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Yourmic – Talent Show Finals 11/12/09

Risk Assessment

Risk Details Solution

Fire Possibility of fire that may result Do not allow items such as
from adjacent adjoining buildings lighters to be used in the
being alight and the fire spreading theater. Alert the people
to the Sieff Theater, or possibly attending to the fire exits and
caused in the theater itself by the area to assemble in case of
such things as lighters. a fire before the event begins. If
a fire does begin, we will
evacuate everyone out of the
closest fire escape, sound the
alarm and dial 999 to call the
fire service. Any staff present
that have been trained in the
use of fire extinguishers may put
the initial flames out using the
fire extinguishers.
Electrical A person may experience an Have all electrical equipment
shock/dama electric shock from damaged checked by the physics
ge electric devices such as amps and department to check that they
lights, or due to the are functioning properly. Do not
device/persons hands being wet. operate equipment that is wet,
or with wet hands. Do not
operate equipment that is
suspected to be faulty/
Wires/cables Wires and cables for lighting, Any cables and wires will be put
electricity and sound for example, up against the wall, away from
could be possible tripping the paths that people will walk in
hazards, injuring someone when the centre of the room and on
they fall over. the steps of the theater. Pete
Greenwall will also inspect the
whole set-up beforehand to
make sure that it is safe.
Crowd Unmanageable crowds of people A member of staff, maybe two,
control in the theater could lead to people will maintain crowd control and
being pushed, trampled or general safety/order. There will
otherwise injured. also be several prefects present
to be part of crowd control.
Seating capacity will not be
exceeded in order to maintain
reasonable numbers and avoid
overcrowding. This will be
enforced by only allowing those
with tickets to enter and no one
else will be admitted.

Allergies Anyone who suffers from All of the food sold will be
allergies, such as egg or nut packaged and will therefore
allergies, may purchase and eat express on the packaging the
food containing the product that contents. We will also make
they are allergic to. signs highlighting the egg/nut
content of any products that do
contain them.
Epilepsy Anyone who suffers from epilepsy There will be no flashing lights
could experience pain from any during the show.
flashing lighting during the show.

First Aid Somebody may be injured/ hurt There will be a member of staff
and require some immediate present with a first aid
medical treatment such as qualification and kit. They will
bandaging. also have access to a
computer/laptop for SIMS
emergency contact or medical
Hazardous/ Any acts such as gymnastics and There will be no acts with
dangerous dancing may result in injury to the content that could lead to
acts performers from falls damage/ injury. We will enforce
this by asking of the content of
the acts beforehand. Also, if
there is any possibility of injury,
the appropriate protective
equipment will be worn by the
performers and there will be
qualified supervision.
(Inappropria Acts that make rude, racist, We will ask the performers to
te acts) sexist, insulting references, inform us of the content of their
statements or inferences, or act beforehand and anything
contain anything that is inappropriate will not be
inappropriate can cause offense performed. If anything
to others. inappropriate develops on the
night and needs to be stopped,
then either the member of staff
supervising or Sam Steiner,
Managing Director of Yourmic
and one of the judges will stop
the act if deemed inappropriate.
The following acts will then

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