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January 28th and 29th, 2011

Rec-Intermediate Level Tournament

 Friday Night and Saturday

 (6:30-10:30 p.m.; 8:20 – 3:30 – including playoffs)
 Indoor co-ed 6's
 Intermediate Level
 Guaranteed 8 games
 Semi-finals, and finals
 Full volleyball rules - OVA
 At least 2 of each gender on court at all times
 Prizes for top 2 teams
 Maximum 12 teams

What is meant by "Rec-Intermediate Level"? Some players will have played high school ball, played in a
weekly league or have entered weekend tournaments. Some teams will run a volleyball 'system' (6-2 or 5-
1), but others will be more spontaneous in their organization. You should be prepared for spiking, and
spirited play, but the idea is that no-one will take winning too seriously.

The cost per team is $150 - maximum 12 teams for this tournament. Each team is guaranteed 8 games
between Friday night and Saturday. Teams can have a maximum of 9 players, and 2 of each gender must be
present on the court at all times. The first 12 teams to send Heritage their deposit of $50 (balance due on
January 28th before tournament begins) will secure their spot in the tournament. The deposit is non-
refundable. Please address cheques to "Heritage College & Seminary," and put "Volleyball Tournament
Fundraiser" on the memo line. Please put all inquiries or cheques to the attention of Katie Valade.

We will be expecting that you will arrive as a team and will have your team set before the tournament
begins. We will need the name of each team's captain, contact information, as well as a team name. If
anyone is without a team, we can try to find a team for you, but it is easiest for you to organize a team for
yourself, and just let us know who the captain is and their information.

If anyone has a question, or needs more information, please contact Katie Valade at
Sample Schedule
Friday Night:

Team 6:40 7:00 7:20 7:40 8:00 8:20 8:40 9:00 9:20 9:40 10:00 10:20
1 A A B A
2 A B A B
3 A A B B
4 A B A A
5 B A A B
6 B B B A
7 B A B A
8 B B A B
9 B B B A
10 B A A B
11 A A A B
12 A B B A


Team 8:20 8:40 9:00 9:20 9:40 10:00 10:20 10:40 11:00 12:00 12:20 12:40
1 A A B A
2 B B A B
3 A A A B
4 B B B A
5 A A B A
6 B B A B
7 B A A A
8 A B B B
9 A A A B
10 B B B A
11 B A A B
12 A B B A


1:30 – 4th place vs. 1st place; 3rd place vs. 2nd place

2:30 - Winner vs. Winner; Loser vs. Loser

Volleyball Rules and Guidelines
Game Rules

 Most OVA rules apply (exceptions listed below)

 You are on the honour system – please call yourself on:
o Lifts (illegal passes)
o Touch net
o Over center line (e.g. entire foot over line)
o Back-row spike in front of attack line
o Double hit on second or third pass (allowed on first pass – from spike or serve for instance)
o 4 hits
o Hand over net etc…
 Serve may not be blocked. Lett serve is in play.
 Coin toss to determine first serve.
 Please do your best to be as fair as possible. In the case of a dispute there should be a re-serve. Please keep all games
friendly and fun.

 Round robin: 20-minute play-time (the organizer can change the duration for scheduling reasons). No scoring limit – rally
point. You will play 8 games.
 Advancement to semi finals is based on your team’s winning percentage. Ties are broken by the net points (+ or -) of all round
robin games.
 Any team more than 5 minutes late forfeits the game. Check schedules often; scheduling may change as the day progresses.
 When you hear the horn “honking” you have 5 minutes left in your game
 When you hear the long whistle blast the game is over – finish the rally in progress. No serves after whistle.
 At the end of the game the two team captains representing the two teams must report the score of the game to the score
 At least 2 of each gender on the court at all times. If you are missing the 2 of a gender, the team must play one player short.
(eg. 4 men and 1 woman, or 4 women and 1 man) If only 4 players are present, the team must have at least one of each
gender. (eg. 3 men and 1 woman, or 3 women and 1 man)
 Teams must have at least 4 players on the court at game time or the opposing team wins by default. (the win is entered as 13
– 0)
 A team roster consists of a maximum of 9 players. Your team roster must not change between Friday and Saturday. If a player
cannot make it on Friday, they may play on Saturday, and vice versa, but you may not have more than 9 different people play
for your team.
 Hats, bandanas and jewelry of any kind (friendship bracelets, chains, rubber bands, rings or earrings, etc.) may not be worn.
Hats and Bandanas have been known to cause injuries when they fall off and players slip on them when jumping etc.
 We will have some first aid on site, but please bring your own materials as well.
 No time-outs allowed
 Please do not use volleyballs in hallways
 Semi Finals & Finals: best of 3 games (rally point). Two games to 25 (27 point cap), and if needed, the third game is to 15
points (17 point cap).
 If you or anyone on your team has a good indoor game ball – consider bringing it along for your games – volleyballs will be
provided, but we welcome you to use your own.
 Do your best to call your team’s illegal passes and net violations etc. Do not call the other team’s violations unless it is
extremely obvious.
 No Food or beverages allowed in gym.
 Scoreboards will be provided, so please ensure that the score is kept accurately for your games. The captain of each team
needs to relay the final score to our volunteers at the end of your game.
 Good luck and have a great day!

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