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Case Study

Europa FM / Million-listener radio station

Visual identity Stationery materials Brand communication materials

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Europa FM was identified as having a very chaotic visual imagery across different types of communication
materials. Due to the lack of any norms set at the creation of the brand, during the years Europa FM visual
territory was “enriched” with a wide range of visual elements meant to facilitate the brand’s more expressive
communication with the audience.

The repeated visual “surgeries” worked against the brand health by generating an array of inconsistent brand
associations, which eventually led to a low level of differentiation and recognition at the audience level.

Europa FM challenged BrandTailors to develop a generic visual pattern in line with the brand positioning that
would prevent from any deviation that might be unnatural for the brand. On top of it, the new graphic territory
was supposed to generate a high level of visibility for Europa FM’s signature.

A closer look at all the pieces of communication released by Europa FM, showed BrandTailors the inconsistent
brand imagery, and helped them identify the reason behind: the chaos was generated by a lack of commitment
with regards to the communication message the brand addressed to audience.

At that point BrandTailors understood that Europa FM needed first of all to rearticulate its brand platform and
to come up with a relevant brand promise in front of its audience. Taking the brand positioning as a starting
point, BrandTailors tried to identify the true motivation the audience had for listening to Europa FM.

As a result, Europa FM listeners were described as having a strong bond with the music played by the station, as

it was the same with the one they listened in their “most fabulous and glorious years”. Further on this music put
them into a positively nostalgic mood and made them smile while thinking of memories from the past.

This valuable insight turned into a solid brand promise: “Europa FM brings the smile on your face!”. So the “big
smile” symbol was created to help BrandTailors develop a rich visual territory. To properly clean things up,
Europa FM’s signature has been slightly modified in order to display a more contemporary air.

The newly created brand promise was turned into a new communication platform, which proved to instantly
generate a high level of brand awareness. Moreover, the new visual territory rules cleaned up the brand and
made it truly coherent.

Brand strategy - Beatrice Daniş
Graphic concept and development - Janos Kurko, Ștefan Prică
Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mircea Brătianu

Project implementation started in July 2006.

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