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  c c ccc ccc 



c c c  c

c c  c  is a widely-implemented strategy for managing a

company¶s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology
to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes²principally sales activities, but also
those for marketing, customer service, and technical support. The overall goals are to find,
attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former
clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service. Customer
relationship management describes a company-wide business strategy including customer-
interface departments as well as other departments.


The three phases in which CRM support the relationship between a business and its customers
are to:

°c Acquire: CRM can help a business acquire new customers through contact management,
selling, and fulfillment.
°c Enhance: web-enabled CRM combined with customer service tools offers customers
service from a team of sales and service specialists, which offers customers the
convenience of one-stop shopping.
°c Retain: CRM software and databases enable a business to identify and reward its loyal
customers and further develop its targeted marketing and relationship marketing

c  c c c

The use of a CRM system will confer several advantages to a company:

°c ¦uality and efficiency

°c Decreased costs
°c Decision support
°c Enterprise agility
Customer touch points Definition

This is the glossary definition for cc cfrom my E-marketing glossary which
provides succinct definitions of the many terms related to managing and implementing Internet
marketing today. For each Internet marketing term I define, there is a link below to all other
pages on this site that provide more detailed information, including the latest developments. So
this Internet marketing glossary is not static, but continually updated.

The E-marketing terms are taken from my best-selling text book `   
`    and in-depth Best Practice guides on Search Engine Optimization
(SEO), Pay Per Click Search Marketing, Website design and Managing an E-commerce team I
have written in association with E-consultancy.

Vccc  c   c cc c c !c

V (2001) defines touch point as ³     

Vc c (2003) defines touch point as ³      
    !      u

` "#c$ (2003) relates customer touch point to relationship cycle and defines it as ³
        `         " #  

Vc c%#  (2004) relates touch point to time and sees touch point as ³  
$ %   %u
Vc c& c

The benefit of touch point analysis is that, while comprehending all relevant media and
departments, it filters and measures all the relevant contact points from the target customer¶s
view. Touch point management allows companies to optimize all the interactions with the
existing and potential customers, the internal communications and process management.



cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc'()*c ((&V`()c

V c
TYO: 6758
`  c Conglomerate
+ c May 7, 1946
Masaru Iuka
+  c

Akio Morita
,c Minato, Tokyo, Japan
&c"c Worldwide
Howard Stringer
(Chairman, President & CEO)
Ryobi Chubachi
(Vice Chairman)
Masaru Kato
Consumer & professional
electronic equipment
Communication & information-
related equipment

Electronic devices & components

Financial services
'" c

Internet service
‰7.214 trillion / $77.205 billion
"  c

( c ‰31.8 billion / $342 million
  c (2010)
í‰40.8 billion / í$437 million
)c  c

‰11.22 trillion / $137.694
Vc c

billion (2010)
‰2.77 trillion / $31.741 billion
Vc, c

% c
167,900 (as of March 2010)[1]
'. c
List of subsidiaries
/. c

' c% ccVc0 c  c% c  c cVc/!

' c 

Sony corporation is a multibillion company that is based in Tokyo, Japan. It is mostly involved
in manufacturing of electronics, video, communications, video game consoles and information
technology products for the consumer and professional markets.(Sony In Wikipedia, 2008)
Moreover, this corporation has been involved in consumer electronics since the end of the world
war 2, with their vast experienced and their involvement in the market has developed the
company into one of the world's biggest and richest companies. Under the Sony Group name,
Sony Corporation has more then 30 subsidiaries company in Japan itself and more then 50
affiliated companies outside of Japan. All of those affiliated companies ranges from electronics
company up to even chemical companies.(Sony Corporation subsidiaries, 2008).

' c% 

Sony Electronics Inc. is one of the biggest subsidiaries of Sony Corporation of America, due to
its role as US Sony based electronics and entertainment involvement. The Sony Electronics
headquarters is based in San Diego, CA.(Sony Outline of Operation, 2008) In Europe, Sony's
consumer electronics products and services are marketed through 19 sales subsidiaries including
Sony United Kingdom Limited, Sony Deutschland G.m.b.H., and Sony France S.A. Sales of
professional electronics products, electronic components, and services are made through several
divisions, differentiated by product, covering all of Europe. Sony is engaged in the development,
design, manufacture, and sale of various kinds of electronic equipment, instruments, and devices
for consumer and professional markets in the "Electronics" business.(Deloitte, 2008)


Their principal manufacturing facilities are located in Japan, the U.S. and Mexico, Europe, and
Asia. Like traditional OEMs, Sony are integrated manufacturers in that they have developed the
skills and capabilities and are inclined to do everything in-house, from their design of the device
to the fabrication of integrated circuits. But however, to relieve pressure on their manufacturing
capacity, they have also often subcontracted some of their manufacturing work (particularly in
PCB assembly) to the electronic contract manufacturers (ECMs) while retaining control over the
bulk of the manufacturing and distribution work. The companies in which they subcontracted are
companies that is in conduct under The Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC). Moreover,
Sony itself has their on code of conduct for they¶re suppliers it is called ³the Sony Supplier Code
of Conduct, which is based on the EICC, to ensure that suppliers understand Sony expectations
in more detail.u(Sony Supply Chain manangement, 2008)

Sony pursues procurement of raw materials, parts and components to be used in the production
of its products on a global basis on the most favorable terms that it can achieve. These items are
purchased from various suppliers around the world. Generally, Sony maintains multiple suppliers
for most significant categories of parts and components.(Sony In Wikipedia, 2008) However, the
restructuring and other movement in the semiconductor industry may cause the shortage of
semiconductor supply and affect Sony's production and/or the cost of goods sold because Sony
consumes a tremendous volume of semiconductor parts and components for its products.

% "  cc

In October 2010, Sony was ranked 6th (jointly with Panasonic and Motorola) in Greenpeace¶s
Guide to Greener Electronics that assesses the policies on toxic chemicals, recycling and climate
change of 18 leading electronics manufacturers. Number of Sony¶s models on the market are
partially free of PVC and BFRs, including all models of the SONY PC, and many models of
video recorder, Walkman, camcorder and digital camera.

The company has committed to removing PVC in all new models of mobile products (excluding
accessories), and BFRs in the casing and main PWBs of all new models of mobile products by
April 2011. However for the improvement in its ranking it still needs to set a timeline for
eliminating all phthalates, beryllium copper and antimony and its compounds.

Sony publishes on its website a list of products, for which the company had (as of February
2010) or intended to replace PVC and BFR with alternative substances by the end of FY 2010
(April 2011), nevertheless as of January 2011 the list doesn¶t identify which products are
fulfilling these criteria at the moment.

`" c c

Since 1976, Sony has had an Environmental Conference. Sony's policies address their effects on
global warming, the environment, and resources. They are taking steps to reduce the amount of
greenhouse gases that they put out as well as regulating the products they get from their suppliers
in a process that they call "green procurement". Sony has said that they have signed on to have
about 75 percent of their Sony Building running on geothermal power. The "Sony Take Back
Recycling Program" allows consumers to recycle the electronics products that they buy from
Sony by taking them to eCycle (Recycling) drop-off points around the U.S. The company has
also developed a biobattery that runs on sugars and carbohydrates that works similarly to the way
living creatures work. This is the most powerful small biobattery to date.

$ cV c

For sale in Japan on 30 July 2008, Sony's green product, new flat-panel 32-inch (810 mm) TV
150,000 yen (US$ 1,400; ¼ 900) Bravia KDL-32JE1 offers ecological consumers advantages of
less energy consumption (70% less) than regular models with the same image quality. Sony was
able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions totaling 79 kilograms (174 pounds) a year, without
sacrificing quality by developing a brighter back light and better filtering, which produces light
more efficiently. The TVs will have liquid crystal displays along with high-definition digital
broadcast capabilities.


In 2000, Sony was ridiculed for a document entitled "NGO Strategy" that was leaked to the
press. The document involved the company's surveillance of environmental activists in an
attempt to plan how to counter their movements. It specifically mentioned environmental groups
that were trying to pass laws that held electronics-producing companies responsible for the clean
up of the toxic chemicals contained in their merchandise. In early July 2007, Sony ranked 14th
on the Greenpeace chart "Guide to Greener Electronics." This chart graded major electronics
companies on their environmental work. Sony fell from its earlier 11th place ranking due to
Greenpeace's claims that Sony had double standards in their waste policies.

In 2005, it was made public that the videogame Full Spectrum Warrior, developed by Sony
Pictures Imageworks and Pandemic Studios, was paid for in whole by the United States
Department of Defense, for use as an urban combat trainer. Not only was the simulation never
used as intended, but the Army lost its full investment while Pandemic Studios went on to
release the simulation, now an entertainment game, through TH¦ and it became a success.

A successful product or service means nothing unless the benefit of such a service can be
communicated clearly to the target market. An organisations promotional strategy can consist of:

c Is any non personal paid form of communication using any form of mass media.

Involves developing positive relationships with the organisation media public.
The art of good public relations is not only to obtain favorable publicity within the media, but it
is also involves being able to handle successfully negative attention.

Commonly used to obtain an increase in sales short term. Could involve using
money off coupons or special offers.

Selling a product service one to one.

Is the sending of publicity material to a named person within an organisation.
There has been a massive growth in direct mail campaigns over the last 5 years. Spending on
direct mail now amounts to £18 bn a year representing 11.8% of advertising expenditure c
ccc!c Organisations can pay thousands of pounds for databases, which
contain names and addresses of potential customers.

Direct mail allows an organisation to use their resources more effectively by allowing them to
send publicity material to a named person within their target segment. By personalising
advertising, response rates increase thus increasing the chance of improving sales. Listed below
are links to organisation who's business involves direct mail.

 "cc c

In July 2006, Sony released a Dutch advertising campaign featuring a white model dressed
entirely in white and a black model garbed in black. The first ad featured the white model
clutching the face of the black model. The words "White is coming" headlined one of the ads.
The ad has been viewed as racist by critics.A Sony spokesperson responded that the ad does not
have a racist message, saying that it was only trying to depict the contrast between the black PSP
model and the new ceramic white PSP. Other pictures of the ad campaign include the black
model overpowering the white model.
cc  c

In August 2007, security firm F-Secure reported that the MicroVault USB thumb drive installs a
rootkit in a hidden directory without consent on user computers. The directory is intended to
protect fingerprint data, however it can be used for malicious means as most virus scanners will
not search for the directory or its contents.Sony advised it was conducting an investigation on the
third-party product, and would offer a fix by mid-September.


Sony's electronics products and services are marketed throughout the world under the trademark
"Sony", which has been registered in 204 countries and territories. Its products are marketed by
sales subsidiaries and unaffiliated local distributors as well as direct sales via the Internet,
throughout the world. In addition to internationalising its production operations, Sony has been
promoting the transfer of research and development activities and management functions
overseas to bring its overseas operations into closer proximity to local communities and markets.
Moreover Sony Electronics Inc. are racing to challenge all of its competitors on boutique style
outlets in upscale locations around the world.(Sony in Wikipedia, 2008) The company does not
expect to sell a lot through its direct store. Instead, they are more interested in educating the
consumers and letting them to experience products even if the visitors do not purchase the
product in their store, the experience itself may lead the consumer to buy their products via other
channels,(K-T Mak and A.Ramaprasad, 2003) such as retailers or the internet. Sony¶s
involvement in selling their products directly is channelled through their new online shop themed
³Sony Styleu. As an addition, this new ³Sony Styleu marketing strategy is actually giving the
consumer experience and details of the product. Some of the products advertised in the site
online are interactive diagram in which it will give consumers a taste of what they are going to
buy. On other words, Sony is actually bringing their boutique style outlets to they¶re consumers
home. However , this does not affects the roles of their retailer, in the united kingdom itself sony
has more then 6000 authorised retail outlets.(Sony in Wikipedia, 2008) So, Sony is giving the
benefits to both worlds of consumer and retailer. In most cases, sales of Sony's electronics
products are made to sales subsidiaries of Sony Corporation located or responsible for sales in
the countries and territories where Sony's products and services are marketed, and these
subsidiaries sell products to local distributors and dealers. In some regions, sales of certain
products and services are made directly to local distributors by Sony Corporation.


Promotion is the communicated process to the market between buyer, seller, retailer or others.
Giving the information such as persuasion is recognized about brand and product well.
Promotion is very influence to change the attitude, belief, feeling and target market¶s behavior.
According to Sony SONY gives importance to communicate of its promotion, SONY is a brand
that is successful in term of promotion because it chooses the right key promotion strategy. SO,
what is key promotion strategy of SONY? Making brand is accepted and pleased not only in
term of product but also promotion.



SONY uses pull promotional strategy that attracts consumers on advertising to buy or demand
for product. Consumers receive directly information from the media on TV, radio, billboards,
leaflet, Internet, and mobile-ads etc. This strategy can sell the product without suggestion of
Advertising SONY uses advertising to communicate to consumers. Moreover, it classifies its
segmentation to communicate directly with each ages or lifestyles of consumers. Message on
advertising must classify to depend on target group because they are different such as teenager or
young. Those target groups want notebook to reflect to their lifestyles. Using message to make
recognition about functional, smart, cool, and modern is available for teenage or young. Besides,
the obvious promotional strategy is taken an emotional advertising instead of representing
performances. Nowadays, SONY is entering to a stage of an emotional benefit. Representing
only an advance technology isn¶t enough, SONY uses the emotional advertising to make
consumer feeling accompany with SONY. An emotional aspect is made consumer to be proud
when they use SONY and feel required to possess it. For example of SONY advertising
campaign, ³Show It with Your SONYu this advertising emphasizes feeling and pride to possess
and use SONY.
Public relationship Corporate social responsibility is public relationship. Sony SONY has
advantages of public relationship from the corporate brand to take the good brand image. The
Sony Group recognizes that its businesses have direct and indirect impact on the communities in
which it operates. Find out how Sony is contributing towards being a positive global citizen.
· Community The goal of supporting positive relationships within the communities in which we
work in, Sony engages in a myriad of activities to address appropriately the local needs and also
encourages employees to play an active role in their communities. For example, Someone Needs
You is a global, in-house volunteer program designed to enhance community relationships.
· Environment Sony recognizes the importance of preserving the natural environment in order to
create a supported society for the future generations. Sony is committed to achieving this goal by
seeking to combine nonstop innovation in environmental technology coupled with
environmentally sound business practices.
· CSR Report The annual CSR report is one of the efforts by Sony in ensuring accurate
disclosure and effective communications with its stakeholders. This report summarizes the CSR
activities undertaken by Sony Group worldwide during the financial year.
· Sponsorship Sony is an active sponsor. Sony understands that sponsorship is its responsibility
to assist like-minded organizations to help them achieve their goals. For example of sponsorship,
Sony supports the InSIGHT Out project, Sony Thai support Showroom TV Program, and c


Besides SONY uses pull strategy, it also uses push strategy to enhance its promotion more and
more. Push strategy is a promotional strategy that is used for increasing consumer to demand the
product by trade promotion activities. Moreover, using sale promotion or personal selling is
kinds of persuasion consumer.
Sale promotion
Sale promotion is a marketing discipline that utilizes a variety of the incentive techniques to
structure sale. Sony has promoted its product through different sale promotional strategies. For
example, distributing a premium product is a standard promotion. The premium product is
accessories that are case & pouch, mouse, docking station, and micro vault. These premiums
supported absolutely SONY users to enhance when using it. Furthermore, SONY uses the sale
promotion of price-off especially in Commart X'Gen Thailand or Sony Day Let's Cheer that
consumer can buy SONY for the special price

Personal selling has an importance to be inferior to advertising campaign. In SONY store, the
sale force makes the good relationship and will communicate well to costumer when they want
to know more information. SONY has training the sale force to communicate SONY imfornation
both its product and entertainment from SONY. They must have the technology knowledge to
relate with product to teach consumer. Personal selling has every SONY dealers that is a force
promotion in highly competitors.
Event / road show
Consumers can reach the product easily by exhibiting in event and road show. Nowadays, event
and road show are very popular because it can show the potential company though represents
decorating store that is modern, luxury, and high technology. Sony have exhibition including
SONY notebook PC.

& c'c'"

Sony started their Customer Information Centre back in the early years of 1963 in Japan to take
care of their customer inquiries.(Sony Responsiveness and Customer Care, 2008) Sony provides
repair and servicing functions in the areas where its electronics products are sold. Sony provides
these services through its own service centers,factories, authorized independent service centers,
authorized servicing dealers,and its subsidiaries.In line with industry practice, almost all of
Sony's electronic products sold in Japan carry a warranty, generally for a period of one year from
the date of purchase, for repairs, free of charge, for malfunctions occurring in the course of
ordinary use. In the case of broadcast- and professional-use products, Sony maintains support
contracts with customers in addition to warranties. Overseas warranties are generally provided
for various periods of time depending on the product and the area where it is marketed. And
now, the implication for their first customer information centre has open up more centres outside
of Japan and is now available worldwide.c

%#c c" c 

&" c'()*cc c c

This advertising is advertising on SONY catalog that it distributes in SONY store, event, and
road show. Customers can read its information on catalog before purchasing. This advertising is
very looked the professional performance. Let analysis this advertising.
Core communicative message: This SONY advertising emphasizes to give its information to
customer. There is the information about its performance such as SONY is perfect for both
professional photographers and photo enthusiasts and the characteristic of product is high
definition video on SONY incredibly smooth.
Product unique selling point: SONY has the unique selling point for the deluxe design. An
extraordinary SONY deserves an extraordinary look. The design is available for man with back
color and show the smart product. Besides, SONY emphasizes the unique selling point about the
products feature of Sony Society that can use SONY to join with Sony Alpha camera.
Advertising impact: This advertising has the impact for desire. It is desire for customer who
wants a notebook to be perfect with an integrated color management system to support taking
photo and watching movie.

&" cc'()*c c2 

This advertising promote SONY on magazine such Student Weekly. It uses a teenage actor who
is Pattie. This advertising has the concept of Inspired by sensuality.
Core communicative message: To communicate to customer especially teenager and young.
There are the new products SONY for five colors to separate with the personality. For example,
brown reflects artist or pink reflects suavity. Moreover, communication about its feature has the
detail of ram, platform, screen size, hard disk etc and communication about product positioning
is modern and colorful.
Product unique selling point: The design to reflect the lifestyle is the unique selling point with
the colorful design. Using color reflect not only personality but also feeling and inspiration.
There are five colors with the beautiful design. The second unique selling point is the presenter
who is very famous for teenage and young person to reflect brand positioning.
Advertising impact: This advertising has the preference for teenager and young who are looking
for the beautiful color notebook design. Advertising has an emotion aspect that target group want
to buy and possess it.

&" c c cV c

It is very interesting for consumer who is looking for the second notebook to support their
lifestyle. The advertising has benefit to communicate its message to consumer. I will analysis
into three parts.
Core communicative message: This aim advertising gives the information to audience that it has
a new revolution produce to attain in their creation. There are more colors with the modern
design. This product has the positioning to represent the mobility to carry easily and show brand
image which is the leader of technology to be fashionable luxurious, and modern.
Product unique selling point: The outstanding of this advertising represent the lifestyle that users
are the modernist to concentrate with using a convenient notebook because there are popularity
about using notebook to be the new accessory. Next, having the unusual design that it is the
world lightest notebook with consist of feature or color differs form competitors. The premium
design has a glittering color and a keyboard.
Advertising impact: This advertising is easily understood in the message. It reflects to consumer
wants in nowadays. It builds an emotional aspect for this product to want to process or to buy
especially working woman.

'/(Vc& cc

' c

One of Sony¶s greatest strengths is their ability to produce innovative, quality products. Sony¶s
web page states ³Sony innovations have become part of mainstream culture, including: the first
magnetic tape and tape recorder in 1950; the transistor radio in 1955; the world¶s first all-
transistor TV set in 1960; the world¶s first color video cassette recorder in 1971; the Walkman
personal stereo in 1979; the Compact Disc (CD) in 1982; the first 8mm camcorder in 1985; the
Minidisk (MD) player in 1992; the PlayStation game system in 1995; Digital Mavica camera in
1997; Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) player in 1998; and the Network Walkman digital music
player in 1999u (Sony.com/en/corporate).

PC World published The 20 Most Innovative Products for the Year 2006. Sony¶s Reader was
listed as number six and Sony¶s PlayStation was listed as number sixteen. Sony Corporation has
managed to be competitive and stay a powerful organization by learning from past failures. Sony
states the following: ³Sony has learnt much from previous unsuccessful products. The Sony
MSX home computer, for example, did not attain a satisfactory level of success. But it did teach
Sony development engineers valuable know-how that would be applied in later years. In effect,
these engineers became living resources, representing latent power within Sony that did not exist
in other AV companiesu (Sony.net).

Another strength of Sony is their ability to be successful in several different markets. They have
made an impact in the video game market, the PC market, and especially the television market
and there are still numerous others.

/ c

Sony¶s biggest and most recent weakness is their lack of innovation with PS3. Sony focused on
digital technology when building the PS3 and it has the ability to export video in high-definition.
But this technology can only be viewed on a high definition TV so a lot of people will not even
be able to see the full potential it has to offer. Another downfall to the PS3 is the price, which
Sony has recently lowered by $100. Yet the weakness of the PS3 is even deeper when
considering the range of video game selections. The majority of games available are all first-
person shooter games, which appeal to a particular market. There are few games that appeal to a
different section of video gamers. Sony executives made it clear that they know they need to do
more than lower prices to woo consumers back to its flagging video game brand.


Sony seeks a lot of opportunities that utilize their strengths of innovation. At Sony Ericsson,
design is about more than just a good looking product: it is integrated into every step of the
process ± intelligent features, user-friendly applications, innovative materials and, of course,
attractive visual appearance. Design is the essential differentiator when comparing mobile
communications products.

Sony's Reader, a device the consumer-electronics giant hopes is an early draft of how the world
will read books in the future, is another innovation that Sony is using as an opportunity to enter a
new market. The downloaded books generally cost 20 to 30 percent less than their dead-tree
counterparts, which is also setting a standard on what is expected in regards to new products that
encourage environmentally friendly devices.

One of the other CSL projects most likely to succeed was a nifty little piece of graphics software
for cell phones by Ivan Poupyrev. It might not sound like much, but the ability to draw realistic
icons and avatars directly on a standard (non-touchscreen) phone is sure to add appeal to users of
mobile social-networking sites.

Although there was far too much on display today to cover in depth here, there was a clear
emphasis on what many predict will be the boom technology of the next few years ± social
networking in all its forms.


A common threat facing any company in sales is competition. Sony¶s Vaio is its newest
innovation in notebook computers. The various models range in price from $845 - $2300.
However, Dell has a great reputation when it comes to laptops similar to the Vaio and has a
broader range of notebooks to choose from, not to mention that Dell has also been a top seller
when it comes to desktop computers. Additionally, the cost of a Dell notebook computer seems
to have a lower price tag than many of Sony¶s Vaio models.
Sony¶s top competitors in the gaming industry are Nintendo and Microsoft. The PlayStation 3
sales have fallen behind recently. In 2007, 82,000 PS3s have sold and 360,000 Nintendo Wiis.

In the LCD television market, Sony excels but still faces some strong competition, including
Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic and more. Many of these same brands appear in the DVD player
market that Sony has to compete with.

Competition isn't the only threat Sony is facing. Sony most recently had to make a public
apology concerning the use of a backdrop in a violent video game, "Resistance: Fall of Man."
Sony used the Manchester Cathedral in northwest England in this video game, which features a
bloody gun battle scene between American soldiers and aliens. Sony made a formal, public
apology on July 6, 2007. However, when asked to withdraw the game or make donations to
community groups, they have refused.



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