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June 1 to July 13 Cases in Clark County by Possible Exposure Locations

The Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) provided the Department of Health and Human Services with a listing of reported locations the
COVID19 cases visited where possible exposure may have occurred. These are cases that have completed interviews with SNHD staff from June 1
to July 13, 2020.

The possible locations of exposure have been clustered by similar type of business. The most common locations named were hotel/motel
settings and food establishments. This analysis excluded those locations that were reported less than 10 times, as they are not considered a
large outbreak/cluster of cases for the purpose of this summary. As well, the category of location “other,” is excluded.

Possible Exposure Location, Clark County COVID19 Cases, June to July 13

1% 1% 1%
1% 1% 1% 1%
2% 1%
Group Living Environment,
Hotel/Motel, 4%
Hospital / ICP, 7%

Hotel/Motel, 38%
Long-term Care Facility, 7%

Clinic / Doctor's
Office, 14%

Food Establishment,

Hotel/Motel Food Establishment Clinic / Doctor's Office

Long-term Care Facility Hospital / ICP Group Living Environment, Hotel/Motel
Correctional Facility, Clinic / Doctor's Office Transportation Laboratory, Hospital / ICP
Group Living Environment Hospital (ER) Long-term Care Facility, Clinic / Doctor's Office
Daycare Correctional Facility, Group Living Environment Laboratory
Other, Clinic / Doctor's Office

The top 10 most common locations reported, by name, are as follows:

1. Cosmopolitan
2. Bellagio
3. MGM Grand Hotel
4. The Venetian
5. St Joseph Transitional Rehab
6. Allegiant Stadium
7. Wynn Las Vegas
8. Caesars Palace
9. Spacecraft Components Corp
10. New York-New York