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Dear Ms Pratibha, 31.10.10


Greetings from tennderGreens!!

We are pleased to offer you a position at tennderGreens Holidays as per the following assignment details.

Designation : Director – Marketing

Date of Joining : 01st November, 2010
Location : Pune, India
Role : Marketing and Brand Management
Monthly Fixed Salary : Rs 4,000/-
Reporting to : Shiju Radhakrishnan, Director – Sales

We once again welcome you to the family of tennderGreens and wish you a pleasant association ahead. Please take a look at
Appendix A: Terms and Conditions as part of this offer and send it back to us, duly signed on all pages.

Thanks and Regards,

Chitra | Director – Operations | tennderGreens Holidays

www.tennderGreens.com | PH: +91 99 4606 1094 | chitra.s@tennderGreens.com

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Signature of the Employee Date

CHENNAI: D42, Arihant Heirloom, Thazhambur Main Road . Chennai 603 103
COCHIN: No 1, Tranquil Towers, Seaport-Airport Road, Kakkanad PO, Cochin 30. Kerala
DUBAI: PO Box 117491, Dubai
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pe rs ona l iza ti o n
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Appendix A: Terms & Conditions

1. The roles and responsibilities of the profile offered to you is broadly based on the discussions which has occurred
over the last one week and on the mutual understanding of the expectations from either of us – you as an
employee and tennderGreens as an employer.
2. The remuneration of this offer is as follows,
a. Rs 4,000/- per month, as fixed monthly salary, credited to your bank account, before 05th of following
3. The primary responsibility of the company is to provide unique travel experiences to its customers under two
major service portfolios – Ayurvedic Retreats and Honeymoons & Romantic Getaways.
4. The primary responsibility of the employee is to own the brand of tennderGreens and help communicating the
right message to its potential customers. With that, the employee is expected to completely take over the
responsibility of chalking out the relevant marketing strategy (predominantly internet based, at the moment) and
execute them in collaboration with the rest in the team. Of the various channels of communication, the following
are a few, but are not limited,
a. Website and its associated blog
b. Social Media forums like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Flickr, YouTube, Slideshare etc
c. Travel forums like TripAdvisor, HolidayIQ, IndiaMike
In addition to the above, the employee might also have to provide necessary support in the following discrete
activities, based on the bandwidth and their relevance to job,
d. Support in sales, by way of supporting in making key proposals and presentations for B2B clients
5. Although there are no strict working hours to be followed, it’s important that we respond to the end customer
needs as and when it arises. In that sense, it’s a 24/7 interface with the needed segment.
6. This subject agreement shall be revoked, with a prior notice period of one month from either parties
7. Lastly, the company believes that a mutually engaging relationship among various stakeholders is the key to
building a successful organization. However, under unfortunate circumstances of any disputes on the subject
association, the filing shall be taken only under Jurisdiction of Cochin

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Signature of the Employee Date