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Case Study

Antena1 / Family entertainment

Visual identity Brand philosophy Brand philosophy

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Launched in 1993 as a regional television station to broadcast only in Bucharest and areas around the capital
city, Antena1 is the first privately held channel established in Romania and one of the most popular brands on
the local mass media market. In 2009, Antena1 reconsider its programming strategy with a view to be imple-
mented starting fall 2010, by means of launching new TV shows and redesigning current important ones.

This change required a brand equity evaluation and subsequently a re-branding program solution to convey the
way Antena1 relates to the Romanian viewers and the role it has within TV strations category.

Prior to brand strategy development, BrandTailors consultants conducted a comprehensive brand and generalist
station category qualitative and quantitative consumer research in order to identify market players’ positioning
territories, TV consumption motivations and relationship viewers have with Romanian TV brands.

The market research validated what both Antena1 management

and BrandTailors consultants team sensed from during project
initiation – Antena1 current positioning territory is salient both to
Romanian socio-cultural specifics and to the main consumption Andreea Florea
motivation for the generalist television content. Brand Consultant

Though Antena1 had a positioning fit for the Romanians socio-cultural status, the brand started losing contact
with the Romanians’ personality, with the gaiety and effervescence of their behavior. Putting those findings into
context, the project’s challenge resided in repositioning Antena1 so to anticipate the Romanians’ evolution as a

social group, thus imprinting a glowing image so to make the brand inspirational.

Once project premises being set, it became obvious for BrandTailors’ consultants that a TV station adapted to
Romanian cultural frame of reference which equally guides Romanians’ development and evolution, has all the
chances to become the most popular national brand in the category.

Crystallization of the active role Antena1 plays in the viewer’s life (with the five coordinates - to guide, hearten
up, understand, support and get one close to own family) led to positioning the brand as “the TV station that
turns a living place into a real home of a family”. This statement was the very source of the brand promise –
“Antena1 comes close to you” – a promise that implies an unprecedented interaction between a TV station and
its, a bonding created on shared values, behaviors and ideas.

The brand essence – “family entertainment” – is the natural quintessence of the truly important content type
for a generalist TV station – the entertainment – and of the most important value for the Romanians – the

Synthetically evolved on Antena1 foundation, the four brand

values have the strength to guide the subsequent brand
development and its guarding team behavior, These values, as the
whole re-branding project have been developed by BrandTailors
team not to change the brand, but to help it become what it truly
is. Thus, the reintroduction in the brand’s platform of the already
Beatrice Daniș
famous slogan – «Always close by». Brand Strategist

After finalising the strategy solution, Antena1 marketing team and BrandTailors consultants, selected Red Bee
Media following an international pitch, as the company to visually dramatize the brand platform. Red Bee Media
resulted work can bee seen in TV station visual identity evolution and the motion graphic change. New TV
idents dramatizes the idea of “being together”, illustrating friends and families spending emotional and indelible
moments together.

Brand strategy - Andreea Florea, Beatrice Daniș
Brand audit - Andreea Florea, Beatrice Daniș
Project management - Andreea Florea, Ionuț Militaru

Project implementation started in September 2010.

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