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1st 2011 Edition, January-March Editor’s Note THE ISSUE
Febi Purnamasari ISAFIS News
Arya Satya Nugraha, 04 iTHEME
Cheryl Budiarto How Indonesian Youth Could Deal with
Najwa Abdullah Sungkar International Relations
Aregina Nareswari Pernong
Levriana Yustriani
Keishkara Hanadhita Putri
Mahesh Dadlani
Melia Halim
Tubagus Ari Wibawa Mukti
Lukman Oesman
Sri Rezeki

Indah Gilang Pusparani MDG’s

Riska Kusuma Wardhani 06 Moving Toward to Better Education in
Josephine Barbi Maramag Balilia ime moves so fast et voilà, it’s new year Indonesia with MDGs
Andrea Arzaba already! I think 2011 will be a special
Riza Aryani year for us. First, 2011 indicates a new ACFTA Controversary
era. The 80’s, 90’s, and 2000s are old and 08 The Benefits of Indonesia’s Participation
Circulation and Promotion
what’s trendy in early of 2010s is about in CAFTA
to be created. Secondly, 2011 can be the best
Keishkara Hanandhita Putri momentum for youth to show their power
09 Indonesia in Free Trade and
Febi Purnamasari to the world. FYI, UN proclaims International Globalizations: Like a Fly among the
Year of Youth in 2010 which was universally Giants
celebrated on August 13th. I hope after its
Youth & International Relations
Layout and Design
celebration, youth (especially Indonesian youth)
Yoga Pradipta Ramadhan can give more contribution to their country as 10 Motivating Indonesian Youth for the
well as the world. Also, other important thing for Future
Indonesian youth is to show their sovereignity 11 Indonesia, International Relations, and
and good reputation in international stage. Youth
That’s why the first adition of 2011 ISAFIS News
have “Youth and international Relations” as the Lee Kuan Yew 12
main theme. And what makes it special? The Obama’s Speech 13
essays were written by the new ISAFISians!
There are also Sahabat ISAFIS articles like Barbi
17 A Month of Enchanatment
(Philippines) who shares her exciting experience
On Cover: in Indonesia and Andrea (Mexico) who reports 20 COP16: Highlights and Conclusions -
Keishkara Hanadhita
a little bit about COP16. Moreover, ISAFISians
resolutions are waiting ahead to be read! So, I
hope you really enjoy and appreciate our first
edition of 2011 ISAFIS News
From a Mexican Negotiations Tracker

16 iWISH
Last but not least, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Febi Purnamasari
26 iJOURNEY 09
2 3

How Indonesian say, the real national-wide democracy where

people are now living in era of information
from different background and ethnicity exist
in almost entire society. This kind of situation,

Youth Could Deal literacy freedom, participation in every national

political policies, and open-mindedness.
hamper us in reaching a good and beneficial
future of the country. If the people themselves

with International
are not united and solid in one mission and
On the subject of International Relations,
vision, keeping their own interests, and hurting
Indonesian foreign policies remain as
each other, then how can we create a good

independent and active. The policy is
future together? If most of the people inside
independent because Indonesia does not
the country can not even manage to respect
take any sides of world powers, which
each others’ differences, then how can we
means being neutral and objective in facing
By: NAJWA ABDULLAH SUNGKAR manage to be able to face cultural differences
international issues. The foreign policy is
at international level?
active to the extent that Indonesia does
not sustain a passive or reactive stand on In respond to the problems mentioned
international issues, but inquires about active above, on the subject of youth, I believe it is the
participation in their resolution. In other words, most potential source for us to tackle problems
Indonesia’s independent and active policy is in Indonesia. The prospect and competence of
not a neutral policy, but it is one that does not our young generation is the sole determinant
align Indonesia with the super powers nor of predicting our future success. Young
does it bind the country to any military pact. generation is our human capital. Therefore, in
Essentially, it is a policy designed to serve the producing and rearing young generation, lay
national interest while simultaneously allowing the essential groundwork for the formation
Indonesia to cooperate with other nations to of human knowledge, skills, creativity, and
eradicate colonialism and imperialism in all innovation. That is to say, productive and
their forms and manifestations for the sake of knowledgeable young generation is the
world peace and social justice (Embassy of The key ingredient in the recipe for success
Republic of Indonesia, Washington, D.C.). If we and prosperity in the post-industrial and
see through this point of view, it indicates that globalization age, both at national and
Indonesia has managed to be “laissez-faire” international levels. In this case, what exactly
or flexible yet defensive in positing itself in has the most to do with producing convenient
international arena. Nevertheless, actualizing young generation nowadays and in the future
it is hardly easy. As the ‘newbie’ in establishing is education. Thus, establishing convenient and
the real democracy, facing the trans-cultural prevalent educational policies are crucial.
and multidimensional effects of globalization
Conclusively, in achieving political, social,

source: www.pinoyhalo.com and free trade, Indonesia seems to have
several difficulties to survive its political, social, and economic stabilities both at national and
n the subject of ideology, I believe handed regime of Soeharto was tumbled international levels, young generation is really
and economical stabilities, both at national
Indonesia remains as one of the down by people of Indonesia, led by the important as they are “sprouts” of our human
and international levels. Furthermore, in the
countries with judicially conducive student movement. During the regime, the capital. Therefore, Indonesia needs take more
highlight of multiculturalism, establishing
and established democracy. Indonesia actualization of democracy had been impeded credits in managing and improving its youth’s
a strong tolerance and solidarity within our
is also one of the important and as the access and opportunities in expressing qualities, which in this case, education is the
society is a vital thing to create a just and
leading democratic countries in South East ideas and opinions (especially regarding the significant instrument for actualizing it.
civilized humanity in order to reach a stabile
Asia. Historically, Indonesia can be considered governmental works) had often been restricted
national security. Unfortunately, until this
as the most revolutionized countries in terms and oppressed by the central government. In
moment, Indonesia still needs to struggle
of its political ideology. In attempt to reach respond to the democratization as the part of Reference:
more to reach this point regarding so many
the real democracy, (in which the transfers, globalization, many Indonesians at that time
hindrances. Indonesia is now facing a dilemma Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia,
discoveries, and expression of ideas, opinions, found this restriction as dictatorial governance.
in actualizing a social integration. There are still Washington, D.C. INDONESIA’S FOREIGN
and thoughts are justifiable and liberated) Therefore, by May 1998, the reformation took
some cultural, religious, and ethnic conflicts POLICY/THE PRINCIPLES OF. 2008.
Indonesia has passed several momentous place where Soeharto gave up his position
happen in several parts of Indonesia. Not only 22 November 2010 <http://www.
political reformations. One of the significant as President and by that time, our political
that, ethnocentrism, stereotypes, prescriptive embassyofindonesia.org/foreign/foreignpolicy.
revolutions was in 1998 which is often called ideology revolutionized in accordance with
thoughts, and prejudices regarding people htm>.
as “era of reformation”. At this point, the iron- the next presidents’ governance, which is to

4 5

also married in very young age (compared education become more accessible,
with today’s situation). Instead of getting especially for those who live in remote
primary education, a 13 years old girl might region. Even the 20% expenditure is used
have been proposed as soon as she got her by another institution/ministry for civil
first menstruation. She then got married servants training. Many people still doubt
with a boy whose age was not much older Indonesia’s achievement in providing
than her. This teenage married-couple accessible primary education for all citizens,
did not have a chance to get primary though the statistic almost reaches 100%
education. They, as well as their parents, citizen’s participation in primary education.
did not even realize that getting primary Besides, we can still find different quality
education was a right that’s supposed to of education; the government has to fix
be fulfilled especially for young people. We it. Government must ensure that every
couldn’t blame on them or their parents child in Indonesia gets education equally;
who gave such permission; the situation there must be standardization in recruiting
made this thing happened. It was caused teacher, especially teacher for primary
by a wrong paradigm that lived in society. schools because we know primary school
plays important role in shaping one’s
What Indonesia has achieved according
personality so that government should
to the 2nd goal of MDGs is a remarkable
give higher wages for qualified-teachers
achievement. The old paradigm has
who teach in remote regions.
changed with the new one which considers
education as an important need, as Five years to go to 2015, the year when
anak sekolah, source: Kompasiana
well as shelter, food and clothes. Most all the targets of MDGs are expected to
Moving Toward to Better parents who come from different layers of
economic have agreed that education is a
achieve. The government should not only
consider the achievements according to
Education in Indonesia with channel to do social mobilization and to MDGs quantitatively but also qualitatively.

MDGs get better social stand. The rate of literacy

is increasing due to public’s awareness in
The matter is not only about “how much
children have attended the primary
education especially the primary ones. education?’’ but also “how good is the
Statistic shows, rate of children in Indonesia primary education in Indonesia?” By the
Millennium Development Goals are eight international goals that have been agreed by
who attend elementary school (SD) is 94.7 year of 2015, I hope all of us can live in
192 countries, members of United Nation (including Indonesia). The aim of MDGs is to percent and the percentage of kids who better Indonesia where everyone gets what
encourage development by improving social and economic conditions. All of the goals are attend junior high school (SMP) increases they are supposed to get, such as good
expected to achieve in 2015. | By: ARYA SATYA NUGRAHA every year. Maybe this achievement is an education.

effect of government policy that has made
o far, what Indonesia has achieved Decades ago, most of Indonesians nine years education (during SD and SMP)
according to MDGs? Which goal thought that education was not playing become compulsory for both boys and
that has been achieved better than important role in human’s life. They girls.
other goals? Referred to UNICEF- thought that education just wasted their
Indonesia’s website, Indonesia money and they couldn’t earn money Despite those high achievements,
seems more successful in achieving 2nd for their daily needs with it. At that time, government still has some undone tasks
goal of MDGs which is “by 2015, all children people did not consider education as a according to 2nd goal of MDGs. As written
can complete a full course of primary long-term investment. They also did not in constitution, government must allocate
education, girls and boys”. According to think that literacy played tremendous 20% (per year) of total government’s
that fact, I will emphasize my writing on role in human’s entire life. During those expenditure (in APBN) for education. In fact
Indonesia’s achievement in 2nd goal of dark decades, many parents chose to let the 20% of total government’s expenditure
MDGs. their under-aged children working in rice in APBN is not fully organized and not used
fields instead of going to school. People by ministry of education to make primary

6 7

The Benefits of Indonesia’s Indonesia in

Participation in CAFTA Free Trade and
Globalization is growing around the world. The rapid development of technology and information
transfer surpasses national boundaries and increases international interactions. It allows nations to enhance
cooperation among each another, creating new opportunities and possibilities. One of the actual form of
globalization is the creation of free trade areas.
Like a Fly among

ree Trade Areas are agreements among nations
that decrease or diminish trading boundaries
opportunities and enhancement in current industries
which shall improve the national economic. Foreign
the Giants
and protections to enhance economic activities investments in Indonesia also enhance transfer in
Talking about the implementation of free
among member countries. It is part of the effort technology and experts. This shall decrease the trade and globalizations in Indonesia is like
to create equal opportunities of development Indonesian technology and capability gap, therefore talking about a double-edged sword: get it
through easier access for investments and trading. improves quality and efficiency in production.
right and we’ll have an economic burst in no
Indonesia as a member of international community The third benefit from Indonesia’s participation time, but get it wrong and we’ll ‘die’ without
also takes part in free trade area agreements. The most in CAFTA is the improvement and enhancement of a chance to resurrect even just for once. Why?
recent is the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA). international relationship with China. An agreement
This cooperation between China and ASEAN member in free trade area shall increase interactions between There are several reasons that can be used to
states reduces taxes for goods traded between the both regions and create more intense relations. China describe this effect.
participants and provides easier access for investors is a growing international power; therefore good

to invest capitals in both regions. relationship with China shall benefit Indonesia in both By: RISKA KUSUMA WARDHANI
present and the future. An agreement in free trade irst is a classic reason of all things: we’re Third, by entering the free trade and
Active participations in CAFTA offer huge areas may also open possibilities for cooperation in
profits for Indonesian economic development. It not ready yet. An ironic reality as the idea globalizations, we will face a tough competition
other sectors and areas.
provides opportunities to build stronger economy of free trade and globalizations have been with countries like China, with its mass-
and enhances economic growth. Mainly, there are The agreement between China and ASEAN discussed since 2001, giving us a nine years production competency, Japan, with its Total
three main benefits for Indonesian government on member states, including Indonesia, to ratify free trade gap compared with its formal launching Quality Management (TQM) competency, and
participating in CAFTA. area cooperation between both regions show that day: January 1st, 2010. But this statement itself South Korea, with its continuous innovation.
globalization is actuating in areas of life. It benefits
First, CAFTA provides new potential market for Indonesian through easier access towards existing came from the mouth of The Trade Minister Mari And here the problem lies: most of Indonesian
Indonesian economy. China is a potential market due market and higher possibilities for investment also Elka Pangestu! She said that Indonesian industries industries still have a moderate productivity,
to its largest population of more than 1.1 billion people. creates a better relationship with China. Therefore, do not have right requirements to enter the quality, and innovation; they naeed a long time
This huge amount of population benefits producers CAFTA serves as a policy that provides great potential to catch up with their performance.
free trade and some of them also to face some
due to high consumption. The CAFTA reduces tax and for economic development which is essential in
other barriers that prevent Indonesian goods from environmental issues that must be minimized
developing countries like Indonesia. This agreement In summary, Indonesia is like a small fly
entering the Chinese market as well. Therefore, it also acts as a stepping stone for Indonesia’s further first if we want to get along with globalizations.
creates wider possibilities for Indonesian producers to
among the giants concerning free trade and
participation in creating free trade areas with other globalization: we are not competent enough
market their goods in China and gain more profit from Second, most Indonesian industries possess
countries, in other regions.
the new market. It leads to the growth of Indonesian bad corporate governance: they reek of compared with them. However, it doesn’t mean
national industry which increases national economic corruption, manipulation, insider trading, and that we don’t have potential, we do. What should
development and provides other frauds. It’s not a good thing since free trade be done quickly is exploring this potential: on the
higher job opportunities.
and globalizations demand good corporate side of natural resources, we should have used
The CAFTA also provides governance in every single industry with a firm it wisely to be certain of its sustainability so that
easier access for investors grip of fairness, transparency, accountability, they can support our industries for a long time;
from both countries to and responsibility. According to a survey held on human resources, we should give them more
invest on either region. This
will increase the number of by McKinsey either, foreign investors are also training to hone their skills and competences;
investments in Indonesia. hesitant in investing their and on capital structure, we should encourage
The biggest problem in money to a country having Indonesian people to invest their spare money
Indonesian economy is the lots of such bad practices into an Indonesian industry rather than save it in
lack of capital. A significant as they fear the risk. How a bank account and persuade the government to
increase in the amount of support Indonesian industries, especially Usaha
will Indonesia survive if all
investment shall solve the
problem of capital and allow bad sides of its industries Kecil dan Menengah (UKM) with more financial
Indonesian economy to grow will later be exposed to subsidies. What a hard way to take, but if we can
rapidly. It provides possibilities public and thus no foreign complete them all, we’ll be a giant too in a short
to create new industries that investors want to invest their time.
open bigger employment money here?
one of ACFTA impact: job opportunities
source: pabrikbaju.com source: hongkiat.com
8 9

Motivating Indonesia,
Indonesian International
Relations, and
Youth for Youth

IIW can be one of the medium to learn other country’s culture credit: Febi Purnamasari can be ‘the people’ who take real action to continue
By: Cheryl Budiarto

credit: Zhahwa Chadijah R Indonesia is a densely populated country and and to maintain their country with their ideas, dreams,
owadays, the phenomenon of The key is to involve as many youth as we comprises with 17.508 islands. Within this spirits and passions. I believe that if youth can take
Indonesian youth in promiscuity is can. Government and the upper circle like archipelago, Indonesia reserves many heritages; action, nothing is impossible.

increasing year by year. Based on enterpreneurs, social workers, even educators one of them is its youth live therein. Indonesian youth should have a wide perspective.
Badan Koordinasi Keluarga Berencana like teachers and school principles should obert F. Kennedy stated, “this world demands They must base their knowledge on the full
Nasional (BKKBN)’s survey data, about involve and motivate youth generation, not the qualities of youth: not a time of life but a consciousness that Indonesia is part of history and
200.000 female teenagers in West Java have underestimate them. For example, DPR’s state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of global society dynamism. We have to maintain good
done abortion per year. Moreover, Pusat Keluarga Commission for Youth should not only make imagination, a predominance of courage over relations with our neighboring countries. Some
Berencana Indonesia (PKBI) stated, Indonesia has law or regulations for youth; they should also timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the issues in other countries, to some extent, need our
reached 2.3 million abortion cases every year and make a big event whereas many youth can life of ease.” I definitely agree with this perception. consideration. We should be active in participating
30% is contributed by teenagers. We can see one involve in it nationally. They can have “I love As it has been widely known secret, this world is in the international arena since we cannot simply live
of the causes from the fact that Western culture Indonesia” as the theme. Such event can show always advancing towards globalization. Therefore, alone.
has influenced Indonesians especially youth’s life Indonesia’s uniqueness and potential that might in order to comply with globalization, people (youth Young people must also possess a multidimensional
style such as free sex before marriage, abortion, have not been known or realized by Indonesian for foremost) need to be aware with how to deal perspective. Perspective is good for the youth in order
wild parties, hedonism, and else. The weakness youth. Maybe they previously only knew Batik with humans worldwide. Youth need to learn that to understand that they cannot only think of their
of norms and values in Indonesian people as Indonesian famous culture and Bali as the in this global world, there are abilities that they own interests in absolute terms. Win-win solutions
(youth generation for example) has made them greatest island in Indonesia. In fact, Indonesia need to master such as communication skill to the are necessary to solve common problems. Some
no longer hold Eastern life style; they become a have a great natural resources and beautiful international community. aspects, like universal soul and multidimensional
generation with no clues about what to do and islands as well, like Rajaampat in Papua (which
This communication skill could open up relations consciousness, are indeed important for young
not to do also who just live by the flow. Many is legally owned by Indonesia, but used and
from all over the world. We should admit and agree leaders in the future. By having such consciousness,
youth think that being young is time for having cultivated by the Dutch and the Australian.
that nowadays people who master more than one they will be able to create a “more humane” society.
fun and do anything as free as they can because
Youth is the future of this country and the language would be easier to find jobs or to interact Thus, to build good international relations, I
they think life begins in 30 something, not now.
world. If youth generation stand up together, I with people from other countries. English is a very believe three things are needed: belief, goodwill, and
On the other hand, some youth may have believe they can make changes. I am certainly important language to master but without good idealism. Belief is the result of incessant dialogue and
different beliefs with “Western Era- generation” sure that ISAFIS is the perfect medium for youth communication skill, most of the knowledge will be mutual understanding. Also, along with the presence
as I have mentioned above. They realize that life movement. They can share ideas together with meaningless. of goodwill, cooperation and understanding among
only happens once and youth should maximize other youth from foreign countries, exchange Youth in Indonesia sure have great desires, countries are possible. The role of the young, with
their lives by doing anything with good different point of views with different cultures dreams, and spirit to create better Indonesia. By their universal soul and multidimensional perspective,
purposes, even to make changes for others’ around the world, and adjust the work style by an organization like ISAFIS, youth can strengthen is a necessary prerequisite. After all, young people do
life. Still, they have not got the adjust area or workforce diversity so that they can learn from and develop their communication skill. I really have aspirations to be leaders in the future.
medium to share ideas together, to discuss also the best. They also can learn another country’s believe that young generation is the relevant actor
to give solutions about youth’s phenomenon, culture by having cross-cultural exchange such for development because they have significant
and to bring changes to the world, especially as learning traditional music instruments and contribution to their family, community, and society.
by youth movement. If there is any medium to local dances between countries. Indonesian Discussion and information share about any kind of
guide and to make youth movement, I am pretty youth then would realize indirectly that their issues with the government and Non-Governmental
sure that youth can change their point of view country is actually a great country. Thus, by Organizations will encourage and inspire the youth in
about living. Even they can bring changes to this standing up together with other youth around giving solutions due to their need of medium for skill
country and the world. This shows that youth are the world, they can make changes! development. I also believe that youth in Indonesia
not a problem; indeed they are solution. source: Blogger

10 11

Lee Kuan Yew

His effort to build and to develop Singapore to be like now is something incredible. At the
beginning of this city-state, no one believed Singapore could progress into a giant economic
and modern country. But now we can see how Lee Kuan Yew has turned those predictions
to be proved wrong.

n his interview with Fareed Zakaria, he said he did
not want to follow any prescriptions given by any
theorists and forces. He only wanted to implement
his own prescription that based on Singaporean
everyday live.
So what prescription did he mean?
The most questioned question regarding to his
stances toward Singaporean lives is whether democracy
is applicable or not in Singapore. He was so famous for
his critics upon the spread of America’s democracy by
American government. When Fareed Zakaria asked this
to him, he only said that America’s democracy is just
credit: Ginanjar Rahmat
ISAFIS got a chance to see Mr. Obama last November.
Singapore under Lee Kuan Yew has grown so fast in source: dailycaller.com
its economy, trade, and financial life, but not with its All of these were achieved Some of ISAFISians have their own judgment about his speech.
democracy. People were banned to gather without police under his leadership, despite
“I wonder no significance impact would American especially when he talked
permission. The political climate has been unfriendly to the critics that often describe
the opposition. All of these have resulted an enormous him as an authoritarian leader be brought by Obama’s coming except a about economy. He said implicitly that
stability on its political life and not forget to mention Lee who doesn’t respect democracy. feeling for Indonesian that they are still the amount of Indonesian people could
Kuan Yew’s People Action Party’s life. For his opponent, This figure has reminded me to
Fareed Zakaria’s thesis. He said, being remembered. The time he spent in be a potential market for American
his leadership has been the most criticized.
“An authoritarian leader whose Indonesia for his visit which was less than goods. He strongly urged a good tie in
To respond these critics, he described what he respect individual freedom is
called his prescription. He simply said that economic much better than a democratic 24 hours indicates that in fact, Indonesia economics cooperation, though overall
development was more important than democracy. government who doesn’t was not that important for United States his speech was about Islam and USA.
“First let’s get a decent livelihood, then we can talk respect individual freedom.”
about superior form of government and democracy is of America, but maybe important for This indicates how important Indonesia
the superior form of government,” he added. At last, maybe the right
word to end this opinion Obama. I attempt to exclude Obama as their market. From this reality I try to
Lee Kuan Yew later on explained about his intention article is that Lee Kuan Yew has
in building Singapore. First world oasis in the third world
from USA because at the beginning of be realistic, seeing that actually we don’t
proven how succeed he was
country is what he had dreamed about to achieve what’s his speech, I felt like he speech as an gain anything significantly. His visit
in building Singapore with his
now Singaporean has enjoyed. Now Singaporean can own prescription that based “Indonesian” who just came back to his sounds like nostalgia to him or maybe
enjoy all results which Lee Kuan Yew has strived for. A huge on Singaporean lives. What
amount of GDP, high level of economic development, a hometown. However, in the middle of his coming to Indonesia was merely as
Mahathir Muhammad ever said,
good system of education, a clean government, and last “A great leader is like a doctor, his speech he came back to his nature one of his deeds to decrease his guilty
but not least, the modern city of Singapore. always listen to their people as a representative of USA. It was like because he had delayed his visits three
rather than do thing with their
own way”. he opened his mask and talked as an times before. Moreover, maybe what

12 13

USA tried to gain from Obama’s coming If democracy and Islam in Indonesia delivered his speech last November has People with different religions, ethnics
to Muslim World was because they need is some kind of an image of modern also comfirmed that there are plenty group, and traditional language can stand
to build a good name as a friendly state Islamic society, why does Obama never things to do by Indonesian government side by side and reinforce togetherness
to those countries. Thus, their trillion use Indonesia as one of his connector to to enhance our participation in the to establish a sustainable development.
dollars of business could be hold because the Islamic world instead of using it only global politics. It is a home work for Its openness of press, embracement of
their business with investors from Saudi to campaign his understanding about Indonesian President; the President who people aspiration, and inclusiveness are
Arabia and other Muslim countries Islam to the Moslem world? used foreign policy as one of his strength the shared values across the archipelago.
would be safe. It would also gain USA in the past election.” And I feel this much clearer when I have
Then in Asia context, his word on the
much. Hence, I want to emphasize here personal experience to travel to another
important role of Indonesia in the Asia LUKMAN OESMAN – ISAFIS VICE
that as Indonesian, we shouldn’t have country and to feel that “Thanks God, I
Pacific region was something that he PRESIDENT
much euphoria for Obama’s visit. He still am Indonesian!”
only mentioned once. Another sentence
brings the hegemony of USA though That day would be a memorable
that entailed this statement was, again,
maybe on the other side, he puts day for the rest of my life. I still can hardly
only stressing on Indonesia’s democracy “What I noted from his speech is
himself as a success “Barry” who was believe that Barack Obama was right in
normatively and did not mentioned any he highlighted on development,
pulang kampong (coming back home) front of me and addressing the word
realistic potential example for Indonesia democracy, and diversity in Indonesia.
and pledges to have Indonesia as their that shook the world instead of watching
to become one of the respected country He said Indonesia and America are
partner not as foe.” his video sharing for universal hope of
in the region. engaging comprehensive partnership change. He once again ignited me to
SRI REZEKI – PROJECT OFFICER OF in all level, scope, and spectrum. Both
In many ways Obama’s speech in the learn more and work hard my country.
JIMUN Indonesia and America have stake to
University of Indonesia only answered I should finish my study in Indonesia to
each other development: Indonesia as
the wait for nostalgia by many deepen my basic of nationalities and
the emerging market in Asia Pacific and
Indonesians, but did not answer the wait let me study abroad to broadening my
“Unlike his Cairo speech that has been America as the standing economic power.
for more confirmation on Indonesia’s role horizon. This is the time for me to take
adored by the global society, his speech The growing middle class in Indonesia is
in the international society. These facts the pillar of my generation. Yes, Sir, yes
in Indonesia was not that adoring and a potential market for American goods
have brought me to a conclusion that we can. See you in America!”
important on the substance. His speech as well as an alluring investment place.
behind this nostalgia, there is an irony INDAH GILANG PUSPARANI
in Jakarta was only talking about He hoped that more and more people of
Indonesia as a country but not as a part of of Indonesia’s participation in the global
Indonesia could go to American school
the world. When many called his speech politics. I agree and also proud with the
along with the more people of America
in Cairo as his message to the Muslim current Indonesia’s participation and
to learn of Indonesia and gain more
society, his speech in Indonesia did not contribution in the international society
intercontinental understanding.
show such thing, except the normative such as becoming one of the member
Another thing is what I grateful
one. This speech, for me, had shown the of G-20. It is something that has put
to be an Indonesian. I surely do not need
less important role of Indonesia in global Indonesia in a level which Indonesia had
Barack Obama to tell that Indonesia is a
society especially in Muslim world. never been onto, but the way Obama
very amazing country with its diversity.

14 15

I wish I won’t get any B- on my SIAK

Keishka, Media Relations

I wish my internship will be successful and

I- A Month of
my thesis as well
Echi, R&D

I wish I can go to Dubai this holiday

Gorbi Anderson, FANC What have I learned?
By: Josephine Barbi Maramag Balilia
I wish I can get a new family in ISAFIS
Dicky, FANC

I wish I could jamah East Indonesia I wish ISAFIS more awesome

OK, FANC Boris, SC

I wish Christmas could be changed to Be different, do different, and wish us the

January best all the way
Ulpa, FANC Zaki Yamani, SC

I wish I can be a better person I wish an elightenment for our so-called

Mahesh, FANC president
Joan, R&D
I wish I can continue to UPM from 3rd
semester I wish I can get B for my PIP (Pengantar
Sandra, FANC Ilmu Politik) class
Fadhil, FR
I wish I have another great year in 2011
Arya, R&D I wish I can go to Europe without paying for
anything in 2011
I wish I can join HNMUN 2012 Riska, FR
Kiki, HROD
I wish everything would stay on their line
I wish I will have a great year Widi, SG
Melia, HROD
I love this family...ISAFIS
I wish my English language is good TB, President Staying for more than a month in Will it suffice if I say I felt loved? I felt like
Indonesia is ineffable. It is beyond any I’m home? I felt like I have been there all my
Ringgo, HROD
I wish I can survive next week adjectives can describe and beyond life?
I wish I have a great year ahead Rize, R&D any emotion can fathom. I tried hard Everyday I felt a different emotion.
Maya, under SG for some hours to search for the most Waking up each day is like waking up in a
I wish I can survive next two weeks fitting word that can fully encompassed place I have known for quite a long time.
I wish JIMUN would be running well and Hanifah, R&D the feeling I felt when I was wandering Yeah, it seemed like a déjàvu. I have never
smashing! in that country. However, spending felt that I am a stranger. I felt I belonged.
Sri Rezeki, Project Leader of JIMUN an ample time in front of my laptop is Indonesians hospitality can never be
futile. Words didn’t come so easy. Much questioned and I could attest to that.
I wish IIW 2011 would run well and give to my dismay, I still haven’t found the ‘Invading’ it for a month is like unraveling
best shot for all (ISAFIS & participants) appropriate word. Again for the second an array of mysteries. Mysteries that will
Salman Baisa, Project Leader of IIW time I have failed. How can I find a make you appreciate and discern things. It
2010-12-19 will make you baffled and astonished at the
suiting adjective for a feeling that is
same time.

16 17

There would be a number there are numbers of intensive nationwide We could be in our own little way to be an
of fascinating and bizarre campaigns to combat this predicament instrument of change. We can instigate a
cultures Indonesia has. The but none of it succeeded. This might be change in the system by starting within
puppetry show, numbers because we have ruled out a very salient ourselves. I am not saying that we need
of unique grooves, peculiar equation of the formula. We have never to go out and demonstrate or scrutinize.
mode of transportation, realized that we have embraced and I am not also asking that we need be
and TRAFFIC (laughs) made condoned the culture of bribery for the like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela,
Indonesia a must-visit and longest time. A typical scenario would be or Dalai Lama. What I will just ask for us
must-seen country. As cheating in exam or copying someone’s to do is to stop cheating. Stop cheating
much as I wanted to tell homework. Have you ever heard of with our classmates. Stop tolerating other
my wonderful odyssey in someone being imprisoned because he misdeeds. Stop talking and start acting. We
detail I think I can’t. There or she was caught cheating? Well, I bet can be a catalyst of change if we will take
are so many things to be none. They might be punished but not the initiative to lead our nation to a free-
told. This is just means to the extent of being shut behind bars. cheat country. We can shape our vicinity
that it is indeed a melting This is a sign that we have not yet taken in the best way we can ever imagine. We
pot of disparate rhythms “corruption” seriously. We always frown if can define who we will be in the next
and cultures. It cannot be we found out that elected officials stole generation. So please let’s begin now.
denied that it did undergo our taxes. We raise our eyebrow if a person
to a series of intermarriages whose ability is lower than us got a higher ____________________________________
Let me start by saying that Indonesia with other traditions. It had position in the work place because he or ____________________________________
is a home of spices and exquisite cuisines. embraced multiracialism with open arms. she is a close friend to our boss. But have P.S.
Their dishes are undoubtedly rich with In retrospection, it is not only the culture we honestly asked ourselves whether
chilis. Thriving there for a month is like that I have discovered. As time passed by, I along the way we try to cheat be it small I owe my wonderful escapade in Indonesia
living in a chamber of deprivation since I have the chance to acquire a tremendous or not? Or be an accessory of cheating? I to my Indonesian friends specifically to
was not able to lavish exotic dishes for I am knowledge to existing predicaments would admit I am guilty of such act. Even Mita, Febi, Mukhtar, Andy, Andri, Azwar,
not used to eating such. Equally shocking of Indonesia. Well, special thanks to my I can see my friends cheating on exam I Charles,Raymon, Ria, Tya, and Ari. Thank
too when I found out that even with their friend Febi for introducing (Indonesian won’t have that courage to tell the teachers you for helping me in discovering the
supposedly sweet concoctions are filled Students Association For International because I am afraid of the consequences unforeseen culture of Indonesia. I hope
with spices. Confronted with this reality, Studies ISAFIS. A brief yet a mind-blowing that it might bring. Sometimes this awful someday I would return your kindness if
still it wasn’t that successful in altering my discussion. I felt I had a crash-course on reality circulates in our lives but we find it you guys visit me here in Philippines. To
taste bud. However, there is a viand that I politics and history. It made me realized “normal” since everaybody is doing it. This Kuya Jalloud, Sadat, and Saripoden thank
treasured for all my life that is “Nasi Goreng that Indonesia and Philippines the same indicates that we in the strictest description you for taking care of me when I had my
Teri”. It is the best Indonesian food I have predicament. Being third world countries can label ourselves as corrupt. But little we stomachache.
ever tasted. Its taste washed my tiredness they are number of similarities. Let me did know that if we have prevented this
and homesickness away. I don’t mind share a few things that I have unveiled. misdemeanor before it gets worse then
eating it for a month or so. Aside from the we might tag as one. If we had nurtured
scorching meals, it is also renowned for Poverty and Corruption potential leaders in the right manner then
its magnificent batik designs. My eyes are Corruption is the most common we haven’t been where we are now. We
glued at the vibrant patterns that it exuded. denominator between Indonesia and are now reaping what we have sown for
I can’t help not to stare and be bewitched Philippines. With corruption in the line decades.
by the beauty it possessed. If it is a celebrity it had mired the two countries in deep
I’ve bet it must be the talk of the town. It is poverty which obstructs their way to Catalyst of Change
a must-buy for a shopaholic like me. Well, I progress. That is why it would no longer The question would be how to fight
could only care less with its price because be a surprise that these countries are corruption? In a world where impartiality
in Indonesia I am a millionaire. It felt good included in the list of most corrupt. These will never exist how can justice be served?
having a million rupiahs and more (hehe). dilemmas have been visible immemorial The answer lies in us. The youth (with
However, the currency gave me a huge but until now there is no effective antidote our ardor, enthusiasm, and wisdom)
headache when buying some stuff. Dealing to put this contagious disease to an end. are still believed to be the hope for the
with many zeros is my waterloo. Umpteenth organizations have tried to future. What we seem to lack now is the
spearhead several discussions about proper motivation and driving force to
ending corruption but still it had remained trust that they can make an impact in
weak. If we will take a look in our milieu society and influence decision-making.

18 19

COP16: Highlights and Conclusions

from a Mexican Negotiations Tracker
COP16 is over and we did not leave with our empty hands!

the main inspiration was “us, young people”.

She explained that she felt guilty for the planet
her generation is leaving to new ones, as every
day we have more species on extinction and
people are dying because of human actions on
the planet.
Another great moment that will remain in
my mind was when I could ask a question in the
plenary directly to Mexican President: Felipe
I was nervous at the very beginning, when he
chose me to talk and ask a question in front of the
negotiators and ministers inside the place. But
then, when I started speaking, everything seemed
to make sense.
I asked the perspective of the president on
For several days I have been reading some The text pressented by the end of the conference youth as activists and communicators, observers
news that state or have stated that COP16 was a mentioned the creation of a green fund to help or leaders on fighting climate change at the
failure. Others take a bit more positive attitudes. developing countries cope with the heat and put conference. I asked if our voices had been heard.
in place a mechanism to combat deforestation.
Personally, I think that Cancun was a key to Being able to raise my voice, and represent
Christiana Figueres (Secretary of the UNFCCC) youth voices that had been working with or
revive the negotiating process to combat climate • Important messages to civil society:
and Felipe Calderón (Mexican President) around me was very significative for me. I received
change, which means progress. Definitely: a the importance of acting locally, without waiting
long and tiring process. It was my first COP and for the delegates of each country to agree on a Going back some days ago and remembering some applauses after giving my question, and
my personal highlights, I would like to talk about finally, the president mentioned the importance of
I must say I learned a lot during the last two document. Act Locally, Think Globally.
two people that I had the opportunity to talk having youth as an inspiration for negotiators, and
weeks, perhaps much more than what I could as a way on supporting and helping the process.
have learned immersed in books and news of • Personally, to follow the steps to the to and who changed my perspective on the
the summit. I want to share some points that I delegation of Mexico made me realize the International fight against Climate Change. COP16 was a great experience but I will keep on
consider key to understanding a little more of the important role that took the country at this COP, following the process after Cancun. If you would like
and the commitment it has made to combat First of all, as a part of the “Adopt A Negotiator”
final conclusions from the climate summit: tracking team, we had the chance to meet the to know more about it do not hesitate to follow me
climate change. Moreover, its leadership hailed on twitter: @andrea_arzaba or read my posts at:
secretary of the UN Framework Convention
• The creation of dialogue and networking by almost every nation, earned them the prize on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Mrs Christiana
between government, NGOs, researchers, “silver lining” for the transparency provided in the http://adoptanegotiator.org/author/andreaarzaba/
journalists and observers was invaluable. All these Cancun negotiations.
different perspectives enriched the process, all I must admit that she is a very nice, down to
voices were heard and I think mostly directed I really hope what Mexican negotiators stated Earth woman. Born in Costa Rica, Figueres feels
towards the path of right action. will become a reality, and I’ll be tracking down passionate about her homeland being affected by
these negotiators and key players, who have climate change.
• No international agreement was reached shown exceptional work during the past two
There was a special moment on the chat we
to replace the Kyoto protocol in this 2012, when it weeks. Because it is now, after the talks when real
had where I asked her what was her motivation
ceases to be valid, but negotiators returned to run work comes! in combating climate change. Her answer left me
the process and the negotiations were positive. speechless, as with tears in her eyes she said that

20 21

MOVIE MUSIC ISAFIS members have made impressive achievements in 2010. Some of them
contributed in Model United Nations while others were involved in world
conferences. Know these people and get inspired 
Tubagus Ari Wibawa Mukti, Emirates with Indonesian officials like President
International Model United Nations Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as well as
2010 his cabinet.
On 3-7 February 2010, Ari went to Febi Purnamasari, 5th World Youth
Dubai, United Emirates Arab for Congress 2010
EMIMUN. Ari represented Thailand in It is the first congress she has attended
International Monetary Fund committee. and Turkey is the first foreign country
Just like other MUN process, Ari was she’s ever been to. After the whole
involved in the whole MUN activities, selection process, Febi was honored to
Europe On Screen 2010 from committees in session, working represent Indonesia in this congress.
paper, to draft resolution. This MUN and There, she took a role as a Young
its main theme, Sovereign Wealth Fund Journalist and a facilitator for a
Written and directed by Peter Kerekes by Putumayo World Music workshop titled “Enlighten Your Society
United Nations (IMATION) in April 2010. with Your Good Journalism Skills”. She
6 Wars, 11 Recipes, 60 361 024 Dead
IMATION shows his great motivation also posted some articles and photos
to share his knowledge about MUN on The Congress Times which were read
know-how with ther ISAFISIans. Thus, by more than 1000 participants around
ISAFISians could be more prepared and the world. Besides, being involved in
Cooking history is a unique style of documentary Do you know that Bossa Nova is originally from
which presents real stories behind World War II: Brazil? This music has also been established ready whenever they had to compete in the Action Projects was one of Febi’s
military cooks. Here, the army cooks had very and spread out since 1950s. Nowadays, bossa MUN events. activities as well. She spent three days
important role in a fight strategy. Military cooks sound has appealed contamporary audiences
became the ‘key’ of armies’ energy and mood and musicians. Some of them have contributed
Olivia D. Purba & Riza Aryani, MY at Eskisehir to help the local people
during the battle. In short, they could influence in this 12 tracks album and you will hear various SUMMIT 2010 developing the area, such as planting the
history through their spoons. sounds of Bossa from eleven various countries, With substantive and financial supports trees at the local park and helping the
This film tells that cooking and fighting have a
from Brazil, Norway, to South Korea.
from several ministries in Indonesia, people at the construction area.
lot in common: strategizing, judging the correct Bossa Nova Around the World album curator and Olivia and Riza finally could reach Levriana Yustriani, the 16th Asia-Pacific
proportion of ingredients (there were thousands Putumayo founder  Dan Storper  comments, Toronto, Canada. They were expected Model United Nations (AMUNC) 2010
armies that had to be served during the war), “As I’ve traveled the world, it’s been fascinating
and flavoring. You’ll see here food preparing to see how certain musical genres like Brazilian to be involved in G-8 and G-20 meeting Evrin represented as an honorable
becomes a metaphor for the battle. bossa nova have been embraced globally, and, with other youth from those groups of delegate from New Zealand in UNDP
like reggae, seem to blend effortlessly with other countries. MY SUMMIT purpose itself committee. At AMUNC 2010, the
The film is based on eleven recipes of the cooks rhythms, melodies and languages.”
(even the poisoned ones) since the second war was to involve the youth as
until the war in Tchechenia; from france through When you need a cozy and relaxing music world’s future leaders in the
the Balkans to Russia. Bossa Nova Around The World could be the best top of world’s economical
This way of story telling makes Cooking History
choice! meetings. The selection of
an interesting way to learn history. US/Canada release date: 11 January 2011 these representatives was
really strict. There were
Note: in the movie you’ll watch animals getting International release dates vary
slaughtered in various ways for their (the cook)
only seven youth selected
meat. These are deeply disturbing scenes for More info: www.putumayo.com as Indonesia Delegates by
certain people, especially kids and vegetarians. the organizer, Global Vision.
However, the selection
Vienna Film Prize
The FIPRESCI jury award made it precious because
Golden Hugo award for the best documentary the delegates got a chance
to discuss high politic issues

22 23

second UNDP were given two topics. from Indonesia, even the only one from to International Security Posed by Cyber
The first topic was “The question of South East Asia. Most of the delegates Attacks”. She’s learned a lot from the
building digital bridges: information were from Australia and New Zealand MUN and enjoyed it really well! Last but
and communication technology for and had already participated in the not least from her, “don’t be afraid to try
development” and the second topic was former BrizMUN. Lusia represented MUN. Cheers!”
“The question of the responsibilities Netherlands at the first General Sri Rezeki, WorldMUN and AIMUN 2010
of multinational corporations acting in Assembly. The topic they discussed in
developing countries”. As the honorable BrizMUN was “Questioning the Threat On March 2010, Sri joined World Model
of United Nations in Taipei, Taiwan.
For Sri, WorldMUN is by far the most
geographically diverse, most exciting,
and the most rewarding conference.
That was her first MUN ever. Sri thought
it was a really nerves-crack and that time
MUN was not popular for Indonesians.
Sri could through it well, though. That
time, Sri represented Barbados.
Moreover, at the end of the
winter season of this year, Sri
also joined Asian International
Model of United Nations
in Beijing. Sri said that the
conference was a nice one
where the delegates come
from many countries in Asia,
Russia, and some European

delegate for New Zealand, she devised

two working papers and several
amendments for the topics. Despite the
debate, caucus, working paper, and draft
resolution, all delegates and directors
socially mingled in every single session,
both at committee session and social
events. Therefore, Evrin said, “AMUNC
2010, especially UNDP committee,
satisfied me to the max in every possible
Lusia Novita Sari, BrizMUN 2010
It was held on April 9-11 at the
Queensland University of Technology.
The theme for BrizMUN 2010 was “Unite
the Present, Challenge the Future”.
Lusia was the only delegate who was

24 25

MUN is happening now and has been a Managerial Report

prestigious event for decades.
It was held in October at a villa in
Puncak. During two days one nights,
ISAFIS 2009/2010 managers had some
Discussion with Embassies serious activities like discussing AD/ART
whole night and election of ISAFIS new
Last year, we have had several discussions board at the next morning. The election
with embassies from United States of result was Tubagus Ari Wibawa Mukti
America and New Zealand. Various and Lukman Oesman as the President-
issues has been discussed, from Obama’s Vice President as well as Widi Laras as
leadership to intercultural, economic, General Secretary.
and movie discussions.
Two MOKAs A Year

Obama’s Speech The first MOKA was in February to

(11 November 2010) inaugurate ISAFIS member of 2010
and the second one was in December
ISAFIS was invited by US embassy to 2010 to legalize the newbies of 2011.
see Obama’s speech at University of The latest inauguration was held in 200
Indonesia, Depok. Around 25 ISAFIS Town House, Bekasi with more fun team-
members members came to see the building activities than the previous
(24 July-4 August 2010) (April 2010) most influential person in United States
of America. presentation). The next morning then
Summer time filled with fun at Jakarta, was followed by programs presentation
ISAFIS proudly presented its first from each divisions.
Bandung, and Bali. IIW is an ISAFIS
diplomatic simulation called ISAFIS
annual event which gives alternative for
Diplomatic Simulation (IMATION) on
international members of International
April 2010. With help from members
Week Coordinator Organization (IWCO)
of Bakrie University English Debating
to feel a real Indonesian atmosphere.
Society, IMATION was sucessfully done
Not only touristic things, the participants
until reaching its draft of resolutions.
have also experienced enchancement
The participants were mostly from both
and knowledge about Indonesian certain
organizers. However, the next IMATION
issues. Last year’s IIW took “Indonesian
participants are expected to be more
Micro Economics” as the main theme.
spread out.
Fifteen participants from various
countries such as Spain, Poland, Austria, IMATION is an opportunity and practice
Japan, and China were introduced arena for ISAFIS members in enchancing
with Indonesian home industries from and contending diplomatic skill like the
KBPS milk factory at Bandung to Salak way diplomat do for instance in United
Wine, Bali. Even they had discovered Nations (UN), International Monetary
indie recording industries like Fast Fund (IMF), and other international
Forward (FFWD) as well. The two weeks institutions. This course is held to
experience was closed at Furama Café sharpen and prepare ISAFIS members’
Jimbaran, Bali where they had a romantic skills before facing Model United
farewell dinner. Nations around the globe. As we know,

26 27

First Round Selection Essays were announced the questions. The next to
In order to get spot in later that week, followed come was ‘Amazing Race
by the Interview Session. ISAFIS’! This race had 4 pit

board of 2010-2011,
every applicants needed Second Round Selection stops in which every stops
to accomplish several required all the newbies
The two days interview
criteria which vary to do various task. The
By: KEISHKARA HANANDHITA PUTRI sessions were held in
from 500 words essay, tasks were designed to
ISAFIS Office which
motivation letter and their show newbies’ assertive
located at Banyumas 2,
curriculum vitaes. The public speaking skill
Menteng. We put high
essays should be written and confidence. At the
expectations on our top
on one of the following end of the race, group 2
50 interviewees, let’s show
issues: “Indonesia, (consisting Garlan, Tasya,
us some personalities! The
Youth and International Melia, Arya and Ringgo)
interview went smoothly,
Relations”, “Indonesia and was chosen to be the
and the interviewee
Millennium Development best group based on
surprised us with the
Goals”, or “Indonesia in their excellent teamwork!
way they construct their
the Era of Free Trade and We also had our best
arguments as well as
Globalizations”. Due to the newbies, please say hello
presenting their abilities.
excessive essays received, to Garlan (Best Male
MOKA Newbie) and Maya (Best
ISAFIS team was divided
into 4 sub-teams to The journey was almost Female Newbie). Later
examine them. The essays reaching its end! After that night, all the newbies
were assessed based on the Top 25 had been were certified with ISAFIS’s
their efficacy, relevancy announced the upcoming membership placard
to the theme, and the event to follow was our plus ISAFIS official ID
strength of the ideas Newbies’ Orientation Cards and finally, they are
given. Again, because called MOKA. Located legally accepted as ISAFIS
Wanna be on top? ISAFIS Board of 2010-2011’s open recruitment the number of applicants at Bekasi Town House’s members!
kept flooding our inbox villas number 346 and So once again,
was finally coming to town! Held from 1-25th of November, our
with no mercy, Isafis 345, all the people were congratulation to our
Open Recruitment’s inbox was –figuratively- flooded with brilliant all set to rock MOKA! The
team decided to extend no-longer newbies. It’s so
applicants. But only 25 of them will have the chance to be the next the deadline from 23rd to first segment to hold was nice to have you all as our
Isafisians. Let’s take a look on the journey! 25th of November. Keep “Trivia Games” which newest families!
the spirit up guys! 50 Top required the newbies’
knowledge to beat up

28 29
develop an understanding on international issues
amid youth is like we build this Nation...
photo by: Febry Fawzi www.isafis.org