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Case Study

Bankia / The purity of Bulgarian mineral water

Visual identity Package design Brand imagery

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The Coca-Cola Company saw the opportunity of strengthening its position on Bulgarian mineral water market
and concluded it was the right moment to rejuvenate the overall image of local brand Bankia.

The greatest challenge for BrandTailors when appointed by The Coca-Cola Company to refresh Bankia “look”
was to understand Bulgarians’ needs and motivations with regards to mineral water consumption.

As a result of “shelf screening”, BrandTailors noticed a rigid and sterile appearance across all Bulgarian mineral
water competition due to the commodity character of the category and understood there was a lot of room for
improvement by simply adding a touch of emotion to the packaging solution.

By simply conducting several interviews with Bulgarian people, BrandTailors understood that, besides roses and
yogurt, mineral water was a product deeply anchored in the national culture. Unlike the behaviour of the
Romanian people, mineral water heavy consumption is a familiar trait of the Bulgarian people.

As the name of the brand was rooted in a well-known geographic area of Bulgaria, BrandTailors was keen to
understand what was so special about Bankia. In all interviews people talked about this region as being gifted
with an amazing unspoiled natural landscapes and the purest mineral water springs.

In its attempt to depict the purity of the water and the feeling of serenity provoked by Bankia’s natural
environment, BrandTailors generated a strong visual territory derived from the power of a water spring. The
result is a statuary package design empowered by a solid visual identity.

Brand strategy - Andreea Lupu
Graphic concept and development - Janos Kurko
Project management - Beatrice Daniș, Roxana Iancu
Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mihai Părpălea

During ReBrand 100 competition held in 2008, BrandTailors team was awarded with “Merit” for the
effectiveness of Bankia brand transformation.

Project implementation started in April 2006.

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