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Case Study

Ardealul / The crafted liver pate

Visual identity Brand imagery Package design

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Orkla Foods Romania (OFR) acquired one of the largest Romanian liver pate producers - Ardelul Covasna.
Following the business integration process, Orkla Foods Romania became aware of the fact that liver pate
market had a profound commodity profile, being characterized by a lack of loyalty from the consumers’ point of
view – the selling price being the only thing that mattered to them.

In conclusion Ardealul needed to become a “strategic brand” in OFR’s portfolio in order to deliver a meaningful
future level of sales and profit if the market was to evolve into a mature branded one with educated consumers.

Orkla Foods Romania challenged BrandTailors to turn Ardealul from just a trademark into a strong, consistent
brand that will generate, through its leadership attitude a profound transformation of the entire product
category by educating consumers with respect to their motivations and needs when purchasing liver pate.

The requested outcome of this process was the development of a unique brand platform to help Ardealul
differentiate from the clutter and to enable the creation of strong brand associations relevant to consumers.
Besides, there was a business objective to be kept in mind during the entire process, which was the need to
switch Ardealul into a “cash cow brand” - having a significant loyal consumer base without requiring additional
marketing investments.

The first and biggest challenge of all was to understand the fundamental meaning of the product category:
BrandTailors commissioned a detailed qualitative research to identify the core motivation and need of

consumers connected with liver pate. This study was followed by an extensive quantitative research to measure
category usage, consumer attitudes and all brands performance at a nation wide level.

Having undergone a profound analysis of Romanian culinary culture, liver pate was defined in simple words as
“meat on bread” – the two fundamental ingredients of Romanians’ daily diet – being the most accessible
replacement for cooked meals. This valuable information lead BrandTailors to the strategy of positioning
Ardealul on the category fundamentals being supported by the values attached to the name itself.

As the research revealed Ardealul county is very close to the heart of the represents a very special and unique
region to the Romanian people. Ardealul region is Romanians’ pride being acknowledged at a national level as
the place where all authentic values are rooted, where you can have the tastiest, the most nourishing and true
traditional cooked meals. Ardealul county is the place where people take things seriously and never joke when it
comes to life principles. All this information inspired BrandTailors to create a crisp and memorable brand
slogan: “Well done!”

The overall imagery of Ardealul region was the source of inspiration for the brand identity and the design
concept of the packaging. BrandTailors chose to introduce in the brand identity one of the most authentic
Romanian symbols – the haystack, while the package design recreated the naturalness and freshness of the
landscape found in Ardealul region.

A qualitative assessment conducted a couple of months after market introduction certified Ardealul as being a
strongly relevant and clearly differentiated brand within the liver pate competition. On top of it, the newly
introduced package was rated as the most appealing and differentiating design “at the shelf”.

As the brand platform was created in order to allow the brand to extend on a collateral product category, in the
year after Ardealul was launched OFR transformed it into a umbrella brand under the same “Well done!” slogan.
BrandTailors was appointed to further develop the package design concept for few ready-meals SKUs: Beans
and Sausages, Ribs and Beans, Beef, Pork.

Brand strategy - Andreea Lupu
Graphic concept and development - Janos Kurko
Project management - Beatrice Daniș, Roxana Iancu
Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mihai Părpălea

Project implementation started in October 2006.

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