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5PA,CE.J!N 1,'ISi YE'A'RIBIDOI. 1111'Iu, leU' -= dU.,a'nl, li'u~blll,h.'d i_ilm ',I I. 'i (II" k, W'arliea, IPu'!'Ii~,hinll ICO.,;' Edll'OIi'I~11 Ud¥.,ft'i'lrF ,ani S,u.,uimp,. tlo'lill OII:II!- at 12'1 E'. 'W,alhllnl,t~" I'Dn-,~ IPhlllEuilellip'hl'liI 1,8", IP,a.

'tI1Iftl,_dl hi " .. S.A. En.lliiB COIl!lJG,ntl Clop"l'lig'hrIilJd 11"1,., I., Wia l'iJ~ln "'ultiJ'III'liflilhmg ,Co.

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IPulltUI,h 'r" .~, 'glv,-,n, be _I-'nto! t~I,~d!dl. ih'irlld a,u.' or 10111 -rwl. dilPIDil- II ,.1 II, wa'r 01 "'Iu:l!e" axep,. at ,~.,-, 'I~n . r.,ta~11 I_dci=' ID/F Sik per 'IOP',= andl 'I~u:lt It 'lhlaU ft1Gt IlJu 'lent. r-'lrol',." Ihllr _,dl DUil ar _l'h ,1'.:1:11' ildl~.p 101' ,d '01 lIn 'D 0iI~ .. '~III,Ed'ad IG'El'nlcUI'I',gn Oili' lIn ,ani, IIIlnlll,ul'h", 0111.111'1:11 ImllilnnG'r [h, :W'D,' al 'r.d, =' I.!X~ CI,pl 1lllu'lo,ulgh 'Did natlloiliull dllstdlb'uli,U 'IIndl 'I:h,::::h'i - II!iIIUiI,heriJII_,d cIIll"!rlhutGl'il~



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JOIIUr m:IIP'iiIS, of

Ih e II C'II~'I:I o,I,llrr's, IEdii:t~'a'nll;

'I1MI 'I,a lel,t 'aft elIl :SIII'BCI hu,l :S:pitU:1 i,tems now 'I;!Iv!glli,urDl,., by maU (A~R''',MA,IIIL ~f you 10118 'I'ln lal hu,rr"~')!I'


Preiliimlnary' wo·rk iDn S[piCliCJe' FUml b,eg'ilnls w;'thl Conce,t of: R'oc,ke'4'

Mere Sp·alce Mod,els'l ~Do'k;ng ·r,e.a:rka·bl,y Uke the Riled M,cCo'r!; "0 c.ORl!e~ (IP'hofo~ of Jacque Fre~c'Q' des,i,'ns f~.r BRIGHIT 'T'OM'QRII'DW;o]

In mid-air .. The beam mo¥ed a foot to tile rlgAt: a;n·d revwetlthe frightened .f,ace of the yrn.m.g girl, her red-I'.ouged lips ,draWll inti) an "0:'" of te:r~()l, hands ,cbltched to· the temples of her' "Wild hair, ,eyes· pointed dOWD~ ward ,at: a 90Q angle,

Waveringly the light travelled down the trembling gn.l till, accompanied by a ,ga,sp',; ..it reached her ankles=and the thing of horror upon which she had trod ..

"Good. Lordl ,,' -The exclamatioa invoiuntarilywrung itself from tbe man's pale~ lips .. ';"Blob Karnes] And we saw him aUv'B' Dot more than 10 minutes ago]"

,61·e m'UIII,III,Y Iro,1D fII. Ifte'feo"r

But if the hideous caricature of It man at their feet· had ever been alive, it was ditficult to believe now. Like nothing so much he looked as an Egyptian mummy, re .. moved. after 3;000 years from his ancient tomb and then clad-In a spaoesuftl Fol' tke cold, dead figure wore the standard equip .. ment of protection ,agamstalien atmos .. pheres and interplanetary vacuums of all those who brave the starways,

But now the pliant rubber fabric was gashed and "torn, the glass visor uf the hel-

t hed d I dTh'··

me smast Ie an jagged; ! .11SW-aS a spaee-

0, d " . ~ - '. . 1l.. .. ~

suit Jestfloy,ed by an explosion or cSllgllJlt ]11

a collision with a meteor,

- -

And the man. inside The flesh had

instantaneously been ripped from . his, be , as tho attacked by a million soldier ants, the terrors of the jungle, or 8 school ol pirha.nnas"the peril-fish, ,of the South Am,eri~ can waters. that can devour a full .. grtfl<WD man in a matter of: moments, His hands were bony claws, his eyes sunken hollows, and his, white ribs could be, counted,

Death in Space is Violell't and not pllea8!ant to )'Qok upon.

Fortunately my companion and I wer·e Dot looking at the real thlng" 'but a cleverly constructed, life-like:, life-size r~produ£ti'Qn ,af einemacror Robert Karnes, who met a

lite - 11 +.... d ~. LIJ!... . .. . .a1,_ B·.J'

.,,~.-. ··r~y~ mf!{,~onc enc :[~, iLd,le space liu;n Hliu~

ers to t, b. D'S" tar

1_,_"_- _.~. I •• '.I_.~ 1.·UI,'8.

Biders to the Stars is the dramatic s,tOFY of ,8 nerve-wraekihg near future' and a peri .. 1008, preliminary s,tepi that may have to ~

_ ~

_:0 on the star .. w,ay' 1eadingto the 00Il-

quest of space. It poses the DOlt iDlpassihJe


$t.,a'ge 2: :M.edid',ers of the Pro.p Dep't. w"el~k ,o,n' +be -C:~in~st,r'uct'ionl .fa M,ode~ S,pcu:esh:ip,. S,eale-:: lli'=l'iOIQ'. 'fPhohl from WHEN W'O,RLDS 'CO'LLIDE .. ]-

'C'D.mp.,e-ted IM'D·d·e~s Otre Ptllt ~n'to p,fac,e. fC,culilJdi,dl~sltot, frena TO'ky'o-showin, tt.le if1:staUCllt'i'C',Ii,n of R-,olcJce' ,as,e 1,·1· for ·26 e'p'isolde TV s,eriJes c.aUed "he fxpecUtio,. of 'the R,oe.kef A,Algel. J

· ~ -

- 7- .....

.. .-

pr em~ ~upP'osiQg even the -

say vanadintil1 sbptnl.d pvove .. uate t.{S smeldl'([Je.k'ets from some invisil),Ie it:OD cur .. fain in th~ sky'? Supp@sing,Ej$, Infite p,~cmEa'," test ~fDckets shaulld, hurtle be8:venws.rd at 3,000 ndles a minute, onIytol JDe;p'ea:te;dlty tumble baek to earth ~-theil stru.Ciuresf:!f,y-sr-o

talli~ed ana shatte:r,ed1 . "

Thefbeory lsadvanced that meteors m space may be surrounded by sOnJe ,cbemiQal coating whieh pnotecta, their core from cis .. , mteg.rati.on by til@ mereiless cosmicraysi.

T·o ,I.""ct· t'ho J;.'hJ:!lO~1 a' "p- -rlt::l'"' 1t¥'I£i,*"',&rIi-- - -

_ " tie"" I " ""';' lit ".;;1"'-.1' , I U ~~' ·JLI"'&~Ul' ,. Of.l~

whose p'lotectiv'e sb8D. hasnot been bum~d away by fric.tion from passage thm ,QUI' at .. mosphere, has to, in :efi:eet" be captured ..

Feming' the establiShment ,of anIron Cur-, tam in the 'sky if: the free,wrOr~d d(l@,Sll~t establish aspace station fus,t~ the !Office, of Seientirfi,c .Invesiigation draf'ts anllmber g[ technical experts -to enga,ge themselves with the problem, Atmst the men, in crrmplliete ignorance of their eventual mission" ,arre tr,eated Hhecandidaies .for SOUle mtute -schoo.~ of Space Cadets. They are subjeQted to ,a variety ,of tests, both psycholog]'cw and pbysIDcal,the fg·rmer being'pe:tiormedt@ test for' ,claustr~pbdlbes, lliitahrUity qUQrtieBts,,, ete, The bod_y tests call £or ,811pelow:nan: ,en .. durance of heat, gr,avityand other bav.ails of the Cent,rifugre~

the choiees are narrowed down :W a men. fOI :3 rockets.

Takeoff! The trio oif meteor hunreills rise ,almns,t simultaneously' ,to It height. of ap-

prox:lm,f,J/ltely 150rn:nes." ~

Robert Karnes is Ute !, ' ,to' spot ,a q~-

ry ~ Calculati.(}DS iruti,cam itt is, o¥:Efl"size -ior: "his sooope~r, but he Ieck1~ssl:v attempts te eapture his, PJt~y~ In the: ·endeavloi his Ii,hip' is, blown 'np and he be,~mestke ,dehym,aied dummy upon whi1cb" later lY4tg WscaFded :in 'tbe dark on fh~ sound stage at the 11£ ROllich Studio,. myfri,end stumbled~

\ Yes, itt,s gomg to be tough to be ,9 s,Daee ' eKplior,er-' buts¥enfillrning a -s~oe m,ovie is

a ,risky p,"oposition.. Qlle man, lost his me during the produCltion. 'of Rt.rilers t(J t.'Ire .star,sl .Anotb.er'had h~ ,tighthan.d blcfwD o,rr.An.athecr'----

Prndueer Ivan T'ols, cll1lll1ng a special in .. 1erview in bis loII'ioeat ~(A'-Men"; Plo!du~ 'tiOHS, s,.aid: "I wvuld like W&a1u.te a bnt'Vle. alld]oyal man, Rob.m· ,Oflan:Qa~whfJl ttoly gave his, IUe ina cause ~"bove "iiDd ~Ymld

"e}"i:ngFce.,d, t9 II. Ro,oket' CrQ!Ckl~l!. I,u,t neiver fe,ar -,tI DELI,S. lOTHi! SIARSIII,QS haIJPyencl:i,nl'g"

the c:all at ,dlt!-y.' NagEle !!~c~ed,~th t~e ularkmg of am' p,i~.tur:e we,ul. h3Lv~ askerl . it o,f -him.. Byt tkep,~p;t~8'on had lent 1IS one (d their;' official "I,ressme swts and ,ttIl-

.. . d- 1! ' -hi" d" L Ai ~..'

exp·ensive . 'up'uca,ifue" ,8; .. be:e:nJ.maa:e o."J;1m It.

This was s,tof,ed in a 'Wareh~llse rovemdte; and the ·warebousecau,ght fire, Mr .. , 'O,rlant·dn, who was! netJrby" a)),d wboknew th.e value of tbs suit and how- I I-'etiun W'D, be, delayed~ if i,twel',6'! de~,tr'Qyred, Imi1it@ the

bla . 'b~ .. l1' .l:::..... 0' "b

ctl zmg~'uhtU .. ['In:g" - an, w?,s, o~e:v@ome "

smoke,rescued .by firemen, rusbed totlie hos,pitai-but died the following day. I

'0!'iii'.6Qt·~-- -r' Urr£j[~ ~1I;..,l'i::! ·l.ro m~ 'O, .... oI"!I··AOM,t :I,'" ~~,i'~:~l: -'171 "e!~ I~,:' ;IJJJl,U_b, l~,ll I~~rc&r~' u,U~lla~JI..~~\t·

A seoond bad aecl.dentt was soon ttl, f.onow., Just a few months, before,. while Master @f Oeremonies ata r,awt) a'WW"as show WnelE9 plaques were, givent,o.JJ,umtanmn,I' lotmui:bu ...

- .tors to, s:cienti6hns" r had had the, R;lesame of meeting an l~tectl"onics ~nEter named Muwell 5mith, who" for the ,edifi,cat10n of - the audience that mte~ put on. aD electIictl 3,tage demons,tr3;ti~:n.. tater hired as ~:h-nical exp,ert for Rl,dier.s to tlieBtars, ,ane: ~of bi:l'l j'~bs was ito oper8;Jte the firs» ramo"eQm:~

. trolled mjniatur'e l"oreke:ts ever' used in any' scientiIi1m. An ,acetyillenetank slnJidated rocket em.aust,and,th,e day be,ffJre: ,$hOCtting the mst ~oeket sequentle,$ SmIth .,ot an idea for cg!~oring tile ,18$. Fiaeed Mlh a dead ... line",n.etDoK his work b,ome, witb Jjim~ ~fj his basement lab ..

At :3 A4.M~ a. terrific 'Bxpwaiom rooked Smith's neighb.orbooll LtghtS poppedcp in :nearby hOluses, owners hastily ,dOMed dressing robes and ran out into the doldniglll

~. d ~'h ,,"11;:. l~.,~· L.">-i!1'

all,. now aonc Wit,. 'w~e smQ~e OJ!: e.uemlC~

fumes~,M,omsw~re emanating irg:m, the ,enaken '~mtth bn_me,. .

The fire deps:rtmetltwas 'Qlu· .~, sum.~ mQn,ed~.d ,an ambtdanoel,Whea the de ... bris was - ared aw,ayand the UllC0I1SmaU5' man. rsseued, it was ,d.isJ~overe4 that the forlQ~ Qif the Je~plGsio:n had .i- - his right, hand off. He 'was bleeding from m.ulti,plt~ WOlli1ds~ Sharp bits of: metal had" iieited -

hi hma "shrapnel" his -~ loa

IS· UQb' snr a: ne:, _ _:_. IS Q . . ~~,~j"

hfsleft, ,arm nlu&eles aIld J)lefVei' we~e -seVeF'" ed ..

H~was giveD no cnance~f g,uMvil .. N.Q~- el"theless'i S ;SQTgsens-opera_d. <iimu]:t~neguiiy igl' 6 nOilt~andbe PtlReci tlil1l". - M84fW9,n Smith, :gr.aJluaie of'ttua M8$'a@Q.~ s~t,ts an,a C'mj.~ citutes, of 'l~ agy, vlethll of :3, l~g, v;aJ;-VE!;), manyr ·~,f l\

S(J18ce movie~

Wh,en I sp-oke to Max a-,caupEe, of weeks . after' the aocid1.el1't, he had assnmed a remarkab]y 'philosophical attitude tow,ard 'it.

""Y - l",=';:'" ~" ", A"""':~., ",'. ' '",c,'" -b- ,',- ,.;J ~"~'~li ~-,'" --, ,rau .~~~QW" '",&fi:enman" ,!_ e Sgillltl,CUJ!, my

tile I worked with my hands-from here 'tll1m I'm gl'nng to use my head,'


- "ea,1I rille. f",e,.""e,w.ysJ

StilL the· endwas not yet Ol1, the ma:i~ h.eming misfortunes that p1lagned the gictut~· illation of B:td,e.r.~. In one hair~raisingep'i-

.J, 'W~'i1'11Z'·' 'L" ..:3':: ' L..! ~ nrft.

srO;~.~ "tluiam '_ 1lD~i,an~, ms ,sILre05'J:l1, WI9!D"

ml, is i)l'.~re,d tapetum toeatth~Hel is overp' IbeNorth Pole as he receives ,biS,trurC"

. 0·" '~'

tiona to decelerate, and fires. a, nose Foeket.~

Suddenly a meteor ,apP'loacbes., Ltmdigan oocides,to t:alb~~! a crack at trying tocaptme it. Against orde,rs he 'Bewitches oil au:tom~tic.' operation and acce]era'tes"S:e is rapiidly usfug up his fuetAt a $peed of 300 miles a

_ .' --. ~"'. ' .", _ ·-'1 .. .. .... '11

seco~d be! ' mcbes up' en, tbe eeJ\esUeu..

Sp'€H~~dball, which,ig, about 1('" in diameter and revolves s.low.ly around its' axis,

H~ faUs behind tbe meteor, :R10V~S in ca.uti.ou ,Slct:ivatesithe seeop, seco.re.sthe, s,pac.etr,ave1er!

RettU'lJIng te' antomaticQmputer" be is

t· .... '1..l C"C"~b'l. .C." h .. ' .:t... ""'" 'I·t· ~,t· , .... 1 . ·an ....... :111 u;

,wu wellen . e reaCJ,les wll;t)ue ou wues, .. .:l5l.,e •

will hit atmlosphe;re in ,~O s~eonds," He- opelllS


-gu_'-,e~~!1S. _

Thevl16ket teDlpeEat«re iJlt];ele~se$! to 2[,8'0

d~--·~ . 14D~ d . . -'t d······

. ,e~, .... ~: ~ ,egooes ~' • ..~, .• legreas • . ..

2'1'0' I, d"/ " 2' 2·· '0' ds · .. C,' . -.','

I.._egrees ~ • ,0 .' .' '. egrees.,

Blinded by 8weat"bisvocti "chords, scorch .. led Lundigan rasps: "I can't take it any more toe h.o~buming up --get me out,

,,..l h 10'00',"" _ Ul ,(~·.I

with The Magneti~c Monsterand the froghorror ofTbe Maze and the Bradburian Thing that Came from Outer' Space:"took ,8. tumble, He was rather far above the floer,

"a .. ·.·;iJ.~;n' ." '"-.,~ f_n hen th-····· .. · · 'h' 11

'11J1l0ai";Jl!i~g m rree au, W·. en tne lllVllSl,Jte

piano wire supporting him snapped. in two.

I didn 't 't to I .. hi et he h '. te -d d

,I,," 'r, 'WID". eo earn w, '.',.1 er ne m :-n_e,,'

to sne for non-support ..

When my Pal George, 'who gave us Des ... tination. Moon; When W,or:ldsCollide and The War of the Worlds, phoned inviting me to take: a trip to Mars with Chesley Bones .. , tell over at Paramount Studios, wiler's tbeY' were fUming Willy Ley's, Conquest of Space, I didn't get out of bed tiD Lloy,cls '0£ -Lon~ - don answeredmy urgent, cable: WILL YiOQ INSURE LIFJ!l -OF' ItEPORTER WHU FREQUENTLY· COVElQi 'F]LMING OF S,PA:('E Mavme? ENID

In lac'fual ,Movie. Ri,cllard ICalri:Mn~ reealils 'iln panic fr'Dim' Space Hel,ln,ef viith, s.nQ'ke.Uike a,xy,en ,tu:". whi'ell S:8,enlS, to h'QY,e talkIen on 'G ~L'lfe of 'Itl Own ,as lilt' fto,ats b'Hore lIiml ·i"1J a 'sta'ie .fF,ee, Faill'l.

And at this point, a model rocket caught fire and special . effeets man Harry Redmond came squealing to' the stu:dio nurse - with Q, blistered, right hand. Lucy treated Red for second degree burns while I looked on and made sympatheticnoises, wondering baw long it would remain. safe just. to he a reporter' on ,8 space film!

Tbe4tb. aecident happened when star Ri.,cha~d C.uls,oD,. 'wllo bad survived 11. 'tus,sle

E 'L.. 1.. ~ L . . . .."Il.\.... t· . . ",J;,:,,,:::o:

mkl8rJS 'witb us, now, <OD wj.emosl .. ,e~C1~wJulg

soory ever mld--the Cinema Sa,ga ,of Flash GQ'ldon .. , It will take many, many ias,ues Qf SPACEMEN tOI tsU the"entit'e :stozy,~ shQW an tbepicttu:es, ~ecoJtd an the: "fas:cinatm.8' side ..

B-Lt gJr.lll_-S ..

_ For' this -is a tale of gadgets galore and a score of" afmDst indescribahle thin,gs, more 'wrORdlrons toan that .famcus fantas~ abolut "'SbeE!6· '& ships '&: s~a.li.ngwax and cabbages & kings,"

It is th:e fable mrockets:bips: and Oietosacs" m ,magom, in the realm called Min,g~s" It teDs

of men who whirlthru ,spac:e to the mysterious pl~et,Mlongo; and how they meet

,Qi1.<,:,"C ;I~ -M-;,,:r f-'" ~ . t', .. f ,;; Hau'k·.~ "Kif'. ~ ..

cuafA_ en ,lace ,.0. ~c-ace" ' I ·U' .1.VJ..en, _

elilen Monkey Men stran;ger than Mant ,t.he 'Congo.

The iabulloUJ ~nutative 01 FLASH {JORDON _is: one, ,of'

endless. "hatt~s, \of' Flash's des_ .. pezaiie attempts to silence r~y

~ml:1"tP' r:03:~le°'s- 0 .t) ~, .. o L~rlb.b. ~ I!I!I

-He plll.mges 'his submarine Hydl~O;'"

_ -

cy-!§le t:o.- tb,e dl~ptbtsi IQf a murky

~i'.lo!e ~,Qj dang·ciOr,s~ t":t.1ot l~:II~iI: ... &) -

1<II~~~Jl,ll~' o. ,," , .•..• """.I ._jl!a,1il .l...u;:l\, ..•..

strike there prov'IB 'the, man that he can be.

Wa,tah Flash soar in a ,(frio"

10.:<:, ... t· th' l""'I.... . . .c;,l:.1-> 181- T

Sl·;UlP ,0' I ie \ulty (}:l ·~,e ·.lKy"~

Ra"fitlt(l$ ms foes ,auid, :maikes

~"'"e-m-·' ~A\""'r~ as he 'S· ~,;~"" .... ,!::!llJiU- ---- ~:u~- . .:__-,. __ . ~',,_ -_~~~:Il

~1.., . 'hi' ~ It., thi h

~ri.em 1_J' P' 'Wi I '~IUg~~~ .. ,

F 11 him· .. th ..... ~ .!1f:... • . di "" ..... d QllOWi "1__1 ·fU:U I!;ne 1VJZal"' ..•. ~ VlSIQne •• '_:_

SR3000graph as be .hunts, beasts more weird ,thaJl a. 7,~]egge{} giraffe;, as, he knac.'ks down

,_C!np:l~A'" a ip-1I'T'O'i.'.e- c'i""";'a'tT'1~"_n ealled Q] IG-: ..... ~l""..;.

~ ~'V~,It._V!lI~, ,lE-lj~~·~ ',_I.L~ '~. ~l~ ~ ... ~ .. ~1. _ ,u, ".-_ ~'!t

'This denizen of' MOD;§Cl is one of the stnmg\est creatures that ever' strUck fear into the heart of ,8. maa,

First of _an", ,it ~eats l$P' 11 f,ee:E into tbe air; 1t bas a hiody ~ a tnnosanr ,and a. ,m,agon's tail with, a sharpr hatchet, edge shaped ~e the ~pr'Ow ,of a Viking ship, _

It has, the head of' a horse . '. ,~ ,ears of a. male

., '" ., muutb. of a '$auriaJi-apr'Quting tU$kt3c! Its tongue' "is: like a Wldtlrll1g swof(l

And' it oi"'6ath€'B ou,t flr,6' & sWir/ke! Its.giantgr:asping hands look, like loo,ster

claws mapned:50 ,tlmes.,

F~at'? The s,ize of a marmm'Q'th',S~l with heavy pointed toes ,r'esen1bH'O~g t_heclaws of a masDlQomc ,sfCeam sDov,el!

Th,ere'~ a giant aBinlal likes. ~seissorb-iU aDd a m'achhIe~ that fIlathes F' ,iRvlsible..-nl'g OWllS _;a zebra-striped beaJl' aD,Q reptiles, stitljer: :36

than anY' Adam ,e~er' knew intbe Gardea of

Ed· . en·_· . z· ,0'·0-'

, ',. _._. "-"_.'_' I_ '.'

",ollller. & "pI'

Armored soldiers tight with sworn "& rayggn.

J'a_IDes, (Make .. u:p Master) Piercepiays, "King

Th- nnl '--

- .--':__.' ~

The settings include massive a'rchiteetwre with bsavya,up'PQ,rtin;g oollDlUlS and a laboratory so weird it :migbt be used, 'lor IGo1ems!'

King· --.S' &.' b srbarians

• II_'~'I ",": ,-;.WlUg_ -·w •. ·.-_,cl~

Ferocieus beasts &mechaniealmanelsDeep-sea ,m'JrllSrel'S,-& men with, wi.ng~s, Asuhmarine citjr & ,ametropo-" Iisi tbJ k'-'

-- ~'··I .... I'

8, m tne ,S···~.

,',"m,;caL+j""" :UT'L~,..,..1.. . ...:l.. .... :~la".a:D t-L.A ~, ~~t:Il~I.~~ -".lUtal. 1L;ldlA:llLb&:,.Io,6'f.-l~~ ~J.-

~'t·~ .;j ..l f 'b'r: r- ,.,,,"" ..1

agma~!-tlocn mil ue 'y .~ ene ~"~ nporteti

•.. , . . '.' '.. .", , .j, ~,*,1.... ."-~, ,,,uLA·· 1001 "I

,one newspape:r,~, .l'U:d"~<H,e:r~, .1," -,', ~

GORD'ON is a journey inio the, realm of fantasy "ana at the same time a .,glimpse into the futllre,. H ·,anyone w,antsto knGwwhat thiS universe wID 'be like, lOOO yea:rs, from nO\l{", FLASH GORDON' un ...

Ions the curtain fI9.tb.am.&ste~lW

with prophetic vision .. " "

Fl •••. 1. ,,,Ie " •• It

.At the tUrte Busler G:raibbe (born GlatelnQe Linden Or~bbe:)

. ess,al;y\ed the role of Flash GopBon.. -

be stood 6' 1"", we~g.llel l~ lbs,,,? had a. 45,'" chest, 32"'w;aist,. 1'7~'

,_ ... L '1- ~"' 'b"·· '. . .. "0" ;,1:.1...: L.

~e~, - -0. : l.ceps~ ~d;' ;1.lI'u.g~

and. 16'" mlf,~, a,e was _ #AduS;ie (1992) of the University m'Sout'bem, ICaJif~olma andscored that year as. a swinnnhll champion: in the 'Olympic Games,];n Los, Angeles. The filst FLAS,H GO'RDON (there was, a second ,on6, FLASH PO'R,DON'S TRIP TO MARS) was his 15th :fiJm .. Previously he had. pla:y1Bd. Tatzan, and a lad lof thee lions in a feature . oed KING

0- F." THE' I," . "·TT'Th~t':"tLE--'"

" ", I. ,UI U.l"U \ '. ~.. _.-

,~. - .,L G'·· 0·' . -~.n"s· •• ·· , .. ,L., -. rla~n ." .'. iR" , '- L 1"1' WD~ . :r


The late Alex R~ym\ondwas thecre~tQr of

the -mGWSmpO:l ~iljp, detailin,g' the ,QyJt3tllic~iI ... ventur'es of :F]aab,~ "In 5; 3':ears Ra.'ymopd periected, his dramattc drawing style and became, one (,f' the stars of the comic amp pIof:e_r~siQn as minions, of people f,onO'we,d the ,rhW;y ~advenM 'lures, of: Flash 'Gordon in black & -white 011 wBekdays and in iaIning color gil W1eekeut1s~

Look ma,gazme "d.eviote!d c(lv:eJ!age to cFllash~, adV1cmtuxeg, on Mars in 9, of its, 1938 issues.., ~ymon,d,'s "BeWSpl\per ,s,trip was· said to,

"throb 'Wl·~ th '. gro:ii-·;lF-li i. dansar O~ e··vCI"':J.. ..... m- ent,' . IW~i ~.O '",,' IIll 'I, '~IIl.i~Unj lI.~b~:" '. " Ai 're' H ,\"';u' .• ,

lYhile on the screen the tr,anslation of Flash G"()il'dtJlI and his environment from paper to ceUulaid wascaUed'i'both ,awe ... ms:pirin,gl gro,tesque .. '"

.,._11 in '.'Ie, lufur:e



Mi;'liIltJ 't1f1leMeFcilf,~ssl RUll1eiE" of t\fle ~,'Sliery Plal~ei;~sit:s, ~ip~n _ hiSl_~o;,a1 18ro:ne and IP~h1tl;s hiiSi iro:n hianel of' comlmaniCI af Dall:e ,Ardenl I: Dr.,Za.rliO",. Evi I :Pli"illl'ce.s!5 ,AUN l~og!ks, on apPr'CI,v,i,ltgl'y a:s IF~a~5h ~5 f'e:!!i.llralilned by :Mlirn'I~5 I1I1'&tiahdculllrminhtlllsi.

't'I1~th h' dline dail . _~iI~·'·· .'. .... ,

,.1' un ,I eaannes :,',3.UY proclarming man s

'.. ,~ t . t· f" . 'd' '·th'-

InlIn1nen, conques' ", 0: ' space an, WI 1- a

landing on the Moon predicted within the year, it is only natural that science fiction - th -;- - S ., hO-_ld'l explore "to mo' 'ITOW',C;!""

0.0. '8: s cree'll ,s __ ,jIIJJ/ I~X,', .,L-'!V - 'I'." '.1 ,','I ~ '.', " ~

Iandings. on, the neighbor planets of our Solar System ..

The excitement and. chilis brought to you by American International's science fiction. thriller, ,uJourney to the 7th Planet," portl",ay the exploration by Earth's spacemen ,of mysterious Uranus" seventh planet from our Sun,

The time of the story is soon after the initial conquest of the Solar System by spacemen from Eartb,., The Moon, Venus; Mars, Neptune" MeI'lcury and Saturn. have. belen explored by Astronauts but no life bas, yet 'been found, Now, afi ve .. ,man hrtema .. tiona I expedftion sets out to investig:ate the planet Uranus" the seventh planet from the Sun, in their quest for life on other worlds.

The crew, DOD (JIOHN AGAR)" Eric 'fCARL OTTlOSE,N), Barry (OVE SPROGO:E) j Svend (LOUIS ,MIEHE R~ENARD) and Karl (PETER M'ONC,H); land their' rocket ship successfully OIn Uranus and set out to [explore a strangely 'beautiful but eerie land. Deslpite ,the two hundred degree below zero temperatures, t.hey surprisingly find a village which is an exact repJi,ca' of' such Q. place that one 01 the men. It-new in his childhood, They also meet strangely familiar women, Greta (GRE:TA 'THYS~ SEN).t Ingrid (ANN SMYRN.ER)" Ursula (MIMI HEIN'RICH) , Ellen (ANNIE

BIRGIT' GARDE) ~Lise (U,LLA ,MO'R~ ITZ) and Colleen (B,ENTE JUEL). These women look just like ones they have known on Earth and romanees blossom as they might back' horne,

I A further exploration of the seventh planet reveals a strange monster. They also learn that Uranus is controlled by a rnys-

t ,~, ""B' _ .,_ ," h-" 'h- '. - - - hII - th t -

ertous -'elng , W.ICI rese,ml_es. _:.!,_,e S' rue ..

ture of the human brain, but; is, thousands of times move powerful, This "Being," they dliscQIVeLl\,is able: to give reality '1.0 all the thoughts, Iears and desires Io.f the men .. Consequently, the beautiful women they have known from their past lives, have appeared

. . . ai' t~ Ii-I ~f' liok' f" 'u,n. ., .. . . f' th

m re" ,),S',']C, - "e- J ·,e o rID .. Y'YJllen cine 0 " .. e

men recalls his :fear of rats:"Q huge rat-like creature appears. They soon realize: that the village they have seen is but a ze-creation from the memory o,l one of the men.

'The Earthmen 'find themselves complete .. ~1Y' taken in by these illusions, created bYI the seventh planet's "Being" and soon the real purpose of the:][f exploeation becomes mean .. ingless, Wben the group's leaders, Don and 'Eri,c:;. understand this" they realize that the brain .. like monster ruling' Uranus must be destroyed or they win never r,eturnto Earth,. Though fhey too have. been lulled by these figments, of their imagination, they

ndly' the whole crew to try to kill the "'B- eing ;,,'

.', I II -'I!!!! •

They hunt down tbe brain creature in its hiding-place in one of the caves below the surface of the planet and desperately seek means to insure its destruetion, Theria they make: a most frightening discovery-as, they come face to face with this strange enemy with powers that d!efy their weapons and very minds! END

Waillier .,:ecll ,a'$, JKentFowl .. ,er' UIH'I' '"id' II...ois er. a,s HI.I.!JJlltlili~ J5.cre"''''1 ,arre' plullle.' "alS, fa IUrpo,., at

.Y'iterJoJIIS _ p~~i'eC'liile~ .;e~, :Iow .. th.e Alltiail '1.'1 .• 110· rock-elslp.mi'ls .Ieu.inch, o~n 8: Mi[sll:lolIIl of M;en.H~;


,,.en'ace' fro ..•• r.'

,rlt,i";n,_ ,cll.,.fe,s

M ~ ... , :J:'h 'M' '- . ....,_~ _, • t'_

_ 'Ow1l,,~-,e ,I . ml!ifl~n., ,super- sC];en~tu;i u:OBl

the: planet Lh Is ,centuries, ahead of our 'own world in atomic development, is, shot ,down in bis ,~urious craft over thlef8Icto:ry~ labtllr.tory ,of Dr, Bryant, brilliarnt 'but ee-

centrie e:xperimentef. .

In tb~e fir,st baJf'dQ:zen episodes. (N,o .. 1 of which is titled "'Menace frem Marrs"') we

1- · "Th-'· V III . . "S-' ··t" . . . J.-._L ,earn ' '_ - ~·,e .' OJe.aDO 8, - -' eer'e - •• '. WBilAdll

. "'D~I ' .- -t-'h R~.JI· th' -,- . . ,a.z._ .a..-.''''pb''' -. ", '. t-

8S,ea-, ,lyeS--.-'_B o'ta"R'~I,.ler,e .... Wk"

ness an JtIl,E:lJeeutioD by Fn-e"" " .. ,~ gasp at "~Th" ..... Li'·· ,,. . - p" . ' •.... - til' \ .. "J' d d L

- - __:~e "VlDg-" roJecl~ e' - ' •• '. an_ won J~r ,a,,,,

,the outcome of a Ii'P'erilous 'Mission';.

'Bryant turns t,rai,tD~ to Earth wben Mota. ofiersto aid him in pe,rfectin,g atom .. powered planes, & bOlJlbs in return I,ar Bryan~s

",.'" .~. . c- -~ - c - - ,~ ~-, c -f-- - - " to ,.·_.,.._1_~

a8SlS,~aBCe m orgatllzmgaorce om~c

Ealiht suuendel' ,amdbecoUlE; ,a, satellite of',

-l:'h M--''''''''''''''' D' .< .. "._ .J, ... :

b .. e .... -Q,.;!!.,~:lan ' :JC,b8,w1F.

Wal" ,.I. R-'····JII T_" C,U:' - - G' ',-- . - 'D"" , 1 ,ljIe]!" .Jeeu, .uulS-OWlel, ·'i.riegory ~_ray

l'_ J' C- < • ....L ... __ ..J' ~ thj. Re 't..·li- ~

m !. ames .... :,l,8lVen: ~W:irtru. m I!' ·.I,-IS - , :. ·'PUH_}(!

Seeal vd:ib Specip Efleds b.V .HDlward&' TheodoI:e L~deokel".,

ITO' '. .... wE': C- iON·" 'T" IliIilTUE- -D' ~-ct·: "'~ - -::-,'

._ .0-_ '_ . . . . ,L". ..... ' nex,_ ISSue.


ILas,er .. 1 ike the rma,l d'isiintlegratolr weapon. ca ",a b:le of wreakiin,g havoc Gin an .arl'lll plaine ..

Mota, sinister scientist of the Red Planet, has landed on Earth and enlisted the assistance of a traitor named Dr, Bryant, Kent Fowler (Walter Reed}, young private plane patrol opera tor" has discovered the presence on Earth of the Martian dictator and learned of his plot to eonquer our world,

. V~litb the assistance of his sec ... retary, Helen (Lois. Collier) " Kent makes every attempt to destroy Mota (Gregory 'Gay) .

. Mota's greatest ally is his fantastic atom-powered space ve .. , hiele, a weird-looking ship re .. sembling nothing ever seen on Earth, capable of flying sideways & backwards, without turning around, ascending [& descending like a helicopter, even, hovering at a standstill in space, Mota's ship defies all laws of gravity & can be operated by remote control.

:",e r.'urn ., .. efa

Some . years after Mota had met his doom (engulfed in mol ... ten lava in. an atomically trig-

d lcani .'" ') h

gere _ VOl canle" eruption) ,e re ..

turned to life in a condensed. ver .. sion of the serial, the feature be!", Ing known as MISSILE, M'OIN-, STERS. This played widely thruout the, United States in 19[58, coupled with R-epublic's

SAT'A··N·'S·· S····JA·· TELL' ITE' . S···· f

... , ,":, .. _.'. -'._'1 __ ' '. "~ _~_~"'"' a'lIi!!l

hioned full .. length from portions of the former serial ZOMBIES OIF THE STRAT'OSP,HERE.

Watch future issues for the story of the strange half .. human creatures from another vplanet and the menstroue jnechenical zombie's that. assist them in their nefarious plans!

.[ota! t'he, M',art'ia'n Imlenacel clad iin his black' .. &·'metcdnc [ea,le .. liike ga,[rb.

3 .... · 10 repair thled~am:ale' calslld by the IClidli:dlinlspac~el ~,ralmlelil'tJ' fh,1 ". a'stroDiluts ,mlust .lien~Uir~. :O.IiI .. tS,'i.dB ~~l1Itl th;~' h~IIO!~;'. P..:.t.a:iIC.!~~.pllla~ '. . l'I'ElS th'~u thi! ,llrllDck t'lr~1 th,e ~Illiu!tenlnl~ belp~nil' h~m w,l\h tbe,

. leglu:ipme:nt .

Peril in . ,.'. .... as, :1 S:WSlrml 81t . "I. .1 CheldIJ' mil"

S t.!:~n.,"· l.pDI~~ark~ ~hle: S.i~il .11 r f~ . tl1l:P,p~Bs~nlrliow~J ~~rs5:i~n~ ihel pl,lQt &,. Da'l,pmr WblD are "'Iltl ,to rlplilli' lie peJDrltratuiID Ida'm'lile - - If 1~e qaJl1;e-do1n1e,s.,


2- 'T~OlU:bl:le aboard Chap.utl"s S(lJlarC1Isllli,p as a me'leior' fE'S: ,mIU' Ihe l1_elall ,e~e\Ii~OI' il. ~_'flie:~_. 'bla~~t. ~I~~~. s·~. s,k'irt'iq III! £~,ml1;a_lnd,e;~:s . 10 m,al~Dnl", Lt. Mall:uDne,Q" whla attempts tIl IDDlpe wllb fbI ,spr.ead ..

'_ ~I na.,~ _

,Inellni:e m'omlelml~IDnl ~1iI1~ •• e 'b,la'c!lc: BOld aide,ss; ¥li~D:nl "ft.

4 Q~. ~f.,e.~~r . S,.h. :eil_~~f .~t~e: ~1iIIiCI!d: rg!-~'t., _ CI~t~i~! . IC:~ta~iI,aln ac,ti~~:te.:~ Jt~le! ~hdtm:~ IIlefaJI. pl.~ne,1 If fhe a~ rllD ck. :5:0, "at lt~ IMakun,nenma, 'fo,lrll!lW hlnl"""""g ultlid,e,.

~. M'a~o!nn.en .is, list in spact. Cia:plai'n thapdan~, al'Dlne DD ·1.11 g_li

6Clliar pllntl!llldwb:icb ihas plull~ed b'is$hlp tOI i:ts s:urtae,.; waril" ~~pll\~r~s the. f),ere, 'tenaifl. .f thle a~iell "Iuda.. Willi Ii snrl'ile 'its - nlQlrs?

·. ,Spiale'lIal'Ch~:pman, 18:I:e af LU:DISI'" lisle t1',.I:iies" IlIn~n;~!GialliS II

9the-,rl~ S1urlace l!f;astra,Dler WQ11~1c g:I'm:I'gefS. lI:e.' .d1.ts:nID~: IIIln iOD. 1111 little pilsI1e'fs,RIQ;1I. Wlilll j1 bl Ih:is, dlJilb wlrl!d~l hil: . - Ulimo., unmlrled Jgri,e!


, 1:n.cr.e~d:i!b!II'1 Cllapm;jn till ,a!nirsh:!~_ hmb~$' IWI suiit! :C-.rtainlj 1111

11:~=~.D:e of.;:: .. ::m:~=hr:!id ~U:::i1

boner-lell'flJI~ Jmpllna1s! l' l' .

Before _ ~e blac:o: r(llut l:'lm,plnel,," ,a~IDlman. se~s ,8:nl I$to'un,dinl

8·- 'tbrtl 'tble 'vmSD,rlf Ihijs spilt· be:lmJet: a ~~weICJQ[II~II'" ,commit ..

,t):~~~~, '101_ hlu,~aiR~IDI~i"_I1:~:1 blt'-4)anlr. blUe,. fiiis .b~llrdnl' _ .' "iS10:n?_,tb1eJ M rDllil, ,&,' talU

CSIPI. :C:hslpmran C:D:mes ~nsi:dl, 'liis II,.;, liel'mlltl! A'Sil,o:u,ndinl

12.'f'I.lct~ n- b~. b~S .. ·.· ,sDru!qkeo_ ,ti~~._ ~lii~l: tb:e i'nlfra!bi'~nts, ~I~ In:e' .11I~ntOJ!U ,··.~worl~1r fte Ims· D,.IJ, hlU I "DI Imi hI[lft'~ Tlte pecul1lar atntOllP'belTtr PDPlmeS 'WiFI r,sproQlilble~

_ n

OOnSnu;s:4 -

Tile, caplive !Lgl,onte'e:shcapest .~idnl"pi ZettJal whiG f>al~nls; ,aftll'e' $:i,;ht ofit~

Sie~SIQliDlI 'I"'I.Olble lea"e:f' 01 Ih'e Re:&+.n ~ra~ce~ I 'Ie,s, IIn, •• ,n~cdGusl- lletw!een the; .;sshIG,pe'n, "I'eg5' 'G,f the h:o;r,rlible SoJ!ari:te.

,st.rr' con·f,;,Du',ed IN'. file ,'icfu~e ,[a,n~el$:

Ohapman learns; that, be is on a little FOV~ ing'wotld knOWll to ,its~inb,abita.nts as Bell-

tn - ,I''F'L" - a,,n'O:£!iC! A<G ~b'-- .r!iI~1il! ;<4"<!!Ik"" f~rrI~"-'a,lt-lv _ en, ~IJu!e{ b~'" '~ll" '~iiILL arr: \,lulJ!-ILW'JL_:U~,£,:

br,eathable' by him)muselQ hbn "t~ tiwtncUe to their small stature~

Th,e Rehtonians age$, ago ga\te up taQs:t of' th.ei'r scl~tmcacbievemeBts, to lead a aimpler life but, havle retained their 'UniV16l@ sal Gl',~vity COlltrol in '[l'Tder to manett:ver theitf plane:tHkea super spaeesldp~,

Fier,Qe Soliarites,. :Hre~peo~pIe ,of Pi enemy Suo, satellite;" ha:ve, fa!' generations been '(~9:fc~ ry~g on a 'I'hot'" war 'with the Re!htomaDSIo IObjee.t tocaptDfB th,e .Behtomm ~secliet .61 ,gra:v;ity oonbal.. D'ne' of c'thepow--erfuJ _ Wi .. ires, has been c -_~I .c eab:,y the lteBjalniM\s~,

_""e,nturea on 16e .... 1' pl.n,el _

C.apt. Ch,ap'man"s. visit to ,Reh~tom ia, -an e«eii~ one, At first, be fe'ar~ ms Me m:ar be iorfe&t when he isttried. by's. Reb.iglEda:n, Ji~ 00 11 chaI;ge ai' ~jtuing seve,ra} ,~itmem'b1lE he is, cleared m this misdemeanof!aBd saOD rises toapQsitioD Ig,fpower' in tllce cam ...

m\Ulity ..

Two beautiful Rebtonian :girIs vie for Chapm,~n's a( lion and rat Oll'e 'l~omt hel'is t1or~ed into a figh~to .. tbe ... de.a:t~ ~lithHm: ... I10n, jealous Government oftieiaL It is a weird . .sci'eIl.tine dnemwbose ,object is to push one's 'oplpo:nent onto a sn]pBr ... G plaitea ~avitrfJn grid of such, intense, pote»tLal '

t·it. - o_"..t'£,. - ,,_ ed '.'.. diO "d' .... 'IIII~· . Al "-:...il', ..1:~~

'£re anecw.:·. mo· •• -Vr-; :Uw lDm'ltewa~JY' ~n ..

tegratesoi Cbapman maneuve,I$,his Challenge-r into am~tbal position but, Sp6'MS his lil,e ..

_.. C,hapman i~i ~'aboord'~' thep:~:gmy planet when it makes amad ,dash far itsiltie", th:m 'minor s·tar~clus:b~'r"s,an.d th.en the IDis,'tN veil 9f the 'MilkxW.ay itself .man ,eI:6tt, to ,elude

~:n Qt· ........ ,·.ro:1'., b"y. ~L-e··-S··n~aPit'l,oa

,~J,; A, ~~~A '-";_.' 'trQ._,_ .. ,'. ~I~..I.,I 'IJ.~ .. '

'VVhen th~ I~olarrite captive gil Reht~n es", capes1tbe life 0-1 :Allel' Slesom himself' is,eDIdSUg,ered. ,. man is. :instl1.Ul1en~tal In- ds'stl'O~g, the- bomd,;ftame .. jb,east.

,".p;el ,of refarn

lal 6.".,.,,4 "Ior.ale)'

Proof Ibt t1le' .m, •• ill' -ad~a-ture r~llily hctp,ned':' Cap:.. C:hapman'. ·Ionc,. Gillcdn hi:s n'rmal .s.izell reg_riis th,e ~e;.e;nfa gti,vell_him: 'b·y 'Zeilliia wli,e:1 he W'ClS aS5'mall .,S 5:1118. th!e lalveil, ReJlta,nlan ,~rl.

closer' to Earth~s Moon than it has eyer-bee])} be fnl'··e-· P·, ··'~'iII"'1..,e~S-'R~lf"rlml~id:-,e;d-· ,J1:=:- ..... ..--t' ion +jli..;o

~_-u· "",..."",l.la:r··" ,-",~II.f]·Jl .t;'""'""" . - UJ.J:_'. """ ..... ' ~ - V.f l,ilLl~

planetoid can be moved near enough. to Luna for our Base there. to detect tbePDranooc oomPha:Dlet and -send a ,rescue party aftel' Chapman,

Bnt what :(000 rescue if be is "to ~emain ~ -d' i_ - "-?

a lUlllge:l[.i;"

A tbeory 'works" and o~ygen- remaLning in the spare tank, 'Df ~- _~re~uit causes. Cbap~ malt, toretum to his nomlal size~ A scout ship picks· him up but DO' 009 can believe, his wild, imploobahle SIj?ory .. Chapman be,gins to IB:F,e:t be left Rehta~-and the lovely Z;etha.,

Perbaps he. w:m~retum?' END

.- .....

No., 11"""""I~nl ut:llo !'I<I:!:I CiQU.ECl'O ~ '!'$, JIll'. aiN Pl~!!i:I!tlillli1i:~ '11111_- I~j)" DI~: .:In!' ~31 ,M''!!I'I', 'r: 'U'.N:S,. ,A [l1i.lUillJ1gl Ilt!'!rt'lC:f _ 'tinSI g,lIllmmn~ -. fab'w·· tOg -."I\'II.IDorWIiI Oliili 5,IRIIIAtS" ~~UI.ll .. · ',IiIMANI"S P.atl! ,gn 1111-, :h.,Ii'II. ItlIICDI _ ICn'l'~, ID~a~.h. , .... ,II'f"flil,1 ID,,,'.dl - fll'llr.,., If!. 1lllIilmUolIll, 3 :51'1000:11",. Iliac: 11- -.O'lill C_t •• r.,

1"111,.,'1' liE Nil HID .','IiiIE .. I'CIENIIES, IE~ .. IdlU:Ii Ew, S, II !'ull u,d"l!= Ihc ~SUil'IiJ' 'o~: 'Cljij, "lI:Mg~ng M'~IIi',1 ,.~ PJ!A,INI.~ liAr .. · Il.Afrf ,I, -'0111"1. 1,III';:!1!t 5,lElb\L IHIII U. E:I'", IFo,"OYJI Wj~r ,M~;'''. '1I'It . .: ~5t11 j£)CIWIi lh" nili'I~'llh'I" 'CliJ,1I!1i!1 HOUYWOOD',. WISU:_~NI S,'e'l!ifl IFaul';I.!I:I" S:IREN 'D'FliHIIE' 5,1:III"L'5,. P~II[!1. IFU"NN,. ,:r ANIC5;~IL_. ,~: J_:~

..... ~_ I". !Ii.


A\AIK e IDItRO-~DI.'~'iiil~I.'IJiiI] l,u,1I1 ,~rr_ 'th~' I"'~I~ _!'III- 11!I'_"i~ I o~ II _ ~UIU~!!II hlll~Clr"._~AN ~ADIID_A, III·ruh;11

1:111 l'iI'lrlbllih!!1 h::" ,g '~'I.

IUICiK .JCJlt"11 1'-1.1(,'1, Ih 111,- W, '11~

11I11h'ld, p,h;Cllill!! oUr \l'IIIIII"inl H'aU 'Oil ",arn., •. FLYIING· ,- ND IF 11,1'11 U41;1 11H:IE!~_OIh1!iI"I~' 'Ihll' c;om~~

'N!!!:!,. I- - OYIIIi MIEM,'DI:111 S EdllUrl!l'l!Ii plnlll'lll.,; j Iln,lil"1 r :s,p jll)'l _ - 'PIR Itl1,lIi

- Ih,O~I' _1~lad .. c,CI',p MAI~

1_ R 5,~ HIE N , •. A:'II; '.- IIID' 'O.rll, IV.,

'F\l3im~!'.n IFlib'lll~il, I. IV'. VAIL" 1'I!a'I,h~ ,.,g,r;lk, ~ IlP'IU~1!111 jr~ib,,,,~I· ~ .. 110_ I'~., - 5AUJI, JlI.M!IE·S~ 1111'1_'11". :'Ii~I, I !ill ~a.~;I:!I'·_51Q.f"lt_~~,wb",., In 'WII'IS, I IMAti. OF IF',AMIE,t pllll:1 nlg'II'r 01:11"11.

N". 16, ....... MAJCI'I~ PlEl~SaNAU"~,1ES III"'UI' 1IIIIII,~lllud.I,~ RCI!E~'l , :YlliO~ ~I 'II",,,,' Illn '~Ifml;l liD _SIUI'IiO,~-I'1 IFunllil'~I.11 M,CI""II'I, Ib,1 '~mlJ' leM - IA·~ ILL CIliiUNI ILDI,I' al Cali". il'HIEi I ,IHIA'JI -'·Ii StflJrlR D'I.~'~!,·ICI,"'c:I'I.I" 1.1'111 O-'IIiI}!' ,o,n, RI.,UllU: P~€I'" '11'l1.li11'", .'flV;n'lllr iii ~YIEi IH'AIIP,&. 110M 'iIlU.EII!·,lluIMUt,."AAr- AI M'il!~€.'II'f •.

1_,1_1_1_1_1 __ 1_,


1_' S,U'bSClrl~Di~jO n IIIIJJII. S'II: .. 1 All ICmpiIB'S, I - ai I ad 1_.

1i4;211 las,t W'ashhll~lEIlnl IL!311111eJ ~I", a ·S;I:wlrdy IEnwa:lclp'a:

I Pbilallel'pbla, Penna. 19118101 P,oI:ec'l,on. I

I Here's my '2.01.1 lor the next fabulous 4 issues 01 I


I IN',a.e~-~ ~_ _... _ ~-.- .. -~-.~-.~..,_.,.-.-.- .. -.~... II

I, .Addnl's's..._._. .M-_............ . _,,--, ....... ___,.... ,_ ...... " , ..... __ • '. III


II ICit' ..... ~._. -.,_.-- .. ~ .. -.- .. - .. ~- ... -.- ... - .. - - ....... --.... Ii

II Stale_ ._. ..-.--~~-.'- ... 'Z:iIPIC'Q,d'- .-.- -.-~.-~.- '11

L __ I _w 1 I 1311 ~

Irll_,I __ ' _11 __ -


- llini• IlulUll 11111PI., SIII, .. ,1

I 1i4,2ili ,EJI;I: 'W,a:SlhlinllalAI ILa'nll I fll1Uldll~p~h~I" IPlnllll~ 1111318

I I I'

I I,

II ,Addl~e5:~ ..:c _,,-.~~- ......... -- ..


II ICily· ...... _"'; .......... ~~ ................... ,-H_ ...... _ ....... _;-_ ........ _ ........ _"'""""' ............ """ ................... O1._ •• _





AU IC(l'pies: ~ Dined ;~n ,al S'lu"d, Env,e~IDlpe· "lor Prot:ecfiioli1., -

Nlre'~I, my,:

iD SOc flU' '#"~. OIGOe for #6

0, sm'c: 'f'ol' ·;:,3, CI !OIC 'for;:4 IDI50c fOIi~'S I:J ISOe 'err "'1 [J ISIOe 'fO'f ~8, 01160e fo,r #9

~~~I!!~--- .. --_---.-

:5,·18'le' .. -. . _Jipc'Dde~_. ..~--_.

LI_-_~II 1 __ 1 --~

'~k,ee ere tlh_es:k,-a'RLd the Angry Reel Sun in 'itth,a'" tllreatens ,elt,inctiLo'n" of timon .rth~


- I

_ they ktueJlJtne M in,ute" Che 1l(;!W" et1ul the Daythie W~:rid ;WIJ'fjl~C6>ltU~ 'tt,(J - - an End anil-Rumfufdt:y Wt5ffdd be: DestroyedI' tCJnl,y- an Ar'k ,01 !.~paee r!FJlJ,lfi: sru:;,tf!:-· sam~~

A silni;ster" tkriU~ng wh.ispfZf s'tf1;:lks the tele'grrLp'h trails of the'wor:!,r;l.,.., Two scientists ,ennfirm their '(Jalcu~"" tions: fa gre,at planet:snave ju'm;ed, tneir'- (J"rbits and =are- ra.eing' t;hluSplae,~ I to collide wit,h our world~ .... This' meaM D:,D'O.~Y' for the entire 'E'a:rtbr--.a dtJ.,te - with Death; DQo.m,D',(~~str.u~ti()'lh

"Tb» L,eague ot Lallt ,Da,;lNl' 'L:S fo:rm-

ed. . . T hey plot a mireeuious ,f!!S(;'Qf)ft in whieh onl,ythe fittest ,will survive'. .. ~ -MilU~~ns reoeri to' $'(Jvai/€r:y ljS c~v:iliz,a~tio.n crumble's:,- Iaur ~nd order be-

J~,f)"UJ; ,eg shambles.

,AUdthen t:h~ crasRc-the ;€;'F(;ri, ,'(Jt the


Scre:ennis'iory h(j-'8ru~:ut(Br r:ecor-(J-ed ,!'II' more spectac:ula,r sigrht: ~ .. Vi~;ual~e,the c!otorful,. "vivid, te.rrifyingDi'sian at m~n .. kind .se:ntenr;e,d tOr an,nihila~i(jn i, • ~ sal'vat,fon in. spacc€ for ,a cChlJ'$'en few ;i_ ~ • total ,destruc·tion for the ,m' -'T.ltjl 01

millions wh(J) sp'end their If.l-st aa;ysin . terro: &, b'iood.:rsb·e,d -(~S tlu3 f{l.et€! ,(!}).ft'U?f earth. turns red' in tl torrent,imcrimaon fltoad!

J magine' aU this, in a ,pr~,clud'i-Oln

backed by the' entire artist.ic: ,(1.B6 ted» nicql r€SDUTC,es oJ P'!fJrrLmfJ~,nt''s gigaRtia . s t ud.i()---lJ,nii. -ytJft ,af,B _. (ls.$untid tke~ 8U'" preme se.r,~e.n achievement -of aU tim.e':

Direeted lJY ,Cecil B' .. DeM ilZe,~

Cecil' .D. De;MiUe.?Y· Something stri~es, you as odd?'You seem tor-emember orhav,e heard- :that WHENW'ORLD·S COLLIDE was at IGeo, .. Pal produc~ti6n? You recall ne '. wor]d-WIElcldng in the career of the la~ CBD'?

- Right jrOU ar-et-and you ~'9ie jn:st WOll. yourseH' J ffieerook.et ride til! tIle NO'tl!l1 Lq'oon ..

Actually" the POfe,word'l: W this article 'was taken almostwnrd -f,ofWOrdf}1oIn, 1l1alll::

~ '~~ ~ ~~:.~

41 M}DUfS lie-lore D.'OIll:5:d:a,:~ 2:!pa:5se~tlgler5.isc.U;S5· thieir - GIi:Cli'les fDr S'u,rvi¥"AI in th,e' s',ba,dow'Of th'e ,re'at $hipl~

mount's pU' iol' the year THe plemetion wa~ a lri.:t 'pl[leHHtt~~ .

. ~EN W - CO origmal ..

ly .serifttlz~:d -in BlueJ)(;)ok ma~e in 1132", 'was Dot to reach the screen (and reek :lit like Qroeket) tiU aIhn(;JSt; 20 J'~.rs )ate:1' when, in New '[lrleans in 1'951, Oft tb~ gn" easion g.£ the annual W,orld Science Fi~tiCJn Conv'entiaD, the lucky space fans in at .. , tendano~, got to see the world prenUllalB 61 WHEN WORLD!S 'CO:LLIDE~

The- novlelimlsU was "written by PlIiru.p WyU'9 & Ed~. Balmseand when th~fir~t instalnlent Qf .it ,appeared it doubled the. - m'agazme'~. ,cifJowatioll; It was l'ep~frtQd that

the employ,ee,s of"tbe printing plant wher:~ --_

i.t '\'¥3S being published were so ce:xcit~d aboJit

i.t that the 200 of them.droPI)'I9Qt their- wo,rt

to grab the s.tory 'wet ,oil thepJVess!

10,000 sticky :inky J:S!

~Lucikny tbe:i.1' boss was a Sp~eem.an too at heart..

The Last .Nite crnE,atrth ..

Stff.'FWaril HoI _

The ,Joom.ey Thru JSpao_e:~The Crash. of

Two Worlds.. The C'tlsml€ Canqueflo'rs~ ..

'.s:' , ••• ,.fe, ;11 earf.,'s.,'i:'e,

. The ebapter__heads of the book itself give a. dramatic ~lU17J1InfCry of -the' action of nhe - ibn: The Amazing Errmd. ..' The LeLtpe o,i the Last' Days ... !,- .. The Strangers, flom

C'liAiQ, <!":In D c ·c '.'. c :A. U"'TI D' ,"" ............ sda - -,I -

'~:t.-d~~~ .. '0, " ·R'W'O ,.H.J;,~1' .. IUU:.fJLmCl1 IY,.

'>\ W," '," lId···t"'I ,- ~,.;lI p' I ,. l:ii"ff'" i4.<,,<!

.f:1r; , Ol.l" \..Jan ~nitl!... ~. ~, £ IIS:JlI< .ci.c- ,€!C:;~"". ...,-

~Som,e Demands of' Destiny.. •• Ma~ehfuJ Orde:l's lor the -Human Race,

How the World Took. It, ~ .. The last Nits j'n 'N,ew York. " '" Tbe ApPIP,ach of the

Pill",t, ianets,

'The Saga,.. TbeAttaek~


, if "egins, ",if a ,8e""s

The world"s mst hint ld extinctiotl comes (in the p,ici,ure) when as.t;·roDomers detee~

. . . 0- J.,'l. c· . - . 6, ·"li·~,j!.1 ",'" r' ~..J '1rIi\t'li"l, ElI .. ws;'lJ' S1"1I11"11

,a:DWJ1et: sun, ,a, "il[;·ILd:e1 ;,=,UlI. ~m'~~ ;"'iU4"," ~

named Bellus, in~onvenie;D'tly headed for the same spot· fn sp~ujegenex~y oc~upifi)d

by' us" '

-A, f'righremng ease ,ofFor V/h,_thi@!

- B,enus Tol1s~and. :n that iumr_y is, QVflf your'

he'aet" sonny; well .. ~. .~ so ~- Be]tus,! -And

ller:e"s wbere the trol1ble~t,alis,~ when Bellus gets too close (aT;eDtts· anatb.er naJDE! iorE.artlt) J that .' 'b.ol1:me

'from outer SpacB is' going tD bDtQ: om ll~Qet


as JjIack. ,a~, a, teen girl cook's fus·t, piece cf toast .. We'll either r-oast to death or-worse yiet-gl9lt SDlI,sbed. to smitheIDeens by a companion lof Bellus, a planet named Zyr,a.,

"A .... f . ·'b ·m-·-'· ~ . ~. h B n 'd

' . fil:j, :i ar aat vB eo I SIOll Wit ie~us an

the, rocket wer,e concerned,' said the pictUl,e's director, ... Rudy: Ma:~"".-. m '~'"I m~f,ltr..ai''''''7fe'w

~ _ _", , . .~, ' -.AI... . . ~Y·;!l ,.

"the fUm was frankly science 'fiction •. We launched tbe spaceship horizontally instead of 'vertically, in the 'usual way", J,ets beneath th~e ship supplied the initial impulse that started it 'roBing down, a track like 'the earriage O;f a rollereoaster .. ,Afte'r' .r,eaching' the bottom it, sholt up' off into the air at, about

,,3000'" per second, The je'ts, were dropped as the Ship ]ejt. th:e tr,ack and the rocket motors went into action, After penetr,ating the atmosphere the ship speeded up to the velocity of escape of 7' miles per' second,'

With the whole world 'elamoring for rescue, rich men oftering their fortunes,

poor men their files, of FAMOUS MON·c STERS, only 40 people can be ,accommo-' dated, on the- new Noah's; .Ark of space tbat is hastily built during the last days of: 1if~ on Earth. Four hundred feet long, it is of gleaming metal tapering to a Il!eed]e~ nose; '7fl wide,. It will 'be hurled into' sp.ace, . with its human and. animal eargo, at a speeid approximattng 1500 miles an. hour, Forty men and women, out 01 the, who1,e human: race, seeking survival on a new worl,d while tbe one tbey leave behin,d is, rocked and ravaged by cosmic f'Q'FOes the llke 011 which 11.0 human being has. 1~'Vler ,experienced -.

As, Bellus, the peat flaming bowling~baU o.f death, a:pproacbesE,artb" the 5nrface of

'1' __ t h '. . t .,.,J....- d LL,

our .put:ue~ ,.8gtDS '"0 cra~ up, uneer W.J.e

gr,avi:tatioiUll stresses and s,trains,~

The ,earth quakes ..

. Sleepin.g vol~QS w~,ell, lie]c~,g f,~b fireballs, likie :RDman Can41es, and white-

. h~O't rivers of molten lava,

'Tbe tides lisle in. the 7 seas and as tam ... - p,ests of' hurricane strength roar through. the atmospbere, howling like banshees at the wake of tbeworl~, tidal waves of un ...

preeedented height attack New -York with watery fists, Broadway becomes a. colossal t.rough of water as millions of tons of angry ocean smash and batter at the skyserape;ns

,of the great metropolis ..

Witb the world. li.tM,ally c,rumbling around their ears, the planet - pioneers 6,ee their dying' Moth.er' E,a"rth on a co-Iunm. 'of flame, Th~yare almostsqu8sbed flat by the multi-grR'Vlties of ,the takeoft but, hav .. ing been picked for their superb bodies as, well as their' superior brains and quality Qf emotional stamina" the h.sldy spaeemen aRt! ,s,pace.wom,en. survive the, shock of the leap into , ap' la" ,A.!!"i.,

..... ',:' .. : '_", ~-"'_~I"

It, is a thrillin,g race with Di8Stiny ..

A do-or .. die effort to' cross the inrer-plan,etary void to a new haven in, the sk,Y.

,~, wh,en the Earth:s.hip at last comes ,to :rest, on. the: alien, soil o:f ,Zyra and. the last 40 human be;ings in ,existen,ce 'em~r,ge frofO the:]r metal cocoon ttl test, the atmosphem of their .seeond hom,e,a warm and ,frllVtdly

. - land .LL·" . ,.

fiowering' .: _" ,-_scape greetsl~:ieU"8IlXl()US

eyes, It.'is a 'welcome sigt!.. _

The old Elmb, with its pride and pl.~

~ dj' '., 'It .. ' D #1 th' 'k:T

Ju:J~ces", lS gone. ' _ .• 18 Lay,-' on' :_e .(,~"ew

World ~:yTa and for the Olpbtans of space: a De'W' }ije daWDI~ I,ND.

'dl!~'S U!OnB~aJ 0N~OZ .i;:I~~UlP :ou, ~~919~\l ~HlnlBu!IJJIa'JS '6.1 '~!q !ss(lH '5\l~ ~fH 's~o~~~elJnll 1i0 a:l\&~ 'i._rili ail:l~ ~rsn.~:niq u;M'N31~~ IimOI ~'~!~-~'2ej;s i~'S~ri:l tp!£Ig~9\i1I'3',~'[ 11a~:lul (lj' Qi f,.~M. ~:~3 am N\i(lliS j~ e p'!8'll!j lJfi~1t~ ~'L pl~ i~aA '~Q''[

, ";J,!qS!:lqod 1IIIiaM

J91,el[ J,!'9iw.l~]a~YI~!:::lla~ aM S! IlJQI)® Stl "';i09!A~I:a!l] ~~!:3edS; ~sa\.l oS 1[

. - - --- ,i"qU!I~1 ~:a~f~ U~Wqll ~ao no: ·tr'[

" - ·,S.l[ill~OB:.Wle'~3I!JiElTg] palii:eJ:~(td ill'grt:!ltil,O]r~~ila J~~flJ1 ":S'I

_ ·~St u!: ~UfiJ~8'UU'd

~:[nO'~ it ;31uilOHeofiill !Y~~M Kpamo::]'fsDilIDll ~~~1lY!e,~ W8,W Ur·6 t ·~!tIM ~!I 41.jNf win ~O.i.!~gy-- J~!~~!nll),n, 1;£61 !~ ~B~ II ']t !siml'lQ, lilB e,!:)l3j ~ pun~t~iyl, aJlaQltiI ~ScJ;Bli'!.l 'Ot 'ewmtes:u:as JAW( 1.10 s:pus,la'p le~l "S '~iieROA Ui9p~i~~ S.~d~~~&a,~:ed$ ~'-~nillqg' $~'M II ""'g

. - - • .(),l1qPI~J8 ~Bti "'l.

"1:191&\ ~s,e 1!: I:fr~ ~~.(ej~~ U!OSl1r410f- .1101' eJ~~~le)\ "!So:8nll -g "'s;a:du;,~~rnii 'il !~ser£'n~~u:aa~] 81 . g" '~q;e!191 UiQl\ J~qtl.llia,M' "tT ·)SIs:!

, ~~~ooqra~~.odc IB' -~B: U pa:~s~:!rqilGl :al!l~lU_BI WE'a~!ffiiI3l~pOltS' tJli:I,'O .g

. 'snJn~\WI ~,pAaEi SS~ll~:l~' IlliIBiw;JaS .~

"§~6:[ U,! ~'fl'd'Qla~1 "I

Is Jall~' -l~1 ,a.s·lloaid II the DIXI ,1~J"}sJ telt ,1111f' IQ '(lllnteirplllanletary Qu,or· ~) in ~r 1~1 .. 1,lJrdng qUi',l,. designe!d ,by sp:lce 811peirf RIUl_, Malelor tOI pUlzla and IJIlIUSIl J'lua, .. I~f Jlau SI,g,11 'bellJDw 7'5[% yn'ld blUer RII' back ~II 'n~f S:,plal~e Cllilleg,e a'h~d~lkB a rlfr,~lftreir· CDlallt

in l:inl!matlnl'nQlmy fl1Jlfi- Prol, EI~bll!r Raid,

1., THE GO 1:10 (,ST Of ,$1PI."( :~~s pro~'ut!ed b1 ~a) 11Stl

Torsi ~b) 'Se,Q'" Pa'~~_ {G:~I Wtlny leyl -

,2. rIfE, lUlL 1M THE, M~OION starrr1ed' (~I MaJ:Ha MtJD!l1tOl

1bl_M~.rm~lm:Fl.aMcnroe; ~c~ IGerd;cr Ma!urus~' . . .

,3f. RIDEIS TO tHE SIA:R,S!'wBis wr~~em b~ 'Ci) ~rud $.iodrmak; (b)' Kurd l.ass~wib:; (0) Curt Ju~gEu'l:sl ,4 .. IIII~I 4\r TH~ SJAi~ is, t~le, c;~f1_ema ~l,qrglt'~!~'bJ' p(aS\le~d en the! Ufe of '(a)Wemhe~F von B~aulilf; ~q) W;ElJfner VtHf1 Olam:h (1:). Wi~ll1I!ie ionPoo~' 5. THliS lSUtN,D EAlliH 'was. -SlJl~roumtd.ed ,h~t I(aj} 'water· (bJr aIr; (tJ - ~it , I., PllN ,I fll, DU1EI SPAgEfie:a~tltreid"a ,pijl~[hVlmO.lJrs, a!ppea'~a:nte, b~ {ill, P;au[ MooneiY;: 1bl~B'era: lYiDis~r; I(~~'

~Uck~y MJ)O:~e'M·7 - .

7!. IT lAME F~RD-M1 OUTEll'AO~ was the: rDdgr\n~I WDlrk ef ~al ~La.J Bradbm,ry; tb)' Rq~ Cummjngs:~ I~~} lay

AmrthQ,o_y'i -

I~ F~It: MII'DlrENS ·.Of 'DltrTER SP,AIC'E: 'was ,about ,~Ul unemp:l,oJJ11l11Ient mlea:s.u re, taken~ID 'CORS;(Jrv'B :spate b\Y -dfsm iss:i iID,g :s:e~:era~ Inielrp,ranelary :s~J;!reIta des f:r(Jm

. ._ the) r JDbs~trJ'e or fa~se!l (Y,~ilIl ha've, j~st '.Wtbane,d

~ta $ I -' - - j'OltE!.,,)1 • ,

9. A,a:RIITT· _ .' [J IGO liOI MAIRS. but ii:wiils n~~ fa~~

1~~w:f~fJIl!Je lor .~,s:e:l' 11 .. ~n JIST ~IM'GINE a- l1'ocket$hiip ()f 1'910 WeJlt to ,fa) t~l~ Nooh; ,tblVenlJls~; (c}IMa!rs1' 1'1., 'BLliCK MillON was, a:bQut (al: th'9 back,side 'Df tb~ M~loln~ ~~~l1leMOJon d fsc:o,eredl ·to be m,adle of (~aaID insfe-,aJ~- of ,gr(ee:rJi c.he:e~fJ": ,liD)1 VOC!rjIlO? 11;., CABIN IN THE SKY wae; (a), ablout ,a:n _ a~rtllf~,c~al~ sa'~el" nte:j '(b)'lHl,e.a-V6Jl~'

la., ,FLASH 00,1010:1'11 Rllr Til MIRS s.taned: 8~ck :Ragef"$ ,

="""true Ci!!rf31Is,e? 1,4., T:r-Qle· ().Ir' f;a!~se: IQAI 'WOllEN' 1011 THE ,M:rmiNJwas fI~,e

_ s;eQu,el'm lC:Iif. 'WOMEN ON-I.HIE. U_Ml'-' ~ - - ---

15., IGWleUs' wooU\ TH.E F~I$T' MEl .,liN TH'E :MQQN., D]'(i

th'eywr-ite baEk,?' '18-. Ju ~,es ·VeiFnle ~w:~ote f'RiDM JTIE iiAiRI;H TIIMIE MaOIL

I m - ",,~ III eil.(.t:I~ ,.

'11',. -12 )IHE MOfQlw,as the s;e,qL1e~~ to H'IIS,N MfOI-.

S . rollJ's 0 r f.8!naC.tOLls? -

- 1'~, ~lil1tS, fll'M ,MI.RS 'w,as about M~FtiB~n rnnvaders"

J~!ult[lle C_hCl,~c:e:,) _ - -"- ~ ~- - .

'1'9. ftlle or f,al~l: PHI~jN_10M fROM ,S,PAC~wasi the,se.que~ 1m PIANTOM' 01' 1HE ~SPAC:E OP'E:R'lt

21~IHIE ~NGRY PtAI:!1 ~a.s tfu,e s;e!Q!~el t:o RlEllJ

PlANET (lifJ if,.oSlI(o'I~7'


,rfl'rI'~ 1I.:tivfllea ,".~g,e".

Stranp~ as it may'_ seem"the: 25tll .;:en:tUI,beganf'orBuck with ihe creaijQn of 'his leta. m the 1920~s. The NewYar,kIQ1' mag-Dime took, ~a. deep look at ·this spa~' a,ge w,ond.r91r when ~it,reriewea .Dis, ra.,mo ~progtam on De-

oember 22.~ 19a4:

.,BUck Rblgter~c bJe'g;ano IllS' lIZ 'Gar~Qei~ '$:t'li" aibout .five ,~e(Jl's ago,.. Buck w:as· ,tm Alneri~ IC,OO soidi'er - who zvat: put to sZelep- b~ !Q~e : mys:te"Fiousgas'a/ter the. W,DrW War. (}tile m-Bt ene) Otnd ,woke up ,in ,the .. ,tilqir :2400~ l!.e ,spends kis time in the ,d'ailJ' eartorJn $t~ipf

- (and ~fJR tM .r,flidi6 -tour ti'lne'8 a wee1t) fly

" flf,t)Ull.tlthe b~auenew' -unlvJe'fle from f)la.n.ef

11'~._ - • -;;3 r.;. W· "'11 -n° .

~tfJ. PMJi,U .. -et tlt1'co.mpt"ml.eu [1IY QOO :'_ ,f,ma ~ -,ellf-

mi:, apoJ (l1lJt g ... swf!,e;f,nea .. With ·th~m is Dt' •. 1luftlwho iJjven;ts all kinds' of mech€tn~ ~ca1 snd (Jhemic~l, o.7!u:l ..' .ie deuiees to

10il and "if [Jifl8si1JI.le df}s'troy, KiIJ'erKtlme' 'Q:'Iul his p~qd), Alr/"lp, Vmm:ar~ who u:- 4 w,r~:t;._c;li. $o:rne Oit the' ICQIlJ,t·rT"y·t_wnBw-re .r,rJc~k",c roc kelt_ - ·Ship.s, ,~r-«vJiJty Ibelt,s" 1]'ra.y's, lightning gurtSfspooe .I:uit.,,· ( mfJ,ke . it . plJs6iJ,ik fa '8~ep tJ,fj int(J~~,nl;£r:e: wiftr O;U/~ u·tting hurt)1 "Inti an- I "', ,1f/;/JntcilapnrJHe tQ:r: - n~~ _the nlinj;s ,oj 1J;i~ kJms·an.d. Z'eQJT1ilfn,g' -tluiT -tlttBttL.' ... ' - _

C(jl~mlbis -Bro_ad'cQ;ltiD,g' -studifJl' USlf3,' :2~ 14~fflare',nt: motoirs' to ,imi:Uz;fJfJ:. the f16:r:~U8 ma ... chatU(!al~ ld"evweJj- ()J Dt~ ,Hue:r.i 'fhe8oW of-th.el),8.'Jllc~iern8fritJt-io1J; n!~" J$(iw;euer~ ,f$' made . 6 Schick T-aZ07. Mr ... J()"fi..n 1l~ Dille" who has his -ow'a ·JrfnlJ/ifJrtJe., ·tlJli1ugli~· U~ JJj'uck.. 7?he efl,rfQQ'",sr~~ip i$ ~ll_t:a;w,n. ~ Dick C,oJ1iins ,~d :rlJrt~{en~ :oyf ,No:wlGn.

, •••.. - .... ;i.'" Aj, p_

' .. -.-'r---,.. •• '. -'-;., •• _0 ,A_,.-I ., - .. U -W' 1iI\IJII'rl.fI.~! .• _u,

'Phe "OIIigiDU ral. P!o;gram ieatm:edMat~~'L.-lnft7 'c' .·~ri~l'bir .4 .'I?' 'B''tf'1!~It- A_'~,~~la RI}I.~'Q~ -as

Ib,'I]l~" _ _ .!LeU __ 1bd, ~ _ - -u,,~_ , __ --cab ~ ---, _U.:J;fJlQV"---_ ... =rs-

Wilma . Deering B::nd E ~ ~ StehH aSI - Dr~ Huer, Yle~: be~~ve tbegJliast mOfte" B~Tia,l;,; - Bu.ek was pl~tl{r,ed m _llewspa.perstT ~d. -heard OR the radio .. , Tbe-kidS weill ;'WilfL ~~.

- ,_ ...- - .

_1 ,B~~s ,profj;aet! Df an ISOttiS dDmjn-, -

aJted ·th-e Am:eFJi~ SoeDellr SOlrq :iBd ' was

- - - " ...-

the: YO!iI.Dlg$rer woodl. IIQJ; kaye .his !:O~

BuckRQIeEB ~'RQeket Piltol~~ ~ In one de!"'

s-jx weeks~ Action dJominlited. tb.enbn as Sr top stuntmen(framed f;or 'latet'"lEUpubUc .seria1sc)s.trntted.th.eiir stuB.D'av,e ShaiPe~ 'Eddie. Parker and TQ1lD' ;s,teeIe .lIDe~ei¥ed jolts as,theywe!B jom,ed hyRny Ba;l"eJi!flft Rlld.Kenne!- Dunean (!afler' Be~' I.' ': eYlI ... bUDS) this tim,Q as .. defenders IQf nght" The pl,a:yer.Sr ooSUP'POlrt ,of 'Btlstef' ';as Buck. -_ ers were . GDils'itan,eeFord. a.sWi1ma 'Deer .. In,g,. (t Monta.i:tre Stl~W .~:DI~ Huet~ Ja~_ie ~f}l'aD :a8. Huddy" and AnthOD1 Wa:lne a~ ruDer Kane; .. IJl !tbe s,tuft& Ide:partme11n~,. Eddi.~ -PB.Ek,eI fltoubled jor _ EUs.t.ef 'while 1l,B;ve Sharpe- l1.JlJ2:d in for ~;ra.ckie Morant :~Q~r quite amazln"c, a'S who has ev,eI' IlJe;e~IJl in b~tt~t 'phV5ical sball~' Gltan, - (lMbb~?' HOlwe~er,. nen if he ,w,an, to Ito· au· :hi$ aWli s;tUliti:Q. 'I"~ tb~ J~tudtW· wifnld n~t, I'eJ1n~t it~ TheJ :Ii QJJ'd:~e: a 'hil' ·ti~ ~oll~r'

p.tm,?nt stJiI& 'Iamons, 1500 'wm!9 set )oos,e .pOiR the world, the first day' Ion sale. ThE

-~ .. W~-aPOil!1 was made! 'oihea:vy m1etal in a su,per~futilIlistic. !design .. Wheotbe Hiller Wt\6 piilled a S!1aPPDlg s6und Idescribed ,0 dZ,ap,j wq hegr,d.

WorkiDgvri;tha fa~ll)tite~ like, tm!;.,

Yel?rSIW Studios saw a rrarural. hit jor «be m'01Vi@:S", .If' tae, 'could o'b'bDnilbe world's IOl'emo'St spgeeman" Bu. CI'i\bbe" t~ey _ ~~~.' _:ci~1t, ~~O"· ''''~~'''iI''' l~rO' ,~fIIl;.:!'nd·· '~C! '~ifl ''Ei'LA· ,.,~H

W'~~~ ~~§_rl ~ _." atJ.r~,~· a .. ~~;Jj.'cu _ ~~ ~ FI _.O~_

anON (Dt ! ·se.tialS) ,Buster became BOCK R;QGERS, in a '12Cbaptlr sDa~e plmOltmll,.

.i,.U,,:'":' ~~r ... '1~~~l:"" t" '~'e,- c:!1~~ ';;I_~ ;_'i.n, ~n~'..

:t"U:1~J;· ·,y;tl~~[Il;.,.!YI'J'5 I'll! Qo~'~J:lilLi!; UV",.u.~Alio!li.!" }"'~~

sodie. :fd~ PIF'''DlI of the se ~ 'tOOk


epaceacbievements, did people ,at the time B'UCK ROGE,RS, was made, think these films were, the wildest" IC,faziest things. in, the. world,?"

,BU8TE'R----"'Yeail, I(with a chuckle) a lit ... tIe bit. But the films 'went ove:! pretty welt" S.P,ACEMEN~"I notice Phillip, Abo. was, cast as Prince TaUen, ruler of Saturn.A W,as th.e:r,e a specific reason for choosing an '01'1- ell'D· ·,t.,..l a- eto r f'nf' ""t..,....., ~lI.e9'"

~I .... iIl,. :~ __ ~~ ',,!i, uL~. 1J,U1,6_ ,lIl.,~ _ ':. .' '

,BUSTE~'''He''s Korean and :you:· see him a ~lnrf; today .• He's tum1ed out to be quf.te',a good aetor, As fu' as the casting goes who ~ew just '1Vha:ta Saturnian should look like anywaY·?""

SFACE,MEN-,~'I _ wonder if you remember'

bow they did ,any of the spe,aiaI efteBts?~" ,B,USTER-"Oh s,ue. I~. SOM,e shot§ ·the spamsmps ,didn't move, the ooekgr;otllltl

~M-- _

Caipt.;rn' Ra:nIJ;i'1 (Jack "IIIII,II.U and L,ieute'n,anf' 'Lacy ('K'eRII,e Dlul'canl,' diS'CG'Y'eir 'Ihe' 20th Icen:lu'ry' lu,clc

in a stall. of suspende,. Cln1;mlatio'l( :iin the 25tll ce:nt.ulry.. .

i'pvtlsted in. bim (as the central figure in this production) so thew had no plans, of jeopavdizmg' their investm~'nt.

Recently, I discussed s;tunt~ork and other einematie situations with, Buster Crabbe, who commented as, f:oDow;s:::

S-PAlCEMEN~,cH:ow c;Hd they determine what ·action WllS to. he doubllied 1'"

--- . .. .

B:U,STERI ,"'The further YOH. got in fhe

pIcture, the more of a chance they were r taking of' :ge:ttjug tbe star cr!ac~ed. UPI. The result being" hnlding Up, production at, a ,g ale,aI of' added lexPS,DSB (productionwise)" ~o,r DtJthemg stble to campllete tbe picture at an."

SBACKMEN-'''Thmkin·· ab·Qut, -i:r.day···'s

- . __ . _ . g . ~ = , ~

.• . _.1 • ...•. .• I 1 '. I •. I . .

fII:a,' 'clirigiible is abollt f,o, Ictas. o,n, a,n ic;y A~c,ti'c, "0111118111.,

There is- n. escap., 'foF' WUmaDe,eri'ng fr,,.. the5e 'weird creIDtures., WIlD' ,.re tllle','7'

onle ca,n lIelfp gr •• if, S,PACE,MEN:~"Who direesed Bu'Ck. Ra,g~ ers?"

'BUS:TER~,,····}4The dme.eitoFsl were Ford Beebe and ;8.8111 poodkind[, a flQlrmer film editor.. He was actually a ,cntte·l'cJixe~~g, and he planned the edi~g as, tile· :film was

b- ,', '"., 'h·-,t ,I,' eing S,B.

8PA",CEMEN-"How wer:e 'the' de-gravity belt, lefI'ects, obtaiuled?"

B,US.TE~ "Piano wke:~ We wore hamesses the same as Mary Martibused. ~s PE,1"ER PANt, The lonIly dang~ts 'bflIQg kiil1ts, if one f'OlEed, ij)IB wire wogld break, But there were 110 brdken necks" bones lQ,lr ~~ythm,

l"k- " ,1..;. " ],1 e tJJi:.B.t., .

SP ACE MEN "\Vhee; wele. the. Duidoor scenes, t1)at were supposed to takeplace

. , 0' th- " , p- 11 O3.in 'ts' " h ,,nt' ,,"I'" ,

'OI,~ "II 1"leJ;_cUL~JLe,l, s ,llV '.. _ ,_, _

B,US,TE,R-, "Mos,tlyat Cpats;wortll, Red

Rock ICan!on andthe 'Mojave De§ert", an of them not too far from the stumlos, irr

O· alifom ~ I"'a'i ",

,~UJl. I , ,,' '.

SP'AC,EMEN---.:"Wa;s.there much .p~Qmo ... tion and wttrm,g vri:tlt 1Ktt1$ tike: 'B,UCK ROGERe3r?~jl

BUStI1ER..._...I"Ob sure,. j'ust: becaus.e, it W8'S a serial is .DO reason why they lshouldn't P11'b- 1i(::me it,., ·T-bes@r.i1Us made more:' money fOF th~e sl~udj,os 'than a luit of'tnemr ·bi. pietultee. J(three-~~Ul~r milllie.tl .dollars :PrOd ;Ct. bu,dglet was spen.t IOn the tir:stFLA,SH,H. - N, ]lttt, it paid_ oft' m big 4ivideDds~'" I~U?AeEWN-',G;tlnlt~ll,~ sel'i3l wu: made,

I;us,t.r Clr.:bil;l:j "slrge.' IDle;r..tlu! lIer. of tomOFt;IW' 'f.Jr,ea~I:I\Ii.".:1!

811:5ihr - dienJiCilRJtlrate:s, Ihie ill·25th cent:llry ,la.'I, ICI:she 1;0.":1 01 .. : •• flillier Kalne"'s mien,

"r .. ,. -Mui,r ilnd 1I;:s aSrS-i$;tants pr,'pClre thre-it ,ray 'RI:gc;hin:e

-'Q\rilU .. e,difafe ,-acfion. -


weli~ tJJiflh.aDg~ef li~enes SftQ}t- two Oir )tm'6'e Vila~~t0 g)et~be hew oat ~of JeID lfiDr tile,

-t- k • ' :.,b " ?', :ne~,· ·C[.II.apuar.: '

BUS1:~ER-"Yres" ,serials were .a$wi@lYS sh~\ that Wr~y~, For elE8mjJffie: amain 1$ ,SbOlVB .actuaRy - ,f1ftmtiDg 101 a clift~t~thaf"~,tbe lend oct: one ep:is:.ode: .. Then 1:01'" ihe -.sit - . tet,.they piCk \1pr Showing; h~, ,r,fJ~l ~0!?M and the-n g"ah ~ snme'it~mn,g -~to sa~m' boos~il. Thre;y cheat- a little ·so tnat he lteJler-am:1JIal~ ly fell, r.~.¥OU knew, I -was a i11t eVen befolre,lgrQt ~m.tD pictu;ljas laRd 11I1te~-· er .forget- the ~ery they 'Used. tke.Q·lcr

save Ule he[()r/,r -

SJPAOEME-N~~Do you mtjoy watcbiDg

~ Y'OU'I' own f.eatu.res & cSJ~ria1st[Qday?~;' B-USTEIFt~'l~I~m critIcal of them., - Slomtt ai'

·the ones' I el\jQyed workil1__g.in" 1 enj" wa"tehing~ I ofnenwonAer tho'ugh" wb~ _ di.d the &ceJlle"i&he w.ay I did" ~'llt 50m~times~ al~er not· -SEHi~ing' a"Rictute .for along :hhDe and, thilikDlg It:s very p~ait\ J:'R1 plejr$ah:l~Y

surp!l'med,/'; _

- SPA-C~MEN-----"'Ba,ckm 1962~ yOg. la,4 _an

A.9C:TVsnow on which BUCK- Ii

and some rotyOUi"' other fiJms were raft! the:ve much ofa fan ·club ronneCcted ~t!) tbeHh:ns and this shCJw-?~r,

BU'BTE.R--'~Y:au betl 'VIle had BUS~Elt'iS :B,Un:DIES, lruubs ,Blld there wel!e - .. 5ft

-memb!ers .fu the' N,ew-"YQlk:uea U~Be~, -The kilds IOrved _the <~enals an,dtllese ~r. ,M~


srtill tb.e ~pe of entieriaimn,en,t, the~r-'d lUt~

a lot today, .. ~' '

. They c,ertedinly Ql're the tj!p~e of ~nte;Jiamment that -:everybflldy enjg'ys;,if Bu.s,ler 'Crabbe is the stalr" He's thelllan wlm

. br()J ~,;t.a :l1BW dimeDs1:OlR· to. the ehaptel playacting} 'Yle D!eUeved ,In B:a~ ~I« th:~ oth.ef' Icharacters BQStelrpl.,.ed~ beqBltlSe ms ,acting 'C60:tlnced.. us that a sl"t,uatidn '~IS rerdl':l rcie.s,per.rJ.'te.Ev,en in the £antuti~m~ ·turia"tic :settings.,r the ·Qmnlllcu -beaamere'aJ. T.be15e,w,ere: iha 0!wyfims of ·their kind; they 'lean never be re,c_atedl

In. .next i~U~lrl\e~S IC61lclnding mstaUmenlht

-w,s'll :return with the mo1rie stog' 1m e.E

ROGERS~ What· -'~ppens wimIt ~BJck ~. ma:de ,;:t helple_sJJ :robot ,s~ve 'f1),£ tbe fih:uneat r,a;y:b:eJmeit? - n KfUe:r Rane destr·~ B'ueBts md~defi ei~ and. 'dlus rUle· the Barth:? Is .tum ·tlle" pla~et lNihere· ~nendBs, OJ!' friJeans. dw;ellr!' Whl) :are the nQUib1le: ~UltJJ

~ani?·lt., ..... -:,;;;l .;'I,..;,_ J:.. ~, ~;hB c "ri"I~'r k"""\1t..,~~jJ "':b-

,!l'l!f..!!.K.i-"!!'i!!i! hJ.IU w:ua~ _]~. ~U~ 'BbUlal:'_~ l1~lJ!ll!U me

fm1ule df a .'1;9.508. " a. ~·-,RB TV semes ,ulith(fj~t Buster? ·'y,l fiDtI N't~'~Ht

_. 'aDiSwer-s· tGJr. " q:ues.tiomi, -'a:DdmHCh m~I~\\ -

,a_Sw~ mhtm 'With tbe Z5~h c:,nt.JlJ! rlPa, ativeniure'm the fu~r., - . :111'1

• ,8


- - -- - - -

'!ri,l'ml, t~IIIIJ, '1" rlffcdE~1 me" allil,.1 ,onl, S,n !II: 2!"!'~ ''11'111' II 'pDwe,,'ul alillo:ug1h tiD' IP,I'c:k !liP' l.uQiII Ih,I,~lon 1:I!TOI!!ldcC!llij,. l'hil miniil!!!" 'GerIm,anuhn IiiCl.:II'o,. Ca,m"l, 'l:'iji,l'IIlp,.ete, wUhl pd"a1l!i!i' llmll"tnilllllg Ii',n ,llitg and' Imll'h!d ,e,IIE, anltenna. Need. n,il! elell'trldlty. :llnllhe ,evan.' ,of power hdhllre If wU11 ali.. you to Iheul f.he' m!W'1 andl £~¥UIUiill d.f'eD'~'e' b:riQI gd!Clgr~'tl" _Chilli, ,:2 ,10(1 phiil 2'5iC IpiDUCISO & h!1ll!i!dlh'BI.

CIP'T'AI~N IC,O MIPIA NY'" Dlep:l'., MII-30 BOX 119173. 'iIIIUDIEL'IUA _ 31~, PINNI.



SII Ufl~UKIE ••• ,YIOU!'LIl.


"111'111"111 l:oVII thlll real 'iliJral, fill n", IP:rCII¥oklng WIGGl," ~ CI·'QQi!' R!UI.,EI 5,N,AI:E. It' Ii !ii' lom,1ilii111,e,(j 1Ii,,- 1:0 III. IliItii!lund I'nl 'D ~ircle '.0 lbieco1'l!ul' an 'ililir p,~lIIow. Whenw,rappo:d1 around th,!!!, bDdy' ~t !ii!id', in nOailiil!i!g CI!i!dI I,wiirnmil!i!,g. Junw1glk in.,oll! lI'oom with "IiI,il SNAII(IE: CioU'e,d aioul'ld yOI:l Clll'I!d Unc~ 'IQ ,tliu:1 _1,creC:illn,f ,,1.'8, p!![li 2!5,e IP'OI~'P:BiO' '. Ih,~",dlhI!SI"

C,APT,IIN GOOf Depl. [MO .. 3'11 IUIII!513

',hllad e ~p'hlia3lf IPa.


'lfllU!IIre' U lift. ~ Ilhe MY'S.tE Ai II(U.lS 1,ILAlCI( MIEfAiL laOX~'lI'I"f. Slnliill.,' gndW,aEfln;., 't'ou_lllu'Ow rh. $wUclill 'I:(il "ON". Jmm.,diQI.'I, 'thert' il g tellrilii,c '9~illil!dinlll o,f IPOW'lf 0'1 1HI

I!:OX.,gmj at i,' U' 'COn,-

'Iahll!!!'d I!iI hidd- -,IONS1E.. llhe'n

,t",!!!, U,d dlllwly rillel • -" -. ,and f!llo!'l'! in,hile' fHlE IO'X ifllme:rgel ill 'f,r,ig'h~iI!i!~ hill, eolia IGIE'EN ItIIANID,. 'tfu!I'GJRUN' NI~ND "Illti'b,-. th'"1 Iwl:Il£IIll. pU:lih,M iit

It,a • ·'DfFu aru:11 II, ,dillflppe!ii!liiI,

b!iJ:,~k ill1lloililHlE - lIhe Udll!amll,

Ihllll'----Clllltil ,amI liIi,.Ueliit QlSI!illlnl 'ORel" lien. thlill ~I lUI/Villi" 'fol,g:01'l."" 1illle m'l,..t' 1'II.1!i1l1'1lth,s, mudd."liim HI 'o.~i!id "oUl'¥e elY,11" witnesledl! Onr, $4,.95 ,1iI,1I,,, 2511: [pg'I,laSeJ ,II hondli'n,9'.

CIPT,AiIN IGlll, Illepit., 10-3,01 BOI 1&5J:9

'hiladrl[phia 3'.'1 Pa.

fll" .11',0.... 'GI!IQul,1 i', Ig lib .. tl:iililill fig ,,,grrnh:: 'C,gi In~,c<n,-=,dl Co nefi~ f:iiQ,n of! ,0ulhllnc!ll!!Jlh :uliUI sel"iHJed m,m 310"(j g fI of 1II,0nr,oll' 11II'I11'i1!'le:l. IHI'MiI I,. g ilI'QUili-liullll ot: .,I!dl 'iftendl-OPfJlDI1 a n" gi,a iii!' Ib I iill'tl.

m gdliii,c:ilenili 1"1, ,.lhie-wo l'¥Iu,.

l!I"c.mpiim,. n,lillllg mfiAsllfirs"

mUnlmiiJS'" :lili'l1IIIlbciel and ,oflu:n, iud al ~l'ide:I,c;rlbQlbl'e',. ChilO ~,f Ule 'bel,i "Iovelly bo'~b ilQ )"lii,arl. for groat r.eQd~ng 'J~~. f!r~at

)lQlinse,I" liD ,g copy" -

£lIn ~,r $1 ,,100 phlSi ,2:5c

~ia r II g,sIIR!e ,Indl hilln1d Ii "I,

tAI,TA INC e, D e:pt. MI,·3D '101 .,51,3

Pihilald,e:lphlia S8. P',a.



,50 ,FEE,f u ",'5, 111~_ FEET "5 'I' II

1:11111. ...iI'"", 'Uimm" • '-

,Plus 25c lpamll I, IMndl'i",,, __ I

- -- -

-- --- ----_...__. - ---



IFns ~H PILM I' HAND "El 1'.111:5 ~o IPICTllIRiES WtlN 1 RaLl, IF rl[lM!'

piicIUlle'li! '("!II'!-,'OI. 'lI:,a'le I; f~'Im-ali lor onl,v $2.10 plv!!, 21~ "'Of' pOlta,g,e

'& hiillildUn:s. _ -

1hi. t.nySPY '(AMEli i:, 10n'l:' 2: iilllll!hel: Iioug :butwiilll 'Iallce c:'III'U',~ .h,cup 2~"' x 2%": 1P'lc.hlrl!l rhat can b. bh~i\¥if1 up, tol inaplh,ot 'Iilll'. 'Camera IhGI fbc.d .. r,ocliIj,,- ~enl iQnd ql.llll'IUy 'Wi,a-Ipe!ld ,.'hultor. IU',U ~ow 'Ctnt 'fUm UJ'Q' piidu,re' '~'D a' ,"~InCj(lm:pllot!ll w~.h p~III,l(mn 'Cale and ,6 lIoUt,- 'Df 'fUm Ith,c!'~ wm gh~1I1 'ou 61'

C"PTAI~N CIOI.~ IDupll. MIO..aO :1011 11573

Phnald~e:l,plhiiia 3,a~ IPa~

pares, snap IllElrih liir

no Ilu.ne ..... no jaiinlilDg


AnatomJ Chart linetudsld!

M.,.",I til. 'CNi'.tu N' Ii rO!1I'I1 :inllll.:r lpa,e. ttll.' wl~1 'I,i"., ,."_,,,on_'11 wandllrfUJI ,opportu.-:Jtr' to' mlak., l,q,UIIHIiIlllli'i'lhl p.'apla ,'11111.111:., Tihil "a.'Unic '1_~liIillh mad,.II'tlclIl.d 11:".1 f.1IHiII 'G ,6! man) E. 1m". of IONEI-'WMlllI f~,.xiibll,. Su,. .. II.n ,Io,ti'c. IPart_ :Ina,p 'Iog,.th.r Igi pi" .d:ucafliOlil,.1 a_tg-my chart that' name. ma'in llon.1; aV'lIin III G._ii,cl'.'~1 fu 1I1!1

H,U,MA,N SKlllON .• " II~OII pin 251, 'f'o- Ihllp,i'I!IBI,&liIalndli'nl.,


eriips~lra'bs! 01 utcJhes! na ils!' EX:CRUTlIJ~Nli TEIRR:IDR lIS


VIMPI H[E, fliNGER NIAlllS, ilncludUld in InJallddfmini IJdt

M,.clli'iIlIII'11v GCCJlllii"aI18 huftlKlnl , ..... , 11._1111 hanell, mo,lld'.d ;'nl 1II,.r.,: __ I., bon .... hilt,. S,upelr •• n Ipl!Clltfc IEooh, 1-_k_1 fl1,_ ,.a'i "dlnll. ,Rn lonto, gn, hand. N',. pai,lnifi'n'B Ift::: •• 'd, INt, ,'DU lI'Ia', WIInt .ome' "r.or.lcllnt pa"'nt ,fer ,.x" trul .ffectl hill d,ulit:. 'lilen '.1Il00 iray ttl. :11'1 ri:.Iu!~

-G~at,p; n,. tklnd--iU.OI .Add 2Sc I:., pCliiltag. &, ".nd- 111'."g.

ICAIPTrA~NI CIIIMPIANYI, Dept Mlal~3D ilIOI, 85JI. P'HllA~, 318. PEN,N~.

'Thti, o'filgin'liIf lold CilullliI,e,.", po ... fOrmaR!l!8i '1111 lihe Im,Q",ii'!Ili "fi'A",.. II'Ch'l1 Of ''''E O'P~',A:A, il ,~nli~.dl 'ail, on. oftllle belt CIG'II~1 lif Ih" ~iEenl' fUm... NoW'--"'or 'th.11 'fiNI lime ali'll,wh.!Jiei~V'Dul liIi(U' IIt!IOW hi Jour own hOD"'!:' fhe fianUu,'1 'HM' ',ite.' 'Df fUm ,d~Ipldh1lg die Ihi;iUngl ··Unlr;frla1Jiki~tng 5!~cn",n '.hilt ta;'kiD<1 ,Iafie w:l1eili! MgiI'W lPihU b~n lr;iJu, the m!!1ll!l'~ ".ml Ilhe Plhanl'om-":I 'f,uICle' Inlhl!Oi IIImiCIell'glJlCllllnd ,dill iiigeCi f'i bone gllh th,e, .',p e !IIal h oU"ar El!I," P'Ili,.,~dl f'oll' I(he fin,.' 'lh!'u!!1 illli! '.h,e; hii,iiI',eo!UlI, gr1olO:l,q'u'. ".Cle of lihe PlllaJntom---ll!'lo,ed Iby bn Cll,gn,ey, WI'~l!iIfi:mgl the rrIIallell'pWIUiti Gil ma'ir:luP' he IRPled I"'~I 'for "d,

ph:1li1in11 _

ICAlpll.'IN CO.i, Dept.. MtD!-3Q B'DIC, '&51)3,

,hUa de~ ph'ia III,. Pal


NO C.O.D:s PLEAS,[ Priot name & address clearl:, on aU orders .

lis r,Dlllr' ICDU'Blctiall' If IFAI IOU!: MOIIi'ST1EIIS DIDml,p'~etrer?' 11111 srrnaUI SlulPP:lI 10. Ilack Ils:sulBJS 11:1; Id1Istap,p.,anllill! Bu, 111111'1 'tradll ~al'l! I!" wi'th 'fleUaw 'I IS,

t~n ~s:sllas ,IDmfrel Im~ss:I'nl. I:a'ttlsr' ,118'1 :"Ollr5, NIDW'-wlhU_ 'IL' s'hll:llrl SIIIIIPII:, 1111~S,ts:!! --

- -!!'

'11111&3 'tEI,R'B,OOK,

11:1164, YE'IR,IIDltK





A,' L,A'II! Thlllli Wmllf~dl'S Jir,s't IM:llIns,'lsIF F~~ml _:ISI,g:8zinu' 1I11i116,llnlts, 31 :SIU Die rbl 11~leD(iilllii iin llIIaIIHilliI'~ack. IF',IID'iIlJS M'OHS1'IIAS fieprillil'~,S, Ule bi.s,t flro,m II~r' ~1~r;s:1 3: ~'I'alr:si If tD'liIlb!~hli,al~ialnl~,BlI,a iIIallllle alt, ,al bll rlDli m tPfliC,e _ i:ml DeDI ilIlliII 111ft f'I!!I!nnl~ I, 'fUll I '160 '11,1,. Gill ,',airel lut· Qlf"'Plrililll li'c:~D rIB 8: II'r II III Ii Kia rh"U~ 0:8[I'a ILIUII,ai I' '.IEI: .IC!hll'nleIIS' Sir,. I J Ir,o., IChlli'~stiOl,al~IBlr ,LlIB' • ~ ~ ,a'~1 'OUlff,al'lorl~'t!IS!!! IDI,n~'I: .~s;s: ClIII't-h,alunlt~tI,e tIiUllpllel~b,aICk, ralc'M;$ 'tilll,'IOII lei 'I, ,',IUIF ICCilP"~, IF s'I!'odl ,aW',811' 'tl~htl ,adll!mllilsi liv'IDI bla:~la,wl.


,I -rulilliw,ay ~Ickle.t ship., ft~il"l slucers: ,and Ibes'IIIUes of V'enus, drhl" .,b!llott andl Cist!I,llol ,a~DI,1 31 ri,olous Qlrfblit 01 Idim tun "a,r ,salmle IhlibriorUlS; Imlnle'ne~ilnl in louter s,plcle~ IDnl,' $5.75 la'r ,I:mm;' $11,.)'5i tin '1Imlm,.

De,speratll m'ln "fom ,I sir,anle unilerse kid'nlp a noleld se •• nIlist tol hel'p' stem tLe Ilne-nhly flLln~ S Ilf In DUll' .,- Iplan'__ A powlld'ul !ban-agl! D" rellpIIDd~",g mis,silres, fOnOiWS 'h'is rema'lbble IDSCI pe,. Oln'~r $ 51~'J,51 fo,' Imlm;; $;~D.J5 lair jllmml.

~sel'lhl~ ,d'llrin,1 GII.ure' oil: 'the' sa,'IIB' b'llolodth·'rsly Ilorilll!a'j a,e .. .a'll,' C81lP'tlllllred anldl phiDIIO~ Irap,lled on saf'arri iin, darkes,t Afr'ic'a'-in' Oln'l ,of lihl' scr'lln~s, mO'$,t: breath,,,taki'ng S'CIII'IIIS!I

A lipaGe shi'p 'a'fters in 'fllliRhl. ,Blnll :spin is tOI elrth will lits mJ:strerious mOllilster visitor,s. A, Ibravi. sciientist bat.tis's a,ga.ns,t '111'me 'flO s,e:nd IIUi! uneSIF'lb,lIhlln!sters b'Illk to Illter SlpaiCBI.

DlralcuJla~ Thla W,olI M'a[n~ ,and IVln ]h,. Illnvi:sible' Man jlin~'f:lll'lcl:S: rn this clllmlsd, .slillocke.r:!! Watc:1!I the d!affr c:IiI'aii'n .. ,re'lldioln of fUll ,1:51 s,em ebiDdl' dr.alm,s H,p thl' id~e,a lof IIIllin .• ' Costelh]I's ,ubr,ai1\l~'f:'ln


Giigan'Uc IPR'EHIIIS,IIDIR lie 101NlrOSA,iUI R:,S Ill'll S!hlIlWln iin a baUle tOI the: Ide,ath ,IS caVleml1!l Wlltch;1 tenlirfied.. llhl8 ~ueh.,st~uhl= IdalYS c'ome' ,aUv'e'arainl as the' IUln~ le,n1'by 1m 0 IiIsll:r S, enlsge: eacb 8th IF in brslUlie.

.0 ~ wan~ Ihl _ I mml ., 1l£~MI,E FROIM_mUrrU· 'r - _, - I_, ,_ - - _, ,_ - - - _I ..,

SP'raC,!., En,cla,sled IS; $5.JI !P~US :29G, for I 'CAP11I!r1ICIDJMlPANY' Elle"t. MOI-30 I

CI r ~~lIf.lhe tBmm IT CII! fRO aUIER I ~:~u'::"HIA 38, POllIA. I

SP'A.C,E. En'closed is, $,10.75 pillS 25_-, 'lor I I

ha,n dU n,l· II' I

D ~ 'w,lnl, ~I.·_· ,., .. mm ~" &,~C_",_ MEEl f~IRIIEN· I H I

s:n:,III.. Enc'~ased liS, $5.,15 plus 291-0 ' Imle ~ _ .,.;."" ,_., "'...,."""'......,. _

o Il_~~:~1 thiS 116·mm A. I; C~ MEll IF1RIMKEIN· I I.dd'~.ss\"_.....,_m , _ " _ ,.. ~ I

·B1'EIIN. E:ncllo,sed i's, :5,10.,7,5 1I'lus 250 I I

o !_'want ,~h~ B_lmml IA1iTlE IF IIHE 11111,N1iS,. I ,~~ _fi.n _ _ ~ ~u"'.m_ " ~,·· ····, .. · ~

,Ioo'lo,sell IS :,5.75 IP~lus 21c "IDf hiandlinl· I IC'" - II .

10 I want tIT,e 'IB Imm BA'nlE IOF lHE aIANTS.-ltyH .. H U •• H •• _M~" .. ~ •• - ••• " •••••• -.~ - " ~~~ -

En'll'lu-ii!'ilid ~I-I! $1-0- 15- Ip'-Iu-'II! '2~)I::D f'a'r' Ioan-·d-Itlin- I 'S~:t''';le I

. ,~: 1I~'~iJ; . I.,_,~ _, ,~; ~-,' nl II g. ~ :',:"=:"=':':'='="=':'::;.=-="'= J

NO 'C"O.D/s, IPiLEA.SIE" flril,t n!8111e '& ,a.ddilless Ic.lear'l:y en aliI lornJ'ers.

o I wlnt.lhe IlmrmA ,I C ~"I RIICNII ANDI II!I,D'LIL" IEnci'os:e,d is, '$5.:15 pilus, 250 fair hln,.. IdUnl.,

10 I wanl the II,mm A & e 11- IUCIIEf' ANI' RO'IJL. Incllosed iii $'1 D.75 pi U:S 25c 10 r ban·, dli'nl.

:0 I 'w,aol: 'Ihe: I,mml WIR I" "HE PUNITS~

Enc.IDs'e'd h;, $!5.,15 pilUS 15e 101f' l1andnnl.

10 I w~"''r ~be 11il!:, mm WIR 10. f IHII:' '.11 .1i.IIiIET_ CC:S-

, !II~1I11i. 1 __ . II I _ - __ "_"_ _.1 ~ _I utR_ .-11

Enololsld q, $,10.,15 plus 25e klr hllndllin.l. 01 II waollhe I.' mm IILI1.II: GDI:.IJLI~ IEnD'lo,se-

Ills $'5.75 IP~US 25e lair' 'handlinl~

01 I '- anlt thl' 11 IS mm IIULlE.: IGIDR~LLA,., InarD.' I,d liS $'IID.75 Ipllu II 251 'fair halnld Iini.

01 J w,3lnl tibia 8, mimi A & C MEEJ .~ II. H. lEndolSIfJ!ldl ts :$ 5.1 5 IP ~us 2 5.c ~'or hSllllld 11iI1. 01 IW~lIiIt: thel 111 mm II & C: IMIEl J II H. ~ ,ElnlC:~I:Sleldl is $10.15 pIJU:S: ,25'0 flor hanldnng.

D II waln~ the I. tmm Frankenstein IMeets lie Wlmilm,aln'" IEm:hllse~d ~:s :15.751 p~us 2,5m PISI' tale: Ii han d ~hlll.

01 I wanr. thle '1llllmmn Flr:loke:D,s,tl:i.nl Mlelet$1 'hie Wlollman,. EnIDI'm.sB'd I~SI $1 01,.J51 p~llJlS 2:5m pOS,.

ta,gel II: han d'~ling.. -

o I wan~ the I. mim 'TIEMU1MIMY.

Enc!rosed ils $5.11,5 lP~llI:S; 2:5c 'fa.r b'lndll'il1ll;.,

o IW'3ltthle 1 G mm 1"1 M[IMM'~ -

Enll: ItHle'd ~s $10.'15 phn 2lljj,c 'ku hatndll~nr.

o ~ want 'Ibll ;0 m:m Cllllll! JA:OM IHE - UIIOIOM'. Emlll!:,lolsledl ilis $D.J5 p!~lIIlS 2,5m: "olr haIAdliiln,g"

LI II want: the 111 mm DiI,EI'fIIRE PRIIllIM 'IH[E ILlIION. En£,IOS!8Id ils $11it7l5 plus2:5e: forr ~la,nd~linl.

DI II walnt lhe 8 mm I,RIID,E or fIANKE'HiSlE~llt Erl'l:~mlsed is: $5.75 pIus: 25clo,r' handliin,g' •.

LI I want the '11B mml II~IE IF P1RIINKlE[N$I,!:INI.

Emdo sed lis: $111l11~J5 Iplus, 21 mlolr' 'hla!nldll'ing.

o ~ w,anl. 'Ihe 8 mm DAI!eULI.

EOlclosEI!d ~s '$5~.'51 pll:Js :2511:(1,11' hianlUinl.

ID I wanll Ille 18 mm IDII,IC,ULI.

EmlG~"lsed is $10.7l5 Ipl'uls 25:c 'O,f' Jhtalnd~'inl.

•-- -II!!!!!!! ,- _I -----,-,-'--.1

1 ~


III lOX 111113 I



I NIn1:I. _ I

I -

I Addr.L.... .• • . ._.:

I , .. , ''' ~''' '" , ''' ,~ ''' .. '',~''' '''>.''' .. ~ .. ,,~...... i

I litf , ~ · H " ~ ,,, " , "..................... I'

I Stlr'e .. , " .. ,,,.,,, "." '" " ~, "' . .., ~ .. ,, " '" ~"'.~"" .. '" , ..... '"................. I

LI_~'- __ I __ ,_!!iiiI!11!!!II!! _I' __ .l







IOn QI!I!i:Y W'edll"!e~dl!:l'" n19'ht lin thl! IQ't81 HI3i!lJt;, "Clllld ,farl, UI'4JD'~I. when meUo W'!I!!!I klingl. aU fhe lightl wOWlfd b. 'o.:n; IiI"! l1li,' 1iu.'i'lUei ,giU' nile, r~di'l!! wal IU.,- d 101 '!:Ii Inl!rtw,ork ladll. IP rlG<9IIIiO m Cialhl d U UGH.S 'QUI',,' I 'il:nf'eddIH~ by Al!'ill1, Obg'f~r. wh,o~, .pre,.;I'cd t,all!ent It:GfI'ed 'he 'wu. ,l;Ilg,1 ,af aU Am,lricrU wilh !hil:l, famenl. bhu;ld .... hiilllhul II'pd~,o ,,,ril,el,. Here il a lan'lp'le!! (i" ,th,~i pioneer ,af Fr!!iUlI'QIf ,andl iI!1I,p,.,nl'~ n,ot hlml, n'l!iqf been

mat"lhad. Illn'j' $5,'9'1

ICAIPfl1 II C 0'1' II epll~ IMIO, .. 3D· 1011 65173, ,PihiiadEl!lp,hia 31'1' P,al.


O,dy 'ill" K'ariloff CGn 1.11 It, .• _ • 1"rilllE II.IEiG,END OF SLIEEPY HOUOWI'" and nil' 'VAN WIINKU" _ A brandl uw IrecClrd b;ar 'die malter' IIhur-tenef .,'1 'I''''UI''Of 'nlld hltyllery. hll ~III Ih,1i '1~lfl'r,Olidn'!I poW/,eN o'flhll'l '¥oJ~e wflh th,", ~hlmiimg ibaclli:ll'ound 10'· iliplJcilalll ,o~ulld_ .f'eC:ll,_ y\IJUI _ U''I~ t'h., 9IraClJ~' c:II.,.~.:: nOn'G!' !rClh!,. lof thlt . he.cUe!!t hOflitman. 'll'he .!hIDo' .. bleilftl '!l!f 'illle; h~ffle'~ ~he IlulwUng '!ilf 'thl' 'wind '!;!is II't' whlp'i!I Iho robe '1i1r'Ounci '01 dill' without 'Eli !I,e.d. "11"11. niglliit I'fr'lli'el w~'.hl 'ttllll1"OIl a~ld'i!li'1,!I IU .n ,au" r~om a.,d Iheg~ .~he' IG,l,!Iddl iiilinCiI ilii!Ptfl!ie, Ify'IIWI' -look 'Gut 'O'lir window. '01.1"11 catc:h, tI, fait ~DQ'k '1Ii1' ~b. Rieh,t fEd'er who, lOamI, the c!IIvntFYllde.. 0111.1:, ',I .'1.

An L" Ifec,oll'tCllEnSi _ of "hlll. QlI'i!giJllal Fmmcnjll, Q'rll'Onr W' = lIe:l' b,'o g,dCll;IIil,t .

In'~ndod as Q tlaUCiW,eeli11 1"1'011111:, . fhiil' Il",aGdcad ccn':led: mOill hrVlteriillll tl!II~Olllg'h,ou. INc~w- ,",orlil t!1I!!!ildl IN'e'W J"lrI". PieopS_e ,a'an~ d'Dnedl ,thir hem,n IliUlld ~II,ed-aU lJoad'lI welr,o .,olmliMedl, aiM InC!Yte~ !b,dOi'. !hodl peo~ pie in 'aU wallill 'liif; _ ~ife~e,~om~.'o '"u~~ deAly' rdi,IU.IIllibed i!IiIl tlhe, ,d~~1 GIIIII Ih., nlgl'ht. litle G'ri glin all Ib f@l!!!!dll!;~.!le'!lIIk: IP hllCiCl 'i;ilJt .he evening - II)' Ocl1ob.r 30. 11 'Ul. . .

A gillea't. II'tlFiI' 'iolle~"H":I' IIii'm' Dntr .',.".'"

CI P1 A,I N IC:OI., De,l~ - -IQ .. 30

110118:573 Philald8.ph~a 38", Pa.


:- __ -I' I~ t ..

A 19:n1m~, ,g;hCIII;II, ~ IpilliilC- chi rnng, nelNiei'" w1rGtiilicinElI 'Mall II' ,o~ If! ~1fl101i'.h"II!!M' 'll!l'tlll.llmil ,Oill ~U"I n"gel'~nIIFill.9HiI'. """'Iinen ,.~' 1'l'IiIII aU time maim., 'D~.hriiller-,chIUrtl1l-iEdiIDIi' Allan P,OIl. y,ou wUl Rim.mber u'1iHI: HDUSE DF USHEI·" Ihil IIIIDIt f,amolu, 1'0'.) wlnl .hIll1l1- ClerJII9 f'_ a-I' eille!"J I'Fm,ou·re' a'o", Ilnl II dar:JI 1I10,,,,,1t Qr on a de'I~If,-d "lilell~ A ,r.,.. iUtl InanvtrlOO II, 'RidlGlid '.;'il'Dr'.


lrallid New,-,Cr,ealll'. Jun '0:1' "fall-fhe MOil AJm:adi'i!i H'an N'OUlf ,on 1'e'il'lIIrd ,i:! I, F'O:RIESr J AC"Ic:IElMAN Ihlml:!l!IiIf time-tll'l!I .... lll, 10 th 211 'I; Ca'n'tliuy .'0 blll'ng ·1I:1II;u;ik M:lO'!dc '~F I,ol!.ots,. FJA tallel hI' ,,(CHilli f'f:!>f 11, DlI'" .. uln in II! li1uiin~ng IIUliflmTm.nl IO'bO 1111' IItUR. l"ol!Ja'I'!I' 'G!lI!1Iit, Iltobllr •• ., tfl, G,utollilaltanl '1lIi" JUIIH ¥re,rnfii, Ec!'giU' AUan PI".,. h:aac A,:I" moY~ bonQnih~ Ida Vllncii. ' •• ' libe' meta.He ifrgnk4:!'!lt.{II1., ' ••• Helaf' 'wefll'd ""bJ!g,Ih:nltiillll mul'UI«tn'l'c ."ectl~ •• 'uIJo'nlc: meh,dlel firealed 'fiu tb, Uri ,of ,and'rohil~ ONLY $11.".1"

ICLASSIIC, 'AUS 'Of uno. '.,iil mClike ''f''I'UI lihi¥1l1r in ',aUII" bIlliQ:tl. ~Be plllrpared 'f'(iill' Icregm .. I";g IU'I,PIII'!I!l! GI'!EiI ma1ili'ac,all,act~.nw:hen .,11i!!!!1 lillen to, '.h,ele Ip,i'ne-I'in,lilm,g •. ,l!hUmlngl IIUH'C!~ ';0"1, penn'lId Ib" .he l!I!al,te,' of Ih, _ mEfr,C!_bfit!' IEdg,ali' A.llen P,oe. MASQUE OF THE "ED D'EAlitill andl tHE PREMATURE IURIIAl. ate, il3mondl ithe'fl' lIel,. land mO," tef,rlfwiilRI .,g'ICI. 10"d'r -$1 .9',8.

""'UII" 'Ih_" I ... n .... 'II 'hom, "'. followl- 11IIiI~'rl.n ,i'IhIJ."::: HOUSE Of FIIA_l_.


I D'I:AII.Y MANiDl • I r CAME IA,O,M IOUnl IP:.CI .' "aIANfUIA • INI' INCi ••• IU:

SIl'.lN.:.NG MANI .'

IHO,I,ROR-TH,i SON OF IN I 6,HT .. , MARE; • Ic'llalcli'c, fal. ifl!" tef.or Ip,alk:.nl i,n iietie 'ione'l wi'fh the ,.,'hl .ind of bacl'gra'Ulndl mlllll~C .. 111., i,d...of ,.c'" "..rally Ihlenlng thi:1 Ihlrv Mild ;,1'11 ,OU,I'

lb •. ha,-.· . - JIi.

O'WI nDIin'. ill, '-nllgll ~W ~C"I\. 10'1.1 OU'III

G" ",OU'II' wif1l. Pui'lr end __ ,~. ~~'ghh .,neil ha¥'1i ,ou,' bloodl curdll,d Illy tih, _ t.I., 0" THE IBIA,CK CATi by E!Hi'AII ALLAN PIOE. 'Only l'l~'I~

We~rdl li!U'I~C & ¢h IIIIlngl iUI'",!'!d ,.'ff'eel, clr'"CIII.ed foil' 12 ,d'iff'Circn. hlghlll'l!iill,g 1,!l~"'IItI!i,. Itiltt'lJINTED IHO'Y!E 911i10an'l, rliliIU.j, & liI,nkno,wn I,o!llndil'~ S'PEI.L'01:Uf~,IJ,elliia.lur,a'l. . thelll'le m ... ~i,t:

HEAlflBlEAlt JUNGU IFIEVIL. THE lQNG WA'LK Qnd olbea C'!I:t'IC'IiIIIIDIe:ci h:ll SH:OCKI lonl IP'I'ay Alblolm. On'l, :$3.98,.

FAMOUS '6HIOSl ,I: HO'I,I,IC'IR, St'OIIU'ES, 'rlDiul b,' IMorson IOhns,toadl, F'Ol~~'Q,m.1 f~~ ImOll sS~ln .,Mr' v,o]'ce'. lin elu des TIH 1& It liSe N.All MAN Iby C,hlll'ies- D;,ekens~ THII' MIIlJIMM,yl'S FOOT,. WIHAli WAS, liT'. THIE BODY SNATCHER" 'OCCUIRE'N'C,E A.T O'WL CRII!EK B,I.IIDSE In,rJl ,othar,., '01"1:, :$4.98:.

,It wUII' 5P11C,E .IC1NIS, amillu,m 'Feal'U'lIlnl DIIAe CiULA. VAMPIII_AI 'flli MAD' IDOOOII:" hll l'EE'NAGE BIAINI 5,U.RGEON, MeNSIER ,MO'-'U: 11,1,11.11." F:IAINKENISIEINI'!i, I!.AMENi1r'~ 'OUQNI TOI !PO'I'SOH" tHill,S '5, f'OUR DEA1lH. MiV OU~, flAME. plliltl, Gil"',,,, IIp.'~,i'ally Ire'coll1d'edl 'ro ,ddvc 'you ImclI:1 with ghoul'j'I'h I'awgihter. 1~.OIl'l91 Piety AllbuilTi. OnlV $.3 .. 9,1.

PillS" III'iUSb m'l 'thl taUGllin, LONla PLAYING, IIl.IIUM,S=


Iplus, ,He 'flDr P'Dstage' &~handl'ing. 25c for PDlstsl! Ie handl'~lnl._. _ Dept .0-30 Ilx 651,3

101 tiME NIDIUSI Of FRIIG,HT:: '$1..!9B D~US 2510 far 0 NIIG,HI1MAR'E $,tlS IPfus 25c lor pastal,e & P,hiiladelp'hial31t IPelnna.

post.ille I: halllildUng'. ha'ndllnl.. ..

10 IMIIUSm' F O'R It DIBOll,; 11.18: p,lus 2511::: for D, 'H'D R I. 01 R~ $1 ,.g., pI us 25lc "IOF p DI'lage I: ha IIId Iling. :1,1 ME •• ,., ." .••• ,' ••• , "" •• "' •• " .

IPos,tal'BI,& handUng. 0 ,SHDICIK; $3.)91, prUis 25c "'Dr PQiSit,~g'li ~& hlandUn,I,,,

o DROP IDOD:: $5,,i91 plus, :25c: f'lor pDs,tael' & 0 SIL.E,EP NOI 'MO'RE!; $~t!91 phJs, 25c flDr PO,lta,1 :A1!!UiIRIESS •••.•••••..••..•••.. , ••. ,., ' ,,' •• , '

bandUog'. I, hliilndlilllg"

DIIR 10F' IIHE: WDIR'lDS;: $5.1'1 pilus 2~'c: I'or' D liPliKE 'DINES, liN HI~,FI:: 53.1'. plus 211e f'or lern' 0;0., , ' , ••••• ' •• SIATE. "'" .

PQ!s!sle ,I hs'ndUng. Plstale _lhIlndlhiJI'.

o IIRROR: ~_1.'98,lIIlus 25c:'or~'ostal·e&handlliinl. ,- 'I

..... PI

NOI C.OJl'.,,'s, P'LlEASE. P'rinl nama II IlddfiesS (ilearll, Din alii ordelrs"


In. r .! ' !-=,_I' 1_1,_ .... ~) . 1_ . .! Il'lft Iill

• IC:,DI:MIPtE'IE, '¥lllllH, FIREE

leA,UIIE: 1& liN!' IRUICl,l!O'NS;




MI!l,W :',llIutSln have !ill rleal~" II~ve ,pelt bll p:llary witl1i\Euuj~lr,all!lr IliIon:e, llack. feedinl: jis IliUllIl p'Nbl,eiliJlll Ih!a,~: ls ,illllllil1,l)sl as ~lIlImlan ss ill I!lab,r~ lhis; :golldeoi- s,lln:E-e~ '~,he NUl, lEV eal'~S leu'ucH:J', calrn)I'lst 'f\rLd'ls~ hral~r,ed ,B,IBY' SOlJ'llRiREL N111:lIr'_IKJEY lmalk!B'S 8' chelfi's'hl'j' iiin f'ac:t: ,al~1 '~:he ,1~odf!Drod:s 't~al you Ylur,!!j'dF' lea~,. lId lI,iU 'fO,f' .both ad1llit::s, landl ,children. 'DUll! Dan 111'1 ;a,lll: !of naitulr,l'therre ils Ilo'th'in,B IUlN' 8'ffli!!,c:Uonalol "a'~c-~ tJ~m l'iQI~/:, Ile,alt~ ~im tlh~lk's ,In,d 'Inli'li hl~,m IU lIore 1101)18111 'ti~'anl '11'I1~:s e!lflcli'iiilg Illittle MIlNIKEY. '(101 :be! '~he~ - pe~~lh!!c't Ipe~t. The~ ,BII,' 'SQUlIIRIR,EL 'ifUII w:i'II~ IPlla, ,,:11'11111 II .•• ' dIFt!:SS: ~t ~n :alill :k'~nds 101f' MDN,KEJglI'ows: '~Ol ,ilIIOO'llflt ),2 i,llll!::hlll!S II'Clng ,illliid I~S hU,Elrimws uaUe l!:io:s'bJfleS ' •• p. '~e'aGih w~ 'li1icks, ~ '. '. allmlos'~ ,£I!lldlln ij'n r:o,l!o,f" ThleJ ,alre sl,eind,er andl pUl!~ (l11JII :show,s; 'win denl~'1 II!¥Elf)Ole 'II~II sees it.! :sih!lrt·1h!8I~redr ~~li'lh ~Ol'illj' tOrlS ~4 .. ~nc:hb\lli~s ,andl ,Inl RIECE,IVIE flEE, w,ii:h leac~ lIoniklB:Y ,SI 'wlJldQ:mJ CiJlle ,s'dl:r:aIb'le'" healrt:~s,ha,ped ',s:cle' W~nll VII~ 1I'"vaiblile' Ei,lecS., and ~ns'llnuc~lij'DlI!Jsf~u Clire and 'fo,llIdiUll,,, _

"IHIE IfAON!KEY ~,s' Ix~r'llIel, eSls:, 1o Ir,l~n ,ilD,d Clift: I~c,'r~s~,i'nli,o'lf mile'ig~borh~~dJ ,t)O 'IWI_8I,$'1· '19_-1"$

'flu. Ul,e De~i!lery' IIIN' ,PElf Eel :HEAtJH is, gUlf,am,· ~ilIVI B~18' SIQUlliM:H:(L IMO,NIFf! O~Ur I,' i

1:lmIR:' r ,N~I CI'K"lml~AHI mRDIERS~II.I. liN L"





I, ",,'II 'Iflc ,,'!Dni~~,I!'"O' hi!l!!tlc,h, -IIIlS IPIi'Ii~., .,I! ., .' _. ", 0:II1'II,., '~ilill ~CI' dl,.d,'. '. ,. '. UII!JIO'!!!I:fr!1 rh= ,llleun, ,cI!01ii'L1!i!1 wll!l'!!dOiW cOif' 'r~~1 'I: ',!I1 mnC:lilitl!!:!'I~!!'. M!l!iEnil!!l!h!i' ,P'!ii~'II!!'

1iI:1!!'!!l!!r gnd h,wm~dllrr 'III!! hat!!lilll '~I!lllgi~' 'duc:IUI~, Iph.,g'l;M.III~ 'q~ II/tiC. 1'!lIi",

,cllyd'tll ibvmb", 'iSS· h,oll'd~U',~.,rm~;fI!"'~.f" '!Cfndi fr!'!ilifEiWC'lon Ib :1~\Qnd,

,6ulloH :rVilliu W~d:II'. III!:!M' ~QIA'f!II'Inli, I'D 1:11 ;IHGC!,d'i,' 'af~IP ,clllll:. 11I1 ha,'chll!lli.

a ' t( IJl~1 5~CJIc: p'~.'!!QiltI,. -

~lN IQa'.,~ ID:"ti. SIII .. '~1

IlIPI'IINI tIM PINr,! Imla:pit.. S'I:~ '11 B:III .• ,51:3, IP,NIY.31D~, PIEHI"I.

IEIll/lased ~s $,'119.'5, I~~ec,k Dr mOIilJtJ' lonll~tj, IPllr.l,su URtiiI my aM'll sawl RIRlfl. ,MG _HE,' ¥~a leXj!:u,e!:5, ICIIII's:d:. ~ w I~ ~ le.prlm tMlr,le:s U.Iloti d'~fiyefJ. SaUI~IA'RIEl . J'ONI!IDEI wil ~ ~e' cjleUw rls:dl inl WOiDd'eml UIEl!1I ;1"00, .nl~

r,REE iM~uleUlms OR ,care I, ',t!t,IfJntg. -


:S1li11'1[ , __ ~ ~




lUI ~IU IIBledi ~s ILU]llMni'tl~ ImAthis, :SCh!'OIJNC ,1"lOIMIC EINIER)GY EINGI~",E" 1hiD b,ri:I~lfle'r 'tihle 111!:,I,h'I:-'lh~ 'f~.s~e,li ~'I'~illl S~WIiI •. R,eS;~liIb!'llIs ,SI Ih,ebll, bu~b I~made: '(!Ii qlllaIM,)I'lllals$~ 'lIl'dh a

~,a_1J~du'J basQ1. Sitsi an,...hel'ie'~. 6 inc~el 1~I~afil., 11,01 IP81 f.:S, '~O 'wlea~' '1lIUlt,~I'I~llliIg !~Ol let b,Ult Il'rf oAller" A'nJ ~i',ld II" Ili,Elh'~ IlUII ,ca~s!el i,~~!Otllillm-el,e!rn IUmcile'r w,ilt!ed A. '~'fII~f:allSl" 'c i'D'llI'tIj mJland mJJ,s:teirli'~us ~:ov!e'llllY~ Oliff" $1.7,5; PI~IIJS .25Ic: Plst1811:1 lh'ilnd Urnl,I.,

,c:.tnl'llt~ II,N, ~C'.'I' D.,~,. :8,11&: .. ,11 ~ ~'j! 111,73. IPH'~ Il.ADlE l'ilIA:!' iP'~NNA.,

BA":I~M m:I,I'II' l'I:,pt, SW'B .. '~I 1:111: 1!5J3,

PIII~UDEl'll~ -. :II:~, 'IEIIID.,

IUlllbenei"albl~1i as ~'I mal) Sleetm. h)e~rlel lIlllQI '10ml ID!lnN'" turfu'll 1/4,~" rlllb'beIF'I£:I!I',srlel[l1

B'ts ",m:F only $,'1., '1[11111

, . _ Idl hmlllfS 11181,1111

'withthe:m~ 1~llInld:~ng: ~1~',SI!' IhlD UlfU~SI! m:all~hll: rdlliNlIild lies , •• ,. ,slylhll1ll iil11lmiI1lJ'" ,l'lllan callill CD) III UI~ 'lair, .. ffi'e:ct liS mar.Jel~',S, ,811i11df:'lf hm,ild~rIll IIiIIC!I:I!Il!:$ 'III IIUJfta'1 S!]II0!f.'ale'BG. IH]'s,ftld, in hDIlIl1 ~U' !l!I,ffitc 81 ~or J,II All ,llll1ld. la~~'d. _'11'11 p!lius,11!liC IP DIs:laee " Ihlll!l:dllllnr.

IBId,gh,t :s11Ivlr~r.i'shedl M'DNSIfI II'~INI,S, w~lh secmlrt 'Ilicher' des:i.liI)f;lsl1a,'t ,111iI,p ,and] ch1anllEit pa'~~'lioD Mdlh le.s,ch ml¥\ei·, 11]1801 ,[[If~l1le' halld~YI!JII:J1 ,1,1 I(tJl " MOIl .. I11EII RINGS MIEIRIEWmILIF~, FIRN~IEiN~ STEIIIII~ '''htIPIIIREt S!tUU.lI: M~MMYlIfiIU

ani,' SOc pilus: 291c ,Plsflll,e' I, hs'nd ~hill-


I (::IIPrI,lIIIIDIM':IIIII,IDIIIM, 81'11 .. ,1 j 1111115173'1' IPh:~Ia,dll:pl1ia .1' ~, I.,

I~~~~~~~~---~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~~ __ ~I


· I

,_CI ure









A IEA,llnfUL IPILlNI'~ The' VENUS FILl T:RA,P ~ s Il..I,n!!!lS ua 1,1 V Ibea lJItii'f u I ~ It: beallrs I!o"elly whi'le flowlers 01 1.2" stel1ls. lts d,ar:k rgrelen ~eav~:s anJtippedi wi'llh love' Iy plink traIP'S-C(lllorfull and unus,ua~!

EArS fLIES AND INSECTS,! Ealch pinlk tr,IIP' Iconhl'ilils, a IbU oil aeetar, I~ ls thi,s oollor ialnd' sweehlleu wlllich attracts 'the' unsuspeeti'lng ilnse:ct Onc,e hie' enters the' 'traIP'; it snalP'S shut IDi'g,estivE!' jUlhtE!s, t hed d i $5011'1,0 h lm, Wh e n the i ns,ed has, be,en co.mpl,e't,ely atbs'orbed, th,e 't,rap reope,ns and plI'e:ttilly ,awaits ,another inslect~

lfEEDI II II,W B EEl,! If then)! are' ne i nsects im your fi!uouse\, "OW can feel!!! tfile tlraiPs titn, sUven; O'~ iI',aw beet The p I,an t 'Win '~I~ ri ve ,o,n s uc h '~ooilil. When t here' is no f"M dI 'for the t rallHi:. the Iplanlt wi III f,eed norruaUy' tllnoU'gh its

rootsys'lem. .

EAS' 10 GI:IDW~ The VEINUS FIlY' TRAP bulbs ,grow les~),I:!cialny II'Iel1 in the home. Thie)Y '~h,ive~ iin glass e,oot,ainelfS, and win deve:~ro,p Uap.s :in ,3 '10 4 wee'k:s. IEalclilolrdle'r inclludes, 3: IFtY IIRAIPS IIJ,IIUS; SP,[ICIIAl GROWINIG MATER'IAl pack,ed1 in ill plastic bag. (linly $LCO.



11'1111 '1117' 'iloteS.or D a I' wi 1111 w , '0 • ~'. ""Ihi, phiHiit. rGmmalll= EV caUe,d' 'V'i!.lnU'l, FI', 1i'If"ClIP.' (lrl!)fIfIl ffie' lu:I"i,d'- , i,~, cuul "lOrce· of '

Us. HIIIOY'e,menU.

h ollie ,of '.Iii,,,, mG.,. wQllul'e'li'hill in the w,oill'jj " • . h' ill'lOI,prl'III'n9 h,ow ,eI' s,~iighl:l, dliillil'lp b,n ~d m ,at _- ,. . win lim:.du iCe tliUtl,~ ,. ~ , 'eff,e Uil. lit :stle,m ~ hard I, 113 1!II"iib'I,~. clUl!d "el i I iiil 'Cli!ilrt a i n I:". a ~Ia,cil'..'·" .

. I

.' F u,lllly' E Ife,TRI,e

• Au,tomaltic Rewilnd

.' M,otor & ILight Swit,chl

Prolie'cto"r' Pr',oi'DC,ts Bot'h Color '&, Bialek, A, Whi,t'l. '.' MM IF'illlml

fulbl' E~Iic;rfjc-A!.ItomClth: lawilnd. V.'UI wilU b, thfill'ed' andl ,deUs:l:!ttd W~dll 'th'~lmOlhm flit.un!! '""ilClior 'thai 'wal bliilns 1'0 U'e IMM 'Cli'do, 01J' black am" whU, iiI1'Dvic:1 'lIig'ht in Y'OIIr 'DWn haiil1_. I I1I'POrillull 'andl Imalt, prod'",!;.,,, Ullh'!g 'IP- da. 'Ikilfl. thil IlXic,.·III.nt p'Dil:dQr il ulelf,1 and pII\CIIII~,c:all. Y,el,. In ow' hame, 'movt'l G'iI a IUII,ylr)!" Y."" canl a"'ord. f,an a'lll th~ malVie, ,ou wal'!~' wlth'DUt 'w1GIiir,iin.gl a:bout thll ;C10I,t a', Ii!! Iprolector" '",ul'llll ,hw !1iIa,Yi:el hI' fr1le,lul, lIi11d NllaU"",r Ihold Ptl1'lt~" 'and la m,,,,,,I1, m,OD"

P,alrhib,fc8 & Fun, E",,";,pp.,d. 1h~1 lunli'lu., IP,Mljd~.r II, fun, el!!liC:IIlrII~ alld paWl_ I'Ci;d by a.laJtdc:udl Ibctll,tJiIII. TheiN' gilD no ph'si ,or ,fOll1n.,UIQIiII 'h~ ~set g'ld of O!i'd"ill alld n":1 Ipaflillblle • •. • '~Qn be, uleed IndQ 0!l11 'IIIr' ,out. :50 culler now,. Chd, "9.91, pilwi. 11' .01)1 'lh,I',p,phlll ,charg ...

CAPTAI,' CO,., IDept,. IMII..JO Ilaix 6573: p'tln .• IIIEILPIIII ;38" P(NN'li!

Unwal'V Jrule,ci' t'ollf'che:l 'Ilenslith,,,= ~gl;'!fl. c'Cludng IUJlp' to '!ibut. Pion" d'llel'!, d,iJt,tI'~l!Iell I, digt"ll,i, 'nl,e'u. lra'p' wUII lilt;: o,~ Cbyt 'lNm NDT bile offl more lilIl'illln if canl ch,tW'-s,uch gill, (Ii "inl!ler 011' al Plmc:iil. 111'1 QJ f'ew' ,!iI'arr'. after' 'CCI,.lingl an inle(~; ill win I'iCop!t!i1I- f~H' mOire .'ood.

r~ ~--~--~~~-------

I, ~~,~,,~~~, C,IOMPAN'~ IDe:pt •. ~O"3,g II

BOil 65,13. "HI~llA. ,36'1' fEIN,II.

I 0 Enclosed is $,J,.OQi pilus ,25c for handUng 8[ malting I



II 0 Enclo,sed is $1]5 plus 25c handlling , m'siliing for


II NAME,~~~ ~_~ ~~_~_

I ADDRIES·.;L.·.· ......_-... - ...........

I CITV·_ -...... .................. ~~ ......_~STATE.~_ ...._.



NO C.O.D.'s PLEASE. Pril'll1' name '& address clearly om all orders.

CAP'TIUI ICOM'PAN' D,eIPt. MOI .. 3IO: 1,01 .'573:" ,Phil'SI. 38" IPa,.

,I walot the IHIOIR:RORS'COIPE VIIEWER and 'thle 4 great filmls for my very own. EncllQsed is $2.98: '(Ilus: 5UC f'Olf pl)5,tage

,andl hald I iiln,g. -

NAME: " , , ', , oc , ,,, .. ',, .. , , .. ,' " , ,

IIDDRISS: _._ ,H. '"'''' , , , ' , , .. , " ..

en! " ". lINE ,._.,. , STATE _ ..




INla", ,5; ,mERIDA'Y'S, ,SP'c .}C&ME,N U,,_, 'I,aE'n 'p'I'UI; A, Fa,nrl:D'lt'il'c' i_I:,c:lull,",~; Ilmrl'G,IVIII.,w' wuh! 'I'h' M,Ofl'[=,I" ,-r:=al'-:I' Slpaic,~ H _,rio, IUS,11ER CR'AI,B'E~ rialI'. - 'I,e nu':. ani. :11'01" 100 Bru'C:t(, ROG,ER,S,. IR~AID'.·I IME,NIIFII,Q'M llHIE MOONI.,

INa'. 6, ....... S'CIIINCIE fIICf'.'ONI & :SIEIII _L G,d'IUonl '1.,ghlll!l'8i!il:: Maf' RAD,AI: MIE,N IFIO',M, 'IHE, MOrDNI~, IrOII'_' p,h,o'f,os 'GRI. ,'iCldll on 'wlh", 1l'lIJc'lk IRag,- 'rl, 1:1 no/I'ORI 'IV" ,the Iman 'who, 'ff ="afl ~dl D'OiN,orVAINt:S 'I R-II N ~.X'C: I usE,l', ;, villilita -;=, IfUI! ••

No,. 11,~IOUr IOF: 'HII'S, WQ,ILDIII 'wl~lh, 11'01111 I::ar''', I 11.,1.. IC"Gllilldlldl IIIBI',g:lI'vllaw wltlh, Uljjl 'I m,lI!lt' -, oil

- .

Im-!I,olcil'flQlma. 'l'III'E F,AHIRENHI&'I~'r CHRO:NIIIICIU!S,

. - -

b,' IRar,' Ilhr a,dlDIIJI r ", SIC 1,_ 'A c'. If'I'£'1I DIiII~I' IIMJ"'G'I,~' IlIull'l,or., AIIO Incllud'~ld .'1 2:1, MlllUOINI ,M,U:ES 'TO IEA:.I,IHI,,! 'UII.,bo'ollll; 'Ii,' 0, I,P"8C_ man,I,'~i-Il".

~~-~----- .. ~~~.~ .. --~--------~~




_______ ,_ .. .o •• ., ... .,illllIlIllI.i!ii!oii!tttii>iifiij1i;iit.i1i ... iIi_iiiiiliillilPliII!II'Ii Illilllii'i!.ot!l!!I!!I! !I! 111i!1!!! !!I!!!I!! illi!ll 11111'11 II



S,"AIC:IEIMENI. ,Sub~ mllllll!l~~ II 114:21& IE. W,ushinpol tUlne IP'hUadalllphial 318~ P'IDO,I1I.,

e S~IH1C_1 Ir,lle:I •• IM'Ulal s' 12: fOlr Imy ,4"'s,tll,e I a lilt thl ne It, ,4 issues (III :5 IP,IIC IE M IE:I - JlI.. ,-f

_____ ~'._.iIIi*iI.!ii •• III!1I1!11Ii1iiiiiliii.iiili!iitll!iili.,IIIIIIIIiI.III • .II'I!II.'1!"l!l!iiI'i!!'!!iIi!jIj!~"!Ii!!1



_____ ~_...". *' -_...-..,._.' •••• i .. liililillli •••• 1111 1.1I1tI1I1I •• I.11i iiijijiilii!!!!!!!,iiliili Ii Ii II 1I1i. II. 'E!I'!I!;I!~~!e'

_____ ~ ", "._ ............• lIIP It IDlllE i , ..






,NOW If OR TIHE FIIRST TIIIMI[ JllUI c'aln, own a ,g,e'nui'rne. bnmd-ns'w 'CARGO P,AR'AC:HUTE or.gil,an, m,ade flolrthe U.S,. Air IForce' at: ,an es,'tima,b~!d eest oif $50.1001 each. THiS, ~S THIE RIEAl THIIING~pulrc:hls,ed h,' us at a sp.I'c:iall' sUlrlpllUlS, S 8111 8., Each P'ARACIHUTE is co IlIs,tru cte!d' of s p ee ia ~ Ily nl'i nf,o rc,ed Dm-,ange &wAii'te ,crl'oth~,and is, IC'Dm~ p,lletewUh sturdy alumni lines. lhe Icllo,thl al'o:nl is w,orth :more th,3n thoe prh:e of the e~!1Itire p,ar,achute! The ,c:,lath can be U's,ed' as ,iI PLA'y I'ENTI COlVER, e~c'.~ or hang It ii'n your den or play-rloDm,. UM"IITED QUANIJIIJV IOif lI,ss! ,allm.llla pllr,l,chultes avaf~ab'le at D,Nl Y$2.'95 p~u s 5,Se POlstal:e ,I, handlin,' 'clhlalrl"l's.


MOINS,TE:R~SIZ[ ball~oolns! Spe,cj,sll Aij',r Fore,!!!, surplus baill-, ~Ioon made of g,enuiine Ne~o,pn!!ll1e R:lLlbbEur for extr.Q' dUlra· bUity. H,eiijier used Out of thi:s, world {~t even I'ooks Uk.81 a fllyiing' :saucer when ~nf;I,atecf!)" lhliln,k of the fUl'nl Y(W"U h.iHJ',e': [Jr.2Iw a lP,ic.tur,e' of a Imonster an 'the ba'II'lloc)F~- witihl hJlmin'[JIIlJI:s p.air1'l lind iIIhlflate it at night. wow~ The IU1!,igih: .. , bo'rs willl' run :sc:,re,am,iqg! Spidel liim,i'tledl ,off·e'f sold _ lit tracth:m 0'" eest • .'S3~,5D Ipllus 51De postage ,lind hSlndllilrilg

'MANY' USE,S, ••• absalute'ly IIBrt'ili:c: lor att~a,c:tln.1 alte:R:E ti'lnamd crDwds :111 Spirts Ev',snts" IJpenings" F:a~Fs. Road:s,l:d'l! Stands,. IGIS SlatiiDIDS, etc. .' Grll~at .un at Sc'hu'lII G;amles;~, til Iplronuilite ,Indl adl'lrli:se Speo:iial'E'vel!llts:.,

CA,PTAIN COM·PAN'Y1 D_pt., 10 .. 3D

110'1 65:73 PHIILAD'ELPIMIA 3111 'EN'NIA.




'dd .

" ,

AI. ~ reSSI,.,. _ .,., •• _ ... iiI .... ~III!I!!I! !!!e<-!!!!! !!!'!i! ",,!ii '!' it.,. iiijjilii"iiliii.IIIII~II!!1i II'.,!!!'!!., •••• iii ... iII.l'II~ !II!!!I!.".' •• ilii50itlllil!"!P~'!! Ii iiiillii!! II! "".!!!!Ii

C·'Qt-' ZlIInec

I" . _ __ I 'UI ·'oi;!iiliilll!l •• lOJiiiiiililll!llIIl'W~.I"iiili.

. III;. "II!1!!I'jlllillil~.<I.ilEiIi~'iI!I!!I!!!!,.,oiiiiiilii!I"iI!!I!!""!I!l"l!!"''''',!!! •• '.'.liiiili''iIIilillliiliil!!I!!!!!""~!!!···",iiiili " __ . -


: 'I __ ••• i'iiI"iiili.'~!I!''!!!.'.'.'''iliili'IIi'''!I!!I!!!!!!!,iiiiiiiiiii"riil

I e~""!'!!!,!!'elII'ilii!lllI."'ll!l'!r!l"",,!."'i\iliili.Ii"I'I!!!!'!!!!"l!'''' •• -'.''.iilljillllil!!!!''!.!, ••• iliii •• !I!I!"~ _' _ .. -