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Male Multiple Orgasm

by Ian Kessler

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Contents 1


Contents............................................................................................................. 1

Part I: Basics ........................................................................................................... 4

Introduction ....................................................................................................... 5

Legal Disclaimer ................................................................................................. 6

What is “Male Multiple Orgasm”?...................................................................... 7

My Story............................................................................................................. 8

What does a Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm feel like?............................................... 10

The Difference between Orgasm and Ejaculation ............................................ 11

Male Sexuality and Men ................................................................................... 14

Is it safe? .......................................................................................................... 16

Who is it for? .................................................................................................... 17

Why Strive for Male Multiple Orgasm? ............................................................ 19

Commitment .................................................................................................... 24

Practicing alone vs practising with a partner .................................................... 25

Part II: The Method .............................................................................................. 27

A Quick Lesson in Anatomy .............................................................................. 28

Male Multiple Orgasm

Contents 2

The Nature of a Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm ......................................................... 31

Finding Your PC Muscle .................................................................................... 33

About the PC Muscle Exercises......................................................................... 40

A simple non-ejaculatory orgasm ..................................................................... 41

Trying for a proper non-ejaculatory orgasm ..................................................... 44

Exercise 1: Short Contractions .......................................................................... 45

Dealing with a sore muscle ............................................................................... 49

About the exercises in general ......................................................................... 49

Exercise 2: Long Contractions ........................................................................... 50

Exercise 3: Very Long Contractions................................................................... 52

Excitement levels ............................................................................................. 57

Point of No Return ........................................................................................... 58

Arousal during Normal Sex ............................................................................... 60

Arousal during Multiorgasmic Sex .................................................................... 62

Spasms and their role ....................................................................................... 65

Practice makes perfect ..................................................................................... 68

Exercise 4: Ascending and Descending ............................................................. 69

Exercise 5: Walking on the Edge ....................................................................... 79

Male Multiple Orgasm

Contents 3

Going for Your First Non-ejaculatory Orgasm ................................................... 82

Aftermath......................................................................................................... 86

Where to Go from Here?.................................................................................. 90

Trick: Breathing ................................................................................................ 91

Trick: Eyes ........................................................................................................ 92

Trick: Look Up .................................................................................................. 93

Trick: Abs.......................................................................................................... 94

Trick: PC Muscle Lock-In ................................................................................... 96

Male Multiple Orgasms Are All Different.......................................................... 99

Part III: Further Topics ....................................................................................... 101

The Use of Partial Ejaculation ......................................................................... 102

Total Release .................................................................................................. 105

Orgasming without pausing ........................................................................... 107

Accelerating an ejaculation ............................................................................ 109

Importance of Changing Condoms ................................................................. 113

Amplifying Orgasms ....................................................................................... 114

Final words ..................................................................................................... 116

Male Multiple Orgasm

Contents 4

Part I: Basics

Male Multiple Orgasm

Introduction 5


First of all, I would like to thank you for buying this ebook. In doing so, you have

truly made a huge step towards improving your personal life. I value your time, so

I won’t waste it on useless babble and will try to get to the point as soon as

possible. However, you’ll have to bear with me since there are quite a few topics

that need to be covered before you can get to actual practicing. I will also be

keeping the book as short and to-the-point as possible, because I know how

daunting it may be to read a massive volume of text off the screen. I have written

this book in such a way that you could easily cover it one evening or two and start

practicing without further delay. If there is something you don’t understand, I

suggest you re-read the relevant sections at first and if that doesn’t help, don’t

hesitate to contact me.

First of all, one important remark. This is a book about sexuality. As such, there

will be a lot of talk about penises, vaginas, sexual intercourse, masturbation,

ejaculation and all kinds of related topics. I’m sure that, as an adult, you are

entirely comfortable with reading about such things. Many activities described in

this book may seem “weird”, because they involve unusual sexual practices.

Male Multiple Orgasm


Should you encounter any mental discomfort in dealing with such practices due to

their strange nature, it is in your own interest to somehow overcome it. I will be

teaching you a great skill and sincerely hope that you stick with the material until

you have successfully taken your sexual life to a whole new level. Unusual skills

require unusual learning methods.

Good luck and let’s go!

Legal Disclaimer

The author of this book does not claim to be a medical expert of any sorts nor is

he qualified to give any type of medical advice. Any and all advice presented in

this book is for informational purposes only and is provided to the reader based

on the understanding that the reader is solely responsible for any consequences

of using this information. The author cannot be held liable for any damage,

whether bodily, psychological or otherwise, resulting from the use of the

information provided in this book. If in any doubt at all, the reader is advised to

consult their doctor or other qualified medical expert.

Male Multiple Orgasm

What is “Male Multiple Orgasm”? 7

What is “Male Multiple Orgasm”?

I use the term “male multiple orgasm” in order to broadly refer to the ability

(whether innate or acquired during the lifetime) of a man to have an orgasm,

retain his erection and continue the physical stimulation until the next orgasm. In

reality, there is a lot more to male multiple orgasm than just that and you will

discover these things further in the book. A man who has the skill of male

multiple orgasm, is then “multiorgasmic”.

Another very important term that I will be using repeatedly is “non-ejaculatory

orgasm”. This is, as the name suggest, an orgasm during which one does not

ejaculate. Since ejaculation and erection are closely interconnected, developing

the ability to have non-ejaculatory orgasms is crucial in becoming multiorgasmic.

Male multiple orgasm essentially consists, at least at the basic level, of a sequence

of non-ejaculatory orgasms.

Also note that I am talking only about using your body’s natural capabilities to

achieve male multiple orgasm. If a man uses medication or other artificial

methods of keeping an erection throughout a sequence of orgasms, I would

Male Multiple Orgasm

My Story 8

personally not consider him to be multiorgasmic. This book is about a “no pills, no

medical or mechanical intervention” method of achieving multiple orgasms

without losing erection or arousal.

My Story

I first came across the notion of male multiple orgasm (although it may have been

called something different) in a book about sexuality I was looking through at a

bookshop. That was some six or seven years ago and unfortunately I have

forgotten both the author and the title of that book. At that time, the idea of a

man being able to have an orgasm without ejaculating seemed a bit too “out

there” and I put it aside.

However, I hadn’t forgotten about the idea entirely and a few months later I

decided to be open-minded about the possibility, so I started doing some

research. After putting together the bits and pieces of information I could find on

internet forums and in books on sexuality (primarily relating to Indian and Chinese

practices) and also inventing a good deal of my own stuff, I started experimenting.

It took me a few weeks of doing various exercises (I wasn’t very diligent or

consistent about it) before I managed to get my first non-ejaculatory orgasm. At

Male Multiple Orgasm

My Story 9

first, I did all of this on my own, but soon enough, as I became more comfortable

with my abilities, I started using them during actual sex. Sure, not everything

worked and not every time, but I was fortunate enough to have a girlfriend at that

time who was very open-minded and non-judgemental about sexuality, which

gave me a lot of opportunity for experimentation. Ever since I started having

multiorgasmic sex, I’ve never looked back.

As I became more confident about my skills, I also occassionally started bringing it

up in conversations with other men. I guess I was bragging more than giving

practical advice, but it certainly wasn’t a bad thing to brag about. As somebody

once said, “It ain’t bragging if you can do the thing.” And obviously it created a lot

of interest. Some guys didn’t believe me (and I definitely wasn’t going to give

them a demonstration), but others started asking questions. While trying to

explain these techniques to them I gradually gained a better understanding of the

topic and formulated a universally applicable method for becoming a

multiorgasmic man. The end result of the work I did back then is what constitutes

the core of this book. In addition, I put a lot of stuff in here that is not directly

necessary to become multiorgasmic but which I’m sure you will find very useful.

Male Multiple Orgasm

What does a Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm feel like? 10

Some of these things have taken me years to understand and I’m glad I’m finally

able to pass my knowledge to you in a concise and convenient form.

What does a Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm feel like?

This is a question that men often ask me when they first hear about male

multiorgasmic abilities. And of course it is a question that is pretty difficult to


Since most men have never experienced anything of this sort, there’s nothing to

compare it to. And besides, one non-ejaculatory orgasm can feel completely

different to another non-ejaculatory orgasm. Essentially, an orgasm is still an

orgasm, but this time you’re not ejaculating while having one and you are also

doing some additional work in order to prevent the ejaculation. This considerably

changes the general feel of the orgasm.

For most men, it seems, as for myself, a non-ejaculatory orgasm is at least as

pleasurable as an ordinary ejaculatory orgasm. An ordinary orgasm can also

become significantly more pleasurable if it is preceded by one or more non-

ejaculatory ones.

Male Multiple Orgasm

The Difference between Orgasm and Ejaculation 11

A non-ejaculatory orgasm can also have a very different “profile” when compared

to a normal orgasm. Once you reach a normal orgasm, the whole thing spins out

of your control – your body pretty much takes you through the process of

orgasming and ejaculating and in the meantime you get to enjoy it. With non-

ejaculatory orgasms, your level of control is much much higher. For instance, with

sufficient practice you can learn to “stretch out” the orgasm, making the duration

of physical pleasure significantly longer.

There you have it. That’s all I can really say about the way a non-ejaculatory

orgasm feels. You will have to try it yourself in order to find out how it feels for


The Difference between Orgasm and Ejaculation

The reality of today’s understanding of sexuality is that most people think that

male ejaculation is inevitably linked to male orgasm which then quickly leads to a

significant loss of arousal and weakening of the erection. This notion is so

Male Multiple Orgasm

The Difference between Orgasm and Ejaculation 12

intergrated in people’s minds that even mentioning the possibilty of male

multiple orgasm usually creates a load of “huh, what?” type of reactions.

It’s not difficult to understand why almost all men (and women) have this sort of

understanding in regards to male sexuality. As kids or teenagers, men discover

masturbation and learn about their sexuality by experimenting with it on their

own. Ejaculation and the pleasurable sensations of an orgasm always occur

simultaneously and they never realise that these two could actually be separate.

What I personally find more puzzling, is that modern medicine seems to know

absolutely nothing about this. The possibility of a man holding back his

ejaculation, having an orgasm and also keeping his erection, seems to be

regarded no more than a peculiarity that some men possess naturally and which

can “perhaps” be developed by some men through some strange esoteric

practices. Why this seems to be the case with modern Western medicine, I

personally have no idea.

The single most important thing you have to understand before you can progress

towards achieving multiorgasmic abilities, is that ejaculation and orgasm are not

the same, nor do they necessarily have to occur together nor does the loss of

Male Multiple Orgasm

The Difference between Orgasm and Ejaculation 13

arousal and erection necessarily have to follow either of them. What you will

discover by the end of this book and what you will personally get to experience if

you take the time to actually implement the advice provided and to become a

multiorgasmic man, is that you can have an orgasm without ejaculating. You can

have an orgasm while retaining both your level of sexual excitement and your


But, in fact, it is also possible to have an ejaculation without having an orgasm.

This is what I refer to as a “lost orgasm”. I won’t be teaching you this, because, as

you can imagine, it’s pretty pointless – you ejaculate, perhaps lose your erection,

but get no pleasure from it. I do mention it here however simply so that you know

it can happen. It can sometimes happen when you are practicing your

multiorgasmic abilities and something doesn’t go quite right. Don’t worry

however, it is a fairly rare occurrence and you probably won’t “lose” too many


Male Multiple Orgasm

Male Sexuality and Men 14

Male Sexuality and Men

Most men discover masturbation at some point in their early teens or even

earlier. They notice that physically stimulating their erect penis leads to a very

pleasurable (albeit messy) end result. At this point they also usually think that this

is a pretty damn weird thing to be doing and so they keep this activity to

themselves. They may even expect that their parents will be angry at them if they

find out. This leads men to be pretty secretive about their sexuality. Although

there are plenty of outwardly sexual men who are completely comfortable with

talking about their sexual adventures, very few of them are actually comfortable

with talking about the details of sexuality, especially male sexuality. Vagina and

breast talk is abundant in men’s conversations, but penises are taboo.

Perhaps it is the teenage years of male development that are responsible for

many men being inept at sex. Since the discussion of male sexuality is very limited

in men’s circles, information about abilities such as the male multiple orgasm

simply doesn’t spread. It is amazing how few men have heard of it. And not just

ordinary men, but even urologists and sexologists, who are supposed to be

experts in the area of sexuality, have almost no idea about these possibilities.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Male Sexuality and Men 15

Even if they are aware of the existence of male multiple orgasm, doctors are likely

to dismiss it as either some esoteric ancient Indian or Chinese practice or as some

skill that is only available to a few “freaks of nature” who happen to be born with

it. This is very sad. Almost nobody recognises the fact that there is nothing

freakish about such abilities and that they can be acquired by pretty much anyone

with a little practice.

Due to the secrecy surrounding male sexuality, very many men grow up viewing

sex as something overly simplistic. Although they usually don’t realise it, many

men tend to see sex as a sort of an “extension” of masturbation – a short period

of physical stimulation followed by a squirt, some pleasure and a release of

tension. The only difference is that this time they are not masturbating with their

hand, instead they are “masturbating” into a woman. This often leaves both

partners only halfway satisfied with sex.

If you in any way identify with these ideas, please don’t take them too personally

and don’t be offended by them. The purpose of this book is to open you to new

concepts in sexuality, some of which you may never have heard before. Hopefully

you will find these concepts useful in expanding your “sexual horizons”.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Is it safe? 16

Is it safe?

The short answer is, yes. Many thousands of men have acquired multiorgasmic

abilities through practices such as or similar to the ones described in the book you

are reading and have been living a much happier personal life since. I have been

multiorgasmic for years now and haven’t had any sort of problems in relation to

this skill. I have also personally taught loads and loads of men the art of multiple

orgasm and have received only positive feedback.

If you are still not convinced about the safety of the practice, I suggest that you

read through the rest of this book and see for yourself that everything I suggest in

the book are applications of the natural capabilities of your body and extensions

of practices that you are probably quite comfortable with already. Essentially, the

practice of male multiple orgasms is about as dangerous as working out in the

gym or having sex. This is because that’s what developing multiorgasmic abilities

primarily consists of: workout and sex.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Who is it for? 17

As I mentioned earlier, there are no pills, medical interventions or any other

external or unnatural factors involved. You will not be subjecting your body to

anything outside of its own capabilities.

Who is it for?

This book is for any man who wants to become multiorgasmic. Of course, you

have to be male in order to put the advice described in this book to practical use.

If you are a woman who bought this ebook for your man, you will still have to give

the ebook to him to read. Unfortunately, you can’t teach these abilities to your

man “in secret”, because they are mostly about conscious workout and practice.

You don’t “give” your man “multiple orgasms” the same way a man can “give”

orgasms to his woman. He has to work on them in person.

For the purpose of this book, I will assume that you (the reader) are a

heterosexual man and that your sexual partner (if any) is female. This is in no way

to imply that the methods described in this book cannot be used by homosexual

or bisexual men and their male partners. If you are a homosexual or a bisexual

Male Multiple Orgasm

Who is it for? 18

man, then by all means, use these principles and perhaps even teach them to

your partners and enjoy a better personal life. Unfortunately, I have personal

experience of teaching only heterosexual men to be multiorgasmic. However,

almost none of the exercises and techniques in this guide actually require the

presence of a partner, and therefore, for the most part I think that, homosexual

and bisexual men should find it fairly straightforward to apply the material taught.

Whether you have a sexual partner or not, I will be assuming that you are a

sexually active man, or are at least planning to become such at some point in the

future. Otherwise, why would you be reading a book on multiorgasmic abilities?

By “sexually active” I mean that you regularly receive some sort of physical

stimulation that leads to orgasm. I know the previous sentence sounds weird, but

in reality, I don’t really care where that stimulation comes from – your partner,

your hand, some sexual toy or whatever. If you are a man and you orgasm every

now and then, the principles described in this book are applicable to you.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Why Strive for Male Multiple Orgasm? 19

Why Strive for Male Multiple Orgasm?

I hope that I will be doing excessive work by telling you why you should read this

book and follow my advice - the benefits of being multiorgasmic are great and

numerous. After you have taken time and effort to become multiorgasmic, I

cannot possibly imagine you feeling any sort of regret about it. The advantages

may be fairly obvious, but I will list them anyway, just so you clearly see and know

what you are striving for.

First of all, you will last much longer in bed. In fact, you will last as long as you

want to and won’t be limited by your physiological need for sexual release

through orgasm and ejaculation. Sex will stop being a 10 minute (if even that)

activity that often leaves both partners feeling like they have missed out on

something. Sex will suddenly become an act of love that can last for hours. Of

course, you won’t be deprived of the possibility to have “quickies” either – the

duration of sex will be entirely in your hands.

Your woman will be extremely grateful to you for your ability to last longer. It is

well known that women often take significantly longer to climax than men. If you

currently have problems with giving your woman an orgasm through intercourse,

Male Multiple Orgasm

Why Strive for Male Multiple Orgasm? 20

then after you become multiorgasmic, you will finally be able to last as long as

you need to for your woman to reach her orgasm. Women are by nature

multiorgasmic and now you won’t even be limited anymore in the number of

orgasms you can give your woman – you might even be able to “synchronise”

your orgasms and climax together, over and over again.

It is very likely that your partner will also feel more loved because of your effort to

achieve male multiple orgasm and therefore to become a better lover. A woman

who is happy in bed is a happier woman in general and you are almost certain to

see and feel an improvement in your personal and intimate life.

It is incredible how binding, emotionally and physically, multiorgasmic sex can be.

When two people regularly have sex lasting for hours on end, sharing orgasm

after orgasm, their relationship is certain to become stronger and closer. If you

have a monogamous relationship with your intimate partner, both of you will feel

much more satisfied by the sex life between the two of you. If you have multiple

partners or have many short-term monogamous relationships, the better sex will

certainly keep your women “coming back for more” and perhaps even bragging to

their girlfriends about you... I’ll let you make your own conclusions here.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Why Strive for Male Multiple Orgasm? 21

You, as a man, will also feel much more satisfied by the sex you have with your

partner or partners. Sex will no longer be a quick session whose sole purpose is to

release some tension in your genitals and aid your subsequent sleep. The average

man tends to view sex as a race towards, or more often as a desperate attempt to

hold off the ejaculation and the inevitable loss of erection and arousal. The

multiorgasmic male views sex as a process of sharing intimate love with his

partner, which can end with a full final ejaculation whenever he so chooses. As a

matter of fact, it doesn’t even have to end with an ejaculation – it is entirely up to

the man to decide.

The physical pleasure you yourself will get from sex will increase immensely –

instead of one single and often sloppy orgasm you will be having loads of them.

The orgasms themselves will, perhaps counter-intuitively, become much more

powerful and “profound”. You will also develop the ability to “surf” right on the

borderline between a high state of arousal and a full orgasm – the state I call the

“point of no return” – thus giving yourself absolutely insane amounts of physical


Male Multiple Orgasm

Why Strive for Male Multiple Orgasm? 22

If you have had problems with premature ejaculation, then those will also be

history. You may get aroused very fast, you may even have your first orgasm

within a minute or two of starting intercourse, but that doesn’t matter – you will

retain your erection and your arousal and you still have plenty of orgasms to go

before you call it a night. So, no more embarrassement or apologies – you are

enjoying sex from the very start and enjoying it all the way and so is your partner.

Even if you don’t have a sexual partner at the moment, it makes perfect sense to

work on achieving multiple orgasms – once you have a partner, you will feel much

more confident knowing that there will be no embarrassement in bed and that

you will be able to satisfy her sexually. Even as long as you are single, the ability to

control your orgasms will provide you with much greater pleasure in other sexual

activities, like masturbation, for example. Please do not think that this book is

only for people who live an active sexual life – single men can benefit from this

advice just as much.

The exercises that accompany multiorgasmic skills and the multiorgasmic

practices themselves have a tendency to give men the ability to have stronger

erections than usual. So, if you have had problems with weak erections, then that

Male Multiple Orgasm

Why Strive for Male Multiple Orgasm? 23

is definitely not a reason to avoid acquiring multiorgasmic skills. Quite the

contrary – it’s a reason to be pursuing them. Many men have also reported actual

increase in penis length after a period of living a multiorgasmic lifestyle. I am not

giving any guarantees here, but if you happen to think your penis is too short,

stick with the exercises and they might actually help you. Also, if you happen to

care about such things, then as a little bonus, with multiple orgasms also often

comes the ability to have much more “powerful” ejaculations and to “shoot”

much further. Make sure you warn your woman.

I would also mention the health benefits of leading a multiorgasmic lifestyle. It is a

well-known fact that sex is a great physical exercise that is in many ways

equivalent to doing sport. Multiple orgasms allow you to have sex for so long that

it adds up to quite a workout. The physical satisfaction after multiorgasmic sex is

enormous and fulfilling in many ways. Frequent sexual activity has also been

associated with a healthier prostate gland and a decreased risk of prostate


As you can see, multiorgasmic abilities to a certain extent help with nearly every

major issue in life – sex, relationships, health. (Perhaps they won’t solve financial

Male Multiple Orgasm

Commitment 24

problems, but who knows...) For the really minimal amount of time and effort it

takes to become multiorgasmic, it is probably one of the best commitments to

personal improvement that you can make in life, so do take hold of the



It’s important that you understand that multiorgasmic abilities will not come to

you overnight. It may take several weeks or maybe even months before you

achieve your first multiple orgasm. Although, If you are lucky and happened to

have a natural predisposition for multiple orgasms, you may develop the basic

multiorgasmic abilities within a few days. By basic multiorgasmic abilities I mean

the ability to have an orgasm without ejaculating and without losing erection.

However, once you reach that level, do not think that your development in this

area is over. There is so much more to being multiorgasmic than simply sustaining

an erection. Later in this book, I will cover advanced topics and techniques that

you could work on once you become a multiorgasmic man. But first, we need to

Male Multiple Orgasm

Practicing alone vs practising with a partner 25

get you to your first multiple orgasm and, as you can imagine, this will require

quite a bit of commitment on your part.

At this point, you need to make sure that you have enough will to go through the

exercises that I will teach you and to keep doing them until you achieve your first

non-ejaculatory orgasm. I can tell you what you should do and I can give you the

exercises and techniques, but I cannot give you the willpower to go through with

them. Therefore, I suggest that you make a commitment right now to keep

working on the exercises until you become truly multiorgasmic. The learning

process may be difficult and perhaps even discouraging at times, especially if you

fail at achieving your first non-ejaculatory orgasm many times in a row, but keep

in mind that the goal is well worth the effort and that you will be grateful to

yourself once you're there.

Practicing alone vs practising with a partner

You will have to decide how you want to do the exercises – on your own or

involving your partner. Some exercises can only be practiced alone, but there are

Male Multiple Orgasm

Practicing alone vs practising with a partner 26

others which can be done either way. Where appropriate, I will discuss variations

of the exercises both for single and couple practice.

Most men choose to do most of the exercises alone, at least at first, and that is

perfectly understandable – it can be difficult to explain to your partner what

you’re doing if you have never done it before yourself. When practicing alone,

there is also no fear of judgement or other psychological obstacles you might

encounter when doing the exercises with your woman. How you choose to do the

exercises is entirely up to you. If you choose to practice on your own, make sure

you can do so undisturbed. If you choose to involve your partner, make sure she is

completely supportive and understanding of what you’re trying to achieve.

If you are going to talk to your partner about your aspirations to become

multiorgasmic, it is a good idea to explain that this is not solely for your own

benefit and that your (as a couple) sex life is going to improve tremendously once

you become a multiorgasmic man.

Male Multiple Orgasm


Part II: The Method

Male Multiple Orgasm

A Quick Lesson in Anatomy 28

A Quick Lesson in Anatomy

Let’s quickly go over some basic anatomy of the male reproductive system. It’s

not really crucial that you know a lot about it, but it should aid you in

understanding the principles behind male multiple orgasms.

The above diagram is obviously very simplistic, but it should suffice for our

purposes. The penis is shown in its flaccid (not erect) state. Sperm is produced in

the testicles and during ejaculation, it moves up a canal called vas deferens. There

are two such canals – one for either testicle. The vasa deferentia (latin plural) pass

Male Multiple Orgasm

A Quick Lesson in Anatomy 29

the bladder on either side and link into the urethra via ejaculatory ducts. Urethra

is a tube that is mostly used for urination (hence the name). It starts at the

bladder and goes all the way out of the tip of the penis. Urethra is also used to

carry semen out of the penis during ejaculation. Semen is created as the sperm

from vasa deferentia gets mixed with fluids from seminal vesicles, the prostate

gland and the bulbourethral glands (none of them are on the image). This mixing

process happens already during ejaculation, around the spot where the sperm

enters the urethra. From there on, the semen gets pushed along the urethra and

finally propelled out of the penis by a series of muscles, in particular the

bulbospongiosus muscle. I will call it the BS muscle for short (BS in the sense of

bulbospongiosus, not the usual meaning). If you press a finger upwards into the

fleshy part right behind the scrotum, that’s the muscle there.

Now, there is one other particular muscle that is of great interest to us and that is

the pubococcygeus muscle, which is commonly called the PC muscle. You will

encounter this term a lot throughout the book. In fact, it is this muscle that the

whole concept of male multiple orgasm is based on. The PC muscle is a hammock-

like muscle and runs from the pubic bone to the coccyx (hence the name

Male Multiple Orgasm

A Quick Lesson in Anatomy 30

“pubococcygeus”). The pubic bone is a small bone and is a part of the pelvis. It’s

the bone that you can generally feel if you press fairly hard into the area where

your pubic hair is (or should be). The coccyx (pronounced “kok-six”) is more

commonly known as the tailbone and is simply the lower end of the backbone

(more properly known as the vertebral column). So the PC muscle runs quite a

long way from the front of the body to the back, being a part of what is called the

pelvic floor – the muscles that quite literally keep your organs inside you when

you are standing upright. The PC muscle is actually a pair of muscles, running on

either side of the urethra (you can see the point where the muscle and urethra

pass each other on the image) and the anus (not depicted).

When the PC muscle is tensed, it “shuts” both the urethra and the anus by

squeezing them from either side. We are not so much interested in the effect on

the anus as on the urethra, but it is still useful to know, since you can definitely

feel it. The most typical way of using the PC muscle is to stop the flow of urine

when you’re not yet finished emptying the bladder. Most of us have been doing

this throughout life probably without giving much thought about the processes

that go on the body at that moment. But now, knowing that and the little bit of

Male Multiple Orgasm

The Nature of a Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm 31

anatomy I have explained, you can probably already understand, at least in part,

what is supposed to happen during a non-ejaculatory orgasm. During a normal

ejaculatory orgasm, the semen moves all the way through the urethra

unobstructed and in the end gets accelerated by the bulbospongiousus muscle

(mentioned above) in a series of uncontrolled yet very pleasant contractions.

However, during a non-ejaculatory orgasm, we use the convenient location and

function of the PC muscle in order to prevent the semen from reaching the penis.

The Nature of a Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm

Generally speaking, if the semen does not get out of the penis during an orgasm,

there is no loss of erection. Now exactly why that happens, I’m not sure, but I do

have a theory. Please don’t take my word for it, since I don’t have a medical

education and my knowledge of human anatomy and physiology is rather

amateurish. Besides, as I have already said, there’s a lot of research yet to be

done in the area of human sexuality.

Male Multiple Orgasm

The Nature of a Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm 32

The bulbospongiosus muscle that I have mentioned earlier, has two well-known

functions – to empty the urethra of fluid at the very end of urination and to

propel semen out of the urethra during ejaculation. If you think about it, the two

functions are rather similar: an amount of fluid passes through the urethra and

comes to an end and the bulbospongiosus muscle then gives it a “final push” out

of the penis. In case of urination the contraction of this muscle creates a feeling

that you are “done” peeing for now, I guess you know what I mean. During an

ejaculation, the contractions of this muscle serve to tell the body that it’s “done”

with sexual intercourse and doesn’t need an erection anymore.

My guess is that the muscle “knows” to contract simply when it “sees” that an

amount of fluid passing through the urethra is coming to an end. In case of

urination, it would generally be a single flow that suddenly ends and so there is

only one contraction at the end. But since semen usually comes in several

“bursts”, there are more than one contraction to push the semen out and then a

bunch more “just in case” – just to make sure the urethra is empty of semen.

Every such contraction is an additional signal to the body to lose arousal and

erection. So therefore, if there is no semen passing through the urethra, the

Male Multiple Orgasm

Finding Your PC Muscle 33

bulbospongiosus muscle does not “deem necessary” to contract and so no signal

is sent to the body to lose erection.

Note that the feeling of orgasm happens nonetheless – the nature’s way of

rewarding us for reproduction. The nature didn’t quite foresee however, that we

humans will be smart enough to separate the orgasm from the loss of erection by

simply not giving the bulbospongiosus muscle a reason to contract. And that’s the

beauty of it. Again, this is all just my theory, but it seems quite plausible to me.

Finding Your PC Muscle

In order to proceed, you wil need to “find” you PC muscle. By “find” I don’t mean

seeing it or touching it, since the muscle is quite deep inside your pelvis, so you

won’t be able to do that. By finding I mean being able to tense the muscle

voluntarily and knowing what it feels like. Perhaps you are already aware of your

PC muscle and so don’t need to spend much time on locating it. If not, there’s a

few things you can do.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Finding Your PC Muscle 34

The thing about the PC muscle is that it usually contracts along with several other

muscles, including the anal sphincter (the muscle that shuts the anus), the

urethral sphincter (the muscle that controls the flow uf urine during urination)

and even the BS muscle. It is unlikely that you will be able to contract any of these

muscles on their own – they all contract together. This actually makes our life

easier, since we don’t have to think about finding specifically the PC muscle

among all those muscles, we can simply tense them all simultaneously.

The simplest thing to do is to go to the toilet when your bladder is reasonably full

and to start urinating. Once you have the flow going, simply stop the flow. There’s

nothing special you need to do, simply do whatever you naturally do to stop

urinating before your bladder is completely empty. Now hold it like that. If you

pay close attention, you will probably feel a whole bunch of stuff happening in

you pelvis. For example, you should feel your anus tightening up – it’s as if you

know that if were trying to defecate at that moment, you wouldn’t be able to,

because your anus is simply shut. Another thing that happens is that, just as you

stop the urination, the very last bit of the urine suddenly shoots forward at a

higher speed out of your penis than when it was flowing freely. That is the BS

Male Multiple Orgasm

Finding Your PC Muscle 35

muscle at work. Remember I said that the main function of the BS muscle is to

empty your urethra at the end of urination? That’s what it did and that’s why the

last bit urine gets accelerated like that.

Finally, the part of muscle action that interests us the most is one that is actually

the most difficult to detect. It’s the bit that actually stops the flow of urine and it

happens deeper inside you pelvis. The urethra gets shut by the PC muscle

(actually in combination with the urethral sphincter, but we don’t care about that

for the moment). The PC muscle is a bit slow compared to the anal sphincter, so

perhaps you will be able to feel it as the tension that comes on in the second or

two after the anus has already shut. And, as I said, it happens deeper inside you. It

is not crucial for you to be able to actually feel the action of the PC muscle at this

stage, so don’t worry about it too much. If you tense the other muscles in your

pelvis, you will also tense the PC muscle.

Try the urination stopping exercise several times, probably in separate sessions, in

order to get more comfortable with the process. Then, try doing the same thing,

but without actually urinating. Simply take a seat in a comfortable position, and

tense up your inner pelvic muscles the same way you would do if you wanted to

Male Multiple Orgasm

Finding Your PC Muscle 36

stop the flow of urine. Try to feel as many separate sensations inside your pelvis

as possible. Gradually you should become comfortable at doing this

spontaneously and consciously without much thinking.

Another way to think about tensing all these muscles is to do the same thing you

would do if you wanted to tighten your anus, as if you wanted to stop defecating.

The anal sphincter is pretty quick, but as soon as it has contracted, you should feel

some other muscles tighten up in the pelvic region, more towards the front of

your body. One of them will be the PC muscle. As if “stopping defecation”

exercise is not weird enough, here’s an even weirder thing you can try. Imagine

that, for instance, somebody wanted to pull a prank on you and poke you in the

ass with something like a broom or whatever. Got the picture in you mind? Now

imagine how you would react – you’d probably jump forward and tense up your

buttocks and hips. But you would also tighten your anus as a reflex. It’s a natural

defense mechanism that happens pretty much without our conscious will – not

unlike closing your eyes when something is about to hit you in the face. Try

simulating a reaction to an “assault on your ass” and then try to relax your hips

and buttocks without relaxing the anus. That’s the state you are trying to achieve.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Finding Your PC Muscle 37

I know, I know, that was one very weird example, but you’d be surprised at how

many men suddenly “get it” after I describe it to them. Perhaps it’s because it’s a

natural reflex and doesn’t require much conscious comprehension.

There’s yet another way of approaching the pelvic muscles. If you have an

erection, tensing up your pelvic floor muscles tends to harden the penis even

more and kind of makes it “jump” upwards. Perhaps you have been doing that

during you sexual activity without giving it too much thought, so here’s what you

can try. Get an erection (alone or with a partner, it doesn’t matter). Now, while in

a standing position and without using your hands or anything else, make your

penis “jerk upwards”. If you know what I mean, you will notice that during this,

something tenses up at the base of your penis and your erection also becomes

slightly harder for the moment. That’s primarily the BS muscle at work. Now do

the same “jerk upwards” thing, but this time keep any muscles involved tensed.

You will notice that not only is the BS muscle tight (you can feel it by touching the

area right behind the scrotum), but so is the anus, and perhaps also something

slightly higher up. If you can feel that something, that’s the PC muscle. If not, no


Male Multiple Orgasm

Finding Your PC Muscle 38

I hope that by using at least one of these methods, you will be able to figure out

how to tense your PC muscle. From here on, whenever I refer to tensing or

squeezing or contracting the PC muscle, I don’t actually mean tensing it

separately from everything else, because I don’t think you would be able to that. I

actually mean tensing up all these muscles of the pelvic floor I have been talking

about, simultaneously. It’s just that these other muscles don’t matter too much

for our purposes, so I will be referring to their joint tension as simply the tension

of the PC muscle.

Now let’s quickly talk about the isolation of the PC muscle. There’s a tendency for

men to tense up a whole bunch of other muscles other than the ones in the pelvic

floor when doing PC muscle exercises. The typical ones include the muscles in the

buttocks, the hips and also abdominal muscles. These are all groups of muscles

close to the pelvic region, so it may kind of feel natural to tense them when the

pelvic region is tensed. Some men even tense up their face. Obviously facial

muscles have nothing to do with the pelvic region, but I guess it’s simply the

effort that makes men grimace – kind of like “making faces” while pumping biceps

in the gym.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Finding Your PC Muscle 39

For the sake of doing the exercises properly I suggest to you that you try and

isolate the PC muscle from these other muscles that you don’t need to tense.

Again, and I apologise if I’m being too repetitive, you will have to contract the

other muscles of the pelvic floor in order to tense the PC muscle, but you certainly

don’t need to tense your abs, for instance.

While locating your PC muscle, and also later on, during the actual exercises,

every now and then, stop in the tensed position and mentally check your body.

Check your hips, calves, buttocks, abdominals, chest and even the face to make

sure that nothing unnecessary is holding tension. If you do find tension, keep your

PC muscle contracted, but try to relax that part of the body that you found the

tension in. Repeat this procedure often enough and you will soon notice that you

can tense your PC muscle in “isolation” from everyting else. This isolation is an

important part of being aware of your body and being in control of your sexuality.

Male Multiple Orgasm

About the PC Muscle Exercises 40

About the PC Muscle Exercises

You have successfully located your PC muscle and know how to flex it. Now it’s

time to exercise it to make it really strong. Your PC muscle will be holding off your

ejaculate while you will be having an orgasm. I’d actually stress the last word. You

will be having an orgasm while your PC muscle is doing some pretty hard work.

Which means, you won’t be able to concentrate very well on what your PC muscle

is doing, at least not if you want to enjoy your orgasm.

If your PC musle is weak, you will probably find it pretty difficult to call upon your

“willpower” in order to keep your PC muscle tensed all the way through an

orgasm. It’s different from the way it might work while pumping weights in the

gym. Imagine doing biceps exercises using really heavy weights while having an

orgasm. You simply won’t have the willpower or the concentration to do a rep.

Holding off your ejaculation with your PC muscle is in a way similar to doing a rep

with your biceps. That’s why you will need to develop a very strong PC muscle so

that you can leave the job of holding back the ejaculate to your “musclepower”

while enjoying your orgasm.

Male Multiple Orgasm

A simple non-ejaculatory orgasm 41

Most men never exercise their PC muscle because they never have good reason

to do so. In fact, most men don’t even know it exists, which is sad, because it’s the

one muscle exercising which can have an enormous effect on one’s sex life and

sexual health. I suggest that you read through the whole book before you start

doing the exercises, since some of them can be done in parallel.

A simple non-ejaculatory orgasm

Before you start with the actual exercises, here’s a little something you might

want to try to get at least some sense for what an actual non-ejaculatory orgasm

is like. I’ll tell you straight away that this trick might not work. In fact it has never

worked for me personally, although it does work for some men. This technique is

absolutely optional, so if you don’t want to try it, just skip it. It’s not bad in any

way, but neither is it necessary for actual multiorgasmic training.

The idea is to simulate the action of a strong PC muscle simply by using your

fingers. Here’s what you do.

Male Multiple Orgasm

A simple non-ejaculatory orgasm 42

First let’s find the spot you will have to apply pressure to when the moment

comes. The spot is essentially on your pelvic floor, between the legs, about

halfway between the scrotum and the anus, perhaps slightly closer to the

scrotum. It should feel kind of soft and muscly when you’re relaxed, but should

become pretty hard if you tense your PC muscle as I described earlier. You know,

if you were a woman, that’s where your vagina would be... Yeah yeah, I know

that’s a strange way to put it, but I think you understand what spot I mean.

Now try to keep your PC muscle relaxed and using two or three fingers (whichever

hand you are more comfortable with), press into that spot from below. “From

below” if you are in a standing position, that is. Press “into” your body, so to say.

Obviously, don’t hurt yourself, but you will need to press fairly hard if you want to

have a chance at making this technique work.

Now to try this for real, start stimulating yourself sexually, whether alone or with

your partner, it doesn’t matter. Don’t rush, let your arousal build up gradually.

When you feel you are about to start ejaculating, using your two or three fingers,

press into that spot you found and press fairly hard. Keep pressing until you feel

your orgasm (and ejaculation) is over.

Male Multiple Orgasm

A simple non-ejaculatory orgasm 43

Basically, the point is to try this out and to see what happens. I heard several men

reporting that they have done this and managed to hold off their ejaculation and

keep their erection on the first attempt. If that doesn’t happen to you, no worries,

as I said, it doesn’t work for me, for instance. Every time I’ve tried it, I either

ended ejaculating despite the pressure applied, or managed to hold off the

ejaculation but still lost my erection. If you have another look at the bit about

anatomy and the simple image I provided, you can see that this technique doesn’t

actually work quite the same way the PC muscle does. The PC muscle blocks the

flow of fluids (either urine or semen) a bit higher up than your fingers would with

this technique. Perhaps that’s the reason it doesn’t work for many people.

If it doesn’t work for you the first time you try, you can try again, but I suggest you

don’t spend too much time on this and get on to the proper multiorgasmic


Male Multiple Orgasm

Trying for a proper non-ejaculatory orgasm 44

Trying for a proper non-ejaculatory orgasm

Another thing you may want to try before getting on to the exercises is to have an

attempt at a real non-ejaculatory orgasm using your PC muscle. Don’t count on it

too much so as not to be disappointed, but you might be one of those rare

multiorgasmic “naturals” who don’t even know about their inborn abilities. If it

doesn’t work (which is most often the case), this attempt will at least give you a

perspective on what you are trying to achieve and why you need to do your

exercises. My assumption here is that you are quite comfortable with squeezing

your PC muscle and don’t need much time to “find it” mentally. Otherwise, you

can either practice finding and isolating your PC muscle as described earlier or

you can go on with the exercises below since they will teach this skill anyway.

The idea is the same as with the finger technique above, but without the fingers.

You start sexual stimulation, alone or with a partner, and gradually progress

towards an orgasm. As you feel that you are very close to ejaculation, like literally

one or two thrusts away, squeeze your PC muscle as hard as you can and try to

hold it though the whole orgasm. If you succeed, that is, you don’t ejaculate and

remain hard, I have one word for you: Wow! In this case, you’re pretty much

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 1: Short Contractions 45

done, but I hope you will still find the rest of the book useful in further developing

your abilities.

However, most likely you will lose your “grip” on the PC muscle as soon as the

ejaculation hits. You will ejaculate and perhaps have some strange semi-orgasm

and then lose your erection. Don’t despair! That’s exactly what we will be dealing

with for the most of this book.

All right, let us get on to the exercises then!

Exercise 1: Short Contractions

This first exercise is mainly aimed at increasing your awareness and control of

your PC muscle. It will also aid you in doing some of the future exercises,

especially the “Walking on the Edge” exercise and in increasing your sexual

pleasure. The idea here is to use short but powerful contractions which last no

more than a second.

Try this:

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 1: Short Contractions 46

Sit comfortably on a chair or a sofa and relax your body. Now quickly tense your

PC muscle in one strong firm contraction. You will probably notice that the way

your PC muscle tenses is not instant, at least definitely not as fast as tensing your

biceps or clenching your fist. The muscle takes time – perhaps half a second to a

second – to react to your “command” and become fully contracted. So what you

want to do for this exercise is to contract the muscle and wait until it’s fully

tensed. You really want to feel the firmness of your “grip” down there. If you

were urinating right now, the flow of urine would certainly stop. Once you feel

that the muscle is fully tensed, wait for about a second, not more than that, and

release. You will again notice that the PC muscle takes a little while to release the


Are you with me so far? Good. For this exercise we will consider one such cycle

(tense the muscle, hold for one second at full power and release) to be one “rep”.

If you are not used to working with your PC muscle, it may take some mental

effort to actually get comfortable with commanding and coordinating it. That is

perfectly fine and after a while of practicing the PC muscle exercises, you should

be perfectly happy with tensing and relaxing your PC muscle at will. As you do

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 1: Short Contractions 47

these reps, try to keep the rest of your body as relaxed as possible. There may be

a temptation or perhaps an uncalled-for reflex that will make you tense your abs,

buttocks or hips as you are doing these exercises. If you notice this happening,

stop with the exercise and try to mentally separate the PC muscle from the other

muscles – try to flex only your PC muscle as described earlier on. Keep in mind

that tensing your PC muscle will tense your whole pelvic floor, including the

muscles around the anus – that’s fine and you can’t avoid that. Once you’re

comfortable again, resume the exercise. Tensing other muscles of your body is

not bad per se or detrimental to achieving multiple orgasms (in fact we’ll be doing

that on purpose in exercises to come), but it is beneficial to develop a good

coordination down there if you truly want to be a master of your orgasming.

With this exercise, you will want to do about 20 reps per session. That is, you

tense, wait one second, relax, then again tense, wait and relax. And so on 20

times in a row. Make sure that at the one second peak of your tension you are

really contracting your PC muscle hard – you will need all the musclepower you

can get in order to hold off an ejaculation once we get to that part.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 1: Short Contractions 48

Do this exercise at least three times a day. Say, once in the morning after you

wake up, once in the middle of the day and once before you go to sleep. If you are

not sure, then keep doing this exercise for at least a week before moving on. You

will have to gauge your own bodily capabilities and adjust your workout

accordingly. If you feel that you can get away with more that three times a day,

you can try doing four, then maybe five. You can also try increasing the number of

reps per session from 20 to 30 and then perhaps to 40. Extra exercise is great, but

make sure you don’t go overboard and definitely read the next section on sore


Other than strengthening your PC muscle, this exercise helps you increase speed

with which you are able to tense. When working on multiple orgasms, you often

need to react quickly in response to the sensations in your body. Being able to

quickly contract your PC muscle at will is crucial to preventing ejaculation and

having a non-ejaculatory orgasm if the urge to ejaculate arises suddenly. Do not

worry about this right now, we will come back to this in more detail. For now,

concentrate on developing a quick and strong muscle down there.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Dealing with a sore muscle 49

Dealing with a sore muscle

Should you feel during the day that your PC muscle is sore, stop doing the

exercises for the rest of the day. PC muscle is a muscle like any other – it can be

trained, but it will get sore if it’s trained a lot. The sensation of soreness is slightly

different from what you may be used to with other muscles, such as biceps or

abdominals. It feels more like a slight discomfort down there, even when you’re

not doing a PC workout. So if you get the sensation that your PC muscle is feeling

tired despite it being quite some time since you last did an exercise on it, then

simply call it a day. It is unlikely you’ll cause any damage to yourself if you ignore

these sensations, but you certainly don’t want to get a really sore PC muscle – it’s

just uncomfortable and slows down your progress.

About the exercises in general

As you may have realised already, the awesome thing about power execises for

your PC muscle is that you don’t have to do anything outwardly visible in order to

do them. There’s no special equipment required, no going to the gym or anything

like that, not even any awkward poses involved. So, basically, you can do the

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 2: Long Contractions 50

exercises really whenever you are not busy doing anything else – waiting in a

queue, riding in public transport, slacking off at work, stuck in a traffic jam etc.

Initially, I would recommend doing the exercises while sitting down, just so that

you can concentrate better on exercising the muscle while not tensing any other

muscles in your body, but once you’re comfortable doing the exercises, there’s no

reason why you couldn’t do them standing or lying down or even walking. Make

sure you can focus on the exercise without making weird faces and that they

don’t disturb whatever you might be doing.

This approach can save you some time and also allow you to progress faster

towards becoming multiorgasmic.

Exercise 2: Long Contractions

Okay, so you have been doing the short contractions exercise regularly for at least

a week now and have probably become quite comfortable with using your PC

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 2: Long Contractions 51

muscle. It’s time to move on to the next exercise, or in fact to add another

exercise to your “workout programme”.

This time, you are going to tense your PC muscle and wait until the “grip”

becomes really firm – the same way you did it in the first exercise. But instead of

relaxing the muscle after a second, you are going to hold the muscle tense for

about 5 seconds. During those 5 seconds, you have keep the muscle really tense –

as tense as you can, really. This is very close to the type of PC muscle contraction

you’re going to be doing during a real non-ejaculatory orgasm, and trust me,

when you get there, you will need to hold very hard. So, in order to prepare for

that, make sure that whenever you do this exercise, you contract the muscle to

the best of your ability.

Similarly to the first exercise, after you have held your PC muscle tense for about

five seconds, you release it and let it become completely relaxed. Take a few

seconds to let the muscle rest and then repeat the process. So one cycle of

contract, hold, release will again be one “rep”.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 3: Very Long Contractions 52

I suggest you start with doing about 10 reps per session and if you find yourself

comfortable with that, you can move up to 15 or even 20. Don’t entirely neglect

the first exercise, but focus more on Exercise 2. It is best that you divide up the

time you dedicate to either exercise. So, if you did Exercise 1 three times a day,

now you might want to do two sessions of Exercise 2 and one or two sessions of

Exercise 1 every day. Again, follow your bodily sensations. If you feel that you

could get away with doing more workout, increase the number of reps per session

or the number of sessions per day. But if you feel that your PC muscle is getting

too tired during the day, give it some rest.

Keep doing this exercise regularly in combination with the first one for at least

another week. By the end of the two week workout period, your PC muscle

should be getting very strong.

Exercise 3: Very Long Contractions

This is the final power exercise for your PC muscle. Do not start doing this exercise

until you have been doing the other two exercise for a total of at least two weeks.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 3: Very Long Contractions 53

This exercise will require a lot of strength and endurance down there. If you try

doing this exercise too early, you might simply not have enough strength to do

even a single rep. I’m not saying that is definitely the case – maybe you have a

naturally strong PC muscle and will be able to do this exercise straight away, but if

you don’t want to risk over-exercising your pelvic floor and spending several days

with a sore PC muscle, I suggest you follow my recommended workout schedule.

The idea in this exercise is the same as with the previous two. You tense your PC

muscle, hold and relax. This time however, the period for which you hold your

muscle contracted is significantly longer – you will have to hold it tight for about

20 seconds. Don’t use a timer however – you won’t have a timer when are having

sex for real. Instead, listen to your body and count calmly to twenty as you hold

your PC muscle tense. Contracting your muscle, holding it for about 20 seconds

and then letting go will be counted as one rep.

At first, try doing 5 reps per session. Give your muscle a rest of at least 10 seconds

between the reps. If you are fine with doing five 20-second reps per one exercise

session, that’s great – it takes a lot of strength and it looks like you have it. In this

case, if you feel that doing so would be beneficial for your progress, you can try

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 3: Very Long Contractions 54

increasing the number of reps per session. I won’t give you any specific numbers,

because at this point you really have to learn to listen to your body. Increase the

number of reps gradually, as long as it feels like a good workout. But as soon as

you start getting seriously uncomfortable with the amount of workout you’re

doing, stop, give your muscle some rest and cut down on reps.

It may be the case that doing five reps in the beginning will be too much for you.

Perhaps even doing a single 20-second rep seems infeasible. That is fine.

Remember I said that this exercise requires a lot of strength and endurance. You

are probably simply not at the appropriate level yet.

If you are finding yourself in trouble, first of all ask yourself: have you been

diligently doing the first two exercises on a daily basis for a total of two weeks? If

not, then I suggest that you go back and do the first two exercises as

recommended. I know men often lack the patience to stick with one exercise for a

long time and try to up their workout very rapidly. That’s fine if it works for you.

But going for this third exercise is of no use if you don’t have sufficient strength

yet – you’re just going to torture yourself and then maybe end up with an

overworked sore muscle. In this case the rush will simply halt your progress.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 3: Very Long Contractions 55

In case you have been working out according to the schedule, but you can’t do a

single 20-second rep, the best thing to do is to adjust this exercise so that you can

do it. See how long you can hold your PC muscle tense for. Can you hold for 10

seconds? Is say, 12 seconds too much for you? Then do five 10-second reps per

session instead. As you become comfortable with the length of the period, you

want to gradually increase it. For example, the next day you might try counting to

11 and if that goes, you can jump to 13 for the next day. The idea is to eventually

get to 20 seconds. Be prepared for this to take quite a while. If necessary, increase

the holding period over course of a week. If necessary, do it for a month.

Remember to remain diligent and committed, because achieving your final goal of

becoming multiorgasmic is definitely worth the effort.

Now, if you can do one 20-second rep, but doing 5 in a row is too much, adjust

the number of reps instead. Do 2 per session, then do 3 the next day and so on.

Stay within your capabilities, but keep pushing yourself ever so slightly to

gradually progress to being relatively comfortable with five 20-second reps per

session (if you can call this “comfort”).

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 3: Very Long Contractions 56

Once you are at the needed norm – 5 times 20 seconds, replace Exercise 2 with

this exercise in your workout schedule. Exercise 2 is really just a preparatory

exercise for this one and is not that important in itself. Don’t however completely

abandon Exercise 1 – you still want to do at least one session of quick

contractions per day, because as I said earlier, that develops the speed at which

you are able to squeeze the muscle. So a good schedule might be: one session of

Exercise 1 and three sessions of Exercise 3 per day. Stick with what you are

comfortable with and increase the amount of workout if you feel like it. Keep to

this schedule for at least another week, so that by the end you will have at least 3

weeks of PC muscle workout under your belt (pun intended).

Another important point about this exercise: make sure you don’t rush with your

counting. I said not to use a timer so that you can better learn to feel the

sensations in your body. When counting in your head however, it may be

tempting to simply count a bit faster and get through the “grueling” workout

quicker. Remember, you are not doing this for the numbers, but for real results

and there’s no-one to judge you. When doing an PC muscle strength exercise, the

only thing that should be tense is the PC muscle. The rest of your body, but also

Male Multiple Orgasm

Excitement levels 57

your mind, should be relaxed. If you find yourself counting definitely faster than a

clock would count seconds, you are probably too tense in your mind. Take a

breath, relax your body and watch your counting speed. Realising that you can

hold for only 10 real seconds is much better than deluding yourself into thinking

that you can easily hold for 20 when actually you are counting way too fast. So,

don’t cheat, count slowly and hopefully you will come out of this with a

superstrong PC muscle that is ready for some real work.

Excitement levels

All right, we have covered all the power exercises that you use to train your PC

muscle for strength and endurance. It is now time to work on your excitement

levels. Here, I will be using the terms arousal and excitement interchangeably.

Your level of excitement basically determines how close you are to orgasm or

ejaculation. When you are busy doing some daily stuff and you’re not even

thinking about sex, you are essentially not aroused at all. When you orgasming,

Male Multiple Orgasm


you are at the peak of your arousal. It’s as simple as that. Perhaps this view of

excitement is a bit too simplistic, but it’s sufficient for our purposes here.

In order to be clear on what I’m talking about, I will be sometimes referring to

various excitement levels as percentages. For example 0% would stand for “not

aroused at all”, whereas 100% will mean that you are actually having a full-blown

orgasm. 50% might then mean that you are somewhere halfway through sex: you

are pretty aroused, but you’ve still got a good way to go until orgasm.

Personally I can’t say that I’m very fond of the idea of putting numbers on

something as complicated as arousal levels, but as I said, I will be doing it for

purposes of clarity and to convey my ideas more easily.

Point of No Return

I would now like to talk about a crucial concept in male multiple orgasm. You will

probably know what I am talking about from your own previous sexual

experience. It’s what I call the “point of no return” – the moment at which you

Male Multiple Orgasm

Point of No Return 59

realise that you are about to ejaculate and that you cannot stop it, even if you

stop all stimulation.

Suppose you are having sex and as you are approaching orgasm, your arousal is

constantly growing. At some point you will feel that your arousal is so high that if

you do another thrust or two, you will inevitably ejaculate. However, if you

completely stop at this moment, you will avoid ejaculation and also the orgasm.

You know what I’m talking about? Well, this is not yet the point of no return, but

it is a “very high state of arousal”. We could say it’s around 90% arousal.

Now, if, instead of stopping, you do another thrust or two, you will suddenly

realise that the ejaculation is coming about and there’s nothing you can do to

prevent it from happening. It’s almost as if you feel something starting to move

inside you (which is pretty much the case). Now this is the point of no return. We

will label this level 95%.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Arousal during Normal Sex 60

Arousal during Normal Sex

So essentially, what happens during sex, is that your level of arousal grows from

some number above 0% (you probably wouldn’t be having sex in the first place if

your arousal was actually 0%) gradually to about 90%. In the meantime it can

fluctuate slightly up and down, depending on your motion and mental state and

perhaps your conscious attempts to hold off ejaculation, but the general trend of

the arousal is upwards. When you reach 90% arousal, you can still prevent

ejaculation and orgasm by simply stopping any and all stimulation. You could, at

this point, literally just get up and get dressed and go through the rest of day

without ejaculating (although, admittedly, it would take a lot of willpower to do


Male Multiple Orgasm

Arousal during Normal Sex 61

If you continue with physical stimulation, as you normally would, then you will

reach the point of no return at 95% in literally one or two thrusts. Once that

happens, it doesn’t matter whether you continue stimulation or not – your

arousal goes from 95% to the full 100% in seconds and then you find yourself

orgasming and ejaculating simultaneously. That can last anywhere between a few

seconds and a minute or so.

After the orgasm, your arousal drops very quickly. Your penis becomes very

sensitive to touch, and you don’t really want any more stimulation. Your arousal

falls pretty much all the way to zero and that’s when you don’t feel like doing

anything sexual at all. From the nature’s point of view, you just accomplished the

big goal in life – you have passed on your genes – and so you can peacefully fall

asleep now.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Arousal during Multiorgasmic Sex 62

Arousal during Multiorgasmic Sex

So, what I described above is the way arousal develops for man having normal

sex, and that is what most men are used to. Now let’s look at how at how arousal

works during multiorgasmic sex.

As you start having sex, your arousal grows from some level above zero. Since you

know that you are multiorgasmic and that you will be able to have sex for as long

as you and your partner want to, you don’t have any reason to be trying to hold

off the ejaculation by slowing down or stopping the motion every now and then.

Of course, you can do so if it is pleasurable for you or your partner, but you don’t

have to. So your arousal is growing gradually, but fairly fast towards an orgasm.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Arousal during Multiorgasmic Sex 63

As you reach a very high state of arousal, approximately 90%, you engage your PC

muscle by squeezing it with “all your might” and keep moving boldly towards the

point of no return. As you pass this point of arousal, you start orgasming, while

still tensing your PC muscle. The orgasm is intense and extremely pleasurable. It is

even more so pleasurable because you know that even after the orgasm is over,

the sex is not over. The psychological part of male multiple orgasm adds a lot to

its pleasurability.

The orgasm will probably last at least as long as a normal ejaculatory orgasm, and

generally even longer. As you realise that the temptation to ejaculate is subsiding,

you carefully relax your PC muscle and enjoy the last few moments of the orgasm

itself. Interestingly, despite the fact that you didn’t ejaculate and that sex isn’t

over yet, you get to experience some of the post-orgasmic bliss that you are

probably used to with ordinary orgasms.

Your arousal level falls a bit, but not by too much, perhaps to 60% or 80%. This

largely depends on what extent you hold off your ejaculation to. The skill of

“regulating” your orgasms will come to you with practice and then you will be

Male Multiple Orgasm

Arousal during Multiorgasmic Sex 64

able to pretty much decide at what level of arousal you want to end up after the


Your erection might decrease slightly, but you won’t go entirely “limp”. At least

not if you did the non-ejaculatory orgasm bit right. Even if it does subside a bit,

the erection will probably return to its full state in a matter of seconds.

Since you are still aroused and you still have an erection, you can go on having sex

with your partner without pause (known as the refractory period). Your arousal

will again start growing until it reaches a very high level. This is where you repeat

the procedure of holding off your ejaculation using your PC muscle and having a

non-ejaculatory orgasm.

Say after you had four or fives orgasms and both you and your partner feel

satisfied, you decide that it’s time to stop. This time you allow your arousal to

grow to a very high level, but you don’t block the ejaculation. You simply allow

yourself to reach the point of no return and have a normal ejaculatory orgasm.

Your final orgasm feels even more powerful than it usually would, because now it

has been enhanced by all the previous preventions of ejaculation and now all this

Male Multiple Orgasm

Spasms and their role 65

accumulated tension gets released. Your arousal drops to its normal “daily” level

and your erection subsides like it does after an ordinary ejaculatory orgasm.

Spasms and their role

I call them “spasms” because it’s short. The more proper medical term would be

“ejaculatory contractions”. I have mentioned them earlier on when discussing the

anatomy of the male reproductive system and the possible nature of

multiorgasmic abilities. I’m fairly sure you know what spasms I’m talking about.

It’s those rhythmic and (usually) uncontrollable contractions that happen during

ejaculation and orgasm. They feel extremely pleasant and pretty much constitute

the core sensation of an ejaculatory orgasm. During the first few spasms of an

ordinary ejaculatory orgasm, a man ejaculates most of the semen for that session.

It is crucial for you, if you want to become multiorgasmic, that you understand

the role that these spasms play in male sexuality and how they affect your arousal

levels and your erection. You will really only “get it” once you start practicing

multiple orgasms and gain some experience. The essence, however, is as follows.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Spasms and their role 66

Each spasm is actually a rapid contraction of the BS muscle, the goal of which is to

eject semen out of the erect penis at the end of sexual intercourse. The pleasant

sensations that accompany these are also a great stimulus for men to want to

have sex. However, each spasm is also a signal to your body that sex is over and

therefore, the more spasms you have, the more erection strength you lose. Of

course, the erection strength will come back once your body thinks it is ready to

have sex again, but that can take a while. We don’t want to lose the erection in

the first place.

Using your PC muscle to block semen before it reaches the BS muscle area

eliminates the reason for the BS muscle to contract. That’s my theory anyway, as I

have explained earlier. Interestingly, despite not having spasms, a multiorgasmic

man usually still has orgasmic sensations during a non-ejaculatory orgasm.

All that said, you must now gradually learn to use these spasms and your indirect

way of controlling them by means of the PC muscle in order to control your

arousal levels and erection strength. Think of each spasm as a little decrease in

your arousal and also erection strength. For each spasm, you can either “hold it

off” or “let it through”. Holding off a spasm means not letting semen to get to BS

Male Multiple Orgasm

Spasms and their role 67

muscle area by keeping your PC muscle tensed. Letting a spasm through means to

keep your PC muscle relaxed, and have the BS muscle contract, causing a slight

decrease in arousal and erection, possibly with some semen coming out. With an

ordinary ejaculatory orgasm, you’d let all your spasms through and therefore

completely lose both the erection and the arousal. However, in order to achieve a

non-ejaculatory orgasm, you will need to hold off most if not all of the spasms.

The usual way for multiorgasmic men to have a non-ejaculatory orgasm is to hold

off the first several spasms and then see what needs to be done in order to have

the arousal level in the right place by the end of the orgasm. Since the first few

spasms are particularly powerful, letting any of them through will probably cause

you to lose erection. Also, as I have already mentioned, the PC muscle is not

particularly fast at reacting to your orders, so it’s difficult to try and let, say, only

one particular spasm through. That’s why men tend to hold off the first bunch of

spasms and then decide whether to relax the PC muscle or keep it tense, or to

perhaps tense and relax it several times during the orgasm.

You might think it’s best to simply hold off all of the spasms in any orgasm, but in

reality, you might end up having too much arousal left and having another orgasm

Male Multiple Orgasm

Practice makes perfect 68

right after, which may simply be exhausting. I will discuss this in more detail later


For now, I would simply like you to understand that it’s the spasms that you are

trying to hold off in order to have a non-ejaculatory orgasm, not the whole

ejaculation. When I refer to “holding off the ejaculation”, I generally mean holding

off an appropriate amount of spasms such that it lets you keep your erection. For

starters, don’t bother about which spasms you should hold off and when you

should relax your PC muscle. Just hold off as many as you can, preferably all of

them. As you learn and practice, you will gradually realise yourself what is the

best way to go about holding spasms off or letting them through.

Practice makes perfect

The level to which your arousal drops after a non-ejaculatory orgasm and the

amount of time it will take you to reach your next orgasm will vary. In your initial

stages of practice, they may vary quite randomly – sometimes you will feel that

you are about to have another orgasm just after you had one, other times you will

fail to properly hold off you ejaculation and completely lose erection for a minute

or two. Most of the time, you’ll end up somewhere in between.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 4: Ascending and Descending 69

As you gain more experience, gain better control over your physiology and gain a

better understanding of your sexuality, you will also gain an ability to decide on

how you want your orgasms to be. You might even be able to reach a level where

you are in pretty much a constant orgasm for several minutes – you hold off

ejaculation and drop arousal just a little bit and then orgasm again. The many

orgasms pretty much get blended into one big long orgasm such that they

become nearly indistinguishable from one another. It will require a lot of practice

and a very strong PC muscle to get to this level, but hopefully the possibility of

having a five minute long orgasm will provide some motivation for you.

Exercise 4: Ascending and Descending

Now we come to the next crucial exercise. This is not a PC muscle strength or

endurance exercise anymore. Instead, it allows you to develop a better awareness

of your excitement levels and to start using your PC muscle in order to regulate

them. You won’t be having full-blown non-ejaculatory orgasms yet, but you are

getting close.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 4: Ascending and Descending 70

There are two important points to be made about this exercise.

Firstly, this exercise can be done in parallel with the PC muscle strength exercises

(1,2 and 3). You don’t have to wait until you are done with the full course of PC

muscle training which, as you know, should last at least three weeks. I suggest

you exercise your PC muscle for at least a little while, say a week, before you start

doing this exercise. Remember to stick to your training schedule with the first

three exercises, even if you start doing this exercise. A strong PC muscle is still

crucial to developing into a multiorgasmic man.

Secondly, this exercise can be done both on your own or with your partner. How

you choose to go about it, is up to you. I will describe both methods so that you

can choose which is more appropriate for you. Perhaps you will decide to try the

exercise on your own the first few times and then involve your partner.

The idea of this exercise is to gradually let your arousal rise to a very high level,

then slightly engage your PC muscle to prevent the arousal from rising further and

then let it come down before repeating the procedure.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 4: Ascending and Descending 71

What should be said about the PC muscle at this point, is that it is not only

capable of holding off your ejaculation. Tensing your PC muscle also tends to

lower your arousal slightly or at least hinders it from rising further. Even if you

don’t stop the physical stimulation, you’ll notice that if you squeeze your PC

muscle, your arousal won’t rise as fast as it would if the muscle was relaxed. This

is the property of the PC muscle that we will be using for this exercise.

You will be increasing your arousal by means of physical stimulation. Since you

can do this exercise both with or without a partner, there are two ways you can

stimulate yourself.

If you are doing the exercise alone, you will essentially be masturbating in order

to increase your arousal. You can do this in either an “almost lying down” position

– you can for example lie on a sofa or on the bed an put a few pilliows below your

back – or you can do the exercise standing. The choice is up to you. For most men,

the lying position makes the arousal rise slower, so it gives you better control over

your excitement levels. The standing up position, however, might make you feel

more “alert” which may also be beneficial. If you are not sure which position to

use, try both and then decide which is better for you personally.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 4: Ascending and Descending 72

For this exercise, I suggest you use an artificial lubricant. This makes your arousal

progress in a smoother manner and the sensations are closer to real sex than with

ordinary “dry” masturbation. You can probably find lubricant in any sex shop or

drugstore. If you really don’t feel like buying lubricant, you can use baby oil – it’s

almost just as good. In the extreme case where you are absolutely itching to do

the exercise but don’t have any lube or baby oil at hand, you can even use oil

from the kitchen – olive oil, for instance. Just note that in this case it will probably

get very messy, so make sure you protect your bed/sofa/floor and have plenty of

handtowels nearby. My point is that you really should use some sort of lubrication

for this exercise.

When doing this exercise alone, you will want to apply plenty of lubricant to your

hand or your penis and start masturbating in a very slow gentle manner. And by

slow and gentle I really mean it. The masturabting habits of most men are such

that they use a very tight grip on their penis and move their hand back and forth

fairly fast. If you think carefully and compare how you would normally masturbate

to how you would normally have sex, you’ll probably notice that in the former

case the motion is significantly faster than in the latter. For the purposes of this

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 4: Ascending and Descending 73

exercise, I suggest you use a motion as slow as if you were having slow sex.

Imagine the motion of slow sex and use the same speed for this exercise. It may

feel strange if you’re not used to such slow movements when you are “on your

own”, but just stick with it and it will feel more comfortable after a while.

Now, if you are doing the exercise with your partner, you will basically be having

normal sexual intercourse. You will need to choose a position in which you (the

male partner) are in complete control of the motion. In fact, your woman should

not be providing any stimulation for you with her own movements, because she

will not know all the details of your arousal and that is what matters in this

exercise. I would not recommend the missionary position, because, although you

are in control of the motion, the fact that you are facing downward tends to

increase your arousal much quicker than in other poses. On the other hand, in

positions where the man is lying on his back, he doesn’t have much control over

the motion.

I would suggest two positions that are suitable for this exercise. The first is often

called the “butterfly” position. The woman is lying on her back and the man is

either kneeling in front of her if he is on the bed or he is standing beside the bed if

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 4: Ascending and Descending 74

she is on the edge, entering her from the front. It may make sense to put a pillow

or two under the woman’s buttocks in order to raise her pelvis. This is because

you want your motion to be as horizontal as possible and not downward oriented.

The other suitable position is “doggy-style”, which probably does not need much

explanation, but here it is anyway: the woman is supporting herself on “all fours”

facing downward and the man enters her from behind by, again, either kneeling

on the bed or standing on the floor if the woman is in the edge of the bed. If your

woman is comfortable with this position, it may be a bit better option since the

motion is naturally more horizontal than with the “butterfly” position.

If you are doing this exercise with your partner, I would still recommend using a

lubricant, unless your woman naturally gets very wet. If you are using a condom,

make sure the lubricant you get is condom-compatible, since an oil-based

lubricant can potentially break a latex condom. The motion you will be using will

still be a very slow and gentle motion, as with the solo approach. Also, remember

that this is an exercise, this is not “normal” sex – you shouldn’t be trying to please

your partner at this point. I suggest that you make sure that both you and your

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 4: Ascending and Descending 75

woman understand this. It’s important that you focus on your own bodily


When you start the exercise, whether alone or with your partner, take the time to

really notice all the sensations in your body, especially in the genital region, to

really feel your partner or your hand and to become really aware of your arousal

level and how it grows as you keep moving. Don’t rush. At any point you notice

yourself going a bit too fast for what you might call “slow sex”, slow down. Really

pay attention to your motion and pace because you don’t want to have your

arousal rise too fast.

Let us then start with the actual exercise. Apply the lubricant and either enter

your partner or hold your penis with your hand and start the stimulation. Feel the

arousal levels rise as you keep stimulating yourself. Remember – move slowly.

Breathe calmly and deeply, feel the pleasure. Try to feel not only the arousal in

your genitals, but the arousal of your whole body as your excitement level rises.

As you keep doing this, paying close attention to all your sensations, you should

soon notice that your arousal is reaching a point where you know that you are

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 4: Ascending and Descending 76

soon going to ejaculate. Not immediately, but fairly soon. Don’t let this feeling

slow you down or make you stop the stimulation just yet. You want to reach the

point that we have called “a very high state of arousal” – around 90%. This is the

point where you know that just one or two more strokes – and ejaculation will be

inevitable, however you can still stop it now by stopping the stimulation. This is

the point you want to reach, not earlier and not later. This point might not be

very obvious and that’s why you have to pay really close attention to your

sensations and proceed slowly.

Once you reach the 90% point, there are two things to do.

First, stop completely. Stop all stimulating motion and, if you are doing this with

partner, make sure that she also stops any stimulation she might be giving you.

Second, engage your PC muscle. The same way you tensed the muscle during the

first three exercises, tense it right now. You will feel your arousal quickly subside.

It probably won’t drop massively, perhaps to 80% or 85%, but you should feel the

difference. You should feel like you can do a few more strokes without

ejaculating. However, don’t continue with the stimulation for now.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 4: Ascending and Descending 77

You should squeeze the muscle just enough for the arousal level to drop to 80%-

85%. How long this takes will depend on your own physiology, but if you are not

sure about your arousal level, tense the PC muscle for 5-10 seconds. Once you

feel your arousal has dropped a bit, release the muscle and relax your body.

Now let your arousal gradually subside. Let it drop to about 50%-60%. Don’t do

anything during this time – don’t stimulate your genitals in any way and don’t

squeeze your PC muscle, just relax and breathe calmly. It’s okay if your erection

weakens during this period. If you are using a condom and your erection weakens

substantially, you might consider changing the condom before your resume.

So once you feel that your arousal has dropped to about 50%-60%, however you

define that for yourself, simply repeat the process: stimulate your penis, reach a

very high level of arousal, tense your PC muscle, let the arousal drop, release the

muscle and let the arousal drop further.

You will probably notice that with every such cycle, your arousal will rise faster

and faster during stimulation. It will also take longer and longer to have your

excitement drop while you are not stimulating. (This is by way, one reason why I

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 4: Ascending and Descending 78

don’t really like the idea of expressing arousal as a number – it doesn’t take into

account how fast your arousal rises or drops.) You don’t have to wait until your

arousal drops all the way to 50%-60% on every cycle. You can “raise the plank”

with every cycle if you feel like it.

How many such cycles you do, depends on your own preference. I would say, do

at least 3 or 4. It is quite likely that at some point you will “miss” the 90% point,

reach the point of no return and ejaculate. Don’t worry, that’s fine, you simply

need to learn to listen to your body a bit more and that will come with practice

and that’s what this exercise is for. Once you have done a sufficient number of

cycles and you feel that they are getting too quick, i.e. your arousal rises fast and

then doesn’t really drop, just let yourself ejaculate and finish the exercise.

Now, how often you do this exerise is entirely up to you. That will depend on your

sexual habits, on the time it takes you to “recover”, on the amount of time you

can dedicate to this exercise etc. I wouldn’t recommend doing the exercise more

than 2 or 3 times a day, but also not less than once every 2 or 3 days. If you stick

within these limits, your exercise regime is fine. Keep on repeating the exercise

for at least until you are finished with exercises 1, 2, 3 and maybe for a week or

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 5: Walking on the Edge 79

two longer. This will largely depend on your own feeling about yourself – how

much do you feel in control of your body and especially your arousal levels and

how strong do you feel your PC muscle is.

This is one exercise where you can really try to push your limits. Once you

become accustomed to the process, you can try delaying the moment when you

pause the stimulation and squeeze your PC muscle by more and more, i.e. tense

the muscle at a higher and higher level of arousal. Of course, this will increase the

likelihood of having an accidental ejaculation, but it will also teach you a lot about

your sexuality, so it’s definitely worth trying.

Exercise 5: Walking on the Edge

This is the final exercise before we go on to our first real attempt to achieve a

non-ejaculatory orgasm. If you have made it this far in not only reading, but also

in following the advice in this book, you are doing absolutely great. Just a bit

longer and you will be going for real multiple orgasms, so even if you are tired of

doing all the exercises, don’t stop now, you are really close.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 5: Walking on the Edge 80

This exercise will help you further increase your control of arousal and will further

enable you to make sense of what your body tells you during sex. It is difficult to

define this exercise in terms of specific steps, because it completely depends on

your ability to understand and control your arousal. Therefore, I will describe this

exercise only briefly in terms of general goals and the rest will be up to you to

figure out based on your own sensations. If you have really made it this far in your

exercise regime, that should be no problem to you.

You can do this exercise alone or with your woman, and everything from Exercise

4 in regards to position, speed of the stimulation, lubrication etc applies to this

exercise as well.

This time, you want to start stimulating your penis, again slowly, an let the

excitement rise gradually to a very high level – around 90%. Now, although your

stimulation is already slow, slow it down even more. You are now in “dangerous”

territory – right next to the point of no return. You go a bit too fast and you will

ejaculate, ending the exercise, which is something you don’t want just yet. Now,

your goal for this exercise is to stay between 90% and 95% arousal, i.e. in a very

Male Multiple Orgasm

Exercise 5: Walking on the Edge 81

high state of arousal but not reaching the point no return. This is a thin line –

that’s why I call this exercise “Walking on the Edge”.

Stay in the range 90%-95% by using your PC muscle when your arousal gets very

high, by slowing down, pausing and then again accelerating your motion as

needed. Try to stay in this range for as long as you feel “comfortable”. I know it’s

hard to call it comfortable, when you are on the verge of ejaculating but have to

keep yourself from doing it – it’s difficult both physically because of the ongoing

physical stimulation and it’s difficult mentally because you really want to

ejaculate and have an orgasm. But what I mean is, stay in this arousal range just

as long as you don’t feel overwhelmed by the effort you are making in order to do

that. Then, stop the stimulation and let your arousal drop. Give yourself a rest and

repeat the process.

That’s pretty much it for this exercise. Start doing the exercise after you have

done Exercise 4 at least five times and feel comfortable with it. Keep doing it

alongside Exercise 4, perhaps alternating them. I wouldn’t say that this exercise is

as crucial as the four others, but it certainly gives you a lot of experience of

“working on the edge” – that’s where you will be working when you get to real

Male Multiple Orgasm

Going for Your First Non-ejaculatory Orgasm 82

non-ejaculatory orgasms. Also, this exercise will provide you with a feeling for

how pleasurable this zone of very high arousal can be even if you are not planning

to ejaculate at the moment. Try to really enjoy this exercise, breathe deeply, feel

every little thing in your body and, if you accidentally ejaculate, don’t worry, just

let it all out.

Finally, we’re getting to the big thing you’ve been waiting for – the real non-

ejaculatory orgasm.

Going for Your First Non-ejaculatory Orgasm

All right! You’ve been diligent in your exercise regime and you have been doing

your PC muscle and arousal control exercises for several weeks now. You should

really feel by now, how much your understanding of your own sexuality has

progressed since you started out. You should feel that your PC muscle has grown

much stronger during this time. You can’t really feel or see that physically – it’s

not quite as obvious as having strong biceps or whatever – but you should be able

to feel it from how much control it has given you over your excitement levels. You

Male Multiple Orgasm

Going for Your First Non-ejaculatory Orgasm 83

should also feel that you understand your arousal much better than previously:

you know when ejaculation is very close, you know when you are about to cross

the point of no return etc.

If there is anything that you feel hasn’t been done quite diligently or where you

are not yet satisfied with your progress, I suggest you go back and do what’s been

left undone. It’s much better to go for your non-ejaculatory orgasms when you

know that you have been diligent in your preparation than to struggle with them

and not know where the problem is. Do more PC muscle exercises or do more

arousal control exercises or both, until you feel you are ready to move on.

If you feel that you are now ready to go for your first non-ejaculatory orgasm,

read on. You can do it either alone or with your partner, it doesn’t matter. Find a

time and place where you (or the two of you) will be undisturbed and can fully

devote yourself to the task. Note that, in all likelihood, it’s not going to be easy

and, as much as I would hate to discourage you at this point, be mentally

prepared that your first attempt might flop. If it does, don’t worry – it’s normal.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Going for Your First Non-ejaculatory Orgasm 84

Before you start, you should be completely relaxed and calm. I suggest you take a

few minutes to just sit calmly, breathe deeply and let all the muscles in your body

to release tension. A kind of a simple meditation. This will help you concentrate

on your goal and not rush.

Once you are ready to start, prepare the same way as you did for Exercises 4 and

5. You will want to use some lubricant and, if you are doing this with your partner,

you will want to assume one of the positions described in Exercise 4.

The initial process is pretty much the same as in the last two exercises – you want

to arouse yourself gradually, using a very slow, steady motion. Let your arousal

rise to a very high level and then stop the stimulation. Tense your PC muscle

slighlty, just to warm it up. Let your arousal fall to say 50-60%, the way you did it

in Exercise 4. This is all just preparation – you don’t want to rush straight into an

orgasm, because your body and in particular your PC muscle simply won’t be

ready to resist the sudden “pressure”. So, in order to prepare yourself both

mentally and physically, you want to let you arousal rise and fall a few times.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Going for Your First Non-ejaculatory Orgasm 85

Repeat this process (stimulate, stop, squeeze, let fall) a few times, say 2 to 4.

During these cycles, you don’t want to push your arousal too high, not like it was

recommended in Exercise 4. The reason is that you don’t want to accidentally

“overshoot” and end up ejaculating before you’re ready. And you also don’t want

to over-arouse yourself before your first non-ejaculatory orgasm. Also, don’t

tense your PC muscle too much – just a quick squeeze is enough – you want to

simply warm it up, but not get it tired.

If you have done a few up and down cycles and you think you are ready to

proceed, good! Let’s go for the orgasm!

After you have let your arousal drop for the n-th time, resume stimulation.

Proceed slowly, let your excitement rise little by little. Note the sensations in your

body. Breathe deeply and calmly.

As you reach a very high state of arousal of about 90%, slow down even more.

Stay in control of your arousal. Proceed very slowly towards the point of no

return. As soon as you feel that you are about to hit the point of no return,

SQUEEZE! Tense you PC muscle as hard as you can and stimulate right past the

Male Multiple Orgasm

Aftermath 86

point of no return. Stop the stimulation! But keep tensing! Keep tensing that PC

muscle! Squeeze it as if your life depended on it! Your body may get a bit out of

control at this point – you might tense up in weird ways – don’t worry about that.

Just keep squeezing. Keep you eyes open! You are orgasming and your penis will

want to spasm rhythmically. Don’t let any of those spasms through! Squeeze for

as long as you need to until the orgasm is over and you stop feeling the urge to

ejaculate. As you feel the pressure of ejaculation subside, slowly relax your PC

muscle. Should you feel the need to ejaculate rise again, eliminate it by squeezing

your PC muscle. Finally, relax you PC muscle completely. You’re done.


Congratulations! However your experiment ended, I congratulate you on your

first attempt at a non-ejaculatory orgasm!

In fact, there are quite many ways in which the above attempt may have ended,

so let’s go through them.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Aftermath 87

If you managed to hold your PC muscle tense through the whole orgasm, you

didn’t ejaculate, you retained your erection, perhaps even managed to enjoy the

orgasm a bit and are now ready for the next round, I congratulate you in double!

The preparation and the training have already paid off and you have achieved

your first full-blown non-ejaculatory orgasm. Read on to find out where to go

from here and how to further develop your abilities.

Chances are that, if you managed to not ejaculate and retain you erection, you

didn’t quite enjoy the orgasm. You were just so busy holding back your

ejaculation and the spasms that are constantly trying to overpower your PC

muscle, that you didn’t even get the opportunity to enjoy the orgasm itself. That’s

absolutely fine, it won’t be like that forever. As you develop your skills and gain

more control over you sexuality, you will also develop an ability to enjoy your new

orgasms at least as much, and probably even more than, your ordinary

ejaculatory orgasms. Keep reading and keep working on your skills.

It is also possible that you ended up having a sort of half-way success. You held off

a good deal of your ejaculation, but some of the spasms managed to get through

your PC muscle squeeze and you had what I call a “partial ejaculation”. Some of

Male Multiple Orgasm

Aftermath 88

your semen got out, but not nearly as much as you would expect from an ordinary

ejaculation. This probably happened towards the end of your squeeze, when your

PC muscle started getting tired and your mental focus started dissipating. It’s

quite likely that you didn’t retain your erection entirely, but didn’t go as limp as

you would after an ordinary orgasm. All of this is, again, absolutely fine and you

are doing great.

Another possibility is that you had some strange mix of effects. For example, it

may happen that you completely hold back your ejaculation – no semen

whatsoever gets out – but you lose your erection almost entirely, despite still

feeling aroused. In this case the erection usually comes back in only a minute or

two. Or, the opposite thing may happen – you ejaculate quite considerably, but

nevertheless retain a rock-hard erection with very little arousal left. If you

continue the stimulation form here, you’ll probably get your arousal back pretty

quickly and in a while will be able to go for another orgasm. All kinds of “strange”

things and combinations of effects may happen when you are working on your

multiorgasmic abilities. These are all part of your natural sexuality that you never

knew existed before, so don’t freak out, you are simply discovering your new

Male Multiple Orgasm

Aftermath 89

abilities. As you learn to manage your orgasms and arousal, these peculiarities will

gradually get under your control. Again, you are doing great, keep working.

Finally, your attempt at your first non-ejaculatory orgasm may have flopped

completely. As soon as the urge to ejaculate hit you, you completely lost your

control, the orgasmic spasms came one after another, you ejaculated and the lost

your erection. Maybe you didn’t even enjoy the orgasm. Let me tell you, you are

still doing great! The thing is, you simply ended up where the vast majority of men

end up. I completely failed at my first non-ejaculatory orgasm attempt, and not

just the first one. It took me quite a while before I achieved a proper non-

ejaculatory orgasm. Most men that I have taught these skills and those that I got

feedback from, have said that their first few attempt were complete flops. The

reality is, you don’t realise that it’s pretty damn difficult to control your body and

your arousal when you are having an orgasm, until you have tried it. So, there you

are – you have tried it! Now you know it’s quite difficult, but since you also know

what it feels like, it will now be easier for you to work on it. And that’s what you

have to do – just keep working on it. Read the next sections on where you should

go from here.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Where to Go from Here? 90

Where to Go from Here?

Whatever the result of your first attempt at a non-ejaculatory orgasm, the only

real thing to do is to keep working on it.

If you achieved a full non-ejaculatory orgasm or something partial, you have to

continue exercising both your PC muscle and arousal control. As you get more and

more practice, your skills will keep getting better and better. You will find it easier

to hold off ejaculations and fully retain erections as time goes on and you keep

developing your abilities.

If your first attempt at a non-ejaculatory orgasm failed, all you have to do is keep

trying. Re-read the section “Going for You First Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm” and try

again. If it fails again, try again and again and so on.

If you are having trouble with holding off your ejaculation, you will have to figure

out for yourself what it is that you lack. If you feel that your PC muscle was simply

not strong enough to hold off the pressure caused by the oncoming ejaculation,

then keep working out your PC muscle using the exercises provided earlier. If you

Male Multiple Orgasm

Trick: Breathing 91

feel that your arousal grew too fast and you simply missed the point at which you

were supposed to squeeze your PC muscle, perhaps you should work on your

arousal control (Exercises 4 and 5) and try to slow down the stimulation. I’m going

to cover a few additional tricks in the next few sections. Take a look at them, you

may find them helpful. Eventually, with enough experience, you should be able to

control your ejaculation without much trouble.

Trick: Breathing

Breathing can play an important role in your ability to control your orgasms.

There are a few things you can do with your breathing to see what effect it has on

your abilities.

As you approach an orgasm (one where you want to hold off your ejaculation),

start breathing deeply. Don’t breathe too fast or you might end up

hyperventilating. Simply take deep strong breaths, filling up your lungs completely

and then emptying them completely.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Trick: Eyes 92

The additional oxygen should improve your concentration which in turn will help

you keep good track of your arousal. The oxygen supply will also improve your

ability to tense your muscle. I am not an expert at physiology, but at least this is

the way I see it. Strong “manly” breathing also helps you feel strong and powerful

and this psychological effect can improve your control.

Trick: Eyes

When you were you going for your first non-ejaculatory orgasm, remember I told

you briefly to keep your eyes open? I don’t know why, but it seems to help many

men (myself included) to hold the PC muscle tense until the ejaculatory pressure

is over.

The natural reflex is to close your eyes during orgasm. This lets us briefly

submerge into our own world and completely bask in our orgasmic pleasure. This

is perfectly fine and you should be able to do it if you so choose once you are

experienced enough in your multiorgasmic abilities.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Trick: Look Up 93

However, closing your eyes also draws your concentration away from what you

should really be doing at the moment, namely squeezing your PC muscle. Perhaps

this is the reason that men tend to quickly lose control, relax their muscle and let

orgasmic spasms get through.

What I recommend you do is, as soon as you start squeezing your PC muscle, pay

attention to keep your eyes open. If you are doing this with your partner, you can

use the moment to gaze into her eyes or to enjoy her feminine beauty. From

discussions with other men, I have found to my own surprise that this is often

something they have never done. So, instead of submitting to your own bliss, you

can use the moment of your orgasm to connect with your partner on an

emotional or even spiritual level. And at the same time, it will help you keep your

PC muscle tense. An excellent thing to try, in my opinion.

Trick: Look Up

Now here’s another little thing you might want to try. It may or may not work for

you, but it’s certainly not much of an effort.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Trick: Abs 94

What you want to do is, while you are holding off your ejaculation, drop you head

backwards and look up. Open your mouth and breathe through it. You know, the

way you might imagine a person looked like when they are in complete ecstasy. I

know, this is not quite compatible with what I said about the previous trick – you

can’t really visually connect with your partner when you are staring up, but you

can try both of these possibilities and see if either of them helps you. In any case,

you should still try to keep your eyes open with this trick.

Trick: Abs

Do you remember when locating your PC muscle, I recommended you to keep the

other muscles of your body as relaxed as possible. That was simply to help you

mentally separate the PC muscle from the other muscles. Now that you have

been doing PC muscle exercises for several weeks and should have no trouble

squeezing the PC muscle on its own, I’m actually going to suggest the opposite in

order to help you with holding off your ejaculation.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Trick: Abs 95

As you start squeezing your PC muscle for the purpose of a non-ejaculatory

orgasm, tense up your abdominal muscles. If you tend to work out in the gym or

such, you should have a pretty clear idea of what that means. In case you don’t,

imagine your reflex if somebody was about to punch you in the stomach. It’s a

natural reaction to quickly tense up your abs when there’s a sudden threat to

your stomach area. So, bascially that’s what you want to do for this trick.

Tense up your abs simultaneously with you PC muscle and hold them tensed all

the way through. Again, I am not sure as to why this helps many men in their

multiorgasmic abilities, but it does. It may be that, when the pelvic floor muscles

are tensed on their own, they don’t contract to the same extent as when they are

tensed along with other muscles nearby. This may be for either psychological

reasons (e.g. you don’t have to waste your mental power on separating the pelic

floor from other muscles) or for physical reasons (perhaps the PC muscle’s ability

to contract is physically limited by the contraction of other muscles such as the

abs), I don’t really know. In any case, this is something to try.

Another two groups of muscles you can try tensing in order to enhance the PC

muscles ability to contract, are the muscles in your hips and the muscles in your

Male Multiple Orgasm

Trick: PC Muscle Lock-In 96

buttocks. Just see what comes more naturally to you, or try all of these


Trick: PC Muscle Lock-In

A very common problem for men attempting their first non-ejaculatory orgasm is

that their timing is too late. What happens is that they tense their PC muscle

already when the ejaculation is coming on fast. As a result, by the time the muscle

is fully tense, the ejaculation is already “happening”, the orgasm spins out of

control and the man proceeds to have an ordinary ejaculatory orgasm mixed with

a desperate attempt to hold off an ejaculation that has already started.

Remember I said earlier that the PC muscle needs some time, a few seconds

usually (but in many cases more than a few), in order to become fully tense. If you

practice enough with your PC muscle, you may notice the subtle details of how

the muscle, and your pelvic floor in general, functions. You start tensing the

muscle and after a few seconds you feel that it’s “at full capacity”, i.e. completely

tensed. But then, a few more seconds goes by, and you suddenly feel like the

Male Multiple Orgasm

Trick: PC Muscle Lock-In 97

muscle “locks in” to the tense position. This part is difficult to put into words, but I

will try to explain. At this point, you suddenly realise it’s almost comfortable and

normal to keep your PC muscle tense – it stops feeling like hard work. It’s not a

specific sensation, but more like a mental realisation. Perhaps, from the

physiological point of view, it has something to do with the fact that other

muscles in your pelvis also tense up accordingly and also that your body starts

supplying all these muscles with more oxygen to keep them working. Again, I’m

not a medical expert, so I wouldn’t know for sure. But in any case, this is what I

sometimes call the “lock-in” and it happens a good 5-10 seconds after I start

squeezing. So, that’s a few seconds for the muscle to get fully tensed and then a

few more seconds for the lock-in to occur.

The reason I am talking about this is that I personally, as well as quite a few other

men I have talked to in regards to this issue, find it much easier to keep an

ejaculation from happening during an orgasm if by the time the orgasm occurs,

the PC muscle is completely “locked in”. For this reason, if you are having trouble

getting your first non-ejaculatory orgasm, or even when you are already

multiorgasmic but for some reason are feeling a bit unsure about your ability to

Male Multiple Orgasm

Trick: PC Muscle Lock-In 98

hold off your ejaculation during a particular lovemaking session, it’s a good idea

to have your PC muscle completely locked in before you orgasm. That means

squeezing well up-front before the onset of the orgasm.

If you are not quite sure what I’m talking about (and that’s perfectly fine, since

the way you experience your sexual functions is very subjective), simply try this.

As you approach an orgasm, attempt to time your squeeze such that you start

tensing the muscle about 10 seconds (or even more) before you expect the

orgasm to happen. Of course, you wouldn’t know well in advance when exactly

you are going to orgasm and so this will require some calibration. If you are still

not sure, simply try starting the squeeze considerably earlier than you previously

have. See what happens. You may find it easier to keep the ejaculation from


As you probably realise, the drawback of this method is that your PC muscle gets

tired quicker than usual, since you are tensing it at full capacity for much longer.

And that’s another reason you should be diligent about doing the PC muscle

exercises, especially the very long contractions’ one.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Male Multiple Orgasms Are All Different 99

Male Multiple Orgasms Are All Different

As you practice and use your multiorgasmic abilities, you will notice that every

orgasm you have is different.

You have probably noticed even before you got your hands on this book, how

much the process of sexual intercourse depends on all kinds of factors. With male

multiple orgasms, this is even more pronounced. You will probably see that the

duration of stimulation before orgasm, the effort you have to put into holding off

an ejaculation, the “depth” of the orgasm etc all depend on various factors such

the amount of time since you last had sex, on your general level of energy, on

your “sexual exhaustion”, on your “horniness”, on your partner’s mood, on the

position etc etc.

For example, many men find that it is easier to hold off the ejaculation if you have

last had sex fairly recently, say in the last 24 hours. At the same time, it may be

more difficult to keep up an erection if you have been having sex several times a

Male Multiple Orgasm

Male Multiple Orgasms Are All Different 100

day for the last week. This all depends on your own physiology and sexuality.

These were just examples and may not apply to you at all.

Anyway, covering all the possibilities is way beyond the scope of this book and I

wouldn’t be able to do that simply because of the subjective nature of

multiorgasmic skills. You will have to figure these things out for yourself and this

is simply a part of your journey towards sexual self-discovery. If you learn to

understand what your body is telling you, you can significantly improve your

sexual life further – get more pleasure from it, bring more pleasure to your

partner and just generally become a “master of sex”, if you will.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Male Multiple Orgasms Are All Different 101

Part III: Further Topics

In this part I will cover some of the more advanced topics relating to male

multiple orgasm. Most of these techniques will become relevant only once you

are fairly comfortable holding off your ejaculation while having an orgasm and do

so regularly while having sex.

Male Multiple Orgasm

The Use of Partial Ejaculation 102

The Use of Partial Ejaculation

So far, partial ejaculation has been something that indicated that you still have to

do some work on your multiorgasmic abilities. Having some of the semen come

out during a non-ejaculatory orgasm meant that you weren’t able to squeeze your

PC muscle hard and long enough to hold off ejaculatory spasms. As a result you

probably lost some of your erection.

However, once you are comfortable holding off your ejaculation entirely, you may

discover that sometimes, you have an orgasm, but retain both your erection and

arousal “so well” that you almost immediately find yourself wanting to ejaculate

again. And so you have to either ejaculate and thus end the intercourse earlier

than you perhaps wanted to or to hold off another ejaculation. If this happens too

often during a single session of sexual intercourse, it can be very tiring for your PC

muscle and you will still have to ejaculate quite soon, so your sexual intercourse

won’t be much longer than it would be without using multiorgasmic techniques.

Plus the sex will be very “choppy” – you thrust a few times and then have to wait

until the orgasm is over, then you thrust a few more times and have to hold back

another ejaculation. So, you may find yourself in a situation where you would

Male Multiple Orgasm

The Use of Partial Ejaculation 103

want to lose some of your arousal at every non-ejaculatory orgasm so as to make

the intervals between the orgasms longer.

This is where partial ejaculation comes in. Basically what you want to do, is to

proceed with stimulation normally as you would with multiorgasmic sex and

squeeze your PC muscle as ejaculation becomes imminent. This time however,

somewhere during the orgasm, you want to quickly relax your PC muscle and

instantly tense it again. The idea is that during this short period of relaxation one

or two of the ejaculatory spasms manages to get through. Along with those

spasms, some of the ejaculate may also come out. As a result, you should be able

to retain an almost full erection while losing some of the arousal, thus extending

the time needed to achieve the next orgasm. Exactly when to relax your PC

muscle and for how long, you will have to figure out for yourself. With practice,

you can learn to maintain an absolutely rock-hard erection while not being as

aroused as you would normally expect to be in this state.

You will probably notice that it is not the partial ejaculation itself that reduces

your arousal. It is actually the spasms. It’s almost as if with every ejaculatory

spasm, some of the arousal leaves your body and will have to be regenerated

Male Multiple Orgasm

The Use of Partial Ejaculation 104

before you can have another orgasm. The interesting thing is, you don’t

necessarily have to ejaculate – you might actually have these ejaculatory spasms

without any ejaculate coming out. Thus the name “partial ejaculation” is perhaps

not very accurate.

Remember, in the beginning of the book I said that orgasms, and ejaculation are

separate things – if you have achieved a non-ejaculatory orgasm, then you have

already experienced this yourself. Now I would actually expand that statement:

orgasms, ejaculation, ejaculatory spasms, loss of erection and loss of arousal –

these are all separate things. The usual male experience is for all five to occur

simultaneously. That’s the ordinary ejaculatory orgasm. With advanced

multiorgasmic skills you will however discover that these five elements can occur

in almost any combination. How to achieve various combinations will be up to

you to discover, because this is a very individual process. Partial ejaculation is one

of the techniques to experiment with.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Total Release 105

Total Release

Once men harness the power of the PC muscle, there is an interesting tendency

among them to start using almost all the time. You are having sex and you are

constantly tensing and releasing the PC muscle, thereby “tweaking” and “fine-

tuning” your arousal the way you want it. It’s certainly a good thing to be so much

in control of your arousal, but only up to a point. If you find yourself constantly

pumping your PC muscle even when you don’t really need to hold off an

ejaculation, here is something I would suggest. Simply try completely and entirely

relaxing your pelvic floor when you are between two orgasms.

There are several reasons to try to do this. First, it frees up your mind from having

to be in complete control of your arousal and thinking when to squeeze and when

to release. This makes sex less “technical” and much more “sexual”. You can pay

more attention to your own sensations, to your feeling and definitely much more

attention to your partner. Secondly, it lets you preserve PC muscle strength and

endurance for when you really need it – the non-ejaculatory orgasms. Your PC

muscle can rest while you are enjoying yourself and is there for you when you

want to prolong the enjoyment. Thirdly, you might actually discover that keeping

Male Multiple Orgasm

Total Release 106

the muscle relaxed strangely increases the time between orgasms. Whether that’s

a good thing or a bad thing, is up to you to decide. I have personally found that I

prefer having significant periods of time between my orgasms, and so have quite

a few men I’ve talked to. Fourth, you might also discover that having the muscle

completely relaxed between the orgasms somehow tends to increase the

pleasurability of the orgasms that follow. I cannot proide a definite explanation

for this, but I think it has something to do with the fact that the arousal builds up

slowly and gradually and is not interrupted by constant squeezes, and so becomes

“deep” or “thorough” by the time of the next orgasm.

I’m not saying you should always keep your PC muscle completely relaxed when

you are not orgasming, especially since it would contradict some other stuff that I

talk about. I’m just saying it’s definitely something to try every now and then and

see how you like it.

Male Multiple Orgasm


Orgasming without pausing

Now this is something that you may started to wonder about: can you actually

have a non-ejaculatory orgasm without having to pause the stimulation in order

to prevent ejaculation? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that it will

take a considerable amount of practice, but is completely possible.

So, how do you go about getting this skill? Basically you have to add, bit by bit,

the amount of stimulation you get during your non-ejaculatory orgasm. If

currently you go about your multiple orgasms the way I showed you earlier in this

book and stop the stimulation entirely for the duration of the orgasm, then what

you have to do is to start by adding just a tiny bit of extra stimulation into your

non-ejaculatory orgasm.

For example, you are having sex and are about to ejaculate. You engage your PC

muscle and stop the stimulation. As you are holding off the ejaculation and see

that it’s going fine so far, so you make a thrust with you penis. This will often

make the squeeze more difficult, but if you manage to hold off the ejaculation

Male Multiple Orgasm

Orgasming without pausing 108

nonetheless, you have just increased your comfort zone. The next time you are

having a non-ejaculatory orgasm, you can try adding two thrusts in the middle of

it and see if you can still hold off the ejaculation.

This way, increasing bit by bit, very gradually, you will after a while find that you

can almost handle a continuous (albeit very slow) stimulation thoughout the

entire orgasm. Now you have to gradually increase the speed of this stimulation

every time you are having a non-ejaculatory orgasm.

Be ready to have quite a few “flops” while you are doing these exercises. Every

time you increase the amount of extra stimulation, you are stepping into

uncharted territories and sometimes will have unwanted ejaculations. Don’t let

this discourage you. Simply back down, stay at the previous amount of

stimulation for a few times and try to move up again.

This learning process takes quite a lot of dedication, but certainly pays off. Many

women prefer continuous stimulation as it makes it easier for them to achieve

vaginal orgasms. So if you are practicing this with your woman, she will probably

be grateful for you effort. In addition, developing this skill raises your control over

Male Multiple Orgasm

Accelerating an ejaculation 109

your sexuality to a whole new level and will probably be very satisfying for


Accelerating an ejaculation

Here’s a topic that you would have probably found absolutely ridiculous before

you found out about male multiple orgasms. Delaying ejaculation as much as

possible is probably the biggest sexual problem for most men. Multiorgasmic

abilites, however, give you such incredible abilities in holding off your ejaculation

that you may want to actually know a way of accelerating it.

You may find yourself in a situation where you have held off one or more

ejaculations and are now in a kind of an arousal plateau – you have a strong

erection and are quite aroused, but despite being in constant sexual motion, your

arousal doesn’t seem to increase. This may be a great situation to be in – it gives

you a chance to give your woman vaginal orgasms and to emotionally connect

with her during sex without racing towards an ejaculation. But at times, it can also

be fairly annoying. Maybe you or your partner are tired, maybe you are both

Male Multiple Orgasm

Accelerating an ejaculation 110

already satisfied with the sex or maybe you don’t have much time (for whatever

reason). In any case, here are a few things you can do to get your arousal to grow


First of all, you can try changing positions to something where your penis is as

downwards oriented as possible. It tends to be the case for most men, that the

more upwards-oriented their penis is during sex, the slower their arousal grows.

That is why “woman on top” positions are often recommended for men who are a

bit too quick to finish. (Poor them, they don’t know about male multiple orgasms

:).) For this reason I would suggest switching to the missionary position or

something like that if you want to ejaculate faster.

Secondly, you should try to relax your PC muscle as much as possible. When men

develop multiorgasmic abilities and learn to control their arousal using the PC

muscle, they tend to start using it all the time, squeezing it every now and then,

even when they don’t need to hold off an ejaculation. As I’ve said earlier, there’s

no problem with this, but it may become an obstacle to faster ejaculation. This is

kind of contrary to what I said earlier in the section “Total Release”. That’s

because it depends entirely on the properties of your own sexuality, which I

Male Multiple Orgasm

Accelerating an ejaculation 111

cannot really predict. What I suggest you do is try to relax your PC muscle entirely

and enjoy the “free” feeling that this gives you. You may notice your arousal

gradually starting to grow.

The third thing to do, and the one I personally find most efficient, is energy

breathing. This is a practice similar to energy breathing in meditation. If you have

done yoga, qigong or some other medidative practices that involve breathing

“energy”, you will probably know what I am talking about. If you are not

comfortable of thinking in terms of some mystical life-energy that you breathe in

and out, you don’t have to. Just think of it the same way you think of arousal – the

same sensation you feel in your genitals and your body during sex. Imagine you

are trying to control this sensation in different parts of your body by “breathing”

it in and moving it around your body.

What you want to do is to start “breathing” in and out through your penis.

Breathe in deeply, feel the air fill up your lungs and at the same time, imagine

arousal moving from the tip of your penis into the rest of your body. Really try to

feel how this arousal energy goes down the shaft of your penis and then spreads

into your legs, your abdomen, chest, your arms and all the way up into your head.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Accelerating an ejaculation 112

Then slowly breathe out. Let the arousal energy gather from all over your body

and stream into your penis, coming out of the tip right into your woman. Try to

visualise ejaculating at the same time. Now breathe in again. Keep doing this until

you feel your arousal lift off its plateau and start growing, or perhaps keep doing

it all the way to ejaculation. While doing such energy breathing, you can try

experimenting with breathing the energy through different parts of your body

and moving it into other parts. Play around with it, you will probably find it quite


This simple energy breathing exercise can be quite fullfilling in itself, but is

actually only a tiny part of a much greater topic of sex as a spiritual practice.

Unfortunately going deeper into the spirituality of sex is way beyond the scope of

this book, but if you haven’t previously encountered this area at all, then this

exercise can serve as a good introduction for you.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Importance of Changing Condoms 113

Importance of Changing Condoms

Perhaps I shouldn’t really be talking about this, and it’s probably superfluous

information for most people. But for the sake of staying on the safe side, I want to

stress that, if you are using condoms with your partner, it is very important to

change them regularly. If you are not using a condom, then of course, this bit

doesn’t apply to you.

You should change condoms for two main reasons. First, you will be having sex for

much longer stretches of time and of course, condoms, as good and strong as

they are nowadays, are not everlasting and the constant friction wears them out.

Using additional condom-compatible lubrication may mitigate the problem to

some extent but not entirely.

The second reason is that during “non-ejaculatory” orgasms you may experience

partial ejaculation. Whether it happens by accident or because of your deliberate

use of partial ejaculation to increase the interval between orgasms (as described

earlier), you may end up with some semen in the tip of your condom. Even with

ordinary non-mutliorgasmic sex, you may have some semen come out of the tip

of your penis before the actual ejaculation – also known as “pre-ejaculate”. In any

Male Multiple Orgasm

Amplifying Orgasms 114

case, semen in the tip of the condom increases the risk of the condom bursting.

Also, during continuous motion, the semen may actually move down the shaft of

you penis to the base of the condom and eventually make contact with the vagina

even with the condom intact.

I won’t tell you exactly how often you should change condoms, because that will

really depend on how you have sex and on the condoms you are using. I also

wouldn’t want to be held liable (even if just morally) in case I told you to change

condoms every X minutes and you have one break nonetheless. Just use common

sense and change every now and then during a long session of sex.

Amplifying Orgasms

Do you want to have more powerful orgasms? Yeah? Who doesn’t! Well, my

general approach would be to recommend practicing energy breathing in this

case, but there are two simple methods you can use to make your orgasms more

powerful, sometimes even mind-blowing.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Amplifying Orgasms 115

Recall the “Walking on the Edge” exercise. That’s where I asked you to achieve a

very high state of arousal and then try to stay around it for a significant amount of

time by alternating between stimulation and PC muscle squeezes. Well, as it

happens, using this same little technique when you are already multiorgasmic can

significantly fuel up your orgasm which comes right after the process. Keep in

mind that, if you are trying to have a non-ejaculatory orgasm, powering it up can

make it more difficult to control. But that’s not a reason to avoid using this

technique before a non-ejaculatory orgasm, since constantly pushing your limits is

the best way to learn and progress. If, however, you do this little trick right before

your final ejaculatory orgasm, it can seriously blow your mind, so definitely try it

once you are comfortable. The idea is very simple then – as you approach an

orgasm, start oscillating your arousal at a very high level. Do this for a while (you

will have to figure out yourself how long you want to do it for) and then simply go

for the orgasm. Enjoy.

The other method I can recommend, and this applies mostly to ejaculatory

orgasms, so you might want to do this when you are about to have your final

orgasm for the day, is to do a slight squeeze right after you have passed the point

Male Multiple Orgasm

Final words 116

of no return. When a man is very close to ejaculation and he is actually planning

to ejaculate this time, the most common approach is to continue the stimulation

right into the orgasm and perhaps all the way through the ejacultion. What I

suggest you do instead, if you want a stronger orgasm, is to proceed with the

stimulation only up to the point of no return. As soon as you realise that this is it -

you are going to ejaculate and there’s no way back (barring a really powerful PC

muscle squeeze) – you stop the stimulation and quickly tense your PC muscle.

This should be just a very quick little squeeze, on and off, and should happen

before you actually start ejaculating. This should create a little delay in the

ejaculation, and almost like a feeling of suspence although you already know that

ejaculation is inevitable. Just a little pause... and then the orgasm comes rolling in.

It’s a lovely little trick, nothing difficult, but can seriously enhance your final


Final words

All right, you are all set! As you can see, developing multiorgasmic abilities does

require some commitment and some knowledge, but the rewards are huge. Some

Male Multiple Orgasm

Final words 117

exercising and some experimentation, and you’ll be having the sex of your life!

Hopefully I have done enough to encourage you to strive for these abilities and

laid out a clear path in front of you.

Here’s one last thing I would like to recommend you. Don’t get bogged down with

technical aspects of the exercises and techniques. Remember that your body is

yours and only yours. I wouldn’t be able to know or predict the exact sensations

and details of your sexuality even if I really tried. Even if something that I say in

this book sounds fairly specific or detailed, it doesn’t mean it will be exactly that

way for you. The material I present is for general guidance and you should feel

absolutely free to vary or modify my ideas to suit your own needs. Experiment,

play around, fool around, try stuff out. Sex is about love, joy and fun, and so is

male multiple orgasm.

It’s very likely that there will be further editions of this book and perhaps even a

“sequel” if that term is at all applicable to a “how to” book. Therefore I more than

welcome any reader feedback. Please do email me if you have any comments or

suggestions. Email me if you have any questions that I have left unanswered.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Final words 118

Now go, do the exercises, become the master of sex that you were born to be and

come back to this text whenever you feel like.

Have fun and keep it up! (pun intended)

Male Multiple Orgasm