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Trimester 1, 2011 - Textbook List

Course/Lecturer Title Author Edition Publisher/Year

7086 Fundamentals of Leadership

Developing Management Skills Carlopio J & Andrewartha G 4th Edition Pearson Education: Australia 2008
John O'Brien
7044 Strategic Management Crafting & Executing Strategy: The Quest for
Thompson A, Strickland A & Gamble JE 17th Edition McGraw Hill 2010 ISBN: 9780073530420
Georges Baume Competitive Advantage, Concepts & Cases

7103 Economics for Management

Economic Principles Jackson J, McIver R & Bajada C 2nd Edition McGraw Hill: Sydney 2007
Raul Barreto

7101 Managerial Finance South-Western Cengage Learning: USA

Fundamentals of Financial Management Brigham & Houston 12th Edition
Takeshi Yamada 2009

7100 Accounting for Managers ** Carlon S, Mladenovic R, Loftus J, Palm C, Wiley : Australia 2009
Accounting: Building Business Skills 3rd Edition
Ashley Miller Kimmel P, Kieso DE & Weygandt JJ ISBN: 9780730300724
Wiley : Australia 2009
Accounting: Building Business Skills Study Guide Kang H & Petzke S 3rd Edition
ISBN: 9780470817773
7046 Negotiation Skills
Negotiation: Readings, Exercises & Cases Lewicki, Saunders & Barry 6th Edition McGraw Hill 2010
David Pender
7087 Managing Contemporary Organisations Organisational Behaviour: Core Concepts and Wiley: Brisbane 2009
Wood et al 2nd Edition
Sam Wells Applications ISBN: 9781742465906

7081 Global Business International Business: Competing in the Global 8th Edition McGraw Hill Irwin: New York 2010
Hill, Charles W L
Fred Robins (International) ISBN: 9780071200835
7104 Marketing Management Prentice Hall 2008
Framework for Marketing Management Kotler and Keller 4th Edition
Carolin Plewa ISBN: 9780136026600
7025 Company Failure and Renewal Creating Value Through Corporate Restructuring, Case Wiley 2010
Gilson Stuart 2nd Edition
Georges Baume Studies in Bankruptcies, Buyouts and Breakups ISBN: 9780470503522

(2 textbooks required) Ruthless Execution: What Business Leaders Do When Hartman Amir Pearson Prentice Hall 2004
Their Companies Hit the Wall ISBN: 0131018841
(refer to note below *)
7040 Project Management John Wiley & Sons: USA 2009
Project Management: A Managerial Approach Meredith J R & Mantel S J Jr 7th Edition
Alina Lebed
Topics in Marketing: Sports and Sponsorship
Marketing No Textbook Required
Michel Desbordes

* Please note that the textbooks for Company Failure and Renewal are not available for purchase but will instead be loaned to students.

** Please note that the study guide for the Accounting text is not compulsory. However, students are able to purchase the textbook & studyguide as a shrink wrapped pack which may prove a very valuable resource.