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Many, coming out of the Amish seem to have grown up as orphans.

Though they come from large

families, they don't know true family life. Consequently, they feel inadequate, deprived and struggle with

The answer that is becoming more and more popular is to go back and find all the bad issues that made
you the way you are today and to help you overcome them and become a better person.

I would like to simply go to the scriptures. The Bible says we have been adopted. Gal 4:5. We have been
born again - born into another family - the heavenly family. 1Pe 1:23; Eph 3:15. Did you know we not only
have a father in heaven but a mother as well? Its true. Gal 4:26 calls the heavenly Jerusalem the mother
of us all. Heb 12:22

There is a most amazing message in the Bible. Its called the Gospel. Paul said he is not ashamed of the
gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation unto those who believe. Rom 1:16. That is, he
didn’t fear that the gospel wouldn’t stand up to the philosophies of his day. Nor was a afraid that there
was a sin it couldn’t deliver people from. He had absolute confidence that the gospel effectively worked to
bring about real deliverance to all who heard it and believed. 1Th 2:13

What is this amazing out-of-this-world message? The gospel message is that God has taken us who were
in the old family of Adam, us who were in the flesh with all its sinfulness, lusts and drives, pride,
wickedness - us who had a bad family life, us who were under the wrath of God - and crucified us with His
Son. On the same cross at the same time. We died with Him. We were buried with Him in the same grave
He was buried in. And when He arose from the dead, we came up with Him. Together we ascended up to
heaven and are sitting in heavenly places. Where our father and our mother is. Rom 6. Eph 2;

No process, no walking through your sin and learning to overcome. Simply execute you and start over
with a brand new glorified body: Jesus Christ’s! Wonderful, wonderful message.

He doesn’t help us. He doesn’t try to fix us up. No training, learning principles, counseling. But rather,
wiping us out. Killing us. Raising us up again brand new creatures in Christ Jesus! All that is left of a
believer is Christ.

Not by prayer, Bible study, confessions, dying to self, fasting, seeking God, abiding or surrendering.
Rather he puts us to death. Rather than any type of improving, He executes us. There is nothing He could
do with us so He simply destroyed us. Rom 6:6.

And when he destroyed us, all of our sinfulness was destroyed. (how wonderful it is to say it when nobody
is here to say how dumb I am to believe such foolishness!)

My sins are gone. My old me is gone. My struggles with sin are left in the grave. All struggles I got from
my culture and my family are no longer part of me. Jesus is my life now. By his stripes I am healed.

It’s a most radical answer to our sin. The message is that rather then deal with sin, He deals with the thing
that does the sinning. Rather than helping you with your sins, He just gets rid of you so sin won’t be a
problem. Rather than, removing your “curses”, He removes you.
Now, the real cool thing is that I don’t have to feel this or experience this death to believe it. In fact, I won’t
experience it until I die. :) I don’t have to feel spiritual to claim this wonderful reality. I look to the fact that
Jesus did the dying and raising again 2 thousand years ago.
How can I say I died and rose again at the same time He did when I wasn’t even alive yet? Okay, the
moment I believed and was born again, the Spirit of God baptized me into the body of Jesus Christ.
(nothing to do with water) I became a member of His body. I am bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh.
Now, having been placed into Christ, His history is now my history. What happened to Him happened to
me. At the same time.