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Case Study

Kandia / The most daring Romanian brand

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Subsequent to a successful launch in 2003, Kandia was assimilated as the most daring Romanian brand as it
challenged a tabu concept (”chocolate is directly related with sensuality, but we don’t discuss it”) and also
broke any norms in terms of chocolate market visual territory.

To further preserve Kandia’s unique attitude, Kandia-Excelent trusted BrandTailors to manage the brand
throughout the following years, meaning: constantly measuring the key brand indicators, assessing the brand
elasticity and coherency, designing packaging for entire products spectrum and adjusting brand messages so to
follow the market trends.

As a result of the combined branding and marketing communication activities, Kandia reached 10% volume
share in chocolate market category in 2 years from launch and has successfully introduced pralines extension on
the market.

At the moment, Kandia is the most admired and the most distinctive Romanian chocolate brand. Through its
unique and differentiating positioning approach, Kandia has a major influence on the product category
fundamental meaning.

Brand audit and brand strategy - Beatrice Daniş
Graphic concept and development - Janos Kurko
Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mircea Brătianu

Project implementation started in March 2004.

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