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Health Family Goal of Care Objectives of Intervention Plan

Problem Nursing Care Nursing Method of Resources Required

Problem Intervention Nurse-
Tuberculosis Inability to After nursing After nursing 1. Educate the Home Visit Materials:
as a health provide intervention, intervention, the family on the Visual aids on the disease
deficit adequate the patient and client and her nature of TB process potential
nursing care to her family family will: specifically its complication and
the sick due to: will: signs and management plan of TB
1. Lack of 1. Develop 1. Verbalize symptoms, mode of and list of foods rich in
knowledge sense of understanding on transmission, Vitamin B12.
about the awareness and the disease prevention of cross
condition. knowledge process infection and Time and effort of both
about the 2. Take importance of the family and student
disease. appropriate treatment of the nurses.
measures to disease.
improve health 2. Discuss with the
status of each family especially
member by the patient the
preventing cross- importance of the
infection and compliance to
2. Inadequate encouraging client medication
resources for 2. Seek to cooperate with regimen.
care alternative treatment.
specifically resources 3. Utilize
financial necessary for alternatives for 3. Discuss with the
constraints care. prescribed family possible
medicine such as alternatives for
foods which are Vitamin B12, such
rich in Vitamin as food of animal
B12. origin and adequate
fluid intake to aid
in expectorating a
secretions as an
alternative for
Method of
Health Family Goal of Care Objectives of Nurse- Resources Required
Problem Nursing Care Nursing Family
Problem Intervention Contact

Threat of Inability to After nursing After nursing 1. Discuss different Home visit Huma Resources:
Cross provide a intervention, intervention, the ways of
infection from home the family will family will: implementing a. Time and effort of
communicable environment be able to 1. Be able to proper measures to the student nurses.
disease conducive to prevent or identify and prevent cross b. Active
health minimized the perform the infection such as participation of
-one family maintenance cross infection preventive isolation the family
member’s due to: of TB. measures in techniques, using
condition controlling cross of mask. Financial Resources :
having TB a. ignorance infection. 2. Discuss the
-lack of of mode of a. Transportation of
preventive preventive transmission of the the student.
measures measures. disease and the
-inadequate b. Lack of effect of inadequate
living space protection living space and
and poor from poor ventilation to
ventilation infection the cross infection.
due to poor 3. Encourage
ventilation regular check up to
and monitor signs and
inadequate symptoms of
living 2. After nursing infection and apply
space. intervention, the immediate care.
family will have 4. Encourage
Inability to an understanding continuous drug
recognize the about the disease. therapy for patient
presence of with TB to prevent
health threat the reactivation of
due to lack of the disease.
knowledge 5. Discuss the
about the disease process,
condition. modes of
transmission, signs
and symptoms and
proper management
of the disease.