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Is homework beneficial for children?

For many years, there have been an ongoing debate whether homework is beneficial for
children or not. Some people think that homework puts great pressure on children. After
spending five-six hours at school they have trouble focusing what makes them nervous and
overstressed. What’s more important, children are still growing, their brains aren’t yet fully
developed, and it is crucial that they get a lot of exercise and free time after school. In this
busy world, it is also a big responsibility falling onto parent’s shoulders. They have to make
sure the children finish their assignments, when they would rather spend this time on fun
family activities. The other group says that homework is an important part of learning how to
work on your own and how to be disciplined with yourself. Those are the skills that are useful
later in life. This task teaches students assertiveness and responsibility. Furthermore,
homework gives children the chance to practice what they have learned in the classroom such
as reading, writing, spelling and times tables. Each child is different, has different needs and
capabilities what also should be taken into consideration when elaborating on the importance
of homework. For those who have troubles at school, homework is a time when they can
revise and think through what they’ve learned at school once again. There is a famous saying,
that I entirely agree with, “Practice makes perfect”. This timeless truth perfectly fits into this
topic and that’s what children should be aware of. For many children, it is not enough to learn
at school as they can be distracted by other students. Often the classrooms are overcrowded
making it impossible to give each student individual attention. In this particular case
homework gives children the opportunity to gain a deep insight into the problematic topic at
home in a quiet environment. The systematic practice helps develop children’s thinking skills
and improves the understanding of the material introduced in class.
Even though homework is very time consuming task, in my opinion it’s extremely
important for personal development and it also can be great time to spend with your children.
Parents should be more involved in this process and make children feel it’s not only a chore
but a time to bond and learn at the same time. From my point of view homework teaches us
to be responsible and accountable for our actions. This skill will be extremely important in
our adult life which is full of obligations and deadlines. To be successful and fulfilled we
have to work hard and feel a need to develop ourselves and that’s what homework teaches us
and prepares us for.