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Case Study

Prodlacta / Dairies from Țara Bârsei

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Prodlacta is a player on the dairy market since 1901, under the name Cooperativa de Lăptărie Brașov. Since
then, it passed through many phases of development, factory updating and product improvement.

The last phase took place in 2007-2008, the time when the factory renewed all the technological equipments
for processing milk and packaging machines.

Taking into consideration the production line modernization, Prodlacta introduces a new technology for
processing UHT milk, a premiere for the factory in Brasov.

Changing its substance, determined the management team to bring to present times the company’s identity, in
order to better value the quality of their portfolio products.

Prodlacta trusted BrandTailors to develop the brand strategy and the new visual territory for its identity.

In a category of products that became very dynamic in the last two years by purchasing the biggest producers
of milk in Romania and the entering on the market of the most important international strategic players,
BrandTailors was challenged to come with a brand solution that would make an easy entering in shop shelves for
Prodlacta products and that would increase product rotation in shops.

Reality shows that food the animal is fed, influences the most the quality of their milk. Therefore, the starting
point in developing the brand platform was the compelling truth: pure milk collected from Brașov, a

geographical area with a varied and balanced flora.

Moreover, another important argument in maintaining the milk’s quality is the collecting process and then the
care for processing of the milk. Caring for its products is the foundation of its existence, since more than 100
years ago the dairyman from Brașov carry along the Romanian milk tradition, achieving to take it to

In developing Prodlacta’s new identity, BrandTailors used as a starter the old logo that was completed with the
symbol of Brașov, Piața Sfatului Tower, to certify the belonging of these dairy products.

The central element of the packaging design is the milk drop obtained and collected from Țara Bârsei, a place
with tradition in producing Romanian milk.

Prodlacta’s new brand positioning translated at conceptual level in the package design developed for UHT milk.
This packaging design is going to be applied on the entire range of products in Prodlacta’s portfolio.

Brand strategy - Beatrice Daniş
Graphic concept and development - Janos Kurko
Project management - Alina Crangă
Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mihai Părpălea

Project implementation started in March 2009.

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