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Puerto Princesa City

PSU Cuyo Campus




“DEDICATION AND PERCEVERANCE are the most powerful weapon to

achieved one’s goal”

Year 2008, when I was graduated as Bachelor in Secondary Education Major

in Filipino at Palawan State University- Cuyo Campus, Opportunity to teach knocked
early in my teaching career. After I graduated I was recommended as PARA Teacher
in one remote area at Municipality of Agutaya. And it is at that time until now, I am
in my 10 years in teaching career. I’ve encountered lots of challenges and
experiences comes in my teaching it includes absenteeism, laziness, lack of interest,
poverty, poor in reading and comprehension.

Those poor in reading students caught my attention. As expected, high school

students are faster in reading (English or Filipino) and they comprehend what they
are reading. That’s why make me shocked with those cases of several students. How
they pass? This situation left me questioning why it is happened, is it parent
responsibility, students task or teacher factor?


Disappointment is what I feel first. How come that the high school students
classified as poor in reading and comprehension ability. They are using gadget, how
they read the content of the messages and use the other application? Learners who
are classifies as poor reader feel shy to participate to their classmates because they
feel that they can be bullied. During discussion they are not fun of listening instead
they talked with their seatmates. They are the learners that need more attention of
the teachers as well as their parents.

As per their elementary teachers, they told us that they passed those kind of
students because they meet the given competencies, attended classes daily, and

no reason to fail the students. But as for me, the main reason why those students are
passed because of the directives from department. The directives does not directly
states the “MASS PROMOTION” but according to the provided memorandum that if
the teacher failed the students, the teacher itself will be the one we will be going to
conduct a remedial class or worst summer class.

Being a language (Filipino) teacher, it is a big challenge for me. The good side
of this, I able to use appropriate intervention to deal students with difficulties in
reading and comprehension. Even in the case of grade 10 students who find
difficulties in identifying words or even letters of the alphabet. To that I need to spend
more time with the student, resourceful and innovative enough just to cope up the
competencies neglected from the previous grades.

In the of the story, I was thankful that before the end of the school year the
student were able to read words, yes it was slower but there is a progress in terms of
reading where he can read and common words, with the help of the family, the
parents need follow up their son at home. Of course the students itself is willing to
know and help his own to cope the difficulties that he has.


To be able to survive in this world as individual you must know how to read and
comprehend so that other people will not take advantages against you. Teacher
need to identify the roots of the problem to be able to seek proper solution to the
problem. As teacher we need to spend time for the learners who are slow learner,
reading difficulties and unable to comprehend. Find time to understand and
intervene the problems of the learner. It can result into “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND”


We can beat this problem if only if the school teachers, school administrators,
students and learners will work collaboratively. It is not a sole problem of the teacher,
it could be a problem of the society. So to help them, we must work hand and hand
toward the common goal..


As of now the DepEd Palawan launched the BASA PALAWEÑO, one of the
intervention that deals reading problems. From the opening of the school year, the
teacher will conduct a pre – reading test to all students from grade 3 to grade 12
students. Throughout the year students will be going read a selection supervised by
the language teacher. Before the end of the school year, the students will take post
– reading test. It will measure the ability to read, comprehend and understand the
given selection.

Thank You Very Much.