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Anthro 31.

Asian Civilization
Activity (Geography of China)


To familiarize the students on the geography of China in order to identify specific landmarks of
historical, cultural, political and economic relevance.

Materials required/needed (individual):

Maps, laptops, geography books, any reading material/reference about East Asia/China

Specific Instructions:
a) Every student shall use as reference any of the materials which were required to be
brought individually to the class.
b) Every student must answer the following questions by writing it BRIEFLY and
CONCISELY in the yellow paper.
c) MWF classes shall answer Part I on Wednesday, while Part II shall be submitted as
assignment (in view of the Marist Day on Friday).
d) TTH Classes shall answer Part I on Tuesday, and Part II on Thursday, respectively.
e) Outputs for Parts I and II shall be submitted to the activity facilitator at the end of each

I. Chinese Geography and Trivia

1) Using the points of the compass, north, south, east, and west, where does China have
land borders? Sea borders?
2) In which continent is China?
3) With how many countries does China have a common border?
4) Water and rivers have always been very important in Chinese history. Can you tell why?
5) Looking at your map, where do you think most people would be likely to live? In the west
of the China? The east? Why?
6) Why would the Chinese want to build the Great Wall?
7) What are China's two major rivers?
8) What is loess? How is it useful for human habitation?
9) Why is happening in the area called "The Three Gorges"?
10) If you wanted to travel in China with a row boat, which river would you choose to go on
and why? Could you travel by boat from one river to another without going into the open
sea or carrying the boat across land? Which parts of China would you see if you did
11) Why is China the core of East Asia?
12) What countries in East Asia were particularly influenced by China?
13) Is China the most populous nation in the world?
14) Where is China's most arable land?
15) What areas of China are most populated?
16) Which country is bigger, China or the United States?
17) What crops do the Chinese grow?
18) What is the difference between the western and eastern regions of China?
19) Why is interregional trade important in China?
20) Do the differences between the regions create problems for China?
21) How many provinces are there in China?
22) What cities have provincial-level status in China?
23) How many autonomous regions are there in China?
24) What is the Special Administrative Region (SAR)?

II. Travelling to China (use your creativity in this portion)

Plan a trip in China so that you can travel by boat, by train, by car, by foot, and by camel.
Decide which parts of China would be best for each mode of transport. Imagine what you eat in
the different regions you travel through. If you needed to talk with the local inhabitants, how
many languages would you need to know? Would you need different clothes in different regions
so as not to be too hot or too cold? If you stayed in the homes of the local inhabitants, how
would these homes be constructed?