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Jeff Askey

Leading Contender
2010 Championship

O u r P a s t C h a m p i o n s
One of U.S. Oldest Bull Riding Associations

In operation since 1994, SEBRA was established in Archdale, North

Carolina and is one of the longest, continually running bull riding
associations in North America.

Known as the Southern Extreme Bull Riding Association, SEBRA has

now expanded to basically cover the United States. For certain the
coverage in the West will take a while to rival that East of the Missis-
sippi, but grow it will and our expectations are high.

As the association continues to grow with a large number of events in

many parts of the country, we continue to be known as SEBRA, “the
Southern Extreme Bull Riding Association”. For too long our an-
nouncers and members have lived with the “Southern”, ironically
even in the northern most parts of Michigan and now in the western
hills of Northern California.

SEBRA has worked hard to become an association recognized for its

good reputation. It is an association that puts its producers, contrac-
tors and members first, assisting in everything from event promotion
and taking call-ins, to helping bull riders obtain sponsorships.

Sanctioning over 250 events in 2009 and finishing 2010 with an incredible 325 events, SEBRA prides itself in working
with contractors and producers whose focus is on quality shows. The average attendance at smaller SEBRA events is
eight or nine hundred, but generally exceeds twelve to fifteen hundred at the average SEBRA event and many larger
events will have two or three thousand.

It all started on a bull ranch in North Carolina where Carson Davis had a weekly get-together with a practice-pen full of
bucking stock. Davis hauled his veteran bulls all over the country as a stock contractor, but needed to test his young
stock. Local riders and many not so local, would come to Carson’s on the weekends to get on the bulls and get the

Later Carson's son Jerome Davis who is the 1995 PRCA World Champion Bull Rider would become a legendary PBR
rider before his unfortunate crippling accident in 1998. But before that, Jerome and friends, near & far, bucked bulls
and learned to ride. Practice pens became jackpots ... the riders started throwing some money in the pot; winner take all.

Record keeping soon was needed with Tiffany Davis and Chan Canter doing the job. Then a formal show here, one
there and soon an association was beginning to take shape. SEBRA has helped produce such veteran PBR bull riders like
J.B. Mauney and Brian Canter.

SEBRA is unofficially a semi-pro association with events suitable to a range of experience from amateur to professional
depending on the events and the Producers; quite often SEBRA events feature PBR caliber bulls and riders. Even as a
top PBR rider J.B. Mauney often rides where he started ... at 1997 SEBRA Champion Bull Rider Boyce Knox's weekly
events. And by the way, Bones one of the PBR Bull of the Year Champion Bulls has spent a lot of time dumping riders at
Boyce's events at his North Carolina Ranch.
SEBRA’s Annual Recognition Awards
Each year SEBRA members complete a ballot honoring
our outstanding Members in several categories

All year long, event after event, there are Announcers,

Secretaries, Bull Fighters, Barrel Men and more ...

Our members see many of them regular, some of them

occasionally and others never. But in the end, the compiling of all
the ballots is usually a pretty accurate assessment of who is who in
SEBRA and it is from this we award the recognition and an
impressive engraved Award Buckle.

Have truck, will trav-

el. Bob is a perennial
winner of this award.
With his bag of Cow-
boy photos with him
he waits for months,
but Bob will have a
rider’s photos in that
little satchel when
they are needed!

Producer of the Year ... not once, but 3 times

2007, 2008 & now 2010!
SEBRA’s Top 40 Bull Riders
On these pages you see the photos of the 40 top Bull Riders
in all of SEBRA; from over 1,250 riders that climbed on
bulls during 2010 these tough, young men survived & were
the best!

A number of good riders fell prey to injuries during the sea-

son, even as late as last week, removing them from the list.
This is not a game for the “weak of heart”, this is a world 2 Danny Schlobohm
1 Jeff Askey
where “survival of the fittest” has true meaning. Each time Beech Creek, PA LaMonte, MO
out, a rider has about an 85% chance of getting a “rank”
bull, but that is what they want. You can’t score good points
riding a “dud”; you need a rank bull to demonstrate your
riding skills and score high points.

8 Dusty Gailey 9 Royle Scrogham 10 Carlos Garcia

7 Brett Maurer Archdale, NC Waddy, KY Hammondsport, NY
Roger, OH

15 Alex Pitchford 16 Brandon Davis 17 Charlie Coble 18 Devin Hager

Richwood, OH Lodi, OH Seagrove, NC Farmington, PA

23 Joey Smith 25 Branden Maready 26 John Westerfield

24 Jason Tinsman
Elizabethtown, KY Princeton, NC Fairmont, IN
Farmland, IN
4 Ralph Hobson 5 Brandon Chambers 6 Michael Lane
3 Josh Faircloth
Breman, OH Newport, NC North Tazewell, VA
Randleman, NC

11 Dustin Bowen 12 Chad VanAmburg 13 Shane Stiffler 14 Trinity Dunkelberger

Fredericksburg, PA Archdale, NC Houtzdale, PA Gerrardstown, WV

19 Cody Martin 20 Corey Atwell 21 Kyle Hannon 22 Josh Moorer

Butler, GA Moravian Falls, NC East Berlin, PA Oneonta, AL

27 Wade Masters 28 Rowdy Rice 30 Charlie Weatherspoon

29 Ty Green
Waddy, KY Easley, SC Bethel, OH
Brookville, OH

* notes past champions

Extreme Bull Riding Agenda

Friday night, Jan 28th 2011

6:00pm - Doors open
7:00pm - CJ Solar, Music
8:00pm - Championship Event starts
- Opening ceremonies
- Introduction of Riders
31 Ryan Miller 32 Justin Steele 33 Carrson Hiatt 8:20pm - Bull Riding & Barrel Racing
Waterloo, IN McArther, OH Rosalia, KS 11:00pm - End

Saturday night, Jan 29th 2011

5:30pm - Doors open
6:30pm - Jamie Buckley, Music
7:30pm - Championship Event starts
- Opening ceremonies
- Introduction of Riders
7:50pm - Bull Riding & Barrel Racing
10:30pm - End

35 Will Jennings 36 Austin Gosnell

34 Alex Jenks
Elizabeth City, NC Mt Airy, MD Sunday afternoon, Jan 30th 2011
Cherryville, NC
12:00pm - Doors open
2:00pm - Championship Event starts
- Opening ceremonies
- Introduction of Riders
2:20pm - Bull Riding & Barrel Racing
5:30pm - End of competition
5:45pm - Awards Ceremonies

37 Brenton Chaffin 38 Kyle Carson

39 Bryce Loyd
Riner, VA Evans City, PA
Haysville, KS

40 Todd Phillips
Barton, MD

A Bull Rider’s “tools of the trade” ...

Fast Horses, Beautiful Cowgirls ... sounds like SEBRA’s Top 20 Barrel Racers!
Not just fast, but agile, trained-to-the-teeth, a
lot of riding skill; that’s Barrel Racing.

2 Casey Rom 3 Sissy Sams 4 Brittany Adams 5 Mersates Sims

1 Teresa Quay Stanardsville, VA
Hillsboro, OH Gum Springs, VA Dunn, NC
Urbana, OH

6 Carol Brown
Bradford, PA 7 Jessica Cantrell 8 Tiffiney Sims 9 Jill Happ 10 Tami Weilnau
Johnstown, OH Stanardsville, VA Mt Sterling, OH Wooster, OH

11 Julie Stovall Cherie Etchebarne 13 Amber Mostoller 14 Gena Cox 15 Shondria Miller
Midlothian, VA Linville, VA Louisville, KY Germantown, OH Urbana, OH

17 Kristi Gilmore
16 Dawn Powell 18 Sarah Rowe 19 Darlene Crumley 20 Ashlee Owens
Bethel, OH
Dansville, NY Salem, OH Spencer, OH Amelia, VA
Southern Extreme Bull Riding Association

6 1 1 1 Ca n t e r Roa d Ar c h d a l e , NC 2 7 2 6 3 T e l : ( 3 3 6 ) 8 6 1 - 2 2 1 9 Ema i l : Ch a n @goSEBRA. c om