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All purchasing documents are relevant for approval. Normally if a

purchasing document value is exceeds certain value then Managers
can review those documents. If he satisfied he will release them to
purchase goods from vendor. Once we create the document, based on
configuration configuration settings, those documents will be blocked

Here out put type will not be processed, until block released. Hence
printouts will not be generated, to proceed further with the vendor.
Once mangers release the block, then automatically outputs will be
processed and documents will be printed.

In SAP there are 2 types of release procedures existed.

1. Manual release procedure.

2. Classification release procedure.

In real time every body uses classification procedure only, because

classification holds characteristics, hence we block the documents
based on characteristics.

Release procedure is same for Rfq, Purchasing requisition, Contracts,

Purchase orders. Hence you create only one classification and use the
same classification to configure all purchase documents.

By using manual release procedure purchasing requisition can release

only at header level.

By using classification procedure, purchasing requisition can release

document at Item and Header level.

Purchase order cannot be released at item level. Only header level


Now we can configure, purchase order release procedure.

Img > mm > Purchasing > Purchase order > Release procedure for
purchase order

1. Define characteristics.(CT04)

We define 3 characteristics, those are

Purchase organization (CEKKO- EKORG)

Purchasing document (CEKKO- BSART)
Currency value. (CEKKO – GNETW)

In characteristics, we have taken relevant field for characteristics from

CEBAN structure.

Define characteristic PORG

In additional data enter table CEBAN and field EKORG.

Remove check box not ready for input.
In restriction enter class 032.
In values tab enter character values. Ex: 6666(purchasing

Save the characteristic PORG.

Create 2 more character tics PDOC (CEKKO - BSART)

Note: For purchase requisition also we can use the same classification

2. Define class (CL02)

Define a class (PURREL) and assign all the above characteristics


Note: once you define the class and added characteristics to class, we
need to make sure that there are no errors exited in the class. For that

Img > mm > Purchasing > Purchase order > Release procedure for
purchase order > check release strategies.

In the above path, there should not be any errors for class and

3. Define release procedure for purchase order

A. Release Groups

Normally we can define Release group like, Raw material release

group, finished products group etc.(Release group contains, group of
persons responsible to release a purchase document)

New entries and assign class to group. We should assign same class to
all Release groups; otherwise system will not allow us to save it.

B. Release codes

Here we are dividing Release group as Release codes. For example

Executive, Supervisor and Manager etc. in normal business process,
first Executive releases the document, next Supervisor releases finally
will release the document.

C. Release indicator

Release indicator controls how the release should effect. For example,
an executive can only release the purchase order. A supervisor can
release the purchase order and he can also change the values in the
purchasing document. Like here permissions are like Read, Write and
Display method.

D. Release strategies

The release strategy defines the approval process for purchase

requisitions or external purchasing documents. The strategy specifies
the release codes necessary and the sequence in which releases have
to be affected. You can define a maximum of eight release codes.

Click on Release Prerequisites:

Pre requisites control the Release code (manger, supervisor,

executive). For example if manager (Release code) is releasing the
purchasing document, for that what is the prerequisites. Normally the
prerequisite is Supervisor and Executive should release the document.
This is the pre requisite for manager. For this refer the below screen

To release the supervisor, prerequisite is executive should release the
document. Refer the below screen shot.

In our scenario we are considering the first configuration.

Release status:

Managers and executives release the documents. But what

authorizations they can have other than release. For example Read,

In the above configuration, Executive (01) can change the document,
Supervisor (02) can change the document and Manager (03) can
finally release the block and can be changed the document if it is


Here we have to maintain characteristics value in class.

Imp: The above characteristics values matches in Purchase order, then

system automatically puts a block.

Release Simulation:

Here just we need to simulate, the release procedure. System shows,

what ever release codes are responsible for Final release for this

Click on simulate release. You can get a popup, now click on all release
codes, one by one. All release codes will be effected or not system will


Now go to Me23n and create a purchase order and save it. Now go to
purchase order status tab and find status is not released.

Now go to

Logistics > Retailing > Master data > Purchasing > Purchase order >
Purchase order > Release (Me28).

Note: Purchase order should be released in a sequence, because

release prerequisite we have configured in the below sequence like 01
> 02 >03.

If you try to release in the above sequence, then only system allows.
Other wise, system says no suitable document found


Click on release + save.

Now release with code 02 and followed by 03.

Now go to ME23N and find document is in Released status.