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Marquez, Kristelle Marie C.


Advantage of K-12 Curriculum in the Philippines

Parents who sees that implementing K-12 breaks the bank and it’s just same as what College
students does like making thesis, or so on. It’s just waste of time. But don’t you know that
implementing this will be very beneficial to our country? It will lead your children to have an
advancement and broader knowledge & skill for them to be prepared to go to tertiary learning,
and be able to join workforce readily? I’ll open my door to everyone knowing that all of it will be
worth and telling you that implementation of K-12 is a good thing.

K to 12 is the solution to students and our nation needs. According to Rona Guanizo, K to 12
program covers of 12 years of basic education where the additional 2 years is for SHS or the
Senior High School that provides sufficient time in mastering the concepts and skills, develop
lifelong learners, and for graduates to be prepared on their tertiary education, middle-level skills
development, employment, and entrepreneurship. 10-year education was not enough due to the
lack skills. Their findings show according to the study that only two for every 100 freshmen are
able to complete the mastery and the high school graduates who wants pursue their tertiary
were unprepared due to competencies and maturity because they viewed them as an immature
or unexperienced minor citizens so the other countries realized that the 10-year education were
not effective so they implement the K to 12 education. Also in the previous, they realized that
overcrowding subjects doesn’t lead them into mastery, no specialization or skills developing due
on focusing only in academics in most of the subjects. And because of the improving the quality
needs to be attained, DepED proposed the implementation the K to 12 education system which
is most countries around the globe have been using. Being a graduate of 12 years of education
equipped, people could finally employ readily. According to soapboxie.com, “With the new
curriculum, Senior High School students can specialize in a field that they are good at and
interested in. As a result, upon graduation they will have the specific job-related skills they need
even without a college degree. When they graduate from high school, these young people will
be 18 and employable, adding to the nation’s manpower.” K to 12 makes graduated high school
students to be prepared on taking tertiary or higher education. According to DepED, “Young
adults graduating at age 18 or so will be more prepared to take on their tertiary education.”

There is a saying that, “Kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.” With this kind of program, this could
make our students, us, equipped with knowledge, skills and productivity in the needs for the
development of our country. Implementation of K to 12 will make everyone proud of themselves,
ourselves or proud to be a Filipino where you had more years to take on learning but worth,
various of skills you can do that can use everywhere, makes you find your better suited life
decisions in consequences, and by providing them little by little skill pieces it makes us build a
good character, a good cause of our country.