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Oranjestad, Aruba Tuesday June 4, 2019 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Sailing & Snorkeling Tour AR05 3 hrs $47

Experience the beauty of Aruba in and on the water on a fun and relaxing sail to two distinct snorkel sites. With
the catamaran anchored nearby, explore a colorful reef at a depth of about 15 feet. A short sail away, in 60 feet
of water, rests a famous WWII-era wreck filled with schools of fish and other marine life. Back onboard, enjoy
the wind, music and complimentary drinks on the return to port.

Sunset Cocktail Cruise AR11 2 hrs $48

Watch the blazing sun sink over the horizon as you sail along Aruba's beautiful coastline on a leisurely cruise. The
crew practices "barefoot elegance," so take off your shoes before boarding the catamaran. See the California
Lighthouse, Aruba's capital city of Oranjestad, Palm Beach, and Eagle Beach as you sail toward the northwest point
of the island. During your two-hour sail, sip complimentary novelty drinks and enjoy Caribbean tunes.

Aruba Sea & See Island Tour AR04 4 hrs $55

Explore the aquatic wonders of Aruba in a unique vessel and see key outdoor attractions on land. The SeaWorld
Explorer takes the glass-bottom concept tour to another level - five feet below the waves. Its hull's large windows
offer clear views of marine life and a shipwreck as you sit in cool comfort. On shore, visit the California
Lighthouse, climb the Casibari Rock Formations, and admire a natural bridge formed by wind and waves over

Sailaway Beach & Snorkel Cruise ARB8 5 hrs $80

Experience the joy of sailing, snorkeling, Aruba’s stunning beaches as well as a delicious barbeque lunch — all on a
tour that’s not only highly rated on TripAdvisor but is also recognized by Sustainable Travel International. Set sail
on a catamaran past the island’s sugar-white beaches on the west coast to your first snorkeling stop. This tour
featuring National Geographic Snorkeler Gear makes a great snorkeling experience even better. Receive
instructions, gear up (everything’s included) and head to a shallow area to view tropical fish and interesting coral
heads. Then stop at the Antilla shipwreck, a German vessel deliberately sunk in 1940. Spend time exploring this
440-foot home for angelfish, snapper, damsels and parrotfish. Then sail to the Pelican Pier at famous Palm Beach
for an ocean-side BBQ lunch with open bar. (An open bar is available during your sail, too.) After lunch, enjoy ample
time on the beach to relax, participate in watersports or do some shopping before returning to the Cruise Terminal
in an open-air Caribbean-style bus.

De Palm Island Helmet Dive AR74 4.5 hrs $104

Explore Aruba marine life wearing a specially-designed helmet that keeps your head and shoulders dry on this
interactive tour, 25 feet below the ocean's surface. Keep your eyeglasses on, and don't worry about spoiling your
makeup! You'll breathe air pumped from a compressor system, and see vivid fish and colorful reefs as a marine
expert guides you along the ocean floor. Afterwards, eat lunch and snorkel in the warm waters or sunbathe on the
Atlantis Submarine Expedition AR50 1.7 hrs $109

Embark on an underwater adventure onboard a high-tech passenger submarine. See amazing marine life at depths
of up to 130 feet while enjoying dry, cool, pressurized comfort inside this special vessel. On the thrilling dive to a
wreck site, discover schools of tropical fish, huge sponge gardens and the unusual formations of colorful coral
fields through oversized portholes. The crew's educational and entertaining commentary enhances this unique,
memorable experience.

Jetlev (Kyle?) ARB2 1.25 hrs $142

Blast out of the water, flying over the ocean and soaring in the air in a Jetlev water-propelled jetpack, a thrilling
way to take in the gorgeous Oranjestad coastline. Easy to learn, the Jetlev only looks “extreme.” After a bit of
instruction, you’ll be up in the air in minutes, powered by a 225-horsepower engine that creates 800 to 1,000
gallons per minute of thrust, which can be controlled remotely by a certified Jetlev instructor.

Willemstad, Curacao Wednesday June 5, 2019 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Seaworld Explorer CU03 1.5 hrs $29

Watch tropical fish swim among delicate colonies of coral on this submarine-like tour of Curacao's amazing
underwater world. Watch through large, clear windows as hungry fish are hand-fed right in front of you. The
Seaworld Explorer is semi-submersible, and puts you five feet below the water's surface without ever submerging.
A marine expert will narrate and answer questions while you enjoy your voyage in air-conditioned comfort on this
cruising underwater observatory.

Sea & See Island Tour CU22 2.5 hrs $44

Marvel at Curacao's beautiful coral gardens and tropical fish during a submarine-like ride on Seaworld Explorer.
Watch from inside this underwater observatory as a diver feeds hungry fish. The craft never actually submerges
but the ride appears to take you underwater. Then drive over Queen Juliana Bridge to Willemstad and learn how
flavored liqueurs are made - and sample the product - at Chobolobo Curacao Liqueur Factory. Shop in Willemstad at
tour's end or return to ship.

Snorkel with Stingrays & Shark Feeding CUD2 3.5 hrs $94

Visit the only place on the island to get up close and personal with stingrays and other beautiful tropical fish, while
feeding sharks through specially-designed windows — an unforgettable experience. Snorkel in the Curacao Sea
Aquarium's protected, calm lagoon, ideal for interacting with the Caribbean's "most wanted" marine life.
Experience the suction power of nurse sharks and get up close with lemmon sharks through feeding windows that
allow you to bring food right up to them. You’ll also have the chance to pose for pictures with the animals, captured
by one of our professional photographers. Plus, you’ll have enough time to explore the rest of the park, taking in
the fun dolphin and sea lion shows and checking out all the aquariums teeming with marine life.
Sea Lion Encounter Tour CUC7 3 hrs $129

Take the family and head to the Curacao Sea Aquarium for a Sea Lion encounter. It’s a thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime
experience as well as a highly rated activity on TripAdvisor. Sea lions friendly and curious character makes them
very playful when they find themselves among humans. Under the supervision of one of the professional sea lion
trainer, you’ll get nose-to-nose with these marine mammals and learn more about their unique physiology, feeding
habits and behaviors. Don’t miss your chance to get up close and personal with one of them, even have one hug you
and plant a kiss on your cheek. If you like, photographs are available for purchase afterward. Plus you’ll have some
free time to see a dolphin show, see the rest of the park’s attractions and browse for souvenirs.

Kralendijk, Bonaire Thursday June 6, 2019 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Bon-Sea Semi-Sub Explorer BO84 1 hr $29

Experience Bonaire's world-famous waterscape without ever getting wet, as you travel off the coast in the air-
conditioned Bon-Sea semi-submarine, viewing diverse sea life and colorful coral gardens thriving among Bonaire
National Marine Park. Join a small group of 12 explorers in the comfortable, air-conditioned space of the Bon-Sea
semi-submarine. Head out away from the shore and enjoy the view of Bonaire's crystal-clear seawaters from large
picture windows. The boat will partially submerge six feet below the surface, offering up-close glimpses of the
island's reef-lined coast, which is part of the protected Bonaire National Marine Park. Admire different kinds of
soft and hard coral that live on the ocean floor and keep your eyes peeled for sea creatures fluttering beside the
boat. You might encounter tropical fish, sea turtles, manta rays, and even dolphins swimming in the surrounding
waters. Snap a few photos before heading back to the dock filled with fun family memories from Bonaire's aquatic

Bonaire Marine Park Snorkel & Klein Bonaire Beach Break BO91 3 hrs $48

Feel the thrill of exploring Bonaire's breathtaking waterscape while on a three-hour catamaran cruise that lets you
snorkel Bonaire National Marine Park's protected coral reefs and lounge along Klein Bonaire's Beach's powder-
white sands. Feel at ease while "sailing" into "cruising". This is a powered recreational catamaran without sails away
on the 42-foot, double-decker "Reef Ambassador" catamaran, featuring plenty of shady deck space for admiring
the island's palm-speckled coastline, complimentary fruit punch in hand. Listen along to a quick safety briefing as
you're provided with a complete snorkel set including a mask, snorkel, fins and vest. Then get ready to plunge into
the crystal-clear waters of Bonaire National Marine Park, a 6,700-acre aquatic expanse and home to one of the
Caribbean's most bio-diverse reef systems. Flutter around the surface past nearly every species of hard and soft
coral and more than 340 fish species. You'll then motor over to the small uninhabited island of Klein Bonaire, where
a sugary sand beach awaits you. You can enjoy more snorkeling offshore or catch your breath along the shore,
which not only offers seaside serenity, but also serves as a nesting ground for endangered Hawksbill and
Loggerhead sea turtles.
Bonaire National Marine Park Glass Bottom Boat Tour BO30 1.5 hrs $49

Experience the fascinating underwater world of Bonaire National Marine Park from the shaded comfort of a glass-
bottomed boat. Enjoy the breeze on the narrated cruise to Klein Bonaire, the uninhabited island just 0.6 miles from
the bigger island. The boat will slowly drift over the reef, offering incredible views of the fish and other marine
inhabitants. The large glass panel allows everyone to observe together for a fun, shared exploration.

Trimaran, Aquaspace & Snorkeling BO36 3 hrs $67

Explore the aquatic wonders of Bonaire National Marine Park in cool, dry comfort aboard a unique vessel. The
trimaran Aquaspace was designed with a glass gondola by a French naval architect who worked with famed
oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. As you glide over the reef, observe colorful coral, fish and other aquatic life.
When moored at a buoy, you may opt to snorkel in the clear waters or relax in the sun on deck.

ATV East Coast Off Road Adventure BO71 2.5 hrs $100

Discover the wild side of Bonaire. Take control of a powerful, easy-to-handle ATV (all-terrain vehicle) and get
ready for a fun-filled tropical adventure. After a safety briefing and practice, where your experienced guides will
ensure you are extremely comfortable on your ATV, set off on a thrilling exploration of Bonaire. Head to the east
coast of the island first, to the rugged terrain of Washikemba Reservoir. Keep an eye out for wild donkeys, goats
and iguanas. Make a brief stop at the Spelonk Lighthouse on the easternmost point of Bonaire before continuing to
one of many of the island’s caves, home to the Bonairean bat.

Philipsburg, St. Maarten Saturday June 8, 2019 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sea & See Tour SM94 3.5 hrs $44

Voyage into St. Maarten’s crystal waters on a submarine-like tour. Watch from a semi-submersible craft as a diver
entices schools of colorful fish. You’ll learn about tropical fish and their coral reef habitats from your seat—five
feet below the water’s surface—during this 45-minute narrated tour. Absorb magnificent views of Grand Case Bay
and Creole Rock as you return to shore. Afterwards, explore the open-air markets and cafes of the French capital
of Marigot.
Swept Away Coastal Cruise SMU5 3 hrs $52

Sail away onboard the beautiful Catamaran "Swept Away" along the mountainous coastline of St. Maarten, before
arriving off of Maho Beach, where guests will enjoy a short stop for plane spotting and great picture
opportunities. Complimentary cocktails and light snack will be offered onboard, while you sit back and enjoy the
beautiful views and refreshing Caribbean breeze. Swept Away is a well-appointed custom built 60ft sailing
catamaran with plenty of comfortable shaded open air seating and also sea for those who wish to bask in the
Caribbean Sunshine! On the return cruise, sail along the coast passing by one of St Maarten oldest fishing villages
and along Simpson Bay beach, this scenic cruise provides breathtaking panoramic island views, relax as a host and
hostess brief you on all of the sights, as well as important island information and historical facts. A safe and
enjoyable way in which to enjoy your St. Maarten visit!

Adventure SNUBA SMQ7 .5 hr $94

For those longing to explore under the sea without a scuba diving certificate, SNUBA offers aquatic fun for
adventurers of all ages. Set sail off the picturesque coast of St. Maarten on a 35-foot vessel while relishing
calming ocean breezes, stunning island views, and festive music. Your captain will cast anchor in nearby Little Bay
and provide a safety briefing, as well as all necessary SNUBA equipment. Then jump into clear turquoise waters
ranging up to 20 feet deep, where you can explore underwater while breathing through a regulator attached to an
air supply that floats in a raft on the water’s surface. You’ll have approximately two hours to splash around sunken
shipwrecks, admire colorful coral, and spot fluttering sea life. Enjoy a light refreshment onboard during your
relaxing return trip back to shore.

Sea Trek St Maarten SMR3 2.5 hrs $109

Experience a zero-gravity undersea stroll wearing the specially designed Sea Trek helmet. It’s the closest thing
you’ll ever experience to walking on the moon, all while safely exploring a colorful underwater world. Your guide will
explain how your equipment works and what to expect during your dive. After your orientation, don your helmet and
descend into 20 feet down to the ocean floor, following an undersea pathway about 300 feet long. Venture past
natural and artificial reefs, including a sunken sailboat, submarine, helicopter and jail cell, as well as a couple of
cannons salvaged from nearby Fort Amsterdam. Plus interact with some friendly sea creatures along the way. Sea
Trek can even cater to those who are unable to swim — no previous experience is necessary to feel the thrill of
exploring underwater. Plus you can wear prescription glasses or contacts, since your face and hair remain
completely dry at all times while air-conditioned, filtered air is supplied to you. Your dive lasts approximately 30
minutes, after which you’ll have some time to snorkel before heading back. This tour featuring National Geographic
Snorkeler gear makes a great snorkeling experience even better.