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Case Study

Vita Baby / Baby food for the most natural start in life!

Visual identity Package design Package design

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Orhei Vit JSC is a company from Republic of Moldavia, producer of juices and fruit purees for babies, sold under
the Vita Baby brand – positioned on the economy price level. With a market share of 30%, Vita Baby is a leader
in this category in the Republic of Moldavia. The brand is also exported to Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan,
Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania.

On the background of increasing purchase power and the aggressiveness of major global competitors – Nestlé,
Hipp or Heinz, Orhei Vit builds a new strategic approach in order to secure the market share held by the brand
Vita Baby.

In this context, Orhei Vit approached BrandTailors with the request to revitalize the brand Vita Baby so as to
become competitive both in front of the internal players and international ones. On the background of the
changed price strategy, the stated objective of this re-branding process was to transform Vita Baby in a player
able to compete against medium price segment competitors.

The baby food category is very specific in terms of duality of audience segments, specifically mothers are
“buyers” and babies are “consumers”. Although in similar product categories, the consuming target may have a
strong influence on the buying target, in this situation, children up to 3 years old are unable to discern amongst
brands and therefore cannot influence the purchase decision.

Moreover, after the audit conducted by BrandTailors, it has been identified that this is an extremely functional
category in which benefits such as the safety given by the naturalness of the product or the balanced taste, are
supreme. These were in fact the premises from where BrandTailors team of consultants started in developing

the new Vita Baby brand positioning and the revitalization the visual identity and packaging.

The positioning of Vita Baby was distilled into the promise “With Vita Baby the meal becomes a child’s play!” , a
promise articulated in such a way to certify that mothers can fully trust in the variety of products from this
brand portfolio.

On the visual identity level, the logo was founded in the functional
benefit of naturalness which the brand Vita Baby gives to mothers.
The idea was illustrated through the seed that germinates and
gives birth to a sprout (Vita) supplemented at the emotional level
through the game with wooden cubes (Baby), an activity specific
Janos Kurko
to babies Creative Director

Further, the packaging, being in line with the category functionality, focuses on the representation in a realistic
manner of product ingredients in order to generate trust in their naturalness. The product portfolio was
differentiated at the package level by different color codes, yellow for standard purees, blue for the ones with
content of cream and pink for juices. Thus, the plainness of graphics creates the premises of further SKU
introduction under this brand.

Following the introduction of the new packaging (September 2008), the market share across the portfolio Vita
Baby increased by 8% in less than a year after the launch. The brand support consisted only in trade marketing,
such as POSM and press ads in trade magazines.

Brand strategy - Beatrice Daniş, Roxana Iancu
Project management - Alina Crangă
Graphic concept and development - Janos Kurko
Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mihai Părpălea

Project implementation started in August 2009.

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