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Sr. No. of Question Paper 1291 D Your Roll No ............... .

Unique Paper Code 203503

N arne of the Course B.A. (Dons.) English

Name of the Paper Contemporary Literature (i) (Paper-XVIII)

Semester v
Duration : 3 Hours Maximum Marks : 7 5

Instructions for Candidates

1. Write your Roll No. on the top immediately on receipt of this question paper.
2. Attempt all the SIX questions.

1. Write a short note on :

Nwoye' s conversion

The significance of the ogbanje (10)

2. Write a short note on :

Baby's attempted suicide

Aila's cropped hair (10)

3. Give a brief answer:

How important is formal innovation for the revolutionary writer according to
To what extent is magical realism effective in constructing an alternative perspective
on the history of marginalised communities ? (7)


I_ _
1291 2

4. Pre-colonial Ibo society was a highly gendered one. Discuss in the context of
Things Fall Apart.
Things Fall Apart is as candid in its critique of the contradictions within the
Ibo society and culture as it is in its sharp denunciation of colonial hypocrisy.
Discuss. ( 15)

5. How does apartheid affect personal lives in My Sons Story? Discuss.

In the final analysis, the women in My Son s Story emerge as the doers and the
leaders. Would you agree that this is a fair assessment of gender equations in the
novel ? Give a reasoned answer. (15)

6. Write an essay:

According to Ngugi wa Thiongo, how does the imposition of the language of the
coloniser affect the mental universe of the colonised ?
In his e·ssay, V.S. Naipaul says that to be a colonial is to be 'a little ridiculous,'
'unlikely' and 'exotic.' Comment on how he illustrates these attributes in the case
of the East Indian. (18)