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Arlypon® VPC

Thickener and Surfactant System for Acidic

Highly acidic formulations are usually difficult to thicken. A
thicker formulation will increase dwell time, giving the acid more
time to penetrate and remove minerals and soap scum soils.

Arlypon® VPC is an effective thickener and surfactant system for

• Hydrochloric Acid
• Sulfamic Acid
• Citric Acid
• Glycolic Acid
• Phosphoric Acid
• Mixtures of these Acids

Improved Soil Removal

Since Arlypon® VPC is a surfactant it helps the acid to better
penetrate the soil for more effective removal.

Simplified Production
Arlypon® VPC requires no swelling step. If necessary viscosity
adjustment is possible – more flexibility.

Arlypon® VPC eliminates the need for a fragrance emulsifier

Add Add Add Many hard surface cleaners need a secondary ingredient whose
Water Acid Arlypon® VPC
only function is to emulsify a desired fragrance.
Arlypon® VPC eliminates the need for this type of ingredient.

Brief Overview
Arlypon® VPC
INCI: Non-ionic Surfactant Blend
Active matter: approx. 95 %
Rec.Dosage: 2–4%

Application Fields Formulations

• Toilet BowlCleaner • Toilet Bowl Cleaner based on HCl (TR-HSC-TC-176)
• Bathroom Cleaner • Toilet Bowl Cleaner based on H3PO4 (TR-HSC-TC-177)
• Power Cleaner • Viscous Bathroom Cleaner (TR-HSC-BC-178)

(view further formulations at www.chemidex.com)

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