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Case Study

Radio 21 / No. 1 hit radio!

Visual identity Graphic style Stationery materials

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Over the years Radio 21’s visual identity proved to be very rigid, facing a low level of versatility. The original
visual identity guidelines were set just for a few stationary items, leaving room for misinterpretations and
inadequate applications on collateral materials.

Meanwhile, due to the “noisy” graphic of the logo execution, the client felt the need of introducing an
additional symbol – “the splash” – meant to help the brand identity stand out in any circumstances. Outcome:
“the splash” did not solve the problem in the desired way but caused even more trouble.

Radio 21 entrusted BrandTailors to clarify this situation without changing any element of the original logo. In
other words, BrandTailors had to turn a “cripple born” visual identity into “champion” one without generating
any effort in recognition within any types of stakeholders.

A radio station generally builds brand associations through a wide range of collateral activities to the
broadcasting ones, namely: event organizing, event sponsorships, CD releases, advertising, internal
communication etc. This category represented the stating point for BrandTailors in auditing the brand and all
its types of manifestations generated by an increased number of touch points.

Following a report assessing all possible situations of logo application, BrandTailors concluded an additional
symbol was needed in order to generate permissive rules of logo usage. Since “the splash” symbol had no
foundation in the service category’s overall imagery, BrandTailors came up with a brand new solution: “the

music disk”.

The round shape of the disk proved not only to perfectly match the existing logo, but also to be an incredible
valuable instrument to facilitate the information processing on all types of collateral activities. Using an equal
amount of elements, the same colors and restricting the use to only one secondary typeface, Radio 21 visual
identity got stronger, more dynamic, incredibly coherent and moreover, consistent with the overall brand
personality and associations.

The new visual solution depicted in an extensive brand identity manual made life easier to all types of
professionals (advertising people, music producers, event coordinators etc) getting in contact with Radio 21
marketing department representatives, which now declared satisfied with the branding solution.

Brand audit and brand strategy - Beatrice Daniş
Graphic concept and development - Janos Kurko
Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mircea Brătianu

Project implementation started in July 2006.

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