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The year 2006 was a memorable one for Talisman Centre!

Our people united as a team to build on the legacy of excellence and

provide the ultimate customer experience.

President’s Message
“Our organization came together especially well in 2006,” says Robin Mitchell, President
and Chief Operating Officer at Talisman Centre. “Teamwork was encouraged rather than egos
and individual pursuits, and that made us stronger and better able to achieve our fundamental
Talisman Centre is committed to three straightforward and overriding strategic
1. Providing customers with an exceptional and motivating environment, including
experience, programs, services and facilities that support them to enjoy and achieve
their sport and wellness goals.
2. Creating and maintaining financial strength that ensures current and long-term
sustainability of the organization.
3. Ensuring Talisman Centre is an excellent workplace that promotes a culture of
participation, nurtures talent and recognizes and rewards team performance in pursuit
of serving our stakeholders.
Talisman Centre renewed its dedication to the dual mandate of providing training and
competition facilities and services for the development of Calgary’s high performance athletes
in their respective dryland and aquatic sports; and providing facilities, programs and services for
the wellness and recreation sporting needs of the citizens of Calgary. This unique environment
where elite athletes train side-by-side with wellness seekers allows Talisman Centre to provide
a higher level of training, service and expertise when it comes to staff, programs and facilities.
“Sport has an equal place with wellness here,” says Mitchell. “It is the honing of the two that
makes us effective—it is the strength of our future towards 2010 and beyond.”
Talisman Centre solidified its ultimate goal in 2006: to provide Calgarians an exceptional
customer experience they cannot get anywhere else. Each department at Talisman Centre—
Character Development, Experience Providers, Sales & Marketing, Facility Management and
Finance—is committed to achieving this common outcome. “In 2006 we worked towards this
goal as a team,” says Mitchell. “Talisman Centre cannot deliver an extraordinary customer
experience if a member of the team is not performing. We believe all of our organization, from
top to bottom, must be dedicated to the same goal.”

Robin Mitchell
President and Chief Operating Officer

 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 
C algary is one of the most active, vibrant cities
in Canada and Talisman Centre is the hub
of that energy. First opened in 1983, Talisman
Centre has become the second most widely
visited multi-sport facility in North America
“This past year was an exciting and successful one at
Talisman Centre with more than 1.7 million visitors!”
through innovative programming and leading-
edge technology. The newly renovated and Chair’s Message Board of Governors
expanded facilities include five gymnasiums,
Rob Davis* Competitive Swimming (Treasurer)
two tracks, more than 20,000 square feet Through the hard work of Talisman Centre staff and the Lindsay Park
Roy Diehl Competitive Swimming
dedicated to cardio and weight training and Sports Society, we continue to be a world-class facility with a thriving sport Peter Hiebert Synchronized Swimming
four pools including two 50m pools, dive tank, culture. We were able to build on our legacy of excellence, while striving Dwight Jack * Rhythmic Gymnastics (Vice Chair)
teaching pool, two hot tubs and a steam room. to meet the current and future needs of our sport partners, members and Martin Kennedy Soccer
clients. In 2006, the LPSS Board of Governors transitioned from an Neil Kuntz Water Polo
The Lindsay Park Sports Society expertly
operational model to one focusing on governance. Talisman Centre renewed David Macaulay* Chair of Executive Committee
manages Talisman Centre on behalf of the
its commitment ensuring a positive and unforgettable customer experience. Bonnie-Jean Marconi Catholic Schools
people of Calgary. A non-profit society, the LPSS Garrett Mazurenko Volleyball
We now deliver more focused programming with a higher level of training,
Board of Governors has 20 volunteer members Peter McKenzie Past President Advisory Committee
service and expertise. Also notable are the emergence of Café Santé and the
— 12 representing sporting communities, three Alec Milne* Basketball (Member at Large)
growth of the new Breathe Apparel retail business.
representing neighbouring communities, two Ed Moore Athletics
The booming economy in Calgary and Alberta this year was marked by
representing Public and Catholic School Boards, Brenda Prymack Fencing
labour shortages and staffing posed a significant challenge. Talisman Centre Gregory Rogers* Rideau-Roxboro Community (Secretary)
a Chair, the past Chair and a representative from
fared well in comparison to others in similar environments. However, we Peter Saunderson Cliff Bungalow/Mission Community
the Past Presidents’ Advisory Committee. An
are mindful of the additional stress and workload placed on staff at all levels Murray Schmidt Diving
enthusiastic team of experts conducts Talisman
and continue to work on ways to keep our unique culture and team morale Jessica Taylor Field Hockey
Centre’s daily operations — 41 full-time and
thriving. Gary Towsley Erlton Community
212 part-time employees.
In 2007, there will be a high demand for Talisman Centre to host events Jill Tynan Public Schools
as the Kinsmen Centre in Edmonton will be closing for extensive renovations. Verla Wong* Chair
Mission The delicate balance of providing a quality customer experience for athletes, * denotes Executive Committee Member
Talisman Centre is a dynamic organization while meeting the demands of members and program users will be become
dedicated to providing people of different ages even more important. To alleviate some stress on the facility during periods
and abilities inspiring, developmental sport and of high capacity usage, Talisman Centre has initiated a Member Exchange 2006 Management Team
wellness experiences, assisting them to achieve Program with other facilities. This unique program allows members to use a
their goals. partner facility and avoid the crowds during busy event times. Robin Mitchell President and Chief Operating Officer
Even with these challenges, the future holds exciting opportunities and Garth Glover Finance Manager
Dual Mandate ventures on the horizon. The Talisman Centre Team has created an atmosphere Carol Kinley Facility Manager
of collaboration and teamwork which will aid in resolving issues and addressing Ashley Myers Sport and Wellness Manager
To provide training and competition facilities Reg Verley Sales and Marketing Manager
challenges that arise. And we remain committed to keeping Talisman Centre a
and services for the development of Calgary’s Cynthia Watson Character Development Manager
leader and innovator in the areas of athletic health and wellness.
high performance athletes in their respective
dryland and aquatic sports.
To provide facilities, programs and services for
the wellness and recreational sporting needs of
the citizens of Calgary.

Verla Wong
Board of Governors Chair

 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 
The year 2006 was marked by tough labour market conditions. “We had to
rethink our hiring strategies in a competitive market where there is more supply
than demand. Talisman Centre stuck to its values and standards, hiring only high-
calibre staff that fit with our culture.”

Character Development
Shakers and Movers . . .
• Congratulations to Karen Iwanski who
celebrated her 20th year at Talisman Centre!
• Goodbye and good-luck to Vicki Lines—thanks
for 19 years of service!
• Congratulations to the many athletes on our
staff including National Judo Champions Pam
Wilson and Laurie Wiltshire; Darren Robson
who won bronze at the World Thai Kickboxing
Championships; and Britney Gregor, skip of
the University of Calgary team that won the
Canadian University Curling Championships
The Character Development Team portfolio includes Adventure Tour in Hawaii. The team came back with four • All the best to Lori Poissant and Karen
human resources,working with volunteers,strategic planning, ideals to implement into Talisman Centre culture: product Driedger, winners of the 2006 White Hat
enhancing workplace culture and community investment. knowledge, consistency, branding and customization. “The Award for outstanding customer service
Two notable accomplishments this past year were the race had a big impact because it drove home the possibility • And our gratitude to Talisman Centre Long
increased sense of team and a revitalized commitment to of what we can do for our customers,” says Watson. “It is Term Service Award winners: 15 years, Sharon
not necessarily about money, it can also be a simple way to Koop; 10 years, Serjey Mukminov; 5 years,
providing the highest level of customer service not only to
improve customer experience.” Rocelyn Talbotars, Bart Ujack, Nestor Caroline,
customers but also employees and volunteers. “Our people Chris Hammer, Keith Chan, Trina Campbell,
are more empowered and engaged with the organization,” Megan Cook, Lancette Burton, Kristine Barnes
says Cynthia Watson, Character Development Manager at Strategic Direction II: Financial Sustainability
and Judy Campbell
Talisman Centre. The Society Team Appreciation Reward (STAR) is
Talisman Centre implemented a new Leadership Model awarded annually by the Board of Governors and paid out
and Succession Plan in 2006. The model is collaborative and to all staff in December. Talisman Centre is one of the few 2006 Highlights
driven by innovation, empowering directors to run day-to- non-profit organizations that offer this type of bonus for the
day business, managers to become better leadership coaches entire staff. STAR is based on a combination of financial • Conducted the first Employee Perspective
and encouraging upward mobility within the organization. Survey
performance and the results of two customer service surveys.
• Benchmarked with the nation-wide MacLean’s
“We worked more closely together this year as a team,” says “Our staff is measured on how well they deliver the ultimate Top 100 Canadian Employers. Talisman Centre
Watson. “We invested in our staff and they were better able customer experience throughout the year and on financial was proud to make the shortlist of top 200
to use their expertise.” achievement,” says Watson. “Our performance in these areas • Underwent a 360 Performance Review Pilot
Another success of 2006 was the Customer Relations ultimately contributes to financial sustainability.” • Developed 2007 to 2010 Business Plan and
Volunteer Program. Thirty core volunteers acted as Talisman Leadership Model
Centre ambassadors assisting with customer service during Strategic Direction III: People Development • Created the Board Governance Education
prime time by answering questions, providing information The competitive labour market in Calgary this past Project
and directing tours. “The program has enhanced customer • Spearheaded the Race for Amazing Customer
year made staffing particularly challenging. The Character
service during busy times and helps fulfill our new Service
Development Team, in wanting to hear what is important to • Developed the targeted recruitment strategy
customer-focused volunteer strategy,” says Watson. “It’s a Talisman Centre employees, conducted an internal Employee “Where Work Feels Like Play”
great program we plan to expand in 2007.” Perspective Survey. “We learned our staff want better pay, • Invested in our community by supporting
benefits for part-time employees, a staff room and more Campus Calgary, Norlien, Canadian Tire
Strategic Direction I: Customer Experience team-building events,” says Watson. “We were pleased to Jumpstart, Calgary Women’s Emergency
The Character Development Team spearheaded implement all four of these requests.” Shelter, Calgary Urban Project Society,
The Race for Amazing Customer Experience in 2006. “It Knowing job expectations, having supervisors caring Discovery House, Boys and Girls Clubs and
was an opportunity for our directors to learn first-hand about employees as people and having a friend at work were other non-profit organizations
what they love about customer experience and bring that three other critical elements of workplace environment • Offered fee assistance through the City of
knowledge back to Talisman Centre,” says Watson. The Calgary; free access to nationally carded
revealed in the survey. “We want to be an employer of choice,”
high performance athletes; and lifetime
directors travelled to one of five locations: Chelsea Piers says Watson. “We are committed to making Talisman Centre memberships to Olympic, Paralympic and
in New York, Disneyland in California, the O Show in an exceptional workplace that promotes participation, offers world medallists who train at Talisman Centre
Las Vegas, Banff and Lake Louise in Alberta and an Eco leadership training and rewards performance.” • Supported numerous charitable organizations
with memberships and free passes

 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 
The Experience Providers Team is dedicated to delivering advanced customer
experiences. This past year the team provided innovative programs and services
Experience Providers
One of the most significant aquatic achievements of
2006 was the development of the Aquatic Specialist Boot
Myers. “They are interested in things like personal training,
nutrition counselling and performance testing services.” Based
Experience Providers 2006 Highlights
u developed and implemented the Aquatic Specialist Boot Camp for lifeguards
u worked toward customized programming for intermediate and advanced levels
u developed and implemented a new School Program Model
u key participant in the Campus Calgary/Open Minds Project
u Sport Specific and Multisport Kids Camps were very successful in 2006
Camp. The 16-hour program is a unique way of lifeguard on empirical and anecdotal data, the Experience Providers
training that uncovers true champions in the field. “We Team streamlined services to be intermediate to advanced in
keep our standards high with timed swims and various skill their delivery of customer service, allowing for best practices
tests,” says Ashley Myers, Sport and Wellness Manager at and an enhanced customer experience. “We are serving their
Talisman Centre. “The boot camp is a proactive approach to needs with individualized attention and care, instead offering
lifeguarding and engagement—it puts us a step above other the services that we think are best,” says Myers.
facilities.” In the dryland area, the Experience Providers Talisman Centre provides higher-level training, service
Team customized their approach to services and programs, and expertise with the Athletic Performance Enhancement
catering to intermediate and advanced levels. “Talisman and Endurance Training Systems programs. “Athletes use
Centre has the ability to offer a superior experience that our services to identify how to improve performance and
assures performance results,” says Myers. they see significant gains,” says Myers. “We don’t just have
Another critical change this past year was in school your typical spin class—these programs provide plenty of
programming. Talisman Centre met with both the Catholic additional education, testing and value-added services.”
and Public School Boards and asked, “How can we help
you?” “With that information we developed a new School Strategic Direction II: Financial Sustainability
Program Model,” says Myers. “We are essentially training The Experience Providers Team revisited their margin
the teachers to assist them in teaching curriculum within contribution on net contribution to programs and services
the schools, and students come to our facility for certain this past year. Talisman Centre now offers premium pricing
components.” for premium services. “We’ve streamlined our approach by
As part of the City of Calgary’s Campus Calgary/Open eliminating ineffective services to make room for thriving
Minds Project, kids attend a week of classes at Talisman business units,” says Myers. In 2006, gross revenues from
Centre, a different group for each of the 16 weeks the program both school and camp programs increased substantially from
runs. The week is a catalyst for a long-term interdisciplinary the previous year.
study at school and promotes critical thinking and problem
solving skills for students, teachers, parents and community Strategic Direction III: People Development
organizations as they interact with the real world.
As a result of the growing job market in 2006, Talisman
The Experience Providers Team also offered Sport
Centre had to challenge their business practices in how best
Specific and Multisport Kids Camps that were a big hit in to retain staff. The Experience Providers Team heightened
2006. “We attracted youth back into camps this year,” says their training and succession plan and committed to
Myers. “There is a new holistic aspect to our camps that continuing education, ongoing mentoring and coaching,
includes nutrition, sport and educational components for speciality in-services and staff awards.
parents and children—and the kids were crazy about the The monthly Talisman Recognition & Appreciation
giant floatables!” Concept Award (TRAC) was developed to honour staff
that act above and beyond their job role. Staff members
Strategic Direction I: Customer Experience nominate their peers for TRAC awards in the categories of
Customer experience was elevated to a new level in 2006 Innovation & Creativity, Integrity & Fairness, Teamwork
with the customization of programs and services. “More & Professionalism, Leadership & Accountability and
and more we see Calgarians want individual attention,” says Customer Service Excellence.

 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 
Innovation and collaboration were the fundamental ideals of 2006 for the Sales
& Marketing Team. In an effort to serve and honour the loyalty of members,
Talisman Centre committed to inside/out marketing.

Sales and Marketing

It was a successful year for the Sales & Marketing Team In 2006, Talisman Centre offered online membership
as retail doubled gross sales from 2005 and the introduction and program registration for customer convenience. “In the
of a monthly payment plan significantly increased annual future the web will be a major market driver of our facility,”
memberships. “The best part of the payment plan is that it says Verley. “Technology will play a key role in positioning
brought families back to Talisman Centre,” says Reg Verley, our business from a global perspective.”
Manager of Sales & Marketing at Talisman Centre. “Families
operate on a budget, so monthly payments work for them.” Strategic Direction II: Financial Sustainability
One unforgettable event of 2006 was the premier of the At Talisman Centre, creating financial sustainability is
Canadian Aquatic Professional Development Symposium. More a way to honour the legacy of the more than 200 Olympic,
than 120 delegates from across Canada gathered at Talisman Paralympic and world medallists who have trained at the
Centre to pool resources on the latest aquatic concepts, to facility. “We are committed to financial stability so we can
build a unified national voice, to increase participation in continue to support the teams and sports that operate out of
aquatics at all levels and to establish Canadian aquatics as a our facility,” says Verley. “Industry is shifting and we need to
world leader in the industry. “It was the first time ever for an be self-sufficient and build reserves for the future. There is a
event like this,” says Verley. “International leaders, innovative need for ongoing collaboration with all stakeholders.”
thinkers and revolutionary architects were at the same The Sales & Marketing Team worked with the Finance
table looking at all levels of aquatics—from grass roots to Team to design a new pricing strategy that supports long-
performance-based sports.” term commitment and loyalty.
The symposium also included the first-ever Talisman
Centre Aquatic Show combining all four aquatic disciplines.
Strategic Direction III: People Development
It was choreographed by national synchro champion Laurel
Alexander to the music of Chariots of Fire and included Talisman Centre proudly launched FITnews Magazine
smoke-effects, 28 rented show lights and giant fabrics in the latter part of 2006. FITnews is published three times a
hanging from the towers! year and distributed to more than 50,000 people. It provides
The Sales & Marketing Team further committed to information on living a healthy, active lifestyle and profiles the
collaboration by amalgamating all marketing materials in staff, athletes and customers of Talisman Centre. “FITnews
2006. “We don’t market through silos, we market the total allows us to showcase the heroes that work in our building,”
organization and that makes us unique,” says Verley. “We says Verley. “We have the highest calibre of staff who are
are a team!” leaders and experts in their field.”

Strategic Direction I: Customer Experience Sales and Marketing 2006 Highlights

Retention of annual memberships was a big focus of
the Sales & Marketing Team in 2006. Talisman Centre staff u Hosted the 2006 Premier Canadian Aquatic Professional Development Symposium
made personal calls to members to discuss issues of concern
and focused programming and services to better support u Launched online registration for programming and memberships
them. “We are loyal to our members, we want to keep and
take care of them,” says Verley.
u Purchased and installed a new colour digital electronic sign on Macleod Trail South
u Launched FITnews to showcase the staff, athletes and customers of Talisman Centre

10 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 11
The Facility Management Team is committed to providing every person who comes
to Talisman Centre with an outstanding customer service experience. In 2006, they
approached this challenge from all angles, involving every member of the team.

Facility Management
“There is a staff commitment to jump in and assist every This year Food & Beverage answered the requests of
customer,” says Carol Kinley, Facility Manager of Talisman customers by offering food with high standards of nutrition,
Centre. “It starts with the parking lot being shovelled and quality, quantity and speed of delivery.
getting the temperature right when you come into the facility;
then we look at every part of the customer experience from Strategic Direction II: Financial Sustainability
there.” Each and every day at Talisman Centre, the Facility
The Facility Management Team includes Operations, Management Team is working behind-the-scenes to
Maintenance & Custodial, Information Technology, maintain and upgrade facilities without closure or business
Bookings and Food & Beverage. The team is constantly interruption. “We were successful this year, because we did
working in the background to ensure seamless day-to-day our job well,” says Kinley. “With a facility as big as we are—
operations at Talisman Centre. “We have a 24-year-old main open all year from Monday to Sunday for 17 to 18 hours a
facility and two new ones that see more than 1.5 million day—to stay open, maintain and upkeep the facility without
visitors per year and an incredible amount of wear and tear,” a shutdown is a credit to everyone.”
says Kinley. “It is a huge accomplishment to have minimal The Facility Management Team contributes to financial
operational impact while ongoing life cycle maintenance and sustainability through regular, ongoing, preventative life cycle
repair goes on in our facility.” maintenance ensuring Talisman Centre stays open to provide
Talisman Centre is an iconic building with a unique facilities and spaces for our customers to pursue their sport
wide-open atmosphere and a legendary roof that is part of and wellness goals.
Calgary’s skyline. The Facility Management Team honours
this legacy with vigilant upkeep and constant improvements. Strategic Direction III: People Development
“Our effort as a group was exceptional in 2006,” says Kinley.
Talisman Centre solidified its culture and work
“This year we became a better team!”
environment this past year. New employees of the Facility
Some of the projects of the Facility Management Team
Management Team attended Boot Camp to learn Talisman
in 2006 included free wireless Internet, new hot water tanks,
Centre character and culture.“We have a unique environment
new southeast exterior exit doors, new LED scoreboards, a
at Talisman Centre and all new employees need the tools
new staff room and acoustic tiles in the training pool.
to support that culture,” says Kinley. “We teach our vision,
mission, dual mandate and how they support our members,
Strategic Direction I: Customer Experience
sport partners and the public.”
The Facility Management Team enhanced customer Another aspect of the culture is the holistic approach
experience this year by asking, “How can we assist you?” to people development. Talisman Centre offers employees Facility Management 2006 Highlights
Through a process of surveys, focus groups, meetings and a competitive pay scale, professional development, flexible
customer comment cards, the team listened to customers hours, fitness training, leadership training, above standard
and tried to meet and surpass their needs. “We are really certification and training, coaching, mentoring and an
u Launched free wireless “Hotspots” within Talisman Centre for customers and staff
value-added services,” says Kinley. “We enhance customer exceptional workplace environment.“This benefits the person u Replaced south exterior doors for better security and energy savings
service everyday through the small little extras—from Abdul and the organization,” says Kinley. “We are committed to a
Shukar, our concierge who greets you in the parking lot, to succession plan that develops the individual’s skills so they u Purchased a used 35-foot scissor lift to increase daily operations efficiency
televisions in the lounge, fresh coats of paint and the bright
atmosphere of Café Santé.”
can grow with Talisman Centre.” u Installed new energy efficient LED scoreboards in gyms 1, 2 and 3
u Installed acoustic panels in the training pool

12 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 13

The Finance Team serves Talisman Centre in two absolutely critical ways—assuring City of Calgary (8%) About Swim Educators of
all balance and checks are in place and supporting the entire organizational team. Lindsay Park . . .
Food Services (9%)

TALISMAN CENTRE 2006 Operating RevenueS

2006 was an extremely successful year for Swim Educators! 

Finance Facility Bookings (17%)

•     2006 number of participants: 34,881, an increase of 35%
over 2005 (25,840 in 2005)
“Our responsibility is to provide tools and information where we can concentrate on offering a truly elevated and •     Total number of partners: 83
to assist staff in performing their jobs,” says Garth Glover, enhanced customer experience.” •     Number of new partners in 2006:  12
Finance Manager of Talisman Centre. “We support all •     Hosted the first ever National Professional Development
the internal departments so they can serve the external Strategic Direction II: Financial Sustainability Symposium which also added $30,000 to our bottom line.  
customers.” This past year was a time of reflection and •     Sold 10 floatables to add an additional $70,000 to our
Financial sustainability and the future of Talisman
analysis for the Finance Team. They developed a plan to revenue stream.
Centre is a key focus of the Finance Team. “We provide
deliver better financial analysis, a more focused business •     Created & piloted an on-line certification for our Upgrade
everyone in our facility the tools to understand finances and
plan and increased internal support as Talisman Centre Courses.
make decisions to create and maintain financial stability,” says
continues to prosper. “We looked at what we need in terms Admissions, Memberships & Programs (66%) •     Met with the Canadian Parks & Recreation Association,
Glover. The Finance team oversees financial goals, objectives
of the direction of the facility, what will work better for the Swimming Canada, ARAQ (Quebec Parks & Rec), Red
and budgets, prepares financial reports, directs investment
entire organization and if it is consistent with our strategic Cross, Lifesaving Society, YMCA of Canada and the Aquatic
opportunities and implements cash management strategies.
directions,” says Glover. “We asked departments what they Federation of Canada in Ottawa to discuss Swim Educators
The legacy of Talisman Centre is an essential element of
required and crafted a plan from there.” role in the upcoming World Leisure Conference in 2008 and
long-term financial sustainability.“We are always considering
As team leader, Glover believes one of the greatest how we are going to be hosting the 2nd National Aquatic
the preservation of our facility by building reserves and
successes of the Finance Team in 2006 was maintaining the Professional Development Symposium in conjunction with
looking at investment opportunities,” says Glover. “We have a
same team. “It speaks to the satisfaction and challenge within this conference.
responsibility to those who will operate the facility in future
the job positions they have.” The Finance Team evolved this years. We need to be on solid financial ground to continue
past year through increased trust in each other’s abilities and our legacy in the changing market.” Lindsay Park Sports Society
in leadership that encourages and rewards excellence.
“Finance is the major measurement and milestone Strategic Direction III: People Development
2006 Bursary Award Winners . . .
of success,” says Glover. “But it’s really a reflection of our Food Services (7%)
The Finance Team responded to Calgary’s tight labour Talisman Centre believes in the power of sport to enhance
commitment to customer experience, financial sustainability
market this past year by ensuring Talisman Centre staff were the health and wellness of Canadians. Our Bursary Program
and people development. Teamwork by every person in the Sales & Marketing (10%)


paid at a competitive level. Staff received an increase in wages was developed to financially assist athletes with various
organization is what determines our financial achievement.”
in April of 2006, and an additional increase in October 2006 training and competition expenses.
in both wages and bonuses. “Talisman Centre’s staff are
Strategic Direction I: Customer Experience
one of our greatest assets,” says Glover. “We are very service Character Development & Administration (17%) We are very proud of all the following 2006 Bursary Award
The Finance Team has a unique customer base at oriented and our staff has front-line, direct contact with the Winners (Recipients came from five different sport partners:
Talisman Centre. They provide a supportive role to the rest of customer. Paying our staff is the biggest commitment of our Cascade Swim Club, Calgary Patriots Swim Club, Calgary
the organization. “We have an open door policy to assist and operating expenses budget.” Aquabelles, Chinook Rhythmic Gymnastics Club and Dive
train staff to help them better perform their job functions,” Talisman Centre is dedicated to providing staff an Calgary).
says Glover. “We contribute to customer experience by excellent workplace environment with a healthy balance
supporting the staff who deliver it.” Experience Providers (31%)
between work and life. “This is reflected in our benefit plan Derek Doerksen
In 2006, the Finance Team worked with the Sales & as premiums continue to decrease indicating our people are Erica Morningstar
Marketing Team to develop customer friendly membership healthy,” says Glover. Jordan Bryden
payment plans and pricing that reflects the value, level of The culture of Talisman Centre promotes participation, Kelsey Melenka
programming and staff expertise at Talisman Centre. “We nurtures talent and recognizes and rewards team performance Olivia Jack
believe by focusing our energies on top level programming in pursuit of serving members, sport partners and the Claudia Holzner
and charging fair value for them, we will have a more Calgary community. “We are all committed to excellence and Dakota Fancey
manageable operation and environment,” says Glover. “One providing an exceptional customer experience,” says Glover. Facility Operations (35%) Gabriella Brisson
Jessalyn Almond
Jessie Drabinsky
Nathan Lefsrud
Seanna Mitchell
14 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 15
Statement of Financial Position
at December 31, 2006
2006 2005
Auditors’ Report Assets
Current Assets
Cash and cash equivalents $ 2,752,818 $ 1,673,759
To the Members of Accounts receivable 275,186 319,668
Lindsay Park Sports Society Pledges receivable 12,000 134,583
Inventory 48,771 33,416
Prepaid expenses 20,378 3,323
3,109,153 2,164,749
We have audited the statement of financial position of Lindsay Park Sports Society as at
December 31, 2006 and the statements of operations, changes in net assets and cash flows for the year Capital Assets (note 3) 923,020 987,754
then ended. These financial statements are the responsibility of the Society’s management. Our Donations on deposit with Parks Foundation, Calgary (note 9) 166,687 211,426
Tenant improvements 19,743 59,228
responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audit.
4,218,603 3,423,157
We conducted our audit in accordance with Canadian generally accepted auditing standards. Those
standards require that we plan and perform an audit to obtain reasonable assurance whether the Liabilities
financial statements are free of material misstatement. An audit includes examining, on a test basis, Current Liabilities
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities 858,783 728,661
evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. An audit also includes Deferred sponsorship – Talisman Energy 500,000 500,000
assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by management, as well as Deferred revenue and grants 1,182,559 1,056,305
evaluating the overall financial statement presentation. 2,541,342 2,284,966

Deposits from tenants 29,640 29,906

In our opinion, these financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position Deferred contributions (note 4) 868,767 918,767
of the Society as at December 31, 2006 and the results of its operations and its cash flows for the year
then ended in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles. 3,439,749 3,233,639

Net assets (deficiency)

Net assets invested in capital assets 923,020 987,754
Net assets internally restricted for athletic bursaries (note 6) 249,316 249,316
Unrestricted net assets (deficiency) (393,482) (1,047,552)
778,854 189,518

Chartered Accountants 4,218,603 3,423,157

Calgary, Alberta Commitments (note 9)
April 12, 2007


Verla Wong Chair Dwight Jack Vice Chair

16 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 17
Statement of Operations Statement of Changes in Net Assets
For the year ended December 31, 2006 For the year ended December 31, 2006

2006 2005 Invested Internally Unrestricted Total Total

in Capital Restricted $ 2006 2005
Facility Revenues Assets $ for Athletic $ $
Admissions, memberships and programs $ 5,839,650 $ 5,207,086 Bursaries$
Facility bookings 1,544,143 1,423,209 (note 6)
Food services 780,147 612,842
Stanley Park Pool (note 5) 96,567 89,029
Operating contribution from City of Calgary 715,000 694,000 Balance – beginning of year 987,754 249,316 (1,047,552) 189,518 ( 224,256)

8,975,507 8,026,166 Investment in capital assets 235,592 – (235,592) – –

Facility Expenses Net excess for the year (300,326) – 889,662 589,336 466,008
Facility operations (note 7) 3,035,393 2,857,427
Experience providers 2,594,627 2,407,432 Distribution of externally restricted net assets – – – – (52,234)
Character development and administration 1,514,867 1,445,735
Sales and marketing 865,764 564,830 Balance – end of year 923,020 249,316 (393,482) 778,854 189,518
Food services 637,786 595,982
Stanley Park Pool (note 5) 96,567 89,029

8,745,004 7,960,435

Excess for the year before the following 230,503 65,731

Other Revenue
Investment income 102,789 54,848
Naming rights and other sponsorships 636,546 670,146
(Loss) gain on disposal of capital assets (4,866) 3,001

734,469 727,995

Other Expenses
Amortization of capital assets 300,326 294,240

434,143 433,755

Excess for the year before the following 664,646 499,486

Capital Contributions
Capital contribution from City of Calgary 558,670 454,000
Capital contributions from other sources 16,667 16,667

575,337 470,667
Capital Expenses
Building improvements and capital expenditures 650,647 504,145

(75,310) (33,478)

Net excess for the year 589,336 466,008

18 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 19
Statement of Cash Flows Notes to Financial Statements
For the year ended December 31, 2006 December 31, 2006

1. Nature and purpose of the Society

2006 2005
Lindsay Park Sports Society (the “Society”) is a not-for-profit, non-taxable organization incorporated under the
Cash provided by (used in) Societies Act of the Province of Alberta.
Operating activities
Net excess for the year $ 589,336 $ 466,008
The purpose of the Society is to oversee and direct the management and operation of Talisman Centre (“the
Items not affecting cash Centre”) in accordance with its by-laws and a management and operating agreement between the Society and
Amortization of capital assets 300,326 294,240 the City of Calgary. As part of this agreement, the City provides the Society with annual operating and capital
Amortization of deferred contribution (50,000) (50,000) grants. These grants are for the original building only with the operating and capital requirements of the two
Amortization of tenant improvements 39,485 39,485
expanded buildings being the sole responsibility of the Society. The City of Calgary is the owner of the Centre
879,147 749,733 and the land upon which it is located. It provides training, competition facilities and services for the
Net change in non-cash working capital items 268,448 302,165 development of Calgary’s high performance athletes in dryland and aquatic sports in addition to providing
facilities, programs and services for the fitness and recreational sporting needs of the citizens of Calgary.
1,147,595 1,051,898

Financing and investment activities

Decrease in pledges receivable 122,583 450,097 2. Significant accounting policies
Additions to capital assets (235,592) (188,752)
Decrease (increase) in donations on deposit with Parks Foundation, Calgary 44,739 (126,298) Capital assets
(Decrease) increase in deposits from tenants (266) 266
Decrease in demand bank loan – (650,000)
Transfer of Stanley Park Pool net assets – (52,234) Moveable capital assets which are purchased by the Society are recorded at cost and movable capital assets
which are donated to the Society are recorded at their fair value at the date of contribution. They are amortized
(68,536) (566,921) on a straight-line basis over their estimated useful lives, to a maximum of ten years. Immovable capital assets,
which do not become the property of the Society, are expensed in the year of acquisition.
Increase in cash and cash equivalents 1,079,059 484,977

Cash and cash equivalents – beginning of year 1,673,759 1,188,782 Cash and cash equivalents

Cash and cash equivalents – end of year 2,752,818 1,673,759 Cash and cash equivalents include cash and short-term investments that are highly liquid and readily
convertible to known amounts of cash.

Donated services

Volunteers contribute a significant number of hours to assist in the management and operation of the Society.
Because of the difficulty of determining the fair value of the services contributed, the value of volunteer
services is not recorded in these financial statements.

Financial instruments

The Society’s financial instruments included in the statement of financial position are comprised of cash and
cash equivalents, accounts receivable, pledges receivable, donations on deposit with Parks Foundation,
Calgary, and accounts payable and accrued liabilities.

The fair values of the financial instruments approximate their carrying values at December 31, 2006 due to their
short term nature.

The Society is not exposed to undue interest rate, credit or foreign currency risk.

20 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 21
Inventory 3. Capital assets

Inventory of food, beverages and clothing is recorded at the lower of cost and net realizable value. Cost is 2006 2005
determined on an actual basis.
Cost Accumulated Net Net
Non-recording of City property Amortization

The original building complex and its major equipment components were provided from the City of Calgary’s
capital fund and are the property of the City; therefore they are not recorded in these financial statements. All Athletic equipment $ 1,652,198 $ 1,038,746 $ 613,452 $ 607,776
building additions, improvements and immovable capital assets become the property of the City of Calgary and Office furniture and equipment 488,262 281,800 206,462 265,532
are expensed in the year incurred. Computer equipment 289,841 226,030 63,811 63,888
Café furniture and equipment 82,781 43,486 39,295 50,558
Revenue recognition
2,513,082 1,590,062 923,020 987,754
The Society follows the deferral method of accounting for contributions. Restricted contributions are
recognized as revenue in the year in which related expenses are incurred. Unrestricted contributions are
recognized as received or receivable if the amount can be reasonably estimated and collection is reasonably
assured. 4. Deferred contributions

Admissions, memberships and programs fees as well as facility booking fees are recorded as revenue over the In 2005, the Society received an anonymous contribution of $1,000,000 in exchange for the right to name the
period that the services are rendered, with the prepaid portion recorded as deferred revenue. fifty meter pool complex constructed in 2003 “The Calgary Foundation Aquaplex”. The naming rights are for a
term of twenty years. The Society has recorded a portion of the contribution $50,000 (2005 – $50,000) as
Sponsorships and grants are recognized as revenue in accordance with the terms of the sponsorship or grant revenue for the year and deferred the balance of $868,767 which will be recognized as revenue on a pro-rata
agreement. basis over the remaining term of the naming rights.

Capital contributions used for building expansion and improvements and to acquire immovable capital assets
which do not become the property of the Society are recorded as revenue in the same year as the expansion, 5. Stanley Park Pool
improvement or acquisition is expensed.
The Society has entered into an agreement with the Calgary Outdoor Swimming Pool Association (COSPA) to
Investment income is recorded as investment income revenue when it is earned. operate the Stanley Park Swimming Pool. Under the agreement, the Society receives an annual operating grant
of $15,000 (2005 – $15,000) from COSPA and must operate the pool in accordance with a public use policy.
Use of estimates Once the public policy has been satisfied, the Society may operate the pool for its own account. In accordance
with the public use policy, an operating contribution of $10,300 is paid to COSPA.
The preparation of financial statements in conformity with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles
requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the reported amounts of assets and
liabilities and the disclosure of contingent assets and liabilities at the date of the financial statements and the 6. Internally restricted for Athletic bursaries
reported amounts of revenues and expenses during the period. Actual results may differ from the estimates.
The Lindsay Park Development Foundation (“Foundation”) was dissolved on January 1, 2003 and the assets,
Expenses liabilities and net assets were transferred to the Society. The purpose of the Foundation was to act as a trustee to
administer the funds from the Western Canada Summer Games Foundation, together with any other funds
Experience Provider expenses includes the costs of programs and services conducted by the aquatics, athletics received, for the purpose of improving the quality of the services offered at Talisman Centre and assisting the
and wellness departments. Character Development and Administration expenses include the costs of the human development of athletes training at the Centre.
resources, finance and administration departments.
The Society has agreed to continue the work of the Foundation and accordingly has restricted the net assets
received from the Foundation for the purpose of providing bursaries and grants to athletes and Sport Partners
training at the Talisman Centre.

22 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 23
7. Facility Operations 9. Commitments

Included in Facility Operations expense are the following utility expenses: Access Advantage Endowment Agreement

2006 2005 In 2004, an endowment fund named Access Advantage was established at the Parks Foundation Calgary. The
income from the endowment allows the Society to provide subsidies and fee assistance to patrons of limited
Electricity $ 660,794 $ 672,183 economic means in order to improve their access to the Talisman Centre. In the prior year, the endowment fund
Natural gas 390,420 364,805 received from an anonymous donor a donation of $1,249,000. The Society has agreed to increase the
endowment fund to $3,000,000 by way of contributing at least 15% of its annual excess of revenues over
Total 1,051,214 1,036,988 expenses before internal allocations to the Endowment Fund. The contribution from the Society for 2006 was
$104,001 (2005 – $82,237) and has been recorded as an accrued liability and Character Development and
Administration expenses at year end.

8. Disclosure of a significantly influenced entity Original endowment donation 1,249,000

Society’s 2005 contribution 82,237
Lindsay Park Sports Society exercises significant influence over Swim Educators of Lindsay Park Inc. (“Swim Society’s 2006 contribution 104,001
Educators”) by virtue of its ability to appoint a majority of the board of directors and to manage the affairs of
Swim Educators under the terms of a management contract. 1,435,238

Swim Educators is a not-for-profit corporation pursuant to the Canada Corporations Act. Its objects are to
educate, promote and perpetuate the art, safety and enjoyment of amateur swimming through instruction, Income related to this endowment amounted to $41,335 (2005 – $63,567) and has been included in Donations
training and publication and distribution of teaching and coaching aids and achievement awards. on Deposit with Parks Foundation, Calgary and was recognized as Naming Rights and Other Sponsorship
revenue. Administration fees of $17,561 (2005 – $11,608) related to the Endowment Fund were paid to the
The Society has advanced $138,500 to Swim Educators. The advance bears interest at prime plus 1% and is Parks Foundation, Calgary and were recorded as Character Development and Administration expenses. The
repayable at the unanimous discretion of the board of directors of Swim Educators. following is a continuity of the Donations on Deposit with the Parks Foundation, Calgary:

The Society also has an outstanding account of $276,866 (2005 – $217,442) in accounts receivable for 2006 2005
operating advances made to Swim Educators.
Balance – beginning of year $ 211,426 $ 85,128
The ability of Swim Educators to repay the loan and the outstanding account is uncertain because it is Contributions 400 73,576
dependent on Swim Educators continuing ability to obtain sponsorship fees and to eventually generate revenue Interest 3,412 3,272
in excess of expenses. Because of the uncertainty of collection, the Society has provided an allowance for Administration charges (2,325) (2,509)
doubtful collection of the entire loan and the outstanding account in a prior year. Payment to Talisman Centre (70,000) –
Endowment interest 41,335 63,567
The Society has included the following operating transactions with Swim Educators in its Statement of Administration charges on endowment (17,561) (11,608)
Balance – end of year 166,687 211,426
2006 2005

Management contract fees earned $ 85,000 $ 85,000

Investment interest earned 28,101 18,145
Swimming activity supplies purchased 18,088 20,929

24 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006 25
Energy Contracts

a) Gas contract Diving

Dive Calgary & Rocky Mountain Dive Club
As at December 31, 2006, the Society has an agreement with Enmax for the period of August 1, 2006 to
amount of the commitment under this new contract is $363,000 per annum to the end of the contract term. Cascade Swim Club
University of Calgary Swim Club
b) Electrical contract Calgary Patriots Swim Club
Bow River Swim Club
Killarney Swim Club
to purchase kilowatts at a predetermined price.
Nose Creek Swim Association
Calgary Winter Club Sea Lions
Calgary Masters Swim Club
In 2006, the Society was approved for $450,000 in funding for the purposes of major roof repairs and Synchronized Swimming
Calgary Aquabelles
portion of $42,334 is recorded in deferred revenue and grants on the statement of financial position.
Masters Synchronized Swimming Club
Water Polo
Calgary Renegades
Calgary Torpedoes
Water Polo Canada
A special thanks to our sponsors who Alberta Water Polo
continue to make Talisman Centre the Calgary Polo Splash
facility where you belong! Basketball
Calgary Senior Men’s Basketball
Calgary Women’s Basketball
CALVOL Men’s Volleyball
Calgary Recreation Women’s Volleyball
Alberta Soccer
Celtic Soccer
Field Hockey
Field Hockey Alberta
Calgary Ladies Field Hockey
Field Hockey Association of Calgary
Track and Field
Calgary Warriors Track Club
Calgary International Track Club
Epic Fencing Club
Rhythmic Gymnastics
Chinook Rhythmique Gymnastics Club
24 Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness • Annual Report 2006