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Talisman Centre Annual Report 03 

Talisman Centre
annual report 2003
Table of Contents
page 1 Profile
page 2 President’s Message
page 4 Board of Directors
page 4 Management Team
page 5 Vision and Strategic Accomplishments
page 5 Sport Wellness
page 5 Bookings and Systems
page 6 Customer Relations, Communications, and Fund Development
page 7 Finance/Administration
– Sources of Revenue and Expense
– Human Resources and Volunteers
page 8 Operations/Construction Project Overview
page 8 Organizational Development
page 8 Swim Educators of Lindsay Park
page 9 Rates and Fees
page 9 Attendance Records
page 10 Special Events and Athlete Accomplishments
page 12 Building Healthier Futures Campaign Donors
page 14 Management Analysis
page 15 Auditors’ Report
page 16 Financial Statements
page 20 Notes to Financial Statements
Outside Back Cover: Lifetime Members

your space to play

 Talisman Centre Annual Report 03
Calgary is one of the most active, vibrant cities in Canada—and Talisman Centre is the hub
of that energy. The facility is the second most widely visited in North America and attributes
its popularity to staff expertise, leading-edge technology, excellent facilities, superb location,
innovative programming, and entrepreneurial business practices. Talisman Centre is a
non-profit organization with a mission to “create positive developmental sport, athletic, and
wellness experiences for people of all ages and abilities.”

Dual Mandate:
To provide training and competition facilities and services for the
development of Calgary’s high performance athletes in their respective
dryland and aquatic sports.

To provide facilities, programs, and services for the fitness and

recreational sporting needs of the citizens of Calgary.

The facility is managed by the non-profit Lindsay Park Sports Society on behalf of Calgarians.
The Board of Directors has 22 volunteer members: 12 representing sporting communities, 4
representing neighbouring communities, 2 representing public and separate school boards,
1 appointed by the City of Calgary, the President, the immediate Past-President, and a
representative from the Past Presidents’ advisory committee. The centre’s daily operations
are conducted by 41 full-time and priority part-time employees, plus over 217 additional
part-time employees.

In 2003, Talisman Centre completed a $24 million capital expansion, virtually doubling
Calgarians’ space to play at the centre.

Talisman Centre Annual Report 03 1

President’s Message

What can I say, but that 2003 was a most incredible year. We completed our
expansion adding approximately 83,000 square feet to our existing facility.

Of note also this past year was the naming of the Dr. Neville Lindsay Sport Wellness Building, which is
the building housing the two new gyms, the new track, the new lifestyle centre, the sport medicine
clinics, and the physiotherapy clinic. Dr. Lindsay was one of Calgary’s founding pioneers and first
resident physician, his involvement in the community helped create significant events in Canadian
history. Talisman Centre is situated on the land that was a part of Dr. Lindsay’s ranch and the park
surrounding the facility still bears Dr. Lindsay’s name.

The past year was one filled with anticipation and frustrations as we prepared for the additional play
and work spaces. We had hoped to have the expansion completed and the new facilities operational
by early to mid-September 2003. Delays in construction meant we had to delay our programming and
readjust our calendars. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and volunteers who were
able to maintain their spirits and worked with us during this stage of our growth and development.

Another well deserved thank you must be extended to the Board of Directors of the Lindsay Park Sports
Society. It was in the year 1996 that the seeds of expansion began. The Board of Directors envisioned
the need to grow and expand and the ideas gradually began to take shape and growth began in 2002.
Today we have a newly expanded facility that boasts two 50 metre pools, a new hot tub which is wheel
chair accessible, five weight room areas, two running tracks, five gymnasia, new meeting rooms and
office space, a large lifestyle centre for people with disabilities featuring state-of-the-art exercise
equipment, and enlarged physiotherapy and cardiac wellness facilities. With the expansion we have
room to increase our customer base and to offer new and innovative programs for all ages and abilities.

I would like to extend a well deserved thank you and sincere appreciation to our customers. Throughout
this last year you have been incredibly patient and stuck by us throughout the expansion and
renovation. We look forward to a long association and working with you to provide services that can
best meet your individual needs.

The expansion was led by a very capable group of consultants. Thank you to each of the teams—the
consultants led by CannonJohnston Architecture and Gibbs Gage and the construction team led by Ledcor.

From the outset of the expansion project our volunteer fund development team worked diligently to
secure the necessary funds to ensure the completion of the expansion and renovation. We are indebted
to them for their perseverance and determination to seek out and secure the vital funding for the project.

We are fortunate to have secured funding from all three levels of government and we thank the City
of Calgary, the Province of Alberta, and the Government of Canada. The City of Calgary was the first of
our major funders to jump on board contributing $7.3 million and also supporting us with additional

2 Talisman Centre Annual Report 03

important funding when we ran into extra expenses to handle the contaminated soils. The Government
of Alberta is our largest donor, giving a total of $7.905 million through the Centennial Legacies
Grant Program, the Alberta Lotteries Fund, the Community Facilities Enhancement Program, and the
Community Initiatives Program. The Government of Canada has donated a total of $3.5 million through
the Infrastructure Canada-Alberta Partnership.

Thank you also to Talisman Energy who is our largest corporate contributor securing the naming rights to
our magnificent facility, Talisman Centre.

I would also like to extend appreciation to all of our campaign volunteers and donors through whose
dedicated efforts the vision was realized. We have erected a donor wall at the entrance of the Dr. Neville
Lindsay Sport Wellness Building that is dedicated to the donors. We also have placed plaques in various
locations of the facility to thank the Board of Directors of the Lindsay Park Sports Society, volunteers, staff,
construction workers, and trades for their contributions to the completion of the project.

I would be truly remiss if I did not extend a note of gratitude and appreciation to the Chief Operating
Officer of Talisman Centre, Bernie Asbell. Bernie has provided leadership, continued enthusiasm, and drive
to ensure the completion of the project. One member of our management team needs to be singled out
and congratulated: Carol Kinley was particularly instrumental in guiding the project to the completion and
I would like to send a special thank you to her for her tireless efforts and work on the expansion.

I believe that Talisman Centre can also take pride as this year’s recipient of the Community Accessibility
Award, presented by the Canadian Paraplegic Association. The award confirms what we believe that the
facility is accessible to all Calgarians regardless of their physical abilities. The facility is for the citizens of
Calgary so that we can work with you to maintain healthier life styles and promote increased levels of

Now that the expansion and the renovations are complete we are concentrating our energies and work on
running the business at Talisman Centre and focusing on programming and new innovative initiatives for
our customers. The Board of the Lindsay Park Sports Society is excited about what the future holds for this
tremendous facility.

Thank you again to all for your contributions over this past year and the support that the board and the
staff have given to me as the president of the society. It is indeed a privilege and honour to have served as
president in 2003.

Annette Gillis
President, Lindsay Park Sports Society

Talisman Centre Annual Report 03 3

Board of Directors
Annette Gillis* President
Barbara Dunnette Fencing
Brett Maruyama Erlton Community
David Macaulay* Member-at-large, Basketball
Doug Bird* Vice-President, Competitive Swimming
Dwight Jack Rhythmic Gymnastics
Jack Alderson Soccer
Joe Recsky Volleyball
John Townley* Chair of Executive Committee
John Van Kruyssen Diving
Marion Wolff Water Polo
Mary Graham Rideau/Roxboro Community
Mary Lou Alexander Synchro Swimming
Mike Gavan* City of Calgary
Mike Ward Victoria Community
Ned Frey Competitive Swimming
Peter McKenzie Past-President Advisory Committee Representative
Peter Saunderson Cliff Bungalow/Mission Community
Richard Leighton Calgary Board of Education
Simone Gratton Calgary Catholic Schools
Stuart Hay* Treasurer, Athletics
Verla Wong* Secretary, Field Hockey

* Executive Committee

Management Team
Bernie Asbell General Manager/Chief Operating Officer
Carol Kinley Booking, Systems, and Operations Manager
Catherine Nielsen Senior Manager
Julie Johnston Weekend Services Manager
Reg Verley General Manager of Swim Educators of Lindsay Park
Cynthia Watson Sport Wellness Manager
Signi Solmundson Manager of Customer Relations, Communications &
Fund Development
Sue Chambers Organizational Development Manager

4 Talisman Centre Annual Report 03

Vision and Strategic Accomplishments
Sport Wellness
Goals & Objectives in 2003
1. To create a stellar customer experience and stimulate growth by:
• Facilitating a seamless transition in programs, services, equipment and facilities.
• Ensuring expanded access and diverse opportunities for customers of any age and ability.
2. To be industry leaders now and in the future by:
• Providing leading edge health and athletic trends.
• Supplying quality and quantity of advanced cardio and fitness equipment.

A multidisciplinary, results-based approach to integrating physical activity, proper
nutrition, and positive attitude to advance the benefits of sport and promote
healthy living for all ages and abilities.

Key Result Areas:

1. Operational Excellence
• Launch of new facilities with new and revised operating standards for dryland and aquatics.
2. Product & Service Excellence
• Athletic Development: Launched new Martial Arts programs for youth, Jr. Badminton Club,
enhanced athletic training services for endurance sports, soccer, hockey, and basketball,
development of the “Advanced Human Performance” Programs and Services to be launched in 2004
in conjunction with the newly renovated “Athletic Training Zone.”
• Aquatics: Introduced Afterschool Swim Programs, Homeschool Programs.
• Wellness & Health Promotion: Created partnerships with the Calgary Heallth Region in the areas
of Mother Wellness, Childhood Obesity, Chronic Disease Management, Health Promotion, Mental
Health Awareness Week Coordinating, and Alberta Spinal Chord Initiative
• Adapted Physical Activity: Rather than segregate an adapted physical activity area, there was
a philosophical shift to position Talisman Centre as a leading provider of readily accessible and
integrated opportunities for individuals requiring adapted physical activity to achieve their overall
health and/or athletic performance goals.
• Testing Services: Received Fitness Testing Accreditation designation.

Bookings and Systems

• From September 15-19 Talisman Centre was the host venue for the Calgary Corporate Challenge
badminton championship. We donated 12 courts from 5-11 pm during this time frame. The event
ran very smoothly despite the closure of the front desk and encroachment from the hoarding wall.
• Bell West was chosen in September 2003 as our new telecommunications supplier. New voice-over
IP phone system installed December 2003. Long-term benefits are direct dial-in lines, increased
system capacity, and decreased costs from improved infrastrucrture.

Talisman Centre Annual Report 03 5

• The I Can Swim trailer on the east side of our building was removed October 29. Employees from
this area were relocated inside our new and existing complex.
• On the computer end of things we launched our CAP site to the public on February 24. Thanks
to Industry Canada’s Community Access Program we offer two workstations and a printer to the

Customer Relations, Communications, and Fund Development

• Created and coordinated internal and external advertising, including print, radio, billboard, and
television promotions and a year long partnership with IMPACT magazine celebrating Talisman
Centre’s 20th anniversary.
• Enhanced Talisman Centre’s brand through strong design and creation of the What’s In It for You?
• Implemented the Under FunStruction communication strategy during construction and designed
promotions for the new facilities as they opened.
• Created a new e-bulletin to replace the old customer newsletter, completed a customer
satisfaction survey, and hosted over 100 media visits.
• Received donations making possible programs and access for financially disadvantaged children,
individuals and families, and seniors.
• Hired a sales representative to focus on corporate sales and new markets.
• Hosted a successful Stampede breakfast at Stanley Park Pool complete with western
entertainment and native dancers.
• Established a retail outlet at the renovated Customer Service Desk promoting sales of
convenience items, aquatic supplies, workout aids, etc.
• Hosted a commemorative event in June to recognize and acknowledge Dr. Neville Lindsay and
his contributions to the City of Calgary. Park benches and a recognition plaque were placed in
Lindsay Park. The new sport wellness building was dedicated to the memory of Dr. Lindsay and
named the Dr. Neville Lindsay Sport Wellness Building.
• Put donor recognition structures and grand opening plans in place for an open house early in
• Significantly advanced the campaign total through strategic fund development activities.

6 Talisman Centre Annual Report 03

The focus for the administration department includes supporting the departments by ensuring all
business processes are up-to-date and monitoring policy adherence. Major areas of focus for the
year were:
• Implemented new budget process incorporating beginning base budget principles,
and departmental business plans.
• Accounting and reporting to major funding organizations.
• Gas contract negotiation.
• Transition of sport shop services from Swimco to in-house operations.
• Privacy policy research and development.

Sources of Revenue and Expense (excluding expansion and capital contributions)

2003 Sources of Operating Revenue


2003 Operating Expenses


Human Resources and Volunteers

• Added recruiting function to Human Resources portfolio within the Administration Department.
• Updated employee playbook and emergency procedures manuals several times to keep pace with
changing facilities and protocols.
• Job descriptions revised and updated.
• Initial steps taken to revitalize the volunteer program including updating of policies, hiring
procedures, and volunteer manual.
• HR coordinator attended Performance Coaching Course to expand the role of coaching at
Talisman Centre.

Talisman Centre Annual Report 03 7

Operations/Construction Project Overview
• Restructured the operations team in September with the creation of a Facility Operator position.
This was required for effective and efficient operating and response to internal and external
requests while allowing individuals on the team to focus on specific areas of responsibility.
• Hoarding wall through gyms 1 – 3 went up in April 2003 and came down in mid-December 2003.
• Customer Service Desk was relocated at the beginning of June to the south track entrance and
stayed there until September 2003.
• New Fitness Zone opened in July 2003.
• New aquatic building opened in August 2003.
• New gyms opened in September 2003.
• Executive Locker Rooms opened in late December 2003.
• Despite over 15 schedule changes with the expansion project, we did not close a day through the
entire project for construction or commissioning of new buildings.

Organizational Development
The focus in 2003 was to offer staff development and learning opportunities, oversee operation of the
Aquatic and Food and Beverage areas, and implement new initiatives such as barrier-free nutritional
education and services, healthy choices in the food and beverage area, development of a comprehensive
youth program, and strategic planning for the Nutrition Kitchen. Key results:
• Development and facilitation of five Energy U learning modules for staff.
• Implementation of the Healthy Choice options in the food and beverage area.
• Creation of the Kids in Action Program.
• Development of a full time nutrition specialist.
• Record food and beverage sales and low labour costs.
• Strategic plan for the Nutrition Kitchen.

Swim Educators of Lindsay Park

Swim Educators of Lindsay Park continued its focused approach for growth in 2003. This focus was on:
Awareness, Customer Service, Product Refinement, and Sales/Marketing. The primary customers were
facility operators throughout Canada seeking to provide alternative aquatic grassroots programming to
their customers. Highlights:
• Reallocation of human resources for day-to-day operation.
• Operational cost of the program totally allocated to the organization.
• 25 facilities and 52 clubs actively offered the Sears I Can Swim program.
• 16 new providers began offering the program in 2003 compared to seven in 2002.
• 17,000 individual participants in the program, an increase in excess of 40% over 2002.

8 Talisman Centre Annual Report 03

Rates and Fees
Single 10 20 30 1 4 Annual
Pass Card Pass Card Pass Card Month Month Pass
Pass Pass
Adult (18+) $9 $66 $124 $174 $56 $192 $466
Student $7.25 $49 $169 $410
Senior (60+) $6 $48 $ 90 $126 $38 $121 $294
13-17 $7.25 $50 $ 94 $132 $42 $132 $331
6-12 $4 $32 $ 60 $ 84 $28 $ 94 $225
2-5 $2.75 $22 $ 42 $ 57 $19 $ 52 $106

Family/Group Home $18.25 $125 $233 $327 $99 $327 $774

Corporate Adult $163 $396
Corporate Family $278 $658
Twoonie Hour — $2 for the last hour of each day.

100 Card 200 Card

Adult (18+) $448 $818
Senior (60+) $285 $522
13-17 $321 $604
6-12 $177 $334

Attendance Records
Group #s
Passes & Ticket Holders 465,000
Public Admissions 85,700
Registered & Custom Programs 117,100
User Groups and Special Events 495,200
Other (meeting rooms, child care, etc.) 14,800
Sport Medicine Clinic & Cardiac Wellness Institute 72,300

Total 1,250,100

Talisman Centre Annual Report 03 9

Special Events and Athlete Accomplishments
Special Event Summary 2003
Dryland Events Level of Event # of Days Athletes & Spectators Total Visits
Wrestling International Challenge 2 225 450
Wheelchair B-ball Invitational 1 60 60
Cardiac Wellness Fund Raiser 1 200 200
Fencing Invitational 3 200 600
Wheelchair B-ball Invitational 1 60 60
Badminton Invitational 1 100 100
Track Meet Invitational 1 320 320
Field hockey Provincials 3 150 450
Basketball Invitational 1 200 200
Volleyball Fund Raiser 1 300 300
Rhythmic Gymnastics Invitational 1 100 100
Badminton Invitational 1 300 300
Fencing Invitational 3 150 450
Karate Westerns 3 350 1,050
Field Hockey Westerns 3 200 600

Aquatics Level of Event # of Days Athletes & Spectators Total Visits

U of C Swimming Invitational 3 350 1,050
Synchronized Swim Southern Championship 3 200 600
Diving Invitational 3 100 300
Synchronized Swim Provincials 3 200 600
Swim Meet Provincials 3 400 1,200
Canada Cup Nationals 3 400 1,200
Water Polo Provincials 4 300 1,200
Swim/Dive meet Invitational 3 700 2,100
Diving Provincials 3 200 600
Swim Meet Invitational 3 150 450
Swim Meet Invitational 3 100 300
Swim Meet Invitational 3 75 225
Swim Meet Invitational 3 400 1,200
Underwater Hockey Invitational 3 200 600
Water Polo Nationals 3 150 450
Synchronized Swim Provincials 3 150 450
Underwater Hockey Invitational 2 100 200
Swim Meet Invitational 3 350 1,050
Water Polo Nationals 3 300 900
Swim Meet Invitational 3 350 1,050
Swim Meet Regionals 3 350 1,050
Swim Meet Invitational 3 250 750
Swim Meet Invitational 3 100 300
Water Polo World 8 350 2,800
Water Polo Nationals 3 300 900
Swim Meet Invitational 3 350 1,050
Swim Meet Invitational 3 100 300
Swim Meet Invitational 3 350 1,050
Swim Meet Invitational 3 350 1,050
Synchronized Swim Invitational 3 100 300

10 Talisman Centre Annual Report 03

Dryland Summary
Invitational Events Dryland = 9
Provincial Events Dryland = 1
Western Canadian Dryland = 2
National Events Dryland = 0
International Events Dryland = 1
Fund Raisers =2
Total Number of Dryland Events = 15
Total Number of Visitors for Dryland Events = 5,240

Aquatic Summary
Invitational Events Aquatics = 18
Provincial Events Aquatics = 5
Western Canadian Aquatics = 0
National Events Aquatics = 4
International Events Aquatics = 1
Fund Raisers = 0
Total Number of Aquatic Events = 30
Total Number of Visitors for Aquatic Events = 25,275

Grand Total = 30,515

• The Senior Men’s Water Polo Nationals were held here on May 30 – June 1st. The Calgary Torpedoes
placed 2nd to the Pacific Storm of Vancouver. Vladimir Cosic was the tournament MVP. Nathaniel
Miller and Noah Miller both made the tournament all-star team along with Vladimir.

• Canada won the World Jr. Women’s Water Polo Tournament hosted at Talisman Centre in August 2003.
This was the first Canadian win of a World Championship and three members of the victorious team are
Calgarians: Brooke Zimmerman, Kristin Zernicke, and Janis Pardy.

• Lindsay Park Sports Society awards over $7,000 in bursaries each year to assist athletes with the
expenses associated with participating in sport. The bursary recipients all train with sport user group
members at Talisman Centre. The bursary program was first developed in 1995 in response to sport
groups’ requests for help offsetting the costs of training and competition. Swimco Aquatic Supplies
donates $5,000 to the bursary program each year and the Lindsay Park Sports Society contributes the
balance. The 2003 award recipients include:
– Jessie Dabrinsky, Aquabelles – Erik Petursson, Dive Calgary
– Erin Hobbs, Dive Calgary – Bryce Vanderburg, Water Polo
– Brittney Hunt, Rhythmic Gymnastics – Karsey Anne Vanderburg, Aquabelles
– Alison McKenny, Aquabelles – Lauren Yates, Rhythmic Gymnastics
– Trevor Neufeld, Competitive Swimming – Kristin Zernicke, Water Polo
– Janis Pardy, Water Polo – Brooke Zimmerman, Water Polo

Talisman Centre Annual Report 03 11

Building Healthier Futures Campaign Donors
Legacy Leader $1,000,000 + Daryl K. Seaman Foundation Trust Karen Horner
F.C. Mannix Memorial Fund Dick and Lois Haskayne
Alberta Centennial Legacies Program Frances Galvin Fund Herbert Kieselbach
Alberta Lottery Fund Calgary Renegades Water Polo Club Ron and Janet Kuchinka
City of Calgary Calgary Senior Men’s Basketball Lafarge Canada Inc.
Infrastructure Canada-Alberta Program Association Robert Lehodey
Talisman Energy Inc. CIBC Margaret Lemay
Harley N. Hotchkiss Dave and Elizabeth Lennox
Gold $100,000 to $999,999 Industry Canada, Community Access Lizard
Program David Macaulay
Alberta Energy Company Ltd. Killarney Swim Club Steve Major
Anonymous Donors Mawer Investment Management Max Bell Foundation
Calgary Community Lottery Board Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities David McDermid
Canadian Paraplegic Association (Alberta) of Canada Dr. Arlene McGinn
Community Facility Enhancement Scotiabank Tom McInerney
Program United Way of Calgary Donor Choice Andrea Neufeld
EnCana Program Catherine Nielsen
Lindsay Park Sports Society Pak-Wel Produce Ltd.
PanCanadian Energy Corporation Supporter $1,000 to $9,999 James Payne
Amateur Sport Grant Program, a Valerie Prather
joint community partnership among Alberta Summer Swimming Association Nose Creek Swim Association
the Calgary Flames Hockey Club, Mary Lou Alexander Bill Rice
the Saddledome Foundation, and Anonymous Donors Heather Smith
Parks Foundation, Calgary Jill, Bernie, Kate, and Emily Asbell David Steele
Pepsi Cola Bassano Growers Ltd. Joanne Strekaf
Don Berry Synchro Alberta Association
Silver $25,000 to $99,999 Doug Bird SuperVision Ltd.
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Talisman Centre Sport & Wellness Team
Anonymous Donors Don Boykiw Tanimura & Antle Inc.
ATB Financial Pat and Tracy Brennan John and Cyndra Townley
Bennett Jones LLP Eleanor and Larry Bryan TransAlta in recognition of Wally Madill
Calgary Master Swim Club David and Cheryl Burgess Mr. and Mrs. J. Truswell
Calgary Spinal Cord Society Calgary Aquabelles Synchronized Peter Vander Pyl
Canada Millennium Partnership Program Swimming Club Cynthia and David Watson
Cascade Swim Club Calgary Aquamums Masters Synchronized Wigham Resources Ltd.
Brian Humphry Swimming Club Wrigley Canada
Fording Inc. Calgary Ladies Field Hockey Association
J. R. (Bud) McCaig Calgary Patriots Swim Club Friend up to $1,000
Nexen Inc. Calgary Underwater Hockey Club
Nickle Family Foundation Calgary Volleyball Club and Calvol Christa Abbott
RBC Foundation Volleyball Jack Alderson
Sears Calgary Winter Club Sea Lions Swim Club Greg Alexander
Spartan Controls Ltd. CannonJohnston Sport Architecture Alliance Tubulars & Supply Ltd.
Swim Alberta Sue Chambers Anonymous Donors
Swim Alberta, Southern Region Champion Technologies Wayne Arvidson
University of Calgary Swim Club Chinook Rhythmique Gymnastic Club Phil and Anne Backman
David Cornhill Rosemary Bacovsky
Bronze $10,000 to $24,999 John Cuthbertson, Rhonda Wishart Bonnie Banks
and family Patty Bambrick
Alberta Water Polo Association Frank and Nada Dearlove Peter J. Barbaro
The Alvin and Mona Libin Foundation Epic Fencing Club Ron Barron
Bell West Gibbs Gage Architects Theodor Bauer
Brett Wilson Family Gibson Energy Ltd. James H. Bell
The Calgary Foundation Annette Gillis Best Western Calgary Centre Inn
Calgary Stampeder Football Club and Eldon and Carlie-Jean Godfrey Terry Blumes
Alumni Foundation April Grosse Philip Boldon

12 Talisman Centre Annual Report 03

Sincere Thanks to All Donors
Bob and Judy Boswell Vicki Lines Mervyn and Rochelle Rabinovitz, Zoey,
Stuart and Mark Boswell Eric Liu Deanna, and Maggie
Boyd Family Dennis Longmuir Larry Raymond
Lesley Bowser In memory of Willis “Bill” Loucks Henry Rechel
Bridge Brand Food Services Randy and Barbara Low Recsky Family
Bob and Marilyn Bratton Luciano’s Little Italian Grill Greg and Lisa Reimer
Mary Buchignani John Luijkx Susan Rockafellow
Buchignani Family Heery Lynn Jim Rouse
C. L. Marketing Inc. Elmer MacDonald In memory of Rhoda Rowntree, Calgary
Jean Carter Charlotte MacNaughton Aquamums
Bill Carver Sylvia R. Madder Dave Russell
David Chamberlain Anita and J. Wallace Madill Peter Saunderson
C. H. Clarke David Madsen Marg and Dave Scott
Costplan Management Ltd. Ann and Pat Malcolmson, Pat’s Sue Scott
In memory of Kevin Coupland Inspection Ltd. Patricia Seamans
Clive Cracknell Marc Mantovani Saundra Shapiro
John Craig Markon Laurie and David Shenstone
Jim Dale Marteinson Arvidson & Associates Ltd. Alex Silasi
Eli Lilly Canada Inc. Brett Maruyama Tom Sindlinger
Dr. and Mrs. F. G. Elliott Hume Martin David Smith
Samantha Epp Karen Martino R. F. M. Smith
Eshom Family Diane Matson Wendy Smith
Barbara Dunnette Pat Matthews Signi Solmundson
Edith Falck Lynne Mazey Candace Soul
Stefa Fassina Jack and Aurore McCleary Pieter Spinder
Tom Ferguson Jeanette McEachern In memory of Grant Spiro
Fitter International Inc. Mary McGurran and Charles English Louis, Margaret Stack and family
Michelle Flowers Alexander McIntosh Stebnicki Robertson & Assoc. Ltd.
Frontier Engineering & Consulting Ltd. Peter and Pat McKenzie Jim Steel
Jenny and Duff Gibson George and Betty McLeod Gibson Tilley
Bill Gillespie Duncan McMaster Verne and Carol Toews
José F. Guillén Brian McRae June, Mac, Stuart and Maddie Townley
D. and B. Harley MEDIchair Calgary Triquest Engineering Ltd.
Stuart Hay Margarita Mejia In memory of Norman Trouth
Sherman Hirowatari Eric and Betty Miles Dr. Biljana Trpkova
Jim Hope-Ross Hakeem and Al-qaim Mitha Twinkles and Grizelda
John Hutton Elaine Montgomery Gilberta Vandepoele
Karen Iwanski Doutre In memory of Hilda Moore, Calgary John Van Kruyssen
Peter and Judith Jekill Aquamums Salome and Karl Vatter
Julie and David Johnston Patrick Murray Walmsley Family
David F. Johnson James and Elaine Murta Irmgard Weihmann
Ken C. Johnston, Lawyer Jeanette and Ron Nicholls, Nicholls Gerry Weston
Sharon Kaczkowski Consulting Ltd Wiebe Forest Engineering Ltd.
Lorne and Marion Kelly Stuart O’Connor, LL.B. Weir/MacDiarmid Family
Martin J. Kennedy Brian O’Ferrall Robert D. Williams
Sophie Kettner Ernie Orman Liane White
Carol Kinley Bob and Dot Padget Marion Wolff
Max Koenig Giles and Judie Parker Verla Wong
Stephanie Koenig Don and Dolores Parkhill Woods Family
Jamie Korngold Judy Paterson
Chris Kozachenko John Paulsen
Keith Langpap Michael J. Pierson
Doug Latter Faye and Ralph Pugh
Richard Leighton David Purvis
Lindsay Park Staff and Board Harry Radomsky
“Ducky’s Night” Paul Rankin

Talisman Centre Annual Report 03 13

Management Analysis
This year was one of the most challenging years ever to operate the facilities. The operating results for the
year were impacted significantly by construction of the new Dr. Neville Lindsay Sport Wellness Building,
aquatic facilities, and extensive internal renovations. The construction and renovations were completed
without closing for a single day in 2003. This was quite an accomplishment considering the magnitude
of the project. Daily operations were maintained as close to normal as possible. Staffing throughout the
year was maintained at high levels to provide quality customer service and to continue laying the ground
work for the full operation of the new facilities. Unfortunately construction delays affected our ability to
generate revenues as budgeted. The completion of the project was about six months later than originally

Despite these major hurdles the Society sustained only a modest net loss on operations. A year-end bonus
was authorized by the Board of Directors in recognition of staff efforts to maintain normal operations
during a stressful and unusual year. By the end of the year all new facilities were open to the public and
finishing touches were being completed to finalize the project. Customers began returning to the Centre
to experience the reenergized and transformed facilities. We feel a real sense of accomplishment and
are excited by the future that will unfold. With renewed vigour we are striving to meet our mandate for
development of high performance athletes and meeting the recreational, fitness and wellness needs of
the citizens of Calgary. The new facilities have been thoughtfully designed with customer fulfillment in
mind. We are ready to offer our best.

Measures of Operating Efficiency

LPSS Generated Revenue 5,781,607
Total Expense 6,849,209
Ratio 0.85

LPSS Generated Revenue 5,781,607

Salary Expense 3,574,054
Ratio 1.62

Labour Expense 3,574,054

Total Expense 6,849,209
% 52.19%

Catherine Nielsen Bernie Asbell

Senior Manager General Manager / Chief Operating Officer

14 Talisman Centre Annual Report 03

Auditors’ Report

To the Members of the


We have audited the statement of financial position of the Lindsay Park Sports Society as at
December 31, 2003 and the statements of operations, changes in net assets and cash flows for the
year then ended. These financial statements are the responsibility of the Society’s management.
Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audit.

We conducted our audit in accordance with Canadian generally accepted auditing standards. Those
standards require that we plan and perform an audit to obtain reasonable assurance whether the
financial statements are free of material misstatement. An audit includes examining, on a test basis,
evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. An audit also includes
assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by management, as well as
evaluating the overall financial statement presentation.

In our opinion, these financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial
position of the Society as at December 31, 2003 and the results of its operations and the changes in
its net assets for the year then ended in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting

Calgary, Alberta
March 18, 2004

Talisman Centre Annual Report 03 15

Statement of Financial Position
at December 31, 2003
2003 2002
Cash and short term investments (Note 4) $ 956,828 $ 158,898
Accounts receivable 840,284 243,941
Goods and services input tax credits recoverable 172,787 321,326
Pledges receivable, current portion 1,103,480 3,368,256
Inventory 26,547 20,959
Prepaid expenses 4,595 5,219
3,104,521 4,118,599

CAPITAL ASSETS (Note 3) 1,074,903 560,896

Donations on deposit with Calgary Parks Foundation 178,677 669,990
Pledges receivable, long-term portion 78,400 211,050
Tenant improvement advance, long-term portion 138,199 –
Loan receivable (Note 13) – 138,500
Construction in progress – 8,795,850
Restricted funds (Note 4) 392,961 12,863,293
788,237 22,678,683

$ 4,967,661 $ 27,358,178

Demand bank loan (Note 5) $ 1,650,000 $ –
Accounts payable and accrued 2,410,198 3,741,280
Payroll liabilities 152,508 117,541
Deferred revenue 532,962 428,289
4,745,668 4,287,110

Deposits from tenants 14,565 16,065
Deferred contributions 85,000 20,641,688
99,565 20,657,753

Net assets invested in capital assets 1,074,903 560,896
Net assets restricted for Stanley Park pool operations (Note 6) 58,788 40,799
Net assets internally restricted for athletic bursaries (Note 7) 249,173 249,316
Unrestricted (deficiency) net assets (1,260,436) 1,562,304
122,428 2,413,315

$ 4,967,661 $ 27,358,178

Annette Gillis Director Stuart Hay Director

16 Talisman Centre Annual Report 03

Statement of Operations
for the year ended December 31, 2003

2003 2002

Public admissions $ 3,384,131 $ 3,403,917

User groups 638,263 582,554
Food services 666,371 704,361
Contracts 437,695 426,968
Sponsorships 526,269 525,000
Stanley Park pool 107,879 88,242
Operating contribution from City of Calgary 666,000 660,000
Grants and donations for expansion of facilities 21,864,607 –
Capital contribution from City of Calgary 150,000 155,000
Capital contributions from others 15,300 28,600
Investment income 20,999 51,049
28,477,514 6,625,691


Facility operations (Note 9) 2,103,124 1,619,256

Activities (Note 10) 2,429,047 2,154,632
General and administration (Note 11) 1,684,708 1,673,052
Food services (Note 12) 528,095 573,823
Stanley Park pool 104,235 90,875
Construction costs to expand facilities 23,607,813 –
Building improvements 31,831 90,761
Minor capital expenditures 10,480 11,304
Athletic disbursements and grants 12,059 11,893
Amortization of capital assets 274,998 208,664
30,786,390 6,434,260


Talisman Centre Annual Report 03 17

Statement of Changes in Net Assets
for the year ended December 31, 2003

Invested Restricted Athletic Unrestricted 2003 2002

in Capital for Stanley Bursaries Total Total
Assets Park Pool
(Note 6) (Note 7)

start of year $ 560,896 $ 40,799 $ 249,316 $ 1,562,304 $ 2,413,315 $ 2,215,074

in capital
assets 789,005 – – (789,005) – –

of revenue
over expenses (274,998) – (143) (2,033,735) (2,308,876) 191,431

restriction of
net assets – 17,989 – – 17,989 6,810

end of year $ 1,074,903 $ 58,788 $ 249,173 $ (1,260,436) $ 122,428 $ 2,413,315

18 Talisman Centre Annual Report 03

Statement of Cash Flows
for the year ended December 31, 2003
2003 2002

Cash receipts for use of facilities $ 5,585,693 $ 5,200,214

Operating contribution from City of Calgary 666,000 660,000
Cash receipts from sponsorships 526,269 525,000
Investment income 20,999 51,049
Cash disbursements for operation of facilities (6,697,038) (6,206,671)
Cash disbursements for minor capital expenditures (10,480) (10,854)

Cash generated from operating activities 91,443 218,738


Cash received for expansion program 3,541,658 3,532,709

Capital contribution received from City of Calgary 150,000 155,000
Capital contributions from other sources 15,300 28,600
Building improvements (31,831) (90,761)
Paid for other capital assets (480,885) (217,674)
Expansion program costs paid (16,608,087) (3,845,088)

Cash (for) financing and investing activities (13,413,845) (437,214)

(DECREASE) IN CASH FOR THE YEAR $ (13,322,402) $ (218,476)

Cash and short term investments, beginning of year 13,022,191 13,240,667

CASH (DEFICIENCY), END OF YEAR $ (300,211) $ 13,022,191

CASH balances at the end of the year are comprised of:

Restricted funds (Note 4) $ 392,961 $ 12,863,293

Cash available for operations (Note 4) 956,828 158,898
Demand bank loan (Note 5) (1,650,000) –

CASH (DEFICIENCY), END OF YEAR $ (300,211) $ 13,022,191

Talisman Centre Annual Report 03 19

Notes to Financial Statements
December 31, 2003


Lindsay Park Sports Society (“the Society”) is a non-profit, non-taxable organization incorporated under the Societies
Act of the Province of Alberta.

The purpose of the Society is to oversee and direct the management and operation of the Talisman Centre (“the
Centre”) in accordance with its By-Laws and a Management and Operating Agreement between the Society and the
City of Calgary.


Accounting policies used in the preparation of these financial statements are in accordance with Canadian generally
accepted accounting principles for not for profit organizations. Preparation of financial statements in conformity with
Canadian generally accepted accounting principles requires management to make estimates and assumptions that
affect the reported amounts of assets and liabilities and the disclosure of contingent assets and liabilities at the year
end date and the revenues and expenses for the year. Actual results may differ from the estimates. Among the more
significant accounting policies are the following:

(i) Inventory
Inventory of food, beverages, clothing and maintenance supplies is recorded at the lower of cost and net realizable value.

(ii) Capital assets and accumulated amortization

Movable capital assets are recorded at cost. They are amortized on a straight line basis over their estimated useful
lives, to a maximum of ten years. Immovable capital assets, which do not become the property of the Society, are
expensed in the year of acquisition.

(iii) Revenue recognition

Revenues and expenses are recorded using the full accrual basis of accounting. Revenue from user groups is
recognized as the facilities are used with any prepayments or deposits recorded as deferred revenue. Revenue from
public passholders is recognized on a monthly basis with the prepaid portion of passes recorded as deferred revenue.

Contributions are recognized as revenue when received unless the contributions are restricted by the donor for a
specific purpose. If the contributions are restricted for a specific purpose they are recorded as deferred contributions
and recognized as revenue in the period in which the related expenses are incurred.

(iv) Non-recording of City property

The original building complex and its major equipment components were provided from the City of Calgary’s capital
fund and are the property of the City. They are not recorded in these financial statements.

All building additions, improvements and immovable capital assets become the property of the City of Calgary and are
expensed in the year incurred.

20 Talisman Centre Annual Report 03

(v) Capital contributions
Capital contributions used for building expansion and improvements and to acquire immovable capital assets which
do not become the property of the Society are recorded as revenue in the same year as the expansion, improvement
or acquisition is expensed.

(vi) Value of volunteer services

Volunteers contribute a significant number of hours to assist in the management and operation of the Society.
Because of the difficulty of determining the fair value of the services contributed, the value of volunteer services is
not recorded in these financial statements.

(vii) Investment income

Investment income earned on funds used to finance the expansion construction is recorded as grants and donations for
expansion of facilities. Investment income on other funds is recorded as investment income revenue when it is earned.


Movable capital assets which are purchased by the Society are recorded at cost and movable capital assets which
are donated to the Society are recorded at their fair value at the date of contribution.

Capital assets are comprised of movable office and athletic equipment.

2003 2002
Capital assets, at original cost $ 2,327,070 $ 1,811,875
Accumulated amortization 1,252,167 1,250,979

Net book value $ 1,074,903 $ 560,896

A portion of the cash in bank and short-term investments is externally restricted to be used for the expansion
project and internally restricted to fund reserve accounts.
2003 2002
Cash and short term investments in total $ 1,349,789 $ 13,022,191

Less cash restricted for the following purposes:

Future projects 85,000 12,573,178
Athletic bursaries (Note 7) 249,173 249,316
Stanley Park pool reserve (Note 6) 58,788 40,799

Restricted funds 392,961 12,863,293

Cash available for operations $ 956,828 $ 158,898

Talisman Centre Annual Report 03 21

Notes to Financial Statements
December 31, 2003

4. RESTRICTED FUNDS (continued)

Cash and short-term investments include balances in major Canadian bank accounts and fixed income securities
acquired through the Securities Division of the bank. They have been recorded at the lower of cost and market value.
Most of the deposits earn interest, which at the year end ranged from 1.50% to 5.70% per annum, but are subject to
market rate fluctuations.


The Society has a line of credit loan to a maximum of $1,650,000. At the year end, the maximum line of credit had
been drawn. The bank loan is payable in multiples of $25,000 on demand. There is no requirement for specific
principal repayments but the advances need to be liquidated within three years. Interest is payable monthly at the
rate of prime plus 1.00%. At the year end, the interest rate was 5.50% but subject to change.

The Society has granted the bank a general security agreement covering its assets and an assignment of fire insurance
coverage as collateral for the loan.


The Society has entered into an agreement with the City of Calgary to operate the Stanley Park Swimming Pool.
Under the agreement, the Society receives an annual operating grant of $12,000 from the City and must operate the
pool in accordance with a public use policy. Once the public use policy has been satisfied, the Society may operate the
pool for its own account.

In accordance with the public use policy, 80% of the net profit from operating the swimming pool is allocated to a
reserve and restricted to offset future deficits and to provide for upgrading, repairs, replacement or development of
approved swimming pool equipment or building expenditures.


The Lindsay Park Development Foundation (“Foundation”) was dissolved on January 1, 2003 and the assets, liabilities
and net assets were transferred to the Society. The purpose of the Foundation was to act as a Trustee to administer the
funds from the Western Canada Summer Games Foundation, together with any other funds received, for the purpose
of improving the quality of the services offered at the Talisman Centre and assisting the development of athletes
training at the Centre.

The Society has agreed to continue the work of the Foundation and accordingly has restricted the net assets received
from the Foundation for the purpose of providing bursaries and grants to athletes and athletic clubs training at the
Talisman Centre.

22 Talisman Centre Annual Report 03


Investment income earned during the year was:

2003 2002
On funds used to finance the expansion construction
– included in grants and donations for expansion of facilities $ 282,939 $ 415,838

On other funds
– included in investment income revenue 60,634 44,916

(Loss) gain on disposal of capital equipment

– included in investment income revenue (39,635) 6,133

$ 303,938 $ 466,887


2003 2002
Salaries and benefits $ 848,120 $ 576,055
Utilities and related expenses 958,400 736,043
Janitorial 73,523 55,379
Maintenance and repairs 221,148 249,115
Other expenses 1,933 2,664

$ 2,103,124 $ 1,619,256


2003 2002
Salaries and benefits $ 2,000,762 $ 1,737,661
Advertising and marketing 232,320 149,754
Programs, supplies, repairs 142,404 219,405
Other expenses 53,561 47,812

$ 2,429,047 $ 2,154,632


2003 2002
Salaries and benefits $ 1,058,334 $ 1,253,662
Board of Directors/Management 40,191 37,837
Bad debts 341,346 3,119
Bank and payroll charges 39,068 25,992
Office stationery and supplies 118,556 120,781
Professional fees 23,009 45,708
Other expenses 64,204 185,953

$ 1,684,708 $ 1,673,052

Talisman Centre Annual Report 03 23

Notes to Financial Statements
December 31, 2003


2003 2002
Food, liquor and supplies $ 295,262 $ 322,460
Salaries and benefits 228,522 246,192
Other expenses 4,311 5,171

$ 528,095 $ 573,823


Lindsay Park Sports Society exercises significant influence over Swim Educators of Lindsay Park Inc. (“Swim
Educators”) by virtue of its ability to appoint a majority of the Board of Directors and to manage the affairs of Swim
Educators under the terms of a management contract.

Swim Educators is a not for profit, non-taxable corporation which has been chartered by letters patent under the
Canada Corporations Act. Its objects are to educate, promote and perpetuate the art, safety and enjoyment of
amateur swimming through instruction, training and publication and distribution of teaching and coaching aids and
achievement awards.

The Society has advanced Swim Educators $138,500 which bears interest at prime plus 1% and is repayable at the
unanimous discretion of the Board of Directors of Swim Educators. The Society also has an outstanding account of
$201,569 (2002 - $137,780) in accounts receivable for operating advances made to Swim Educators prior to the year-end.

The ability of Swim Educators to repay the loan and outstanding account is uncertain because it is dependent on Swim
Educators continuing ability to obtain sponsorship fees and to eventually generate revenue in excess of expenses.
Because of the uncertainty of collection, the Society has provided an allowance for doubtful collection of the entire
loan and most of the outstanding account, which resulted in a bad debt expense of $339,500 in the statement of
operations for the year.

The Society has included the following operating transactions with Swim Educators in its Statement of Operations:

2003 2002
Management contract fees earned $ 85,000 $ 85,000
Investment interest earned 11,916 12,364
Swimming activity supplies purchased 4,063 3,659

24 Talisman Centre Annual Report 03

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 Talisman Centre Annual Report 03





Talisman Centre Annual Report 03 

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