”), might mean that coming insults to the Muslim faith. Mahdi countries such as the US, UK and
gun manufacturers have made up with something catchy is hard might have started The Mask proj- Bangladesh where there is freedom
substantially bigger magazines. to do these days. Now maybe with ect to reveal the extreme abuse that of religion is that women are given
Now, in the wake of the a few TV stars and a good theme some Afghani woman endure, he a choice. Americans now see the
Tucson shootings, Congress has song it could become a hit and has received reactions much stron- Muslim women of Afghanistan who
once again looked into limiting their next meal ticket, although ger than anticipated . are forced to be the lesser part of
the number of rounds a magazine this Afghani TV show is not gain- Since the traumatic 9/11 attacks, the population as victims; and the
can legally be allowed to hold. But ing popularity over scripted drama many Western European Countries identity of Afghani women is now
why stop there? This new session and its graphics. It features the raw have gained a negative view on being applied to Muslim women in
of Congress should place an out- and true stories from the oppressed Islam, such as Denmark, where general. Kamal commented on the
right ban on semiautomatic hand- female population of Afghanistan. parliament member Søren Krarup newest stereotype of Muslims, “Just
guns like the Glock 19, regardless Saraya, the first woman inter- stated in a government session in like every other stereotype about
of whether someone is considered viewed on the TV show, told her 2007, “the head scarf [has been] a to- certain races, ones about Muslims
a “law-abiding citizen”. Even for lifetime story from behind a blue talitarian symbol comparable with are simply not true. [The] stereotype
less potent handguns, national and white mask. The blue meant totalitarian symbols we know from about husbands beating their wives
legislation should require more to be similar to the the Niqab, or the Nazis and Communism,” as is not true. There have been cases
stringent background checks and veil that is apart of the Muslim sourced from www.earthtimes.org. about this all over the world, yet
more educational courses. hijab, the modest dress code from In France and Germany, legislature there’s nothing that links this espe-
America has been grappling the Qur’an, while the white repre- has been passed banning the Hijab cially to Muslims. Nothing in our
with how to deal with gun violence, sents the woman’s innocence. For in public, while Christian crucifixes religion dictates it. ”
especially in the last twenty years. Saraya, wearing the mask was not were a much harder symbol to band. What ever happens to “The
The Tucson shootings, despite all only to protect her but to also apart With a new TV show expressing the Mask” is all up to the viewers. May-
the grief and suffering caused, has of creator Sami Mahdi’s vision for effect that this “mask” has on Mus- be it will gain so much popularity
presented itself as a golden op- the show. As he told CNN, “I was lim women in certain countries, it that Afghanistan will see the error
portunity to make America a safer not very sure about the concept appears that the message being sent in its ways for allowing the abuse of
place. and the format, but I was very sure is that the Muslim faith is giving wives to be such an issue that a TV
about the mask, you know.” men an upper hand over women. show has to be made to reveal these
In a country where Islam is the horrors. This may make people see
major religion, it would be thought the difference between living in a
that Muslim traditions would be culturally conservative country and
strictly enforced; though Arjuman a country where the sub culture that
Kamal, mother to Malden High Jersey Shore represents is able to
School sophomore Arefin Mohiud- develop. But what this is not doing
din, says otherwise. Kamal, who is helping the image that Islam has
grew up in Bangladesh, disagrees taken up in the past two decades;
with the stereotype on Muslim Kamal said on the topic of Muslim
women. Translated by her son Are- stereotypes that, “one thing people
fin, she spoke about her practice of realize is that there are radicals
Islam’s hijab. “It’s really much of a from every religion, Muslims, Jews,
tradition, it’s actually part of my re- even Christian radicals. One group
ligion, Islam, which dictates that all shouldn’t set the tone for the rest.”
women must cover their heads. Ev-
The Blue and Gold
World news January 2011

Tucson Massacre Stuns Country

Six people are killed and 13 critically injured in a shooting
rampage targeting US Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords.

Above: Photographs of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, (D-Ariz.) and slain U.S. District Judge A program for Christina Taylor Green’s funeral is
John M. Roll were displayed at a memorial in front of the University Medial Center in Tucson, Ari- displayed at St Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, Thurs-
zona. (Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times/MCT). Below: President Barack Obama makes a speech day, January 13, 2011, in Tucson, Arizona. (Gina
honoring the victims of the Tucson, Arizona shooting rampage. (Will Seberger/MCT) Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

were ordered to be lowered to half take longer for the brain to reach its
staff, on Jan 10, 2011, at 11 a.m. In peak of swelling. After Giffords’ op-
his memorial speech, Obama stated, eration that required temporarily re-
“to the families of those we’ve lost; moving half of her skull, tests have
to all who called them friends; to shown that she is becoming more
the students of this university, the and more responsive. For instance,
public servants gathered tonight, when asked to hold up two fingers,
and the people of Tucson and Ari- Giffords was able to successfully re-
zona: I have come here tonight as an spond as she raised two of her own
American who, like all Americans, fingers. In addition, according to Dr.
kneels to pray with you today, and Peter Rhee, Giffords has been reach-
will stand by you tomorrow.” ing for her breathing tube, which is
Sarah Palin also made a state- “a purposeful movement. That [is] a
ment about the Tucson Tragedy, say- great thing,” he stated.
ing, “Acts of monstrous criminality If Giffords remains absent from
stand on their own. They begin and congress, her seat shall be declared-
end with the criminals who commit vacant, but only by the US house
them.” However, Palin continued of representatives, not the state of
with a somewhat defensive, poli- Arizona.
Rebecca Broomstein Paige Yurek cally-oriented statement, saying, Although many innocent lives
“journalists and pundits should not were cut short because of Jared
Reporter Copy Editor manufacture a blood libel that serves Loughner on that bloody day of
only to incite the very hatred and horror, he has no choice but to face

O n Jan 8, 2011, United States rep-

resentative Gabrielle Giffords
became one of 19 victims brutally
suspected to be the monster behind
this malicious felony. When asked
about his motive, Loughner had
violence they purport to condemn.”
Her comments caused uproar in the
public, particularly the usage of the
the extreme consequences for his
heinous actions.

wounded during a shooting ram- no response. Loughner is being phrase “blood libel.”
page outside a Safeway Supermar- held without bail, and faces either a On Jan 11, 2011, Giffords took
ket in Tucson, Arizona. Six of the death sentence or life in prison for a miraculous turn in her recovery at
19 victims were killed, while 13 of committing five federal crimes: one Tucson’s University Medical Center,
them suffered severe wounds. Six count of an attempted assassination taking her first breath on her own
of the 13 wounded remained hospi- of a member of congress, two counts since the incident. She also began
talized in critical condition. Many of killing an employee of the US and moving both arms, though she is
citizens of Arizona gathered by the two counts of intentions of killing still reliant on a breathing tube, for
supermarket at a local “Congress US employees. Although Lough- precautionary reasons. On her third
on Your Corner” event to hear Gif- ner does not claim a motive for his day into recovery, Giffords brain
fords express her views when the devious actions, some claim his was expected to reach it’s peak in
brutality began. One of the victims political views, which differ highly swelling, but her doctor, Dr. Michael
was nine year old Christina Taylor from those of Giffords, may have Lemole, chief of neurosurgery at Booking mug of Jared Lee Loughner.
Green, who was ironically born dur- motivated the shooting. Loughner is charged with trying to assas-
the University of Arizona, stated
sinate U.S. congresswoman Gabrielle Gif-
ing the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Chief In honor of the fallen victims that her brain had made no increase fords in a shooting rampage that killed six
federal judge of Arizona, John Roll, during the tragedy, president Bar- in swelling. This could mean that people and wounded 14, Saturday January
was also one of the six murdered. rack Obama led a moment of si- her brain is done swelling, though 8, 2011. (Courtesy Pima County Sheriffs
22 year old Jared Loughner is lence, in which the country’s flags Lemole says that sometimes it could Department/MCT)
The Blue and Gold
January 2011 WORLD NEWS 7

Assassination of Salam Taseer

Kayla Bramante
Head of Special Projects
Could this be the end of democracy in Pakistan?
T he province of Punjab, Pakistan
was in awe when the news hit
them that their governor, Salman
power and the fact that Taseer was
unhappy with the “blasphemous”
law to punish apostates in Islam
stated ”TWENTY-
the number of

Taseer, was assassinated. Taseer with a death sentence. bullets a police

was walking through a market in Many are also wondering how guard fired into
Islamabad when his body guard this assassination is this going to af- my father before
was caught with a gun next to Tas- fect the government. Prime minister surrendering him-
eers’ lifeless body. When the news Yousaf Raza Gillani appointed three self with a sinister
got out, Taseers political party, the days of mourning for the former smile to the police-
Pakistan Peoples Party, were found governor and on Jan. 5, 2011 all men around him.”
in the streets of Pakistan burning schools and institutions were shut He also told that
objects such as tires and shouting down. the governor was
words defending Taseer. Other PPP Taseers murder will also push killed on his other
members were found closing busi- back the coming of rights and power son, Shehryars,
nesses because they did not want to of women. One woman, Aasia Bibi, 25th birthday.
have a business day on the day their converted to Christianity and was “He was an intel-
leader got assassinated. given a death sentence that Taseer lectual, a newspa-
The PPP members were in opposed. As reported by time. per publisher and
favor of the governors ideas of de- com, a citizen of Punjab stated that a writer; he was
mocracy. The PPP and the opposing “Taseer was doing the right thing, jailed and tortured Chart shows the balance of power in the Pakistani
group, the Pakistan Muslim League, even though he should not have for his belief in parliament. The second-largest party in the ruling co-
are vying against each other for con- challenged the law. The law should democracy and alition has rejoined the it after withdrawing a few days
trol of the government. The PML’s decide, and he should have waited freedom” stated earlier in response to higher gasoline prices. MCT 2011
want Pakistans people to conserve for the Lahore High Court’s deci- Shehrbano Taseer.
the ideas of the Koran and uphold sion. He should have hired a lawyer Some people were saying that the and died for Pakistan. To honor his
sharia law. With this controversy no for Aasia Bibi. Where there are lots governors death was the last hope memory, those who share that belief
one is certain what will succeed and of extremists, you need to be more of a “tolerant Pakistan.” Shehrbano in Pakistan’s future must not stay si-
what will fail, but there has been careful, especially if you take a bold went on to say that the new politi- lent about injustice. We must never
many attempts to conserve both. position.” cans want to go on and create new be afraid of our enemies. We must
Many have wondered why this From an editorial of the New amendments to be sure that the law never let them win“ Shehrbano con-
bodyguard wanted to murder Tas- York Times, the son of the assas- is not misused. “My father believed cluded.
eer. It started with giving women sinated governor, Shehrbano Taseer in our country’s potential. He lived

Bomb Blasts Target Copts in Egypt

Natalie Fallano
Coptic Christians are killed in a deadly terror plot organized
Copy Editor by radical muslim extremists in Alexandria, Egypt.

A Coptic Church in the predomi- established. It broke off from the vacation, stating “I feel
nately Muslim country of Egypt earlier Northern and western Or- like I get a week off
was targeted during a New Years thodox Church due to disagreement for no reason, which is
mass when 21 people were killed in about the nature of Jesus Christ. great and everything,
a suicide bombing in the northern When Copts come to the Unit- but I’m not celebrating
city of Alexandria. ed States the tables turn because anything.” Both claim
The bombing took place a they enter an environment in which that they don’t feel dis-
half hour into the new year, right Christianity is the majority, compris- crimination but think
after the mass when the attendees ing around 83 percent of the popu- it’s unfair that Malden
were exiting. The blast was strong lation, while Islam is the minority, gives no Muslim holi-
enough to damage cars and build- making up less than two percent. days off. Students get
ings near by, as well as detach body In the US, many Muslims suppos- Jewish and Christian
parts and send them flying. The edly feel the same way as Copts in holidays off, so maybe
bombing was the most damaging Egypt. This is due to stereotype that it is time for the system
attack made on Christians in Egypt all Muslims are terrorists because of to acknowledge the
in decades which is why Egyptian events like September 11. In Egypt minority as well.
cops are frightened and outraged. and the US, freedom of religion is a In Cambridge,
Many wanted to flee the very next natural right, but being the minority MA, however, the
day. causes issues because a right means Muslims minority
In fact, many Copts in the nothing if it is not enforced. is starting to be rec-
United States state they left Egypt At Malden High School their ognized by school
because they were discriminated are several students who practice Is- administration. Next
against. There is only a small per- lam, and live in a Christian majority year, the Cambridge
centage of Christians in Egypt, ten area. Around the Christmas holidays school district plans on
percent, compared to 90 percent that just passed, many feel left out. closing once each year
Islam. Sophomore Asef Haider explained, to observe either Eid
The Copts claim that the gov- “I don’t celebrate Christmas, so I Al-Fitr or Eid Al-Adha
ernment does nothing to address feel left out when everyone’s going because of the number St. Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria. Photo courtsey
conservative Islamic prejudice in on about it, but I don’t mind since of students that prac- of Wikimedia.com.
society. Most American Copts have I understand what a craze it is for tice Islam. Given Mal-
some type of Egyptian descent be- Christians.” Another Muslim, soph- den’s robust Muslim community, ing to the list of religious holidays
cause that is where the Coptic Or- omore Mohammad Anwar, shared maybe Malden’s school system will that are already observed.
thodox Church of Alexandria was similar feelings towards Christmas soon consider following suit, add-
The Blue and Gold
Local News January 2011

Community Bulletin

Monthly Profile: Beverly Nyman, English Teacher

Johanna Lai
MHS, [as] most of the kids came
Reporter from a farming background
and it was something that was

M alden High School English important to them. They would

teacher Beverly Nyman has also bring [their] cattle to school.”
been teaching at MHS for 23 years. She described the school further,
Born and raised in Malden, Nyman explaining how, “all of the win-
attended MHS and graduated in dows were open and the door in
1965. Nyman expressed that she the classroom opened to the out-
“didn’t know what [she] wanted doors.”
to be at first,” before she became Nyman also elaborated on
an English teacher, “because [she] the history of the Maori, revealing
wasn’t looking into it.” Her motiva- that “the Maori were the first peo-
tion to become a teacher stemmed ple to live in New Zealand,” and
from her father’s teaching career that “these people made [New
during her childhood. Zealand] different from the other
After graduating from MHS, countries.” Several years later, in
Nyman went to George Washington 2001, Nyman returned to teaching
University, located in Washington at MHS where she is today.
D.C, where she earned her bach- When she is not teaching at
elor’s degree in English literature in MHS, Nyman spends her free-time Beverly Nyman smiles from her classroom. Photo by Johanna Lai.
1969. A year later, Nyman attended listening to music, particularly jazz, Nyman worked on the “Pathways to humans but...able to communicate
the University of Massachusetts and traveling. Nyman’s history of China” program, a program created with dogs.” Nyman was likely so
Boston, receiving her master’s de- travelling to numerous different to allow Massachusetts students the impressed by the character’s abil-
gree in 1970. countries is evidence of her fasci- chance to study Chinese culture, ity to communicate with the dogs
Once Nyman received her nation with world travel. She has history, and society, with five high because of her fondness for the ani-
master’s degree, she began teaching traveled to England, France, Italy, schools: MHS, Burlington High mals.
at MHS from the 1970s to the 1980s. Greece, Belgium, Germany, Luxem- School, Lynn Classical High School, “Mrs. Nyman is surely a phe-
She later moved to Connecticut burg, the Netherlands, Colombia, Winchester High School and the nomenal teacher to work with!”
where she continued teaching at Mexico, Israel, Egypt, and South Beaver Country Day School. stated sophomore Teresa La. “It’s
Naugatuck Valley Community Col- Korea, to name a few. Nyman has When not traveling or listen- definitely a joy to have her as a teach-
lege for another eight years. Nyman always particularly looked forward ing to jazz, Nyman spends her time er. Everything just flows smoothly.
also worked as an exchange teacher to traveling to China. “I’ve always reading. Her favorite books include I’m always looking forward to her
at Te Awamutu College in New wanted to go to China, since I was “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle” by class because she makes English
Zealand for a year during the 80s as 8 years old, because of a project that David Wroblewski and “Herzog” entertaining.” Sophomore Elizabeth
well. I was working on at the time,” Ny- by Saul Bellow. Nyman described Fitzgerald also spoke fondly of Ny-
While teaching in New Zea- man cheerfully explained. Nyman “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle” as an man as she claimed, “I would have
land, Nyman stated that her experi- was finally able to go to China (as amazing book because of the story- to say that Ms. Nyman is an overall
ence teaching there was “different well as Tibet) with a teacher group line being “about a young boy who great teacher. Her personality makes
from when [she] was teaching at back in 2005. A couple years later, wasn’t able to communicate with her class more fun.”
The Blue and Gold
January 2011 Local News 9
of Graffiti, Art
or Menace?
Joel Stevenson

T he art of drawing is to see beyond the

mere lines drawn and colors blended
and to take in the picture as a whole. But
while art is about perception, where does
the line cross from expression to vandal-
“I feel that graffiti is a way to express
emotions through art, albeit it’s some-
times unwanted,” asserted junior Harris
Zhao. At Malden High School, students
as well as faculty have to pay the price
for crimes of vandalization. Graffiti has
affected so many individuals within the
walls of MHS alone. It has caused stu-
dents to miss more class time when leav-
ing to use the restroom or water fountain
as there are few available, what with so
many being closed due to unwanted tag-
As renovations are coming to a Renovations: A Freshman’s Perspective
close, the demand to reduce graffiti is
even more of a priority, expressed Span- The H-house to B-house hallway in the wake of the renovations of Malden High
Timothee Pierre
ish teacher Sharon Kalagher, “Not just School. Photos by Lauren Benoit and Timothee Pierre.
on the walls and the hallways, but in the Reporter
agenda books; I think it just comes down

to having respect.” With fewer and fewer ounded in 1857, it is no surprise that Malden
bathrooms to go to in between classes, High School can use a bit of revamping in
students are tending to show up later. terms of its technology and design throughout the
Students are also growing frustrated building. Early in the school year, new teachers
with the seemingly constant changing and freshmen were very excited about the new
of open bathroom locations, suggested school to come, but did not anticipate paying a
sophomore Valentine Banor, who finds it price for the construction underway.
“annoying to know that there is never a Initially, A-House and B-House experienced
certain bathroom to go to.” the most of the construction that was going on
So, what realistic solution exists to during the school day, as there was loud drilling,
eliminate graffiti as a problem within hammering, and many other noises that were a bit
MHS? Searching every student for tag- disrupting. Some students complained for days
ging materials? How about creating on in about the noise, and how it was distracting
places for those whose ideas are too large to their work in the classroom. MHS freshman
for canvases where they are able to fully Anthony Clayton responded when asked if the
express themselves. The city of Malden construction has become a problem during the
has been thinking about this for a while, day, saying, “When I am doing my work in class
and considered having a project in the I hear [the] sounds of them working and it dis-
skate park for graffiti artists to come to- tracts [me while I] do my schoolwork.” The noise
gether and work on something, but it has from the construction sometimes distracts from
yet to happen, according to Officer Mike learning or classes. Additonally, certain areas are
Polston. blocked due to saftey reasons, meaning several
Becoming an artist is hard enough temporary walls and locked doors block access to
with the challenge of finding support and different areas of the school.
acceptance of that craft. With so many Freshman Malik Fleming frustratingly stated
other obscure art forms, it is unexpected “Construction gets in the way …It does not make
to think that graffiti is not really consid- sense… It blocks all of my classes.” The maze that
ered as one. If an artist is someone who MHS has become also affects students through
creates art, why are graffiti artists treated their way of maneuvering through different stair-
so differently? wells as one of the B-House stairwells is no longer
Graffiti might not be an art form that accessible, causing there to be a great amount of
hangs upon the walls of a museum, but traffic in the other B-House stairwell, particularly
just like any other art, it has a purpose. when students flood out of classrooms to head to pressed their content for the results of the renovations
“It does nothing bad to the city and its lunch. “When the stair cases are closed, and lunch so far, all finding them to be great changes despite the
people; it shows that the city has charac- begins, the stairs get very crowded and the only disruption that it may cause during classes.
ter with different designs,” stated junior staircase that leads you straight to lunch is filled Although students have struggled with the new
John Nguyen. to the brim of student and it hard to get through,” layout, construction on classrooms is expected to be
With so many people not seeing the responded Clayton. finished by no later than fall of 2011. Over the course
art behind graffiti but instead only recog- Along with these changes, what was known of the remaining school year, science rooms will be
nizing the destruction caused by graffiti, as A-House is now H-House for Holland. MHS renovated as well as the cafeterias. Along with these
ideas about finding ways to reduce this freshman Kelvin Tejeda, was one of the many that two main projects, other areas of the Boyle Building will
defacement of property and find solu- stated the feeling of confusion with the change be updated as well. “The final phase will be the library
tions to help individuals express their art of A-House to becoming H-House. With the new and the cafeterias,” stated Principal Dana Brown. When
differently are shot down, as so many be- wing open, students had to find their ways to new students heard of the construction being finished they
lieve this art form should not exist at all. classrooms for classes in the wings of B-house that rejoiced with happiness. “We are nearing [the] final
Yet, one must take into consideration the are being redone. phase, [and] it’s appears we are [currently] in the big-
perspectives of the artists. In response to Ramses Elyjah Neves Riviere, freshman at gest phase,” Brown stated. With rising anticipation and
this situation, junior Jonathan Silva sar- MHS stated, “I [kind of] liked the move because excitement, students and faculty look forward to being
castically expressed, “Where are we to B-House is so dark and creepy, but the new rooms welcomed by the new MHS next year.
express ourselves, under a bridge?” actually have light.” Other MHS students ex-
The Blue and Gold
Local News January 2011


Lesley Ta 60 students who competed was “a S. Harper. Silva revealed that he was stated “win or lose, I’m glad I made
Reporter process.” “... very [surprised at the results] it this far, and wish to do better next
In a fresh turn of events, the pe- and [had the confidence to move on] year.” A rapper since nine, Giordani

2 011 has finally rolled around, riod six competition resulted in a tie with the help of my English teacher, doesn’t consider POL as remem-
meaning Poetry Out Loud has between freshman Isaiah Clemmons David Londino. I feel very confident bering words, but regards it as,
arrived once again at Malden High and senior Vanesha Darla. Both cap- to move on to at least states.” Silva “embracing one’s true character by
School. During the pre-competition, tured an equal score and will now added confidently, “I didn’t expect bringing those words to life. Putting
muffled voices echoed from inside face each other in the final round on to win but it has boosted my self- poetry into your heart doesn’t mean
the newly renovated classrooms. Jan. 25, 2011. [esteem] tremendously and it’s nice you show affection, putting your
Peek inside, and there would’ve “Well I was not surprised nor to have a class directed on me when heart into poetry does.” He added
been a POL competitor reciting their was I upset. I was just happy to move I’m not the greatest in English.” with a laugh, “[Edgar Allan Poe’s]
poem with the emotions it needs to on,” discloses Darla who performed The poem “Epitaph” by Kath- view towards life is mysterious
bring the words alive. “Father” by Edgar Albert Guest. “I erine Philips aided junior Anielly and so I chose that poem because it
POL is a poetry recitation con- [didn’t] mind because I [know] that Zeferino in her quest to take home brings out my true character, I sup-
test that every student is required in the end [there] will only be one the title of period three semifinal- pose.”
to participate in. Launched in 2006, winner and it[’s] great to have some ist. Undaunted by her loss in the Senior Alison Nguyen, last
this unique challenge is available good competition[.] [It] makes you semifinals last year, Zeferino claims year’s second place finalist in the
once during each school year. work harder.” “Since this year I didn’t care if I lost school wide competition, has re-
Classmates will be pitted “I feel very surprised [because] or won, I just picked this poem... It turned as period seven’s semifinal-
against each other as they aim to win the competition was very competi- talks about a mother mourning for ist. Her victory was confirmed with
their individual class competitions tive. Honestly, beating Blondel was her dead child, and I could relate the poem “To an Athlete Dying
in hopes to compete in the school- questionable. I’ve been asking my- a little bit to it since I have already Young” by A.E. Housman. Nguyen
wide contest. Whether the student self ‘how, ‘why’ etc,” stated Clem- seen something similar with my expressed positively “I wanted to do
desires the title of “Class Winner” ons who recited “Football” by Louis own eyes. It’s heart-breaking.” this poem because I had never done
or not, he must select a poem of his Jenkins. Upon hearing her success this year, anything somber or solemn and be-
choice to narrate and winners are Period one’s winning poem Zeferino stated, “I would like to cause it provided me with another
chosen from every class to move to was “Broken Promises” by David thank: God, my family, and all my view on life and glory. I enjoy craft-
the period semifinals. Kirby. Artfully recited by Junior friends who were with me during ing ways and gestures that help con-
There were about 60 students Sarah Rose, she declared that in the times I was about to freak out, vey the true meanings of each poem
competing for the name of Period “Broken Promisesm,” “the speaker just thinking about [POL].” that I perform.” She added with a
Semifinal Champion. Each period struggles with the guilt and frustra- “I was absolutely thrilled [that laugh “ Ever since I won last year,
contributed one winner to compete tion [he] feels towards promises [he] freshman Ahn Dam won period 4,]” people have begun to realize that
in the school-wide Competition. had broken in the past. I think a lot explained English teacher Christine I’m not just the stereotypical ‘petite,
The period semifinal competi- of people can relate to this situation Day. “It always feels good that one quiet Asian’ girl. This competition
tion began with periods seven, one, because almost everyone has made of your students succeeds...espe- has given me a louder ‘voice’.”
two, four, and five on Jan. 5, 2011. promises [he] were not able to keep cially because she is a freshman.” The question is: Which one of
Periods three and six sealed the final and regretted it later on.” Now con- Dam performed “Life in a love” by these talented students will win?
results of the contestants the next fident and hopeful, Rose stated “I Robert Browning.
day on Jan. 6. am proud to say that I have made it Freshman Wyler Giordani will Photos by Amanda Rosatone, Cris-
Although only seven students this far, and POL has definitely been be advancing to the school wide tina Peters, Sharon Lee, Catherine
moved onto the final round, Sopho- an enjoyable experience.” competition flanked by the poem Poirier, Lauren Benoit and Lesley Ta.
more Kevin Yang (who did not Junior Jonathan Silva took the “Alone” by Edgar Allan Poe. With Layout and Design by Britany Foley
move on to the school wide compe- title of period two semifinalist with his achievement of acclaiming the and Lesley Ta.
tition) stated that being a part of the the poem “Grandfather” by Micheal title of period five semifinalist, he
The Blue and Gold
January 2011 LOCAL news 11

Keeping traditions alive

Sharon Lee ers lined up along the two main Filling the auditorium with
Head of Photography aisles of auditorium seats. This was holiday spirit was done not just by
a typical routine the Concert Choir decorating the auditorium with

I t was a night of tradition for the does annually, except for the 2009’s colorful and festive décor but most
Malden High School Music De- concert; due to renovations, it was importantly by presenting MHS’s
partment as it presented its annual held in the Finn Gymnasium. Be- talent.
holiday concert, Malden Pops the ing held in the auditorium this year
Holidays, on Dec. 22, 2010, for the also allowed the band to work with
first time in the renovated Jenkins better acoustics, which concert band
Auditorium. conductor Matthew Tavares calls
Welcoming the audience as “state-of-the-art.”
they stepped foot into the lobby was This year’s song selection for
a flute quintet consisting of flautists the Concert Band was a classic yet
junior and concert band treasurer professional approach, which was
Eric Tran, senior and concert band greatly influenced by the highly ac-
student conductor Jenna Delaney, ju- claimed Boston Pops. The idea of in-
nior Elizabeth Williams, senior Julie cluding the reading of the story, The
Ringdahl, and senior concert band Night Before Christmas, as the band
vice-president Samantha Saggese. played “Sure on this Shining Night/
Both the Concert Band and Choral ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”
Arts Society performed a total of 20 by Barber/Saucedo was based off
songs, four of which were traditional one of the Boston Pop’s annual tra-
pieces that are annually performed. ditions.
The four pieces were “A Canadian Meanwhile, for the Concert
Brass Christmas Suite” and “Chan- Choir, song selection was based
nukah is Here,” performed by the mostly on the size of each choir. With
Concert Band, “Silent Night” sung 18 Madrigal Singers, 78 members of
by the Concert Choir, and “O, Holy Concert Choir, and 100 members
Night” sung by Concert Choir along of Mixed Chorus, there is a strong
with all alumni of the Choral Arts backbone within each of the four
Society who were present. The song sections: alto, soprano, tenor, and
“Silent Night” was performed with bass. This creates confidence within From left to right: Sophomore Joshua
the customary layout consisting a section since the singers are sup- Gaviola, singing as King Balthazar
of several members of the concert ported by each other and it allows in the song “The Sheperds’ Chorus.”
choir to be up on stage as the oth- them to be able to perform different Band director Matthew Tavares on
types of choral literature. stage after the MHS band played.
Photos by Sharon Lee.

The Cost of Going Green

Lauren Benoit
workers disposed of the
Head of Photography trash and recyclables in
the same truck. There
was no separation be-
R ecently, the idea to “Go Green”
is flooding the nation. Schools
are being renovated to conserve
tween the two. Actions
like that go against the
recycling commitment
energy, the number of solar panels that the community has.
being installed has increased, and Maybe in the two and
the awareness has risen. a half years that PAYT
Malden High School’s Environ- has been enacted, it lost
mental Club aims to raise this aware- its power to encour-
ness on a local level. At MHS, the age the community to
club is involved in strategically plac- keep moving forward
ing recycling bins in certain areas with making the world
around the school, so that students Everyone should help make the world
a better place. Many
can recycle more often. The city of a better place to live in. Help local
are strong advocates
Malden started acting on this prob- clubs in this effort to make the world
towards one day using
lem back in October of 2008, making a “greener” place to live. Left to right
all recyclable goods, or
the residents of Malden purchase Photos from: Paynow.org and Pur-
decreasing the amount of oil usage. are attempting to make the biggest
separate blue trash bags to dispose due.edu.
But there are some who feel strongly impact they can. Hollywood A-List-
of their trash, and place all their about not “going green.” er Leonardo DiCaprio back in 2007
recyclables in their newly obtained Some say that coal fuels eco- purchased a unit in New York City
recycling bins, calling it the Pay As nomic growth. There is a great deal that overlooks the Hudson River.
You Throw program. Select super of people in the world who still rely This home is not like any other of
markets are giving out benefits to on coal for use in their daily lives, his. His apartment has a 24-hour an all natural world. DiCaprio is not
customers if they bring their own which brings in massive amounts of air filtering system, water treatment the only one making strides towards
tote bags; for example, some stores money. If there is a decrease in the facility, rotating solar panels, and making the world greener.
take ten cents off for every bag you use of coal then the economy will is finished off with low emission From the west coast to the east
bring. All these acts towards becom- likely plummet as it has in the past. paint. This is not DiCaprio’s first ef- coast people are coming together
ing more green help the community Aside from the plummeting econ- fort to go green. He has also served in order to do what is know as the
grow and prosper. However, it is omy, the non-believers are positive on the board of directors of the “three r’s,” reduce, reuse, and re-
often difficult to monitor how well that even if they do decide to make environmental organization Global cycle. The documentaries from Al
these regulations are followed. an effort to live “greener” lives, it Green USA. Back across on the west Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and The
Some residents in Malden have does not come cheap. coast, he also owns a hybrid car, and 11th Hour raised awareness and lit
been infuriated recently due to the Although the average middle installed solar panels in his Los An- the flame for the nation wide out-
lack of commitment in recycling. A class income family cannot with- gles abode. Also in 2007, he released reach to help end global warming,
witness reported that when she was stand a $10,000 solar panel renova- The 11th Hour, a documentary that and make an effort to “go green”.
driving by a trash truck one day, the tion to their home, select celebrities stresses the importance of living in
The Blue and Gold
LOCAL news

The Posse
January 2011

3,148 public high school students have continuously been recruited and
trained since 1989 by the Posse Foundation. With each chosen student comes
remarkable academic and leadership potential to become Posse Scholars. Each
receives a four-year, full-tuition leadership scholarship from Posse’s partner
institutions of higher education. 38 of the USA’s top colleges and universities
have donated $334 million in leadership scholarships to Posse Scholars. An
astonishing 90 percent of Posse scholars graduate and make differences on
campuses and throughout their professional careers. This year, four fortunate
Malden High School seniors have received this incredible opportunity to pur-
sue their future careers.

Ana Duque-Chilin

Brandi Belbin
Haley DeFilippis Haley DeFilippis
Copy Editor Copy Editor

M alden High School senior

Ana Duque-Chilin has been
one of the lucky four to win a
women in engineering, and that
really caught [her] attention.”
Duque-Chilin expressed her
Malden High School senior
Brandi Belbin has been selected
Massachusetts, and making her
more independent. “Of course my
Posse Scholarship this year. When enthusiasm and joy for going away as one of four of this year’s Posse parents are worried and will miss
Duque-Chilin found out she would to college. She feels that because Scholarship winners. The same me, but they know that in order for
be attending Bucknell University she is already away from her fam- night of her interview was the night me to learn and develop into an even
in Pennsylvania next fall, the first ily who lives in Guatemala, mov- she found out where her future stronger, more independent person,
thing that came to her mind was ing away from her home now will would take her: Denison University that this is the best decision for me,”
“this really is the land of opportuni- not be as much of a stretch. She is in Ohio. Belbin explained. She is personally
ties and I finally got mine.” eager to live on her own to “grow Belbin exclaimed that when excited to stray away from the Bos-
Although at times it was an independently, as a responsible she truly realized she had won ton area and meet new people.
emotional roller coaster for Duque- citizen.” Despite that her parents Posse, “there was an overwhelming Although Belbin is excited to
Chilin, she found her own strength are not fans of her moving so far feeling of relief and accomplish- get going with her life, she explained
through this experience. What away, they provide her with their ment that came across [her].” Belbin that she wants to travel and see the
was most difficult for her was the trust and support. said that the most difficult part of world or volunteer as a Summer
interview process. She explained Duque-Chilin is most looking the Posse process for her was actu- Search mentor for a couple of years
that she was apprehensive about forward to the campus experience ally deciding whether or not she before she really settles into a career.
showing the Posse interviewers and right now, “I am dying to find out wanted to commit to it and move so
admissions people who she truly how it feels to be on a campus and far from home.
At Denison University in the From left to right:
was and making a good impression say ‘I go here’.” She is excited to get
fall, she plans on majoring in psy- Senior Ana Duque-Chilin will be
to prove how badly she wanted the involved in activities and classes,
chology. Belbin has hopes on be- attending Bucknell University in
scholarship. as well as meeting new people.
coming a social worker. She stated Pennsylvania.
At Bucknell University next Ultimately, Duque-Chilin
she has “always wanted to know Senior Brandi Belbin will be attend-
fall, Duque-Chilin is preparing to hopes her education at Bucknell
about how the mind works and ing Denison University in Ohio.
major in Chemical Engineering. University will see that they have
have a career working with people.” Senior Joshua Jerome will be attend-
Despite often struggling with what opportunities to be successful as
Belbin’s family has stayed ex- ing Centre College in Kentucky.
she wants to do with the rest of her well. She also plans on giving back
tremely supportive of her through- Senior Xi Gao will be attending
life, Duque-Chilin feels content in by helping people here in Malden
out her decisions. They are excited Union College in New York.
her decision because she “had the or even in her home country of
that she gets to experience life away Photos by Brittany McFeeley, Haley
chance to attend a seminar about Guatemala someday.
from home, exploring outside of DeFilippis, and Nidale Zouhir.
The Blue and Gold
LOCAL news 13

January 2011


Joshua Jerome

Brittany McFeeley
Head Copy Editor
Xi Gao
W ith the college process finally
out of the way, senior and
Posse Scholarship winner Joshua
just recently got into soccer because
his dad was always a big fan.
Despite the great opportuni-
Brittany McFeeley
Head Copy Editor
Jerome will be attending Centre ties this college will bring to him,

College in Danville, Kentucky in Jerome stated that going to a college xcitement consumed senior and her dearly, “they just want [her to]
the fall on a full scholarship. so far away from home is “tough.” Posse Scholarship winner Xi succeed in school.”
When Jerome discovered that Jerome was born in Boston, then Gao when she received the “unex- Gao mentioned that two of her
he won, he stated he was at “a moved to Cambridge, Florida, and pected” call just only an hour after favorite class in high school were
loss for words” and, most of all, Randolph, before coming to Malden her final interview, informing Gao tenth grade English class, taught
relieved. He jokingly explained in early middle school. Jerome com- of her acceptance to Union College by Yahaira Marquez, and calculus,
that after his final interview, he was mented that “[Malden is] all I’ve in Schenectady, New York. taught by former math teacher
told he would receive a phone call ever known.” His family is also sad Nominated by teachers at Mal- Christine Nagle. Gao commented
with the life-changing news of his to see him go, explaining that when den High School and the Summer of Marquez’s impact on her high
results, and while sitting at home he he was younger his parents would Search program, Gao “ultimately school career, stating that Marquez
had gotten a bloody nose just before always tell him to go to college made the decision to stay in Posse “really taught how to write and
the phone call. As he was on the nearby, but now under the circum- because of the friends that [she] will changed my perspective of English
phone with tissues in his face, he stances they are extremely proud make who will provide constant class. Without her I would not have
had received the thrilling news of at the opportunities available to support and the resources to in- challenged myself to take AP Eng-
his acceptance, but chuckled when Jerome, because “education is a big ternships/opportunities that Posse lish classes.” Gao also loved Nagle
he explained, “I tried to act excited, priority in [his] family.” provides.” and her class, commenting that
but it was hard because of the paper Jerome stated that he will miss Gao looks forward to the new Nagle “was an awesome teacher.”
in my face.” his friends the most about leaving, opportunities that Union College Gao enjoyed the way Nagle taught
The Posse process for Jerome but later mentioning that he will will provide her with. Gao stated classes because “she did not believe
was “enjoyable,” he said, comment- “miss everyone equally.” He men- she “[looks] forward to making a in memorization and taught in a
ing that he finally got to “show tioned how he will also miss staying fresh start, new people, new classes, way that was easy to understand.
others who [he was].” But what after school with one of his favorite new environment. [She loves] the Moreover, she was always available
was really difficult was waiting. teachers, James Valente and his close opportunity to try new things and to help, even on weekends.”
Jerome was constantly questioning, friends, sometimes even staying till correct the mistakes [she has] made Leaving in less than six months,
“Was I good enough? Was I outgo- six just talking. Valente’s media class in high school. Also, [she looks] for- Gao mentioned that she will miss
ing enough?” Soon enough, all the was one of Jerome’s favorite classes ward to classes like political science “the diversity and faculty at MHS.
waiting and all the questioning at MHS, explaining how he loved to that are not offered in high school.” It’s hard to find a school as diverse
finally paid off when he found out “analyze media” because it is “re- Currently undecided on a ma- yet accepting as Malden High. I will
that he had won. ally interesting.” jor, Gao looks forward to taking po- definitely miss the teachers. They
Jerome is excited about the op- When asked about his favorite litical science and science classes at have helped and supported me
portunities that Centre College will teacher, Jerome was unable to men- college, and she “definitely wanted through everything.” However, Gao
provide him. He is looking forward tion just one, but instead listed off a to choose a liberal arts college to mentioned that she will not miss the
to the “new change of scenery” and handful of teachers, such as English explore the many subjects,” making behavior of high school students,
being able to “experience a new teacher Jennifer Clapp, Spanish Union College a perfect fit for her. hoping “college students will [be]
part of the country.” When he starts teacher Mar Marjomaa, The Blue Since Gao is only three hours away more mature than high school stu-
his college career he plans on ma- and Gold Advisor and Jerome’s from home, she commented that dents.”
joring in Psychology to learn about English teacher Ryan Gallagher, for- should would not have to fly. Yet Gao mentioned how she pre-
how the mind works, and minor in mer history teacher Rebecca John- living in New York will allow her to fers “the outdoors and would rather
Philosophy. After undergraduate son, history teachers Ben Max, Rick “enter a new and different environ- choose to go hiking than shopping,”
school he hopes to go to law school, Tivnan, Ann Pember, and Jamie ment.” adding that she hopes that Union
where he later mentioned that he Green, media teacher Valente, and Her parents have become used College’s beautiful campus will
wants to “go into politics.” science teachers Brian Morrison and to “the idea of not having [Gao] hopefully allow her to “enjoy the
Jerome was also tossing Martin Berryman. around,” since, due to her involve- outdoors more.”
around the idea of become involved Despite the numerous people ment with Summer Search, she With such a rewarding op-
in sports at Centre College. A big Jerome will miss, he will have nu- has spent summers in places such portunity in store for Gao, she is
sports fan, Jerome enjoys played merous opportunities available to as North Carolina and even Peru. looking to have a fresh new start at
street football with his friends and him while he starts anew at Centre. Even though her parents will miss Union College in New York.
The Blue and Gold
LOCAL news January 2011

Colby Sawyer is a college that selects and offers scholarships to students from high schools in California;
New York; Chicago; Cambridge; and now from Malden High School. Generally, every year a total of 50
students from these five places apply for the Colby Sawyer Scholarship. From there, a total of 20 students are
selected from the 50 that apply. After a series of events, including an interview, a visit and an

Phedorah Rosiclair Najwan Ismail

Kaela Bryan any school seemed like a great idea to Kristen Leonard
me. I just got lucky because I ended up Q: What did you write about in your es-
Reporter Reporter
liking Colby Sawyer, especially the dorm say that you had to write for
rooms and the landscape – there are the scholarship?
beautiful mountains and hills. And all A: I wrote about what I faced back in my
the people I spoke with about the school country Iraq, and how bad it was to live
said only good things. I also spoke with in a war zone. Also, how it felt when you
students during campus visits and I en- live without hope. In addition, I wrote
joyed what they had to say. about my dreams for the future.

Q:Do you plan to attend Colby Sawyer Q:What do you hope to achieve in col-
now? lege?
A: Yes. A: Independence and confidence that
will encourage me to peruse the career I
Q: Do you know what you plan to major hope for.
or minor in? Skills that I will able to apply to my
A: I’m undecided. Maybe the medical life. Grades that will help enable me to
field or maybe I’ll go into the humanities. achieve my second dream.

Q: Are there any subjects in school now Q: What do you want to major in?
that strike your fancy? A: Biology. I have dreamt to be a doctor.
A: History and science are my favorite
subjects. I really like to apply history and Q:Did you apply to any other colleges, if
Q: What does this scholarship mean to science to life, and I like to help people. Q: What/ Who inspired you to apply for so which ones?
you? That’s why I’m thinking about going into the scholarship? A: The only college that I applied to is
A: It’s very exciting. I can’t believe I’m medicine or the humanities. A: During my senior year, I heard from Colby-Sawyer. I’m studying right now at
actually going to college. Winning this my guidance counselor about Colby- BHCC.
shows how much I’ve really grown up. Q: If you could go back and redo this Sawyer college. My friend Tenzin Tes-
I’m about to move out of my house and process, would you change anything? phel explained more about it.
continue on my own. Why or why not? I went to visit the college and I liked it Q:What are you looking forward to in
A: I wouldn’t change anything because I so much. I applied for it, but I didn’t college?
Q: What did you go through to win? won. I think I did the best I could. get it because the of limitations of my A: I am so excited for college. Although
A: An interview, a visit and a lunch English. The admission asked me to it’s still almost one year away, I feel like
with the admissions officers. [I] got to Q: Is there anyone who is proud of you study one more year of English and ap- I’m going next semester. I’m ready to get
know them, and they got to know [me]. for this success? ply again. to Colby-Sawyer College and be more
I had to like Colby Sawyer as much as I A: Yes. My younger sister is proud. And In 2010, I graduated from MHS and I responsible.
wanted Colby Sawyer to like me. my parents are, too. went to Bunker Hill Community Col-
lege to study there; I’m still studying at
Q: What does it feel like to win some- Q: How old is your younger sister? What BHCC now. At the same time I kept Q:How did the people in your life react
thing like this? Are you happy with the did she say when she found out you thinking about Colby-Sawyer, because I when you won the scholarship?
results? won? felt in the time that I visited the campus A: I remember the time when they called
A: I’m very happy and excited. I’m not A: She’s 14, and she was very happy for that I belonged to that place and I could me and told me about my acceptance. I
usually the person who wins things. This me. She said, “Oh my goodness!” I think find my dream in it. couldn’t say “Thanks” to the person who
is the first big thing I’ve won in my life, my winning inspired her. She has proof spoke to me. I wanted to finish the call
and it applies greatly to my future. that if she works hard, like I did, she can fast and tell my parents about it. It was
probably get a scholarship too. Q:Have you applied to any other schol- a really happy moment for them. Mom
Q: What drew you to Colby Sawyer in arships? started to cry and, because she knows
the first place? What do you like most Q: Do you feel any different now that A: I didn’t apply for any scholarship how much it mean to me to be there.
about it? you’ve won the scholarship? except Colby-Sawyer. Dad hugged me so hard. I felt they got
A: I like everything about it. The schol- A: This scholarship has expanded my happy more than me. I won’t forget their
arship drew me to it first, though. I had horizons. I feel more hopeful about the Q:Was the application process difficult? happiness that time.
no idea about Winning money to attend future now. A: I wasn’t that hard, but the idea was
new for me because it was online. I want to thank the people who helped
Alfonse Femino The good thing was almost same re- me win the scholarship: Ms. Doumant,
Partial-Scholarship Winner quested information and I got good help Ms Han, Ms Commin and also thanks to
from Mrs. O’Connor. my teacher before and my great friend
now Daniel Ginsberg. He is great per-
“I hope to make a lot of friends, learn a lot of things and see a lot
Q:How do you feel about winning the son, helped me through high school and
of places”, states Colby-Sawyer Progressive Scholarship winner
scholarship? also through my personal life.
Alfonse Femino when asked about his hopes for college. Femino
A: It means a lot for me and my family,
would like to major in Education or Communication and also states especially since I will be the first person
that he’s looking forward to “starting over.” “I felt disappointed that in my family to enter college in the US. I
I didn’t win the full scholarship, but I felt privileged to be awarded am really happy to win the scholarship.
so much money from such a prestigious institution.” When the
people in his life found out he won the partial scholarship “both
[his] parents were extremely proud of [him] and [his] friends were Alternative-Scholarship Winners include: Tricia Aspilaire, Ted Registre
happy for [him].” Partial-Scholarship Winners: Charles Saint Jean, Chokyab Sherab, Al-
fonse Femino, Thupten Jigme, Xiuying Zheng.
The Blue and Gold
January 2011 local news 15

application, winners, partial-scholarship winners, and alternates are chosen. Colby Sawyer looks for students
who have done well academically, who are involved in their communities, who are out-going and who are
motivated. Colby Sawyer looks for people who are, according to Ms. O’Connor, C House guidance counselor,
“going to be a source of positive change at Colby Sawyer.”

Rym Soltani ShanShan Chen

Q:Why do you want to work in a finan- Rebecca Broomstein
Vicki Ngan
cial district? Q: How did you prepare for the applica-
Reporter tion? Could you explain the process?
A: I took business management class my
sophomore year and I had the chance to A: I fixed my essay in about two
work on a business plan. That made me months. I also finished the common app.
realizes that it’s a field that I am really and begin to look for college s that I
interested in. would want to attend.

Q:What was that experience, or change? Q: Do you plan on accepting the

A: I moved from Algeria to the United scholarship, and attending Colby-Sawyer
States and I had to start over. I had to college?
learn English and adapt to change. My A: Yes, I do plan on accepting the
parents decided to move me and my scholarship and attending Colby-Sawyer
sisters here for better education oppor- school, along with the other winners
tunities. who won this year.

Q: How did you feel about it? Q: What do you plan on majoring in?
A: I was just a kid and moving here con- Any minors?
fused me at the time.The move here was A: I plan on majoring in Nursing, and
a big deal for me and it was hard for me currently, my minor is undecided.
to understand the reasons behind it, but
now it makes more sense. It wasn’t easy Q: What are your favorite subjects?
but working hard helped me accomplish Do you have one, in particular, that you
Q:How do you feel about winning the my goals, which are to earn a college enjoy most?
Colby Sawyer award? education and build a career. Q: What/who inspired you to apply for A: Math is my favorite class. I enjoy it
A: I feel excited and overwhelmed with the Colby-Sawyer Progressive Scholar- the most out of all my other classes.
joy, and I look forward to attending col- Q: What is something you miss most in ship?
lege next fall. Algeria? A: My friend inspired me to apply for Q: Do you take part any extracurricular
A: One thing I miss most is my child- the scholarship. activities such as sports/clubs/etc.?
Q:Why did you participate? What moti- hood friends. A: I take part in a few clubs such as the
vated you? Q: What was your initial reaction when Biology Club, the Yoga Club and Chess
A: When I first visited the campus last Q:What do you hope to achieve through you were informed that you had won? Club.
year, I loved the environment and the opportunity? A: I could not tell. It was complicated.
people surrounding it. I loved how the A: I would like to pursue an education Q: Is there any word of advice you
administration office wasn’t just about and planned to get involved in clubs, take Q: Which one(s) of your teachers helped would give to another student who plans
numbers but they actually took the time leadership roles, be part of the commu- you accomplish winning this scholarship on applying for a scholarship in the
to get to know me. nity, and have a fun college experience. most? future?
A: Ms. Dumont, Mr. Dibenedetto, Ms. A: I would like to suggest that prepare
Q:Was the application process diffi- Q:Is there anything else you want to say Nyman, Ms. O’Connor and Ms. Lessard well for the interview and finish the ap-
cult? about it? are the teachers that most helped me plication on time, so that you have the
A: The application process is not dif- A: I want to thank all my teachers and accomplish winning the scholarship the best chance possible to win the scholar-
ficult but it’s stressful. The due dates, guidance counselors for their help and most. ship.
sending SAT scores, writing a good col- their belief in me. I couldn’t have done Smeedhley Batraville
lege essay, and finding the right teachers it without their guidance...and help
to write you the letters of recommenda- from my teachers, Mr. Valente and Ms.
Partial-Scholarship Winner
tions…takes time, but organization and Santiago helped me proofread my essays,
time management could relief some of Mr. Bowers and Ms. Nims wrote my let- “I wanted to win the scholarship because I needed it, and to avoid
the stress. ters of recommendation, and the college leaving my parents with a lot of debt. It always feels good to win
career center along with Ms. O’Connor something, but it feels better to win something big like this. I can’t be
Q:What do you plan to major in? and Ms. Lessard guided me throughout unhappy with the partial that I got because a lot of people would be
A: I plan to be a business major and in the process with deadlines. happy to get even half of mine. I am only a little disappointed be-
the future, to work in a financial district. cause I wish I had it all.”

Claude-Patrick Aspilaire
Shannon Howe Partial Scholarship Winner
Partial Scholarship Winner
“I feel great knowing that I won the scholarship. It was also a relief
Winning a partial in the Colby Sawyer Scholarship Shannon Howe for me knowing that the scholarship took away part of the money
explains that, “[she] did work hard and even though [she] didn’t win I needed to come up with to pay for college,” states partial Colby-
the Scholarship it was a great learning experience. Howe has applied Sawyer Scholarship winner Claude-Patrick Aspilaire. Aspilaire was
to many other collages and is “very thankful for all the teachers that inspired to apply for this scholarship by his friend who applied for
helped [her].” The Colby Sawyer application process was,” very time it last year. Most seniors are looking foward to college next fall.
consuming and required a lot of attention,” explained Howe. An es- Aspilaire is looking foward to a “place where [he] could study and
say was also to be handed in with the application and Howe explains [it] feel[s] like home. A place where [he] could be respected for not
that she chose to wrote about her neighbor who is living with Down only what [he] know[s], but also for who [he is] and [his] actions.”
syndrome and how that gave her,’ an appreciation for people with He wants to to major in Engineering to be a Computer Engineer
special needs.” and also in Law to be a Forensics Lawyer. Aspilaire hopes to get his
Bachelor degree and his PHD.
The Blue and Gold
Local news January 2011
The Blue and Gold
January 2011 Travel 17
Lauren Benoit http://www.maldenblueandgold.com/
Head of Photography
The first weekend of the new year is a much anticipated
time by skiers and snowboarders who are looking forward to some
action in the mountains. Who could not be excited for the weekend
ski trip to Sunday River in Bethel, Maine hosted by The Peabody
High School Ski and Adventure Club, in which the Malden High
School Ski/ Adventure Club takes part in?

Friday, Jan. 7, 2011

Today, all 27 students who are going on the trip must get up
at least a half hour earlier, just to lug their gear and luggage to the
athletic department. I have one big ice hockey bag, one small duffel
bag full of all kinds of junk food, and my backpack carrying all
the books that will not get cracked open until we arrive back in
Malden on Sunday night. Leading up to our 1:30 p.m. departure, I
kept counting down the hours to the trip. I could not concentrate on
the lessons being taught in any of my classes. I was looking forward
to this trip since the previous year! But once 1:30 p.m. did come I
went downstairs and got my luggage and loaded it onto the bus.
Once the bus had everyone’s luggage packed in, we were on our
way to Peabody High. When we arrived, we had to wait until all
150 students packed their stuff onto the designated buses. At about
2:45 p.m., we departed from Peabody High and started making our
way to Maine. The bus ride up was filled with conversation about
the upcoming trip. Dinner for Schmucks, as well as other movies,
were shown on the ride up. At about 8:30 p.m. we finally arrived at
the Snow Cap Dorms which we were staying in for the weekend.
After going over the basic rules, the students who needed to rent
skis or a board went over to the mountain to get them, while the
others stayed in their rooms and unpacked. Luckily I brought my
own equipment, so I could stay and hang out for a while. When
everyone got back from renting their equipment fun started. From
playing Apples to Apples and Just Dance 2 on the Wii to listening
to music and playing frisbee with bagels, there was never a dull
moment. Once 11:30 p.m. approached, we were told it was time
to simmer down and start getting ready for the full day of skiing
the next day. But the 11:45 p.m. curfew did not halt any activities.
Within the rooms, the roommates still were up too excited to sleep, MHS junior Eric Tran takes a short break to rest on a slope. Photo by Dan Hol-
anxiously awaiting the next day. mqvist.
Saturday, Jan. 8, 2011
Waking up at 7 a.m. was a tough challenge for the students on this trip, but we all dragged ourselves out of bed, motivated by the prospect of going to
the mountain located just an hour away. After breakfast, my roommates and I needed to go back into our room and get dressed up to go on the mountain.
There were a total of eight girls in my room, so getting ready was a long process. We were one of the last groups to exit the dorm, and we caught the last
bus to the mountain that day. We arrived at around 9:30 a.m. and our day began. After putting our shoes and valuables into our locker, we made our way
over to the ski lift. The first run was perfect, and the conditions were fantastic. The trails were not icy, the sun was out, barely any wind, and all seven
mountain peaks were open. Because of our early starting day, I was hungry for lunch, which started at around 11:30 a.m. The group that I was with met
with other MHS students after settling down for lunch. While eating, everyone was sharing their stories of the day so far. I heard many stories about
people falling, or going off jumps, or skiing on black diamonds during that lunch. At about 12:30 p.m., everyone went out to the mountain again for round
two. The second half of the day was just as much fun as the first half, if not better. I went over to all sides of the mountains. When 3:30 p.m. came, it was
about time to start heading back to the dorms. So I finished my final run, and caught the trolley back. Luckily the dorms were located at the base of the
mountain so the ride was not very long. Once I arrived back at the dorms, I got clean and prepared myself for the nights’ events.
Haley DeFilippis
Copy Editor
Friday, Jan. 7, 2011
Words cannot express how thrilled I was to be back at Sunday River for the annual ski trip. I had been waiting for this day since the bus ride home
last year. Minutes felt like hours waiting for 1:30 p.m. to come, but at last it was time to load the bus. After our stop at Peabody High School to pick up the
150 students from there who also go on the trip, the four hour ride up to Maine was full of music, laughter, and excitement for the upcoming weekend.
After we settled in, it seemed as if everyone felt right at home, and we even mingled with Peabody students this year. My cousin, MHS senior Patrick
Keough decided to set up his Wii and let everyone, including Peabody kids, play Just Dance 2 on the big flat-screen television in the common room. My
eventful night carried on into my dorm, where my roommates and I talked and laughed until 1 a.m. when a knock on our door told us to be quiet to rest
up for the big day on the mountain the next day.
Saturday, Jan. 7, 2011
Eight different phone alarms of my roommates went off between 6 and 7 a.m. the following morning, but I didn’t mind getting out of bed knowing
I was going for a full day of skiing. One of my closest friends and fellow Blue and Gold member Lauren Benoit and I provided ourselves with our own
breakfast because we weren’t too fond of the Snow Cap Dorm’s breakfasts the year before. Unfortunately, we were forced to wait 20 minutes for a shuttle
bus to take us to the mountain because we took too long getting ready. However, a sense of relief washed over me as soon as I saw the mountain. It felt
good to be back.
Going up the ski lift with my two ski buddies, I felt a wave of apprehension come over me for the first time. Maybe I was crazy because I thought
the mountains looked a lot steeper than I remembered them to be, but there was no turning back so we started going down for our first run of the day.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that I did not completely loose my ability to ski after taking a year off. For the next few hours, we were up and down
mountains, exploring and adventuring the eight peaks. Then, halfway down a challenging mountain, my day took a turn for the worse. I felt a rush as
I was picking up major speed and I did not want to slow down. Before I knew it I was going so quick that I lost all control of what I was doing and all
I could hear were my skis scraping against the icy slope underneath me and I felt petrified. The next thing I knew, I was doing backwards somersaults
down a patch of rocks on the ledge of a mountain. My skis were no longer attached to my boots. I had no clue where my ski poles were. I sat up and I
saw my equipment sprawled across the slope and my two friends speeding down the mountain to help me. Getting up, I came to discover how dizzy I
was, the rips in my jacket and snow pants, and the sharp pain in my arm. With the help of my buddies, sopohmores Elyse Valente and fellow Blue and
Gold member Catherine Poirier, I went down the rest of the mountain and right into the South Ridge Lodge to rest and recover. The only thing I could
think of was how grateful I was to have been wearing a helmet. After recuperating, we made our way back out to the mountain for a few more hours of
adventuring the slopes.
Want to finish reading about the Ski trip? Check out www.maldenblueandgold.com
The Blue and Gold
Style January 2011

fashion trends are nothing new

Reginah Sanyu wrong material or accessories; wear- is cold, the warmer the garments the printed scarves are now very trendy
Head Entertainment Writer ing cargo pants or just wearing a better. Scarves are now printed and for men. These styles are very dandy-
military jacket with leather leggings one can choose from fingerless to esque, a return of the well dressed
will get one runway ready. lacy gloves. This gives one a chance chic man. Although skinny jeans
Leggings, jeggings, whatever to look warm and fashionable. have been trending for quite some-
2 010 was a big year for the fashion
industry: Lady Gaga wore a meat
dress. Thankfully, this did not trend
one calls them were trending and
looks like they will be for a while.
Sweaters have always been in style
but recently it has been all about
time, it is time to say goodbye to
them because they will be replaced
Despite how hideous this term chunky sweaters. Theses sweaters by flared jeans which are predicted
and hopefully it does not for the
sounds, leggings and jeggings (jean can be worn with leggings or skinny to be trending in 2011. Hopefully
next million years.
leggings) are very fashionable and jeans to fit one’s personal style. Faux now we will have to see less of the
Despite the fact that fashion
comfortable even to those who hate fur has made a surprising comeback boys in just shirts, jeans and sneak-
trends change from season to sea-
dressing up. “I like the leggings, you this season, mostly in vests and ers. For the hair, it is less groomed
son, many of them, like denim,
can wear them with anything,” se- coats. Anything fur can be found for and messier like that of Twilight star
seem to be making it through to ev-
nior Christiana Bortolo stated. a cheap price in stores like Forever Robert Pattinson. This new trend
ery season. Denim is an everlasting
Nevertheless, not all trends 21, H&M and Claire’s. Gratefully the could be reflecting the wild nature
fashion piece as people can’t seem
were inspired by the boys; dresses fur is fake, satisfying the needs of of the vampire trends that are taking
to get enough of it. This material
were a common trend in 2010. This both fashionistas and animal rights over the entertainment scene.
offers people the fashion comfort
trend obtains a cute, fashionable activists. But what is really trending in
they want. Because denim is a very
look. They can be worn with pat- Although there were trends 2011? Whatever one owns is the an-
important fashion piece, it should
terned tights which have the power that were favored, some of these swer. As much fun as it is to keep up
not be left out of one’s closet. Denim
to wake up a boring dress. Ruffles trends need to go. For example, with trends, fashion is about style. It
comes in various bits and pieces:
were also favored by fashionistas. UGG boots. It seems like UGG boots depends on a person because most
from jeans, skirts, dresses, and
Ruffles can be found in dresses of are not going anywhere because people have preferences on colors,
shoes--you name it.
both short and long skirts. Anything they are apparently comfortable materials, and fabrics. Clothing is
2010 was also about glamour
ruffled is just adorable. which only means that sagging the easiest way for one to express
and femininity with most of the
Most of the current trends were pants, sadly part of another popular themselves. Despite the fact that
trends inspired by the males of the
influenced by the 80’s. From high trend, have to go. dressing up might not be important
human population such as boy-
wasted pants, printed t-shirts, mas- Women’s trends have not to some people, a number of first im-
friend jeans, blazers and the mili-
culine blazers and shoulder pads. changed that much, however pressions are made from what one
tary inspired designs. The military
Fashion is now embracing the glam- men’s fashion has had some drastic is wearing. “Style says a lot about
inspired look was also very com-
our and splendors of yesteryears. changes. The male gender has been a person in terms of how they carry
mon and persuasive last year. This
Mixing colors with odd funky acces- wearing boring styles for so long, themselves and who they are as an
trend did not involve one to yell
sories will also make one trendy in it is time to give individual,” stated senior Joshua Je-
like sergeants although it saluted
2011. Statement motorcycle jackets, them a particular rome. “Taking time to make yourself
all seasons. The military look came
pants and boots are to be favored fash- ion sense presentable shows that you have re-
in skirts, dresses, jackets, boots
too. a n d that is why spect for those around you but also
and accessories. Although this look
Thigh high boots have become t h e chic male respect for yourself.” So, dear boys
is hard to re- sist,
a favorite too. They are comfortable h a s returned. and girls, follow your instincts. Who
one must b e
and can be w o r n Blaz- ers, jackets, knows you might start up a trend; as
very careful n o t
with any- thing. cardi- gans and long as it does not involve wearing
to wear it with t h e
B e - meat.
c a u s e winter

Malden high school students showing off some of the popular trends. From
left to right: sophomore and Blue & Gold member Rebecca Broomstein,
senior Kevin Alarcon, senior Frankie Wong and senior Francesca Richardson.
Photos by Reginah Sanyu.
The Blue and Gold
January 2011 Entertainment 19

2011 Blockbuster Forecast

Brittany Foley
Managing Editor

A pproximately 4,000 pages.

Over 400 million printed
copies. 67 different languages.
W ith each superhero film
trailer that graces the eyes
and ears of moviegoers nation-
C BS Films’ latest project,
based off of the novel by
Alex Flinn, might actually pro-
O ne of the most anticipated
movies of 2011 is The Tree
of Life, set to release on May 27,
13 years of public acknowledge- wide before their feature presen- vide audiences with a modern 2011. It is directed by Terrence
ment. 7 world-famous install- tation, a stunning realization that fantasy film that refrains from Malick, the acclaimed director of
ments. Five acclaimed directors. there is actually, well, another su- butchering the idea of the fai- The Thin Red Line (1997) and
Three beloved best friends. And perhero to base a movie off of rytale love story with Beastly. Days of Heaven (1978). Details
one out of eight films left. bestows itself upon them. In fact, Despite the fact that the film is of the movie’s plot have been
Since J.K. Rowling pub- just as general audiences thought not a Disney animated classic kept quietly under wraps, but the
lished her first installment of their supernatural resources had and costars Vanessa Hudgens, movie has been labeled a science
the Harry Potter series, she been depleted—as producers it still shows some promise as a fiction drama that chronicles the
has dominated the pop culture actually turned to Greek gods as film from the fantasy-romance life of a Texan boy, his loss of in-
scene, forming an entire era their next Hollywood heroes — genre. In fact, as it lacks vam- nocence, and his attempt to dis-
surrounding the children’s epic, out comes the trailer for Green pires and has a decent cast cover a new meaning to his life.
the contemporary literary mas- Lantern. (which includes the universally The trailer has recently gone viral
terpiece. Now, after producing The film, produced by beloved Neil Patrick Harris and and is already causing major buzz
seven books and seven films, Warner Brothers (obviously), is up-and-coming heartthrob Alex on the web, but unfortunately, it
embarking on countless book based off of the comic books Pettyfer, who, despite his shared only serves to show snippets of
tours and making world records, published by DC Comics, and country of origin with a certain the performances made by high-
even the constructing an amuse- is meant to star Ryan Reynolds. idol of fangirl universes, actually caliber actors: Brad Pitt and Sean
ment park based around the Reynolds’ character is the first seems to practice good hygiene) Penn head the cast, along with
series, the age of Harry Potter is human ever selected to be a part given its genus, audiences are up-and-coming actors Jessica
nearing its end with this last film, of the Green Lanterns Corps, likely to find it rather refreshing. Chastain and Jackson Hurst.
Warner Brothers’ Harry Potter which is a group of warriors Also unlike recent superfi- Malick’s films are often
and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. dedicated to protecting the gal- cial, supernatural, super-awful regarded as impressive works
Part 2, directed by David Yates, axy. While the scheme of the productions of the romantic of art, specifically due to their
who also directed the previous film itself, with its 3D presenta- sort, Beastly appears to have at spellbinding visuals. Reports
two Harry Potter films, features tion and superhero base, is pain- least enough depth to host some have been made that production
Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, fully unoriginal, it will at least be, morality. The story, based off of designer Jack Frisk has suggested
and Rupert Grint as the world’s undoubtedly, interesting for au- the age-old classic tale of Beauty that Malick is attempting to cre-
favorite heroic trio, alongside the diences to watch The Proposal’s and The Beast, speaks against ate something cutting edge, and
same cast members who have spineless Andrew the Assistant affections based on appearance, visual effects artist Mike Fink
appeared in every other of the try to save the world. discouraging surface-level judg- has stated that he was working
films, maintaining the promise The Green Lantern also ment and instead encouraging on scenes of prehistoric earth.
of consistency that the magical stars Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively, consideration of character. Un- Though one would think the
world of Harry Potter has al- An Education’s Peter Sarsgaard, fortunately, Pettyfer is blonde overwhelming buzz surround-
ways offered its loyal fans. Harry and Mystic River’s Tim Rob- and British, so it is likely that, in ing the movie would trigger the
Potter and the Deathly Hallows: bins, and directed by Martin most cases, this moral fiber will producers to release more infor-
Part 2 marks the end up of not Campbell, whose previous films be instantaneously decomposed mation, the production remains
only an era of magic, but infinite include Casino Royale and The by the acidic juices of fangirl a tight secret; its mystery only
individual journeys, including Legend of Zorro. hysteria. increasing the fascination of the
yours, if you have stuck with The film will be released The film will be released on anxious cinema aficionados.
Harry until the very end. June 17, 2011, in 3D. March 4, 2011.
The Blue and Gold
Sports January 2011
Patriots The Lone Tornado
Alexander Gennigiorgis
Head of Business

The New England Patri-

ots concluded their regular season
with the best record in the National
Football League, 14-2, however
went 0-1 during the post-season,
where it really mattered.. The team
headed into the playoffs with a very
high level of confidence that they
would run away with an easy vic-
tory over the New York Jets, but the
entire patriots nation was stunned
after the Jets beat the Pats 28-21.
The Pats lineup consisted of
mostly young talent and inexpe-
rienced talent, which may have
been their downfall. The young
talent group includes BenJarvus
Green-Ellis (Running-Back), Rob
Gronkowski (Tight-End), Jerod
Mayo (Linebacker) and Danny Above: Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School Knights ice hockey team lined up in
Woodhead (Running-Back), and preparation for the game against Minuteman Tech. Below: Malden High school senior Alfonse Femino
many more. The experienced talent skates during the game. Photos by Sharon Lee.
includes “future Hall-Of-Famer”
Tom Brady (Quarter-Back), Deion Joshua Kummins
Branch (Wide-Receiver), and Vince Copy Editor
Wilfork (Defensive-Tackle), and
more. The young talent shows
that this is not the last season that
the Patriots will be dominant. The
W ith the major success of hockey
in the Boston area and around
New England, it may seem strange
Voc team. He began his career
as the team manager during
his freshman year of 2003-2004
Patriots have many more successful that Malden High School does not and holds the same capacity to
seasons coming in the future due have an ice hockey team. this day, while completing his
to the great leadership, great skill, However, this was not true up senior year as a history major
lots of effort, and a huge desire to until a few years ago, when MHS at the University of Massachu-
achieve set goals. dropped a cooperative hockey team setts-Lowell.
Head Coach Bill Belichick has with the Metropolitan Regional Vo- Until Myles’s freshman
shown he has what it takes to lead cation High School Northeast Metro- year, MHS had its own team,
the Pats to a Super Bowl Victory politan Regional Vocational School which was very successful
with the 35+ years of experience in in Wakefield. What most people during the 1970s, winning the
the NFL under his belt. Since the do not know is that senior Alfonse Greater Boston League and
Pats have been under Belichik’s Femino, a member of The Blue and Eastern Massachusetts titles,
wing (2000-now), the Pats have been Gold, is the lone MHS student who but from the 1990s until 2003,
three time Super Bowl Champions. plays ice hockey on a competitive the program struggled to win
In two of those championships, level in a high school league. Femino games and attract players.
the Pats’ record was 14-2 which is has had success continuing to play Myles said that one of
equivalent to this year’s record. Can for the Voc’s team, which competes his teachers got him started as
the Patriots win their fourth cham- in the Division III Commonwealth manager and then, “the next
pionship of the century? Athletic Conference. day, [he] went down to the Ath-
The coach of the day on Jan. Femino said that the team is letic Director, and signed a con-
16th was not Belichik, however, but “improving every single day…and tract.” He said that “money was
the underrated mastermind and has enough talent to compete in the main reason for eliminating
Jets coach Rex Ryan, who defied all the CAC,” but is “still trying to find the co-op, because MHS had
odds in pulling off the win over the identity.” The team was successful to contribute to paying all the head coach Bill Keefe would be
Jets. even before he joined the program, expenses, so it did not make sense very happy if MHS were to restart
The game against the Jets was as the Knights have qualified for to pay…when the school [was] put- its hockey program and encourages
very important due to the fact that the state tournament in each of the ting [only] one or two players on sports offerings at school levels, say-
both teams met twice before and past seven seasons by winning at the ice.” Myles noted that Femino ing “there is room for all of them…
each won once. Not only was that least ten games each year. Femino is very important to the team’s core [All the schools in Malden] are very
game the tie-breaker, it was also and his fellow seniors “want to as he is one of eleven seniors, play- different and Malden High [School]
said to be the deciding game. Since end [their] career playing in the TD ing on the top line as defense man. would be right in between.”
Jets beat the Patriots, this shows Garden” during the state champion- He adds that he “just fits in as one Keefe explained that 11 of his
that the Jets have overcome the un- ship, which would make MHS very of the guys,” even though the play- 18 players reside in Malden, includ-
thinkable because of how much of a proud. ers come from different cities and ing one of his senior captains, Evan
powerhouse the Patriots have been It was a “long, drawn out, and towns. Dolber.“I would like to see any
during the overall regular season. tiring process” for Femino to join the Both Femino and Myles feel school have as many sport offerings
The Patriots’ successful regu- Voc team, filled with waiver forms that MHS could have their own as possible to allow as many stu-
lar season ends in disappointment and approvals from many different hockey team again in the future, dents to participate,” Keefe began.
for the Patriots nation. This is just people. Since he made the team his but Femino says, “it would be an “Especially because hockey is near
one major setback that the Patriots freshman season, he was able to sign honor” if he was the last MHS stu- and dear to my heart…I always
can only put behind them and hope on to play for the team, while most dent to play high school hockey. He remember Malden being one of the
to improve for next year so that this others with the same demand were feels that the addition of a varsity key members of the GBL.”
does not happen again. turned down. lacrosse team in 2008 may attract Femino said that the youth
One person that knows a thing hockey players, as hockey players program is currently growing in
or two about the history of hockey tend to play lacrosse, while they numbers, which could possibly lead
in Malden is MHS alumni Kevin both agree that a youth program is a to blue and gold on the ice again.
Myles, the current manager of the must in order to reach that goal.
Mystic Valley Charter School
The Blue and Gold
January 2011 sports 21
http://www.maldenblueandgold.com/ Football:
A Changing Game
Wrestling Grapples Competition Alfonse Femino
Head Sports Writer

W hat began as a movement to

ensure the safety of players
throughout the National Football
League has become a hotly debated
issue that is said to be changing the
game of football.
During week six, there were a
number of vicious hits, resulting in
serious injuries that caused league
officials to begin discussing these
highlight hits. One jarring hit in
particular took place when Falcons’
cornerback Dunta Robinson laid a
brutal hit on Eagles wide receiver
Desean Jackson. After the hit, both
players went to the ground, caus-
ing medics and players from each
sideline to rush onto the field. After
several minutes, both players were
able to make their way off of the
field, but did not return to the game
due to concussions.
Game officials stated that Rob-
inson purposely led into the hit with
his head, leading to a $50,000 fine.
On the same day, James Harrison, a
linebacker known for his aggression
and high light reel hits, dished out
two brutal hits to Browns receivers
Josh Cribbs and Mohamed Massa-
quoi. The hit on Cribbs was also said
to be a helmet to helmet hit, leaving
Massaquoi with a concussion, and
NFL officials with a difficult deci-
sion to make.
During the next few weeks,
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell
announced that the league would
not tolerate the vicious hits and
would not hesitate to dole out high
fines to players for hits dee
Reactions to this decision var-
ied amongst players and coaches
A wrestling trainer lifts Shawn Castro off of the ground while throughout the NFL. Many players
practicing take-downs during training. Junior Brendan Walsh are opposed to the new laws, be-
practices with senior Warren Sharpp. Photos by Sharon Lee. cause they see football as a violent
Freddie DiPhillipo sport. “I don’t want to see anyone
bers on the team, there is also a lack performances from individual injured, but I’m not opposed to hurt-
Reporter of experience. There are members members in every loss, including ing anyone. There’s a difference,”
on the starting line up for the wres- those losses to perennial power-

stated Harrison on his style of play,
uring the 2010-2011 wrestling tling team that are not only new to house Shawsheen Vocational High showing his opposition to the new
season, there has been some- the MHS wrestling team, but new to School, and league rival Somerville laws.
what of a repeating theme. This wrestling in general. These starting High School. The schedule for the Others, however, support the
theme is that there are a number members, however, have adapted to team does not look brighter in the idea, claiming that it keeps players
of athletes on the team, however the sport and stepped into impor- future either, as they are scheduled out of harm’s way. “Physical, tough
despite the talent; the team still tant starting roles on a Division 1 to match off against cross town rival football is what people are attracted
struggles due to its numbers. wrestling team, no easy feat. Malden Catholic High School, who to,” Anderson said. “Violent, unnec-
On average, a high school var- This lack in numbers has al- succed in just about every sport, as essary hits that put people at risk,
sity wrestling squad has at least one, ready proved to be a thorn in the well as Waltham High School, an- not just for the careers but lives...
preferably two, and on the rarest side of the wrestling team, which is other school known for its impres- we’re not subscribing to the notion
occasions three wrestlers in every off to a rough 0-4 record. During one sive athletic program. fans want that,” stated Ray Ander-
single weight class. When there is loss to North Quincy, Malden fea- One could only look at the son, vice president of operations in
this much depth of a team, there is tured impressive wins from seniors wrestling team with admiration and the NFL. These fines being given for
less stress about things like ineligi- Shawn Castro, Warenn Sharpp, and respect out of what they are doing. dirty hits are not the first incidents
bility and injury, and more time to junior Mario Sforvza.”We definitely It is not a common thing to find a in which the NFL has taken steps to
focus on more important aspects of aren’t what we could be,” com- group of teenagers who are more keep the safety of players. During
the game. mented Sforvza on his thoughts of than willing to compete on a team 2009, laws were passed to limit hard
The Malden High School wres- how the team is. that is clearly outmatched in num- hits on quarterbacks, which result in
tling team, however, does not have When performances of such a bers and experience in every single 15 yard personal foul penalties.
this privilege in their numbers, as high level from so many members match. Football is changing, and not
they struggle to even fill one person on one night are showcased, it Although the wrestling team for the better. Football, a game that
for every single weight class. Be- usually results in victory, however continues to develop the members has made many rich and famous
cause of this, the team starts every North Quincy High School had a still on the team, numbers are in- because of their ability to deliver
single match at a disadvantage, much larger team, and filled weight creasingly dwindling for the team. monstrous blows, a sport that is
and has a bar set higher for every class, which ultimately ended in For Sharpp, Castro, and other mem- known worldwide for its brutality,
wrestler, a problem no team wants their victory over the Tornadoes. bers of the team, there is no slowing is now punishing its members for
to face. This has been a reocurring act down, no matter how outmatched something that was once praised.
Along with the lack of num- for the team, as they had strong they seem to be.
The Blue and Gold
Sports January 2011

Gymnastics Team Fights Adversity

Sharon Lee
Head of Photography

continued from page 1 pating in the other three events:

floor, beam, and vault. Casey
equipment during the competition. confidently encourages the other
Junior Justin Pham, a gymnast who teammates knowing “it was such
performs the uneven bars and is a big disappointment because it
directly affected, expressed “we was so close, but we know we can
were jealous of their bars and had to do better next time.”
adjust to the good bars at [the] last Not only is the gymnastics
minute.” team limited to inadequate equip-
To make up for their disad- ment but also a smaller team size.
vantage, the gymnastics team has Due to no longer having an official
many talented gymnasts partici- assistant coach, the head coach
Katie Bowdridge was forced to
lower the size to 26 gymnasts
because “safety is [her] main pri-
ority.” Thankfully the gymnastics
team has Jen Malta who helps
assist Bowdridge in coaching the
Of the 26 gymnasts there
are several male gymnasts who Above: Freshman Kayla Deas does a split during practice. Left: Junior Skylar
have brought a positive impact on Collorone gets ready to perform on the balance beam. Photo by Megan Kelly.
the team by contributing to the bar
scores during meets. Bowdridge When one member of the team Their next meet is at the Sa-
said, “Physically, the boys have an learns to do a new stunt like a “fly lemwood Elementary School gym,
easier time on the bars than girls away”, which is a back flip dis- where they will be facing off with
do [and therefore are] able to meet mount, it soon becomes a stunt that Cambridge High School on Jan. 19,
more of the requirements [than] every member learns and is able to 2010, where they the team hopes to
some of our gymnasts that are just perform. Although there are dif- be victorious on their home turf.
starting out.” ferent levels for gymnasts, they all
The one thing that keeps the work together and encourage each
team strong is the sportsmanship other to improve their skills as a
between each and every gymnast. team.

Swimming to the Finish

the main focus. Junior Tai Pham, “….”
And they have a The team this year is lead by tri-
lot of people on captains Karl Dennis Kaela Bryan,
their team which as well as Samantha Saggese. When
equals depth. asked coach why a tri-captaincy this
[Also] they have year he affirmed that, “They got it
like, at least 6-7 through hard work, they did it the
really talented old fashion way, their tremendous.”
kids, which is These three have been as coach
pretty rare.” states, “tremendous”. They have
At this lead the team through rough times
point there is as well as boundary defying wins,
nothing more including that of Malden Catholic.
than the team Malden Catholic being a all
wants to beat boys school, the team over came the
Cambridge. A obstacle of diversity and pulled out
achievement a win. With wins like that there is
they are going no reason the team can not pull out
to have to work a win against Cambridge. It may
hard for. With be a season of rebuilding the team
their upcoming up to its full potential as stated by
meet on Friday tri-captain Samantha Saggese, “We
2011. The Mal- [are] still in a rebuilding era so we
Freshman Bestine Cong prepares to dive into the water with the rest of the team. Photo by Sharon
den High Swim [were are not] expecting to do as
team is going to well as we have been, we have been
Joel Stevenson [Cambridge is] a formidable team.” have to work hard if they are to win. pleasantly surprised at our success-
The question to those who are Which is exactly what they are do- es.” With pleasant surprises like that
Reporter there is no reason that the team can
not on the swim team is, why is ing as stated by coach Deinsentos,
Cambridge such a organized team, “Cambridge is good, they have a lot not complete the year on a winning
streak. It is just a positive attitude
W ith the season half way what gives them the edge over all more depth than we do, but at the
through, the team is doing the others teams? Is it just the people time being we are trying to build
what it loves, and not only doing on the team, or is there some sort of up, I feel that we are working harder
and a will to win, and above that
that will enable the team to pull out
another win from under Cambridge.
that, they are doing it well. With the special training they under go? The than any other team, we are hungry
current record of 3:1 with four meets answer is behind the school they for a win.” Not only the coach, the
left in the season, the team now is go to, as expressed by tri-captain as students a like are working their
looking to continue their reign. One well as a member of the Blue and hardest to pull out a win. With
challenge the team faces is over Gold, Kaela Bryan, “Cambridge practice five days a week, they labor
coming Cambridge. As swimming is the swimming town, like how around the clock to make their time
coach Paul Deinsentos? states, “ Malden is the Football town. It’s just and then make it better, as stated by
The Blue and Gold
January 2011 Sports 23
mhs boys basketball has talent and teamwork
Reginah Sanyu added.
The team also
Head Entertainment Writer gets inspiration and

T he Malden High School boys’ motivation from fel-

basketball team is having a good low teammates. “I get
season, although it is hanging by a inspired by my cap-
thread with a record of 3-3. Although tains [seniors Ryan
the team was not expected to have a Donovan and Teddy
good season because of the number Francois] and coach,”
of seniors who graduated last year, stated junior Dakota
the chemistry of the new team has Pellegrini. “[Fran-
made the team better and hopefully cois] always is play-
striving for a better season. “We ing hard. I always
have good chemistry as a team,” se- want to follow his
nior captain Ryan Donovan stated. league,” added Ap-
“We are bonding together, getting plin. “I wish I could
closer like a family,” junior Bradley dunk like Andrew
Applin added. For senior Matthew Williams,” he added.
Howe, it is the good time they have The chemistry that
as a team that helps them bond. the team has off and
The team has grown love for on the court amazes
the game, mentally and talent-wise, those who see them
especially some of the teammates play. Head coach Don Members of the Minuteman High School boys basketball team attempts to block senior
who have been playing the sport Nally may be cred- Vernon Sanvail. Photo by Reginah Sanyu.
ited for the on court chemistry. plin. having a good time while winning
for a while. “I’m way better [than I
The boys have a few of his Donovan and Pellegrini get games too. “We are fast, we can run.
used to be]. I’m faster. I know the
quotes that get them fired up to play their inspiration from one of the We have a good defense,” Donovan
game better because I have more
the game. “You have to be mentally greatest Celtics players Larry Bird, added. “But we need to play more
experience,” Donovan stated about
tough,” Messeroux commented on while Messeroux does his best together and keep on building on
how he has changed since he first
his favorite quote by the coach. . impression of Rajon Rondo on the out team work.”
started playing. If one wonders
“Especially on away games, coach court. It is no secret that the boys With the chemistry and defense
what the team does before a game,
always says ‘this is a business trip, love the game. “We have a good the team has, Malden High students
the team mostly listens to rap or gets
we have to be focused,’” Pellegrini time,” Howe added. and the fans of the team have to
“bucked.” “Rodney [Morton] makes
added. Either they play because of something to buck over when these
a beat and we get bucked,” Howe
The team also gets inspiration the intensity of the sport or simply boys hit the court.
stated. These are chanting sessions
from NBA stars. “I would like to because they want to be like Larry
that give us energy, confidence and
play like Lebron James,” stated Ap- bird or Rajon Rondo; the team is
motivation,” senior Jean Messeroux

Girls Basketball Turns Up The Heat

are about how much talent they have for a
six new girls high school team this season. “Last
on the team year, we had a rough season,” stated
this year, and Richardson. “But with all of the
they’re defi- changes we are sure to have more
nitely helping success,” proclaimed Richardson on
us improve her thoughts of last year compared
from last year. to now, showing her optimism for
However how the team will do not only this
the greatest season, but in the future.
factor in our With the season now in full
improve- swing, and a few wins already un-
ment is the der their belt, the girls basketball
new coaching team has no doubt that they will
staff. Coach achieve and surpass their goal of
[Dwayne] qualifying for the Massachusetts
Bartolucci and Interscholastic Athletic Association
[John] Fur- state tournament.
long have re-
ally reshaped
and reformed
the girls bas-
ketball pro-
gram.” Coach
Furlong is
Above: Salem High School basketball player attempts to steal the ball from senior Ashley Powers. also th father
Right: Senior Samantha Bonvie dribbles down the court. Photos by Sharon Lee. of sophomore
Bridget Furlong.
Kayla Bramante of seasons past, there is no doubt During he first game of the
that the team lacks the talent, or the season the girls eliminated any
Head of Special Projects
determination to achieve the usual doubts about the new staff, with
goal of qualifying for states. an impressive performance against

D ue to the fact of a group of Senior leadership is a key in Lynn Classical High School. Even
new team members and a new this years success, with a number of from the pre-season schedule, the
coaching staff, the Malden High talented upperclassmen, including improvement from last season was
School girls basketball program four year varsity members Filette evident, as the girls team surprised
looks to be moving forward, build- Lovaincy and Samantha Bonvie, as and opened the eyes of many with
ing off the success of re scent sea- well as seniors Ashley Powers, Alex their organized style of play.
sons. Although the team does not Cotto, and Francesca Richardson. The new coaching staff has
have the same numbers or depth According to Richardson “there had the focus of showing the girls
The Blue and Gold
Sports January 2011

Boys Track: Hurdling to Succeess

Natalie Fallano
Copy Editor junior Witchie Valence-Exilhomme,
former Golden Tornado student
athlete junior Christopher Avery,

W hen one thinks of track, vi-

sions of people sprinting
across finish lines and runners in
and other members of the team that
did not compete in a single running
event, further showing the impor-
their ready positions usually come tance of these overworked and un-
to mind first. However, many do seen student athletes.
not know much about track other Junior Kevin Schlegel, who
than the running aspects. On every jumps the 50 meters hurdles, ex-
successful track team, there is much pressed his feelings about being
more than just a talented distance underappreciated stating, “I feel
or sprinting team. The athletes that like people don’t recognize us
usually go unnoticed, as on any enough...Everyone always talks
team, are just as vital, as they lay the about how great the distance team
base of the team. is...but we’ve got beast people too.
In track, these unsung heroes And some us really do work hard
are typically the shot-putters, high to be the best. Sometimes I feel like Senior Kelvin Tsang doing the high jump. Photo by Sharon Lee.
jumpers, and hurdlers. Much of we’re just overlooked and go unno- pumped before a meet.”
Malden High School boys track’s Nguyen, who runs the 300 meter
ticed.” Junior Lesley Desriviere, on Head Coach David Londino dash, the team “has grown and im-
success is due to the hard, tireless the other hand, believes that it does emphasized the importance of im- proved a lot this year. There are tons
work of these athletes, and when not really matter because “We [all] provement within the team as well of new freshman who have joined
a team can manage good runners contribute to winning so there’s no as ofindividuals. He stated, “Every- and who are competing in several
along with good shot-putters, high hard feelings.”
jumpers, and hurdlers, it usually one from the top to the bottom has to events.” Undefeated for four sea-
Captains and seniors, Andrew get better everyday if we’re to have sons, and with an already impres-
ends in embarrassment for their op- Terenzi, Patrick Keough, David short and long term successes.” This sive 2-0 record, the team hopes keep
ponents. Germaine, and Kelvin Tsang, have improvement has been shown in Greater Boston League champions
In the 2009-2010 season, for ex- so far shown successful leader- this season’s meet for every event. title and be successful in the state
ample, the boys track team finished ship according to their teammates. “With nine events and at least one tournament.
with an astonishing undefeated Desriviere praised the captains, stand out athlete in every event, I
record. These accomplishments stating, “They are effective...[Tsang] can’t highlight just a few. They’re all
would not have been achieved had and [Germaine] are always pushing equally important to the team.”
it not have been for the all-state everyone on the team and getting us
performances by former shot-putter According to junior John

From left to right: Senior More Than Just Running

Vanesha Darla prepares to
step into the thrower’s circle. team this year, by putting a little Track and Athletic Center in Boston,
Sophomore Iris Feng runs more focus on these events. The MA.
the relay. Photos by Sharon student athletes who compete in The girls are gearing up until
Lee. Headline collage by these events are sometimes over- then to make their personal records.
Catherine Poirier. looked and under-appreciated. Antenor runs the 50 meter hurdles,
The distance team is the largest high jump, and sometimes the 4x4
part of the girls indoor track team. relay, she says she is closest to quali-
It is looking to spread this depth fying for hurdles. “I am .2 seconds
and variety of age in the key play- away from states, I run an 8.0 and
ers to the teams of the other events [the state qualification] is 7.8 [sec-
in indoor. “Outside of the distance onds].”
team, the girls team is still mainly Each member is pushing them-
relying on veterans for points,” selves to better their times and their
stated captain and managing edi- personal records by expanding
tor of The Blue and Gold, Alexan- workouts at practice. “To get a state
dra Mathieu. “Underclassmen are qualifying time I plan to do more
pretty involved, they just need to drills and speed work, and pick up
stay focused and the team will work my speed between each hurdle,”
itself out,” senior captain Cynthia Antenor said. “I think that the girls
Antenor commented about the in- team has the potential of doing bet-
volvement of the underclassmen. ter than its 2-2 record of last season,”
Some of those significant veterans Mathieu stated. As of now, the MHS
Catherine Poirier are seniors Vanesha Darla, and girls team has a Greater Boston
Copy Editor captains Antenor and Mathieu. All League record of 1-0, beating Everett
three of these seniors are the closest High School on Dec. 16, 2010. How-

O ften, a misconception on the team to making the Mas- ever, they lost to Dighton-Rehoboth,
of indoor track is that sachusetts Interscholastic Athletic which is not part of the GBL, making
there are only running Association qualifications in order their official record 1-1. With only
events. The events that to compete in the state competition. three GBL meets left in the season
do not focus on running Darla is eight inches and Mathieu is until the GBL Invitational meet on
are high jump, 50 meter one foot away from the state quali- Feb. 12, 2011 at the Reggie Lewis
hurdles, and shot put. The fying distance, 30 feet 6 inches. The Center, they are keeping their heads
Malden High School girls MIAA State Meet will take place on high and hoping for the best season
track team is hoping to rebuild its Feb. 18, 2011 at the Reggie Lewis close as possible.

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