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BCR Open Romania / Tennis breathes with the energy of


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BCR Open Romania, reaching its 16th edition in 2009, is considered the most important international sporting
event held in Romania. The event held in Bucharest is part of the ATP World Tour 250 series which includes 15
yearly tournaments taking place on clay court.

Due to the status gained by the BCR Open Romania within ATP and the national as well as the international
reputation built since its first edition in 1993, the tournament organizers felt the need of transforming the
event’s name into a brand with growth premises similar to the tournaments with tradition. In early 2009, the
organizers approached BrandTailors with the challenge to refresh the visual identity of BCR Open Romania.

For BrandTailors team of consultants, the assumed mission of this project started with the observation of the
behaviors and the assessment of the attitudes of the tournament public, of Romanian players taking part and
the general tennis perception among Romanians.

Following the audit, BrandTailors consultants redefined the objectives of this project, thus aiming for the
following editions of BCR Open Romania to attract the young audience towards tennis and, implicitly to BNR
Arenas during the event.

After a careful evaluation of youths’ perception and attitudes in relation to tennis, BrandTailors consultants
team concluded that the strategic solution should be articulated in such a way as to shatter the mental barrier
of the young audience – that “tennis is an adult sport”.

The approach to understanding the origin of this barrier, brought to light a surprising contradiction: while
young people are aware of the high energy and awe that tennis emanates, respondents said that this sport is
practiced mainly by adults as a result of the high costs involved.

Furthermore, tennis is a sport par excellence of technique, of endurance both physical and mental; is an
intuitive sport doubled by a lot of work. Therefore, to help the tournament to rejuvenate its audience, the
strategic solution should go beyond these “adult” associations and focus on the spectacular element of this

On the identity concept level, the ACE seemed perfect to me. I

think that the ACE is amazing through its power to ignite the
imagination of young people who dream to become champions
Melania Nemes
and to generate the full power of the public reaction in general. Senior Graphic Designer

At the execution level, the BrandTailors team of designers chose to represent the ACE through the path and the
mark that the tennis ball makes on the touchline, thus avoiding the presence of the ball, a trite element through
extensive usage in the visual identity of tennis tournaments. A font derived directly from the touchline thickness
complemented the visual identity. Further, the logo was iridescent in patches by the impact that the ball has on
the surface of clay, thus adding the tournament surface to the brand identity.

Through the execution of the new visual identity of BCR Open Romania, BrandTailors designers manage to
capture the complexity of a brand of sporting event: The “ACE” representing the spectacular element, the
“touchline” representing the game rules and the “clay” representing the tournament court. All these elements
are created in a graphic manner that manages to convey the young energy of tennis. Moreover, the new logo
was designed in a versatile spirit, thus allowing the application on a wide variety of formats.

Defining the ACE as the strongest form of attack of a player and as the perfect swing that combines technical
skill with the stroke of luck, BCR Open Romania receives a core brand association - the talent and ambition of
the participants that ensure the impressive element of the games, played every September on BNR Arenas in

The BCR Open Romania brand promise, “a real show in every game” of the tournament, takes form through the
idea of speed, energy and force translated through the new visual identity. The manner of execution of the new
logo BCR Open Romania encloses the visual identity of Bucharest tour in a contemporary visual paradigm and,
in terms of image, in the league tournaments reputation.

Brand audit and brand strategy - Beatrice Daniş
Creative concept - Melania Nemeş
Graphic design - Melania Nemeş, Janos Kurko
Printing pre-production - Mihai Părpălea
Project management - Andreea Florea, Janos Kurko

Project implementation started in August 2009.

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