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Case Study

Perla Covasnei / The Fairy Castle Water

Visual identity Packaging concept Package design

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Located in Covasna and being exploited since 1865, Siculia spings from Malnas-Bai where the mineral water
factory has been founded back in 1904. Perla Covasnei mineral water, springing from the same source is
withessed as one of the very few Romanian enriched with natural carbon dioxide directly at the source. As since
the 90s Perla Covasnei image was a functional-descriptive one, the brief addressed to BrandTailors was to
develop a new solution for the visual identity and the package design capable to convey the brand personality
and to ensure the differentiation against the competition in mineral water ”value” segment.

The brand audit conducted by BrandTailors consultants highlighted the fact that ”water” and
”mountain”-related visual elements are commonplace for mineral water cateory; furthermore, in the ”value”
price segment one could hardly enforce any other symbols to generate brand differeciation. Thus it became
obvious that the visual identity solution and the package design for Perla Covasnei had to comprise those
compulsory nature-related elements in order to etablish the brand in this highly competitive segment. So as to
create differentiation, it was mandatory to find a new graphic manner and a series of symbols never used
beforehand that fit mineral water category.

The package graphic design solution stresses on the complementary relation between Covasna area naturalness
and historical value, reproducing in a pictorial manner two symbols to leverage on each other: the castle and
the horse.

Making use of a fluid letters form and of highly ornamental elements, the logo design reminds one of the
over-decorated capital letters used on story books first pages. Moreover, the introduction of “from 1904”
particle, strengthens the fairy space feeling and authentic tradition of the source spring. By combination of
association the “castle” symbol can give (tradition, steadiness, continuity, trust) with those of the equestrian
symbols (freedom, noblesse, strength, dynamism), the new visual identity of Perla Covasnei differentiates the
brand against competition throughout its distinctive brand values.

Brand audit - Andreea Florea
Creative concept - Melania Nemeș
Package design - Melania Nemeș
Illustrations - Cornelia Păscălin, Bianca Dumitrașcu
Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mihai Părpălea
Project management - Andreea Florea, Janos Kurko

Project implementation started in November 2009.

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