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Case Study

Laura / The family chocolate

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Following the 2004 successful rebranding, Laura gained leadership on its price segment. This rebranding
process helped Laura to develop in a coherent and consistent manner, securing its top position on its price
segment and the second position on the overall chocolate market.

2006 brought major changes in the category, which became extremely competitive, all players investing in
important marketing activities, be in rebranding processes, image advertising campaigns and new product

Starting from the stated premises, Kandia – Excelent decided on revising its entire marketing process, so that
Laura would keep being a solid and stable brand.

As the traditional brand consultancy partner, BrandTailors was assigned to develop a new brand platform,
starting from the current consumption motivations and a new packaging design, anchored in the emotional
benefits of the brand, to help Laura differentiate from the competition and generate strong and relevant brand

In this context, Kandia-Excelent commissioned major qualitative research projects, supervised by BrandTailors,
to measure Laura’s brand parameters but most importantly, to understand the underlying fundamentals of
consumption motivations, which change periodically, as the market matures.

After analyzing the research reports and a comprehensive brand audit, BrandTailors identified the opportunity

for Laura to explore new consumption motivations, relevant for the fundamental meaning of the category.

Thus, the new Laura positioning talks about mature and profound love, about devotion and about giving, Laura
being the one opening the hearts and bringing closer together the dear ones, the new brand slogan being
“Those who share, care”.

The new brand strategy and positioning were reflected in the new design packaging, the idea behind being “half
for you, half for me”. The whole graphic design is centered on the idea of a heart split in two. When two bars are
displayed next to one another, they form a complete heart, thus solving the shelf impact objective of higher

In parallel to the new brand strategy, Kandia-Excelent invested in a better product recipe which closely followed
the desires expressed by the focus groups participants. Moreover, the brand was extended with three new SKUs
- based on bitter chocolate.

Also, the rebranding encompassed the Laura pralines as well, updating its packaging design in line with the new
brand strategy.

Brand audit and brand strategy - Beatrice Daniş
Project management - Roxana Iancu
Graphic concept and development - Janos Kurko
Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mihai Părpălea

Project implementation started in December 2007.

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