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VOL. 3  JANUARY 29-30, 2011  ISSUE 04 Welcome to Catholic Church at Fort
VOL. 3  JANUARY 29-30, 2011  ISSUE 04
Welcome to
Catholic Church at Fort Gordon, GA
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
 Seek the LORD, all you humble of the earth…
seek justice, seek humility; (Zepanianh 2:3)
 The LORD keeps faith forever, secures justice for the oppressed, The LORD sets captives free
(Psalm 146:6,7)
 God chose the lowly and despised of the world, those who count for nothing, to reduce to nothing
those who are something, (1 Corinthians 1:27)
 Blessed are the merciful, 
for they will be shown mercy. (Matthew 5:7)
 How do you humbly serve the Lord and seek justice for the oppressed?
 What parish ministries are organized to help you serve the poor?
 Is being caught up and directed by the media consumer culture a way of being a captive?
 Are there ways to break free from being a captive?
Parish Staff and Ministries
Pastor: Fr. Damian Ilokaba (706) 791-4307
Co-Pastor: Fr. Samuel Aniekwe
(706) 791-4307
Contract Priest: Fr. Michael Roverse
(706) 791-2945
NCOIC: Sgt. Sheronda Williams
(706) 791-4308
Chapel Clerk: Vacant
(706) 791-2945
God reveals Himself where there is anyone who respects life, who desires light, who seeks to love.
Every time you open yourself to life, every time you act the truth, every time you love, God is there in
your action. As if you were creating your God.
And this is why I say God is within things, within events, within your gestures of love. By doing
things as Jesus would do them, as God would do them, you free God from the veils of invisibility and
make Him visible on man’s journey.
Faith is an act, not a series of idle remarks. Hope is an undertaking bathed in light, not a pious senti-
ment. Charity is an event, not a devotional little prayer. 1
1 (Carlo Carretto, The Desert in the City, p. 96)
Retrieved from For the Ride Home by Ted Bergh ParishVision LLC 2011
- George Foster (706) 860-2379
- Mike Marchek (706) 855-2107
- David Kriegel
(706) 869-9781
PLC: Gail Fitzpatrick
(706) 284-7618
Q: Why is the Feast of the Divine Maternity celebrated Oct. 11?
A: There are many unknown information on the Feast of the Divine Maternity, in the old Roman cal-
endar, used to be celebrated on October 11. This feast was first celebrated on October 11, 1931, the
1,500th anniversary of the proclamation of the dogma that Mary is the Theotokos, issued by the Coun-
cil of Ephesus in 431 A.D.
The feast of the Maternity of Mary was one of 16 feasts of devotion added to the general calendar
of the Church over the last three centuries. This feast was removed from October 11 when the calendar
reform that went into effect in 1970 placed the celebration of the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of
God, on January 1, the octave of Christmas
Retrieved from http://www.americancatholic.org/
REC: Lisa Krug , (706) 495-4155
or lisa@krugtech.com
Music Director: VACANT
(706) 791-2945
MCCW: Kim Besel,(706)855-9275
Knights of Columbus:
Ricardo Ruiz Jr.
(706) 863-3435 or
Youth Ministry: Gail Fitzpatrick
(706) 284-7618, stmichaelplc@yahoo.com
Lectors: Tom Dean
Are you looking to learn more about your Catholic Faith, but work and other responsibilities do not
allow to? Here is the opportunity you were waiting for! Get FREE downloads online and learn about
the Catholic Faith at your convenience just by visiting the FamilyLand website. You set the schedule
that works for you. FamilyLand provides you with several resources such as Consecration programs
and resources, and The Apostolate's Family Catechism in English & Spanish. You may access to this
website through the link provided at our website http://stmichaelparishfg.blogspot.com/. Click on
the "Apostolate for Family Consecration" link. This website will help your family grow in holiness,
and the most important thing, “these resources are FREE and available for your anytime!
(706) 860-6946
Ushers: Ron Shannon
(706) 868-5960
Editor: Lola Rivera (706) 860-0604
Prayer Request:
Parish Council Meeting
St. Michael’s Parish Council Meeting will be on Tuesday 8 February, 2011. The meeting will
be at Good Shepherd Chapel (GSC), social room at 5:30 pm. Parish Council meetings are
open to all parishioners.
**Ministry coordinators, please submit your reports to the Council President no later than
February 3rd, 2011. Thank you. The Secretary.
PARISH COUNCIL’s CORNER Altar Flowers Ministry Needed! Our Parish is in need of a person
Altar Flowers Ministry Needed!
Our Parish is in need of a person to do flower arrange-
ments to enhance our worship and bring out the beauty
of our Chapel. Please, let us know if you are interested
in coordinating the Flowers Ministry.
Executive Parish Council Financial
Advisor Open Position!
St. Michael’s Parish Council has an open position for
any parishioner interested in serving our parish as a
Financial Advisor. Some of the responsibilities of this
position include: checking and updating monthly the
fiscal status of the parish, preparing and submitting
monthly financial reports to the Parish Council, work-
ing closely with the office of the Army Chief of Chap-
lains, and maintaining and submitting records for his/
her successor. Contact us by February 1st if you are
interested in filing this position, or have any questions.
We encourage you to contact the Parish Council
President Mike Rivera for more information on
these volunteer positions at. riveralejos@yahoo.com
Looking for Volunteers for the Mu-
sic Ministry!
We are in the process of hiring a new Music Director to
enhance our weekend masses. In the meantime, we ask
for volunteers that would like to participate in the choir.
Singers and musicians are welcomed! Please, see Fr,
Sam if you are interested
Altar Servers Needed and Training
Altar Servers are needed for all Masses. Youth, grades 4
and higher, who have made their First Holy Communion
can request consideration for ser-
vice. Training will be provided on 26
Feb, 0900-1230 hrs in Good Shepherd
Chapel for all new Server Candidates
and current servers. Training will in-
clude familiarization with duties and the
Order and Components of the
Mass. New Servers will practice server
duties with experienced servers during
the training. We will also confirm Mass
assignments for Lenten Masses and
services and the TRIDUM Masses and
POC is Tom Fitzpatrick
thomas.fitzpatrick @us.army.mil.

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SAVE THE DATE, February 12, 2011 MCCW and the Knights of Columbus will host the
SAVE THE DATE, February 12, 2011
MCCW and the Knights of Columbus will
host the 3 rd annual Sweet Heart Dance and
Dinner at St. Joseph Catholic Church. Start
looking for your wedding pictures now to
be included in a PowerPoint presentation at
the dance. They may be submitted via email
to Kim Besel: mccwfg@yahoo.com or give pic-
tures to Kim to be scanned (pictures will be re-
turned). Look for more details in upcoming bulletins.

2011 Roman Missal Changes

The first session for the “Become one body one spirit in Christ” educational series on changes to the Roman Missal was last Wednesday after adoration. We are looking forward to meeting again next month! Check the weekly bulletin for more information. Contact Deacon Kriegel if you have any question (706) 869-9781

next month! Check the weekly bulletin for more information. Contact Deacon Kriegel if you have any
ATTENTION FACEBOOK USERS! St Michael Parish is in Facebook . Add us! St Michael Parish

ATTENTION FACEBOOK USERS! St Michael Parish is in Facebook. Add us! St Michael Parish

Pope Benedict's general prayer intention for January 2011

Pope Benedict's general prayer intention for January 2011 "That the riches of creation be preserved, valued

"That the riches of creation be preserved, valued and made available to all, as precious gifts from God to mankind." His mission intention is: "That Christians may achieve full unity, bearing witness of the universal fatherhood of God to the entire human race."


Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary,


union with St. Joseph, I offer You my prayers,

works, joys, and sufferings of this day in union

with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world. I offer them for all the intentions of Your Sacred Heart: the salvation of souls, repa- ration for sin, and the reunion of all Christians. I offer them for the intentions of our bish- ops and in particular for those recommended by our Holy Father this month.











Trust, http://www.familyland.org/content/Content.aspx? Aquinas High School Placement Testing for 8th Graders
Trust, http://www.familyland.org/content/Content.aspx? Aquinas High School Placement Testing for 8th Graders

Aquinas High School Placement Testing for 8th Graders

February 5 from 8:30 - 11:30 am

All tests are administered at the high school with a $20 fee payable at the time of the test. Parents are invited to attend the Parent Forum during the first hour of the test sessions. Information about school programs will be presented by administrators, parents and students. A question and answer session will follow. Public school students may apply for GRACE Scholars and can be awarded a 4-year renewable scholarship. Apply today! http://www.gracescholars.org/ Become a proud member of the Aquinas High School Fighting' Irish Class of 2015!

Immaculate Conception Catholic School Open House!!

Open House for Immaculate Conception Catholic School is scheduled for Tuesday, February 1 st from 9am -11am and 6pm - 8pm. Parents interested in en- rolling their child for the 2011/2012 school year may visit classrooms and meet teachers. Please call the school for a tour if you are unable to attend during these hours. 706.722.9964 / 811 Telfair Street / www.icaugusta.org

Page 3 MEETINGS & INFORMATION Military Council of Catholic Women (MCCW) Please join MCCW for
Page 3
Military Council of Catholic Women (MCCW)
Please join MCCW for Faith Study on Monday mornings starting at
9:30 at the religious education building #13, and then join us for mass
at 11:30. Child care is available, contact DeDe O'Brien in advance at
MCCW is having a clothing drive the month of February, all items will be donated
to St Vincent De Paul Respite Center in honor of Deacon Foster. The following
items are needed, new and slightly used adult clothing. There will be a box under
the MCCW table located at the back of the church, please leave your items in the
box. Thank you!
Knights of Columbus
We meet the second Tuesday of each month in Bldg. 13 at 1830. So-
cial and the meeting starts at 1900 hours. Contact the Grand Knight
Ricardo Ruiz Jr. if you have any question at ruizrjr@knology.net or
(706) 863-3435.
An Invitation to all High School Students
Parish Life Coordinator (PLC) Job Opening!
If you are interested in applying for this job, please see the current PLC Gail Fitz-
patrick or ask our Pastor for a copy of the Statement of Work (SOW) for informa-
tion on this position. The deadline to apply for this job is February 24th, 2011.
A note from Director of Youth Ministry, Gail Fitzpatrick:
Bible Study!!
Saint Michael’s Bible Study on Tuesdays. The study will be using the Little Rock
Scripture Study on the Book of Psalms called “Psalms for All Seasons”. The
group meets each Tuesday evening in the Chapel Activity Room at 7-9 PM. On
evenings when showing the series videos, the group will meet in Blg. 13 at the
Religious Education Center. Contact Tom Dean (706) 860-6946.
Hello! Youth Ministry is alive and well in Saint Michael's Parish . We
meet every week from 11:30 - 1:00 in building 13. I have been facilitat-
ing this youth group for two years now and am very proud of them.
They have sponsored a needy family this year and have provided food,
Christmas gifts and yard work for them. These young people are a won-
derful example of works of mercy and Christian love. Please support
some of our new projects:
1. Valentine's Day Gift for Veterans: toothpaste & toothbrush: dona-
tion boxes in activity room
2. Youth /Troop Mass, please sign up to bring a side dish for the Meal
Volunteers Name Tags
after this mass. our next Mass will be on February 26.
Upcoming Youth Ministry events:
All volunteers are asked to pick up their name tags in the blessed sacrament
chapel (behind door) before each mass to wear during Mass. Please return after
February: Youth Acts (Saint Michael's Youth Ministry)
We are collecting toothbrush & toothpaste for Valentine day for our
Veterans, due by February 13. Donation boxes will be in the activity
room. Thank you in advance for your support.
- Youth/Troop Mass February 26 5:00 PM Mass
Attention Couples of the Parish
Marriage Retreat!!!
- Movie Night : immediately following mass & Dinner : The Blind
Side PG 13
March: Youth Acts :
The retreat will be on February 26, 2011 at 9:30-4:30. Babysitting will be
provided, but if you are interested you need to register early to allow us to
provide this service. Thank you. Have more questions? Please call PLC
Gail Fitzpatrick (706) 284-7618
- March 19: Movie for the month will be presented in Alexander Hall
@ 1:00 The Passion of the Christ : Rated R
- Youth/Troop Mass 19 March 5:00 PM Mass followed by Dinner.
- March 27 Living Stations of the Cross/ Lenten Fair: 11:30-1 Signal
Access Parish updates, current newsletters, and more information
Join Us!
God and Coffee
Pulpit Announcements
Please know that all weekend announcements should be send to the PLC by Fri-
day to stmichaelplc@yahoo.com.
Are there questions about your Faith would like to have answers for?
Come and ask them. God and Coffee RCIA Sundays at 11:30AM at the
RSO Bld. 29601.
Religious Education Upcoming Events by Lisa Krug January 30th RE in session. Today the 2nd
Religious Education Upcoming Events by Lisa Krug
January 30th RE in session. Today the 2nd graders, Saturday School students and the High School class will come together in bldg. 13 to work
on a special project during RE (11:30 - 1:00) they will stay an extra hour until 2PM - we will provide snacks and drinks during this time.
February 6th and 13th RE will be in session. February 20th - no RE.
Page 4 Christian Principles Women from the Bible who rose up in virtue. Abigail's husband,
Page 4
Christian Principles
Women from the Bible who rose up in virtue.
Abigail's husband, Nabal, was known as a scoundrel. He was a harsh man, given to
heavy drinking. And when David, the future king of Israel, requested food and supplies
from Nabal, his reply reinforced his reputation. He boldly refused, even insulting
David. When it was discovered that David was preparing an attack against Nabal and
his household, Abigail responded.
With donkeys loaded with gifts of quality foods and goods, she met David on his way. Her quick thinking and humble
approach touched David's heart and reversed his vow to slay Nabal for his foolishness. But perhaps the most
striking facet of Abigail's response to David was her honesty and loyalty. She knew and even admitted that her
husband lacked social graces. But she did not speak negatively of him, nor did she defend him. She simply
appealed to David's mercy through the faithfulness of God in order to preserve the lives of her husband's
Examples of Vritue
St. Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the
wickedness and snares of the
May God rebuke him, we
humbly pray; and do Thou, O
Prince of the Heavenly
Host— by the Divine Power of
God -thrust into hell,
Satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the
world seeking the ruin of
Rain had not fallen for some time and a famine had settled into the land. There was only a handful of flour
left. Very little oil remained in the jar. And the widow from Zarephath was gathering a few sticks for a fire to
cook the last meal for her and her son. Elijah's request for a drink of water seemed reasonable. But when he
also asked for bread, she couldn't help but reveal the truth about the state of her household. She was certain
that she and her son were destined to die for lack of food. Elijah did not condemn her, nor did he try to argue
with her. He simply asked that, before she prepared the last meal, she make him a small cake of bread first.
Elijah gave her the promise that flour and oil would not run out until the Lord sent rain again. The widow took
to heart the words of Elijah. In obedience, the widow made a cake of bread for Elijah. And God fulfilled His
promise to continue to provide for her and her son.
Picture her desperation. Her daughter was severely demon-possessed. No physician could cure her. The only
hope she had for her daughter was this man called Jesus. But the one thing that stood in her way was some-
thing that she could not change. She was a Gentile. This Syrophoenician woman was from the land of Canaan,
a predominantly Gentile nation. She had no
share in the heritage of God's chosen people. But when Jesus
came through her city, she refused to let her ethnic differences prevent her from receiving healing for her
daughter. She cried out to Jesus, but He did not answer her. She fell at His feet and worshiped Him, begging
Him to help her. When He told her that His first priority was to feed the Jews, she reminded Him that even the
lowest of society were allowed to glean from whatever got left behind. She admitted she was not of the chosen race,
but she knew that she at least was entitled to
the leftovers that the chosen ones refused. Her incredible faith astounded
Weekend Masses
Saturday 17:00
Sunday 08:30 & 10:00
Jesus, and at His word, her daughter was healed.
Daily Mass
Mon, Wed, Thurs. 11:30
Mon-Friday DDEAMC 11:45
For someone to have virtue means that they have the ability to withstand opposition, to make wise decisions in difficult
situations, and to claim what is rightfully theirs even when everything around them is in disagreement. Many Godly
women throughout time have risen up to take a stand for the God they serve and believe in. And many Christian
women today can learn from their example, in love, faith, humility, submission, obedience, patience, and more. Each
article in this series on the virtues of Christian women is meant to be a compass, to point the hearts of Christian
women, to the true attitudes and actions that move the heart of God.
Written by: Amy Miller, Retrieved from http://www.sharefaith.com
Saturday 16:00
Sunday 08:15
Pray For Our Military
Saturday 16:30
Sunday 08:00
Communion (Sick/
Deacon George Foster
Deacon George Foster
Please remember in your prayers all those who are de-
ployed and cannot be with their families and love ones,
Remember their families and friends as well during
their deployments. If your love one is one of them, or
you know any deployed military personnel send us his
or her name, so we can include it in our daily prayers.
Send your prayer request to the PLC Gail Fitzpatrick at
Pastoral Council
Deacon Mike Marchek
SFC Kevin Sabo
LTC Karl Strellner
Susan Wersal
Kristopher Nichols
CPO Ronny Amaya
Deacon David Kriegel
Contact the President if you are interested
Wednesday 18:30
Religious Education (RE)
Sunday 11:30
(RSO and RE Complex)
Bulletin Announcements
Send them to lolarivera@ymail.com and stmichaelplc@yahoo.com must
be submitted by COB Sunday 3 PM to BOTH emails. Thank you.
Attendance: 465
Offering: $1,670.16