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Case Study

Salam de Sibiu / A fine tasting Romanian tradition

Visual identity Package design Packaging concept

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Combining its expertise and tradition in processing the raw-dried salami. Caroli Foods, one of the biggest
Romanian processed meat product producers went on over a year process for creating Salam de Sibiu.

This long perfecting process was backed-up by numerous product-testing research, which helped the recipe
improvement process so to reach a perfect balance between spices and best maturation span in order to
stimulate product’s taste.

The moment all the product qualities were met, Caroli challenged BrandTailors team to create a distinctive
package solution for the newly created Salam de Sibiu capable to deliver the idea of tradition in raw-dried
salami processing and generate the impression of balance between spices and high quality standards - very
appreciated attributes by consumers, as the research conclusion revealed.

All these attributes were depicted by using an aged-like paper to speak about Salam de Sibiu long tradition and
by reproducting an engraving showing the legendary butcher. Product’s high quality and fine taste are decripted
by the raw-dried salami production expertise stamps and the symbol of 90 day maturation span that contribute
to spices blending so as to result a balanced mix of flavors, all these being certified by using the Salam de Sibiu

From the very first moment I trusted that our idea is going to be
the winning one, which was confirmed on our first presentation
day. This is one of the few projects when client immediately agreed
on our recommendation. Almost 95% of the initial proposal
remained unchanged, the client interfering only to a small extent.
We succeeded, as we best know, in catching all product’s attributes
Alina Crangă
in a full of personality design solution. Account Manager

Creative concept - Diana Papuc, Alina Crangă
Project management - Alina Crangă
Package design - Diana Papuc
Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mihai Părpălea

Project implementation started in June 2009.

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