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‘DECLARATION OF EMERGENCY DIRECTIVE 031 WHEREAS, in ace 2019, the United Stats Ceaters for Disease Cont and Prevention began ‘monitosng a outbeak of trpietry ness cauted by 2 novel coronavirus St dented in Welan, “Hubei Province, Chins and WHEREAS, on Febsaty:1, 200, he International Committe on Taxonomy of Vises named ‘his novel eosonavizu “eves acute respsstory syndrome cornavina 2 GARS.CoV.2)” and WHEREAS, on Februty 11, 2020, che Wotld Health Organization named the deste cased by SARS-CoV-2, “COVIDAD# and WHTEREAS, due Wot Heth Organization advises thatthe novel covonavit that ceutes COVID- 19 Vea i highly conagiow, snd spreads though tspistorytrnamison, and ditect and indice contact with infected persons aad staces; snd WHLEREAS, the Wosld Heth Organization aries that txneision occuss though both droplet ‘ad ssboro tsmision, here droplet teansmision occus when a peson xia clore proximity t0 Someone who i infected wit COVID-19; and WHEREAS, the Wosld Hath Orgonization advises that contact txnemiesion occits by dict contact with infected people ot indiect contac with surfaces contaminated by the nore cosonavite, tad WETEREAS, on Match 5, 2020, Cat County and Washoe Counry both spotted the Gist known soe of COVID 19 in the Sta of Nevada ned WHEREAS, on March 11,020, the World Heath Organization declared COVID-19 « pander; aad WHEREAS, on Masch 12 202, 1, Steve Sila, Governor of the Sue of Nevada ieued a Decision of Bmetgency to fciate the Stet’ sexponse tothe COVID-19 pandemics and WHEREAS, on March 15, 2020, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States decane a rationwide emergency pastant t0 Sec. 801(6) of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and ‘Eimergency Assistance Act, 2 US. 5121-8207 (he “Staford Act) and WHEREAS, on Match 14,2020, I formed a medic adveory team to provide medical guidance snd ciently based secomitendations on measites Nevada conld implement o beter contain snd ‘risa the spread of COVID-19; nd WHEREAS, infections duesse and pubic heath expets advised that minimising interpersonal contactslows the ste at wheh the eas prens, aod is necessary to void overwhelming heltheace systems, commonly seferzed co as “attening the curve"; and WHEREAS, since te Much 12, 2020 Declantion of Emergency, I have issued 30 Ditectves ‘pursuant to that ander to povide fr the safety, wellbeing, and public health of Nevadans and the ‘dmiaistation ofthe Sate cf Nevada; and WHEREAS, thse Disecsves wetepromlated to redoce inerpesonalcoatact and promote socal istancing to Baten the cave; an WHEREAS, many tentats in Nevada have been diecly of indzely impacted by the economic ‘zmpace of the COVID-19 pandemic, end as esl, those tenants and lenders have been unable to ‘tay cutenton ental or maspage payments fr thet homes and/o: business; and WHEREAS, ay lands have been dey or indizety impacted bythe economic fallot ofthe COVID-19 pandemic, anda «ret, those ndlords have been unable fo collect rental or mortgage payments of esidentl end commercial properties and WHEREAS, on Mecch 28,2028, | ssved Divetve 008, to ensure the safety of Nevndane and Dsineses and WHEREAS, on June 25, 210, | issued Directive 025 which insted phased appeoach olin the seuctons provided in Dixedve 025; nd WHEREAS, on August 7, 220, [signed SBI ofthe 32 Special Sesion ofthe Nevada Legitre into law and WHEREAS, SB1 provides that Nevada coats could establish by mle an expedited progam of slremate dispose resolution concsning evcsons; and WHEREAS, 5B1 provides hat eit prucelig pssst w Unt Acc sny be saya fr not ane than 30 days to fctatetheimplementation ofthe alteznatveesoltion dispate progam; and WHEREAS, NRS 2.160 provides that the Supeeme Coust may promulgate res that go into effect no eooner than 60 dey afterentry oF x onder adopting such sles; and WHEREAS, provisions of Dzectve 008 and Diecive 025 ate st to explte on August 31,2020 at 1159 pm, porto the implmentation of SBI; and WHEREAS, a August 2%, 2000, che Foden! Hossing Finance Agency (FHFA) snsousced that asi Mae and Fiedle Mas wil extend the moratorium on single femal foreoauce and sea esate ‘owned evictions unt atest December 31,2020; snd WHUEREAS, FPA Ditecae Ma Calbia sid the extension of the moratorium was “to help keep horzowets in thet homes dung the pandemic”; nd WHEREAS sn of Avg, 2000, 69,228 Nevadans have been infected withthe COVID-19dease: sad , 2020, 1,305 Nevada have de fom the COVID-19 dent; and WHEREAS, 1s of Aogost WHEREAS, as of Avgust 31, 2020, Nevada is sill above the Wosld Heath Organization daly posi infection rte of 50% with 29.1% day post sate for COVID-19; and. WHEREAS, the resumpticn of eviction procecings pice to the implementation ofan atemative _ssluton dispute peogea potmant to SBI i anathema to dhe wishes of dhe Nevada Lepihtse rd WHEREAS, as of Asgost 31,2000, News courts zequze in-person Sling nd paticipation for cviton proceedings and WHEREAS, « sudden inflsx of penons ia Nevada's cousts will incense opporturities for tuusiision ofthe novel cxonavire that causes COVID-19; nd WHEREAS, Nevada's Chief Medial Officer and public hth experts advise aguns lage indoot thsings where socal dtuncng may not be feasble; including jstice courts where ceowds muy [phe i the volume of eon cates inezenes sgncaly and thee ze no effective mease fot ‘entate to electronically nd pardcpate in «cout easing and WHEREAS, the Chief Mecsl Oficer and public heath expects advise that individuals who are experiencing homelessness ave an increased valaeailty to COVID-19 expomue and hve less sccess to adequate medical exe; aad sod WHEREAS, a of Avgost 31,2020, here tno cue ot vaccine for the COVID-19 digas WHEREAS, NRS 414,060 oatines powers and duses delegate tothe Governor diag the existence of a iate of eieigenc, inducing withovt limitation, dieting and contwaling the conduct of the {genet public and the movement and cession of movement of pedestians and vehicular talc dung, before and after exarises ot an emergency ot dinates, publi meetings or gatherings and WHEREAS, Assi 5, Seaion 1 of the Nesuén Constition provides: “The supreme execatire power ofthe State, shall be vested in a Chief Magisuate who shall be Governor ofthe Slate of Nevada" and NOW THEREFORE, by he wshosty vested in me as Govesnorby the Constintion andthe laws of te State of Nevade and the United States, and pursuant to the Mach 12, 2020, Emergency Declantion, {ITS HEREBY ORDERED THAT: SECTION 1: The provisions of Ditesive 008 and Diseesive 025 eto expte on Angst 31,2020 at 11159 prm ae hereby terminated. fective Angus 1, 2020 at 11:59 pam. through October 14, 2020 #f 11:59 pan, the laittion of a nanpsyment of rent summary eviction action by reve of « ay ox git sodce pusuant to NRS 40.253 shall be pried SECTION 2 A violation cf he provisions of thie Dizectiveconsintes the use of coercion, duress, ‘otlntimidton in transaction passant to NRS 595, 0923(). SECTION 5; “The Supe Cout of Nevada tnay exetieitsinecent thority a separate banc of government to waive the provision of NKS 2.120 reqiing 60 days beeen the hotce of ety of new tle ad its implementation for the purpoe of adopting new rules to implement SB. IN WITNESS WHBREOF, I have hereunto ct ny hand and caused the Guest Seal of de ‘State of Nemads to be affixed atthe Ste Capitol in Catan Ci, thie 31° day oF August, in the yee to hound twenty of be Ske of Nevada K Gapyabe Secremiy of ate ‘Depuy Secretary of Sate