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Case Study

Eurovita / Pure vitamins

Visual identity Brand imagery Package design

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Europharm, one of the largest OTC (medicines that may be sold without a prescription) medicine producers,
experienced increasing competition on the nutritional supplements market. In order to maintain its leadership
position in the category, the company decided to revisit Eurovita’s brand “look and feel”, bringing it in line with
market realities and update it with the new consumer motivations.

BrandTailors was appointed to recreate Eurovita’s visual appearance in a comprehensive solution meant to
capture both the product fundamentals and consumers’ rational and emotional benefits.

Prior to a brand audit, BrandTailors had a “research” on the category and noticed a disagreement between
consumers’ interpretation of the product and the OTC producers marketing approach. While consumers had a
strong emotional bond with the nutritional supplements, producers were caught in a very restrictive and rigid
RX branding policy.

Since a lot of room for improvement was identified by simply changing the paradigm, BrandTailors approached
the Eurovita project as if it was just another FMCG, where packaging is one of the most important touch points.
First of all, the Eurovita box was shifted from vertical to horizontal in order to obtain more shelf space with the
same number of SKUs and to generate more shelf impact.

Secondly, following the same unconventional path, BrandTailors developed an emotionally involving package
design concept in a very playful execution manner. Getting inspired by the fact that most of the people had a

look trough the microscope lens and were amazed to see the never-ending moving molecules, BrandTailors
assumed that would be eloquent comparison to make with the multitude of vitamins in a nutritional

Brand strategy - Beatrice Daniş
Graphic concept and development - Janos Kurko
Project management - Ana Goran

During ReBrand 100 competition held in 2008, BrandTailors team was awarded with “Merit” for the
effectiveness of Eurovita brand transformation.

Project implementation started in March 2005.

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