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44th IloPRISAA Sports Competition ISAthletes brought home 27 Awards9

The 44th Iloilo Private Schools Athletic Association sports competition opened on 21 November. As
expected, ISAthletes performed remarkably, and maintained their strong presence, in table tennis,
badminton, and track and field. For three consecutive years, ISA's Table Tennis Elementary Boys and
Girls teams proved unbeatable, both teams were champions again this year. Moreover, Table Tennis
Secondary Boys and Girls teams won second and third place, respectively. ISA's Badminton
Secondary Girls team won second place, while both Badminton Elementary Boys and Girls teams
won third place. In track and field, the elementary girls ISAlethes brought home 3 gold, 5 silver, and
5 bronze, making them second place in the overall tally. Their boys counterpart, on the other hand,
won 1 gold, 1 silver, and 1 bronze. ISA's track and field secondary girls team won 2 silver and 1
bronze, while the boys team won 1 bronze.

Sportsfest 2009
ISA held its annual Sports fest last 23 October at Iloilo Sports Complex. The day began with the
opening ceremony whose highlight was the lighting of the torch by Ruvyn Mitch Tan, a Palarong
Pambasa representative for table tennis.

The four teams vied for first place in the cheering track and field, table tennis, basketball, volleyball,
badminton, and chess. Traditional parlor games were also played in the morning.

At the end of the day, Red Team was hailed overall champion while Yellow Team came in second
and Green Team third.

Red Team dominated the chess, badminton, and track and field events, while Yellow Team
flourished in basketball, table tennis, and cheering. Green Team was also declared over-all
champion in the parlor games and volleyball.


The Preschool Department held its Sports Fest last 28 November 2008 at the DepEd Iloilo Division
Social Hall. The place was packed with excited learners and parents. Learners of each level
showcased their talent in dancing inspired by the 80's. Aside from this, there was also a search for
Little Mr. and Ms. Sports Fest '08. Nine learners, 5 girls and 4 boys, vied for the title.
Miquee Angelica Moises won as Little Ms. Sports
Fest 2008. She also won the Best in Production
and Best in Sports Attire awards. Tim Abraham
So won as Little Mr. Sports Fest '08, Best in
Production, Best in Talent, Best in Sports Attire
and Best in Interview awards. Games followed
after the show.

ISA BAGS 29 Medals in PRISAA Sports

ISAers took home a total of 33 medals in the 43rd Iloilo Private Schools Athletics Association
(IloPRISAA) Sports, Academic and Literary-Musical meet last 18-28 November.

In Sports, ISAers won 6 gold, 11 silver, and 12 bronze medals. Moreover, ISA Elementary Track and
Field Girls team was the overall champion, while the secondary chess girls team grabbed the 1st
runner up title.

IloPRISAA held its opening ceremony at Central Philippine University last 18 November, with the
theme “Filipino Youth: Accepting the Challenge for Change”. Below are the sports events won by the

GOLD: Javelin and Discus throw elementary girls (Aiofe Fahy), High Jump and Triple Jump
elementary girls (Shayne Angelie Trinidad), Table Tennis elementary boys (Kevinn Friedrich Chan,
Joseph Joshua Te, Jherod Miquel Tilos, and Marc Yu), Table Tennis elementary girls (Marion Nicole
Lim, Pauline Zachie Chiu, Camille Frances Billones, and Anne Melissa Co).

SILVER: Discus elementary boys (Robert Hudak), High Jump and Triple Jump elementary girls
(Michelle Breindy Uy), Shot Put Elementary girls (Aoife Fahy), Long Jump elementary girls (Shayne
Angelie Trinidad), 1500m Run elementary girls (Stacey Sophie Ravago), Triple Jump secondary girls
(Emma Rose Guanco), Table Tennis secondary boys (Edward Calaguas, Christian Dinero, Vincent
Labaclado, and Gian Trimañez), Table Tennis secondary girls (Justine Nikki Aguirre, Helinda Muleta,
Krishnae Princess Tan, and Kathleen Yu), Badminton secondary girl doubles (Krisha Wee and Mary
Chua), Chess secondary girls Team (Clarissa Joyce Tiu and Maria Fairie Tay)

BRONZE: Javelin and Shot Put elementary girls (Alyssa Rivero), Long Jump elementary girls
(Michelle Breindy Uy), 4x100 m Relay and 4x400 m Relay elementary girls (Michelle Breindy Uy,
Stacey Ravago, Shane Trinidad and Marivie Cordero), High Jump secondary girls (Emma Rose
Guanco), Badminton secondary girls (Hannah Stephanie Co), Chess secondary boys Board 1 (Paul
Arthur Edward Tresico), Chess elementary girls Board 1 (Anne Danielle Tay)

Sportmanship the Essence of Sports Fest '08

ISA Sports Fest '08 last 24 October 2008 at Iloilo Sports Complex served as a breather for the
learners and facilitators alike as it gave them the chance to break free from their academic

Held a day after the learners' second quarter examination, the said event was greeted with so much
energy and enthusiasm. The elementary and secondary learners were divided into 4 teams: Yellow,
Red, Green and Blue, each with their assigned leaders.
A day before the event, the excitement started to heighten
as team leaders gathered their team mates to discuss and
practice some strategies on how to bag the awards. A great
deal of time and effort was also spent in preparation for
one of the major events, the Cheers and Yells Contest.

Sports Fest '08 was opened formally by ISA executive

director, Mr. Peter Chan. The lighting of the torch was done
by two secondary learners, John Christian Dinero and
Helinda Marie Muleta. Cheers and yells contest came first
and followed by the parlor games which were participated
with learners from Grades 1 to 3. At exactly 9 am, all the
major sports events started ranging from track and field,
relay, ball games, table tennis and chess.

The four teams tried to out match each other in order to

get a good over-all standing. The final tally showed Red
Team was the over-all champion, followed by the Blue,
Yellow and Green Teams, in that order.
Sports Fest ensures that the school does not only develop
the academic prowess of its learners but also promotes
sports as a major factor essential to their holistic
development as it promotes the values of sportsmanship.

ISAers Joined Shell Chess Fest

ISA chess class learners took part in the Shell Chess Tournament last 30 August 2008 at SM City.
316 competed in the Kiddies division. Out of seven rounds, First year ISAer Elijah Ong won four
rounds and one draw. Grade 4 learners Danniele Anne Tay, Kloie Gil and Keann Avery Cheng won
four rounds, three rounds and one round, respectively. Ira Ong, a grade three learner, won three

184 players joined in the Junior division. Out of seven

rounds, fourth year learner Paul Tresico won four rounds,
both his classmates Eunice Serilo and Jan Jarnel Geyenne
Tiu won three rounds each, while Clarissa Tiu won one
round. Photo shows Geyenne (right) during the last day of
the tournament.

ISAthlete of the Year Grace Rebollos Won Silver Medal in Palarong

Pambansa (National Sports Meet)
Grace Rebollos, a member of Region 6 Table Tennis Girls Team, bagged the silver medal in the
Palarong Pambansa (National Sports Meet) Team event. The competition was held in Puerto
Princesa, Palawan, last 21-24 April 2008.
ISAthlete of the Year Grace Rebollos Won Gold in Regional Table
Tennis Meet
Grace Rebollos, a member of Iloilo Table Tennis High School Girls Team, bagged the gold in the
Western Visayas Regional Athletic Association Team event. The competition was held in San Jose,
Antique last 15-16 March 2008.

ISAatheletes Won More Awards @ Iloilo School Sports Council Meet

10-14 December 2007, ISA sent its table tennis and badminton teams to participate in the Iloilo
School Sports Council Meet. The perfect and competent tandem of Grace Rebollos and Justine Betsy
Aguirre once again outmatched their contenders and won the championship title for the Table
Tennis Girls Team. Grace Rebollos also won third place in the High School Table Tennis Girls Single.

In the badminton match, Emma Rose Guanco and Mary Elizabeth Chua of Grade 6 helped defend the
championship title of the Elementary Badminton Girls Team. The tandem won second place in the
elementary badminton Girls Double.

ISAers have indeed been excelling both in academics and sports.

ISAers Bagged 8 Gold, 10 Silver, 12 Bronze in 2007 PRISAA

The 42nd Iloilo Private Schools Athletics Association (IloPRISAA) meet had its opening ceremony in
Western Institute of Technology last 20 November 2007. This year's theme was "Healing and
Reconciliation for a Unified Nation."

For three successive years, ISAers proved to be competent individuals in the field of sports. The 8
gold medal tallied by ISA were produced by its learners in sports (7) and one in literary- musical
Again, ISA remains unbeatable in the English oration as Fritzie Gayle Diez of 4th year Rizal won first
place. Last year, Angelie Ong was champion in this event. In English Declamation, 6th grader Jia Fem
Bolinas won a bronze medal.

Other gold medals were won in shot put, javelin throw, long jump and triple jump. The school tallied
10 silver medals from different sports events namely discus throw, javelin throw, high jump, 4 x 100
relay, 4 x 400 relay, badminton and table tennis. It also acquired 12 bronze medals from javelin
throw, shot put, long jump, 1500m dash, 100m dash, swimming, badminton, chess and table tennis.

In terms of medal tally, the result of this year's meet didn't quite match the performance the
ISAthletes had last year (ISA won 12 gold, 9 silver and 12 bronze last year); though in academic-
literary-musical contests the school is steadily heading forward.

The elementary boys' team

in table tennis showed
supremacy as the girls' team
managed to rank second.
The high school girls' team
got the silver medal while
the high school boys' team
settled for bronze.

In another field of sport, Mary Elizabeth Chua with

her partner Emma Rose Guanco won gold medal for
the girls double in badminton while the high school
girls double managed to bag the silver medal. The
additional 3 bronze medals were won in badminton
for elementary and high school mixed double and
high school girls single.

In the 4 x 400 relay, the girls' team finished second.

Meanwhile, Grade 4 learners Stacey Sophie Ravago
and 5th grader Mary Elizabeth Chua grabbed the
bronze medals in the 1500m run and 100m dash,

ISA Swimming Team won a bronze medal.

Member of ISA Chess Team, Grade 3 Anne Danielle
Tay, won a bronze medal.

Preschool ramped its way Sportsfest '07

The ISA Preschool Department had its 4th annual sports festival at CAP Auditorium on 29 November.
The little learners sported beautifully designed costumes and props for their field demonstration.
Nursery kids wore "Mr. Frosty the Snowman" attire with cane while the kinder I learners had
maracas and pompoms for their "Mambo" and "Jingle Bells Rock" dances.

The field demo was followed by the"Search for the

Little Mr. and Ms. Sports Fest 2007", showcasing
learners' talents in modeling and dancing.
Winners of the titles were Nichol Vince Jalipa and Kyla Velez, both Kinder II pupils. First Runners-up
were Kaethe Jaranilla and Jeremiah Juantong. Cherisse Hope Gomez and Mikem Gerobin Morato won
Second Runner-up. Tae-Hee Um and Paul Christian Que were proclaimed the Third runners-up.
Meanwhile, Tae-Hee Um and Nichol Vince Jalipa charmed the audience and won the 'Darlings of the
Crowd' award. The Best in Sportswear were 'equestrian' Kyla Velez and 'boxer' Paul Christian Que.
The winning pairs for the Best in Production Number were Kyla Velez and Jeremiah Juantong.

ISA SportsFest 2007

The ISA Student Council's Marathon for a Cause

kicked off ISA's Sportsfest 2007 last 25 October
2007. The learners raced from the ISA campus to
the Iloilo Sports Complex early that morning as
part of the opening ceremony of the sports

The Green Team was declared over-all champion after bagging first places in
cheering, parlor games, volleyball, and track and field. The Blue Team came in as 1st
runner up after securing the first places in basketball and chess. The 2nd runner up
was awarded to Yellow Team with a first place in Badminton. The Red Team settled
for 3rd runner up in the over-all ranking.

This school year the Parent's Association was also

involved in the preparations for the activity in
providing food for the learners and in supervising
for the certificates and prizes. Mrs. Angelita Naces,
Parent's Association Vice President, awarded the
prizes to the winners during the awarding
ceremony late that afternoon.

HUDAKS romp away with Silver in Philippine Olympic Fest

Lara Hudak, a 1st year Lu Xun learner, bagged silver and bronze medals in the Kata (showmanship)
category and Komite (sparring) category, respectively, during the Philippine Olympic Festival
Karatedo competition held at Gaisano City Iloilo on 14-15 September.

Grade 5 Shakespeare learner Robert Hudak, Lara's younger brother, also won silver medal in the
Kata (showmanship) competition.

Athletes from different regions of the country participated in the tournament.

This once again proves that many ISA learners do not only excel academically (Lara earned the
highest academic honors in the graduating class last year), they are sports enthusiasts as well.

Grace Rebollos Won Bronze in the Phil. Olympic Fest Table Tennis Match
For having represented Iloilo in the region 6 table tennis meet last school year, Grace was qualified
to join the Philippine Olympic Festival -- table tennis match held at Iloilo Sports Complex last 13-14
September. After several rounds of exciting games against experienced players from different
regions, she finally brought home a bronze medal.

This file photo shows Grace Rebollos, a 4th

Yr. Rizal learner, contemplating on how to
counter her opponent's next move.
ISAthletes Grab 3 Gold, 1 silver in Inter-School Badminton Match
ISA badminton players won first place in high school girl doubles, elementary girl singles and girl
doubles, garnering three of the seven gold medals at stake, in the 2007 Iloilo Filipino-Chinese Inter-
school Badminton Tournament held on 22 September.

Krisha Wee and Linnie Faith Basilio, both ISA high school freshmen, confidently outmatched their
much older opponents from Sun Yat Sen high School in the final games, winning the third gold
medals for ISA. Earlier that day, Mary Elizabeth Chua and Johanna Tan had defeated the pair from
Iloilo Central Commercial High School; and, Emma Rose Guanco smashed the contingent from
Ateneo de Iloilo (formerly Santa Maria Catholic School), bringing home the much coveted elementary
girl singles gold medal. The last ISAer to win another medal was a Grade 4 learner, Roy Jordan Ahhi.
He won second place in the elementary boy singles category.

Sun Yat Sen High School team won 2 gold, while Iloilo Central Commercial High School and Ateneo
de Iloilo won 1 gold each.

SYSHS stood out as the strongest team based on the total medal count, followed by ISA, ICCHS, and
AdeI in that order.

Krisha and Linnie during the final match.

With proper training, the pair has the
potential of becoming ISA’s badminton
‘Dream Team’ in the next couple of years.

These two ‘veteran’ ISAthletes, Mary

Elizabeth and Johanna, had been winning
medals since ISA joined IloPRISAA Sports
Meet two years ago.

Emma Rose, the versatile ‘wonder girl’, has

been bringing honors to our school, not
only in the field of sports, but more so in
academic competition. Last month, Emma
won 3rd place in Panay News Writing
contest, and 3rd place in the 5th ABS-CBN
Newscasting competition.
Though freshmen Matthew and Cecil Kim
did not make it to the final rounds this
time, nobody would be surprised if they will
fight it to the top in some inter-school
games in the near future.

ISA Joins United Track and Field

ISAthletes Chart unknown Waters
Seven selected athletes flew to Manila to compete in the 32nd United Cup Track and Field Meet on
31 March to 1 April at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum. The annual event is sponsored by the Filipino
Chinese Amateur Athletic Federation. This is the first time ISA sent athletes to compete with
Chinese-Filipino schools in the Capital Region.

Green as they are, these ISAthletes impressed the organizers by their sports prowess during the
games. Steven Que, in-coming 1st year learner, won first place both in shot put and softball throw;
and won second place in discus throw. In the elementary girls 100x4 relay, Mary Elizabeth Chua,
Jean Claire Agudo, Lara Hudak and Emma Guanco missed the title of 2nd runner up by a mere 0.02
seconds. Mary Elizabeth Chua and Roselette Daguro were 4th placers, respectively, in the
Elementary girls softball throw and High School girls shot put. The icebreaking debut had turned out
into a show of determination and courage.

The ISAthletes and the team officials with the Executive Director during the
awarding ceremony. Seated from left: Kirsten Casio, Emma Guanco, Mary
Elizabeth Chua, Ms. Beulah Gerada (facilitator-in-charge), Steven Que, Lara
Hudak. Standing from left: Roselette Daguro, Ms. Debbie Chan, Mr. Peter Chan,
Mr. Noel Diel (Coach), Jean Claire Agudo, Mrs. Merlyn Chua (Mary’s Mom)
Steven Que receives 2 gold and one The Chinese-Filipino Amateur Athletic
silver medals Federation through its president awards a
special plaque of appreciation to ISA. Mr.
Peter M. Chan receives the plaque on
ISA’s behalf.

ISA Girls Team Aces Integrated Meet

High school girls Grace Rebollos and Justine Betsy Aguirre won team championship* in table tennis
during the Integrated Sports Meet (Public & Private Schools in Iloilo Province and City) on December
17-22, 2006. Moreover, Grace won 3rd place in the singles. Elementary ISAers Mary Elizabeth Chua
and Christina Angki were badminton champions in team event, and 3rd in girls doubles. Steven Que,
a 6th grade ISAer, won 2nd place in shot put. These ISAthletes will join other schools athletes to
represent Iloilo City and Province to the Region 6 Sports Meet in February 2007 in Bacolod City. VKM

*The team members include players from Central Philippines University High School Department

ISAthletes Won 33 Awards in the 41st Iloilo City Private School Athletic
Association (IloPRISAA) Meet
The School Year 2006-2007 saw seventy ISAthletes participated in the IloPRISAA meet held at Iloilo
Sports Complex last November 21-29, 2006. This figure represents 28% of ISA’s elementary and
high school total population. ISA sent 32 athletes last School Year. With 38 private schools joining
this year’s sports meet, the ISAthletes made a very impressive showing by winning 12 champions, 9
First Runners-up and 12 Second Runners-up in six major sports areas. Furthermore, ISA elementary
girls’ team was the over-all third placer in the track and field. In badminton, both elementary boys’
and girls’ team captured the over-all second place titles.

This is the second time ISA sent sports teams since it became a full-fledged IloPRISAA member-
school in 2004. Aside from track and field and table tennis, both considered as ISA’s powerhouse,
ISAthletes made considerable progress in badminton, lawn tennis, swimming and chess this year.
Noteworthy is the ISA chess team which was organized in June this year. Its members are all
neophytes enrolled in the newly opened chess class. No wonder when somebody from the field
texted us that Anne Danielle Tay of Grade 2 won 3rd place in Board 1 (elementary girls), everybody
hardly believed it.

Below is the tally of the awards garnered by the ISAthletes in this year’s PRISAA Sports Meet:

Champion (12)
Emma Guanco Long Jump (Elementary Girls)
Emma Guanco Triple Jump (Elementary Girls)
Jean Claire Agudo Shot Put (Elementary Girls)
Jean Claire Agudo Discus Throw (Elementary Girls)
Mary Elizabeth Chua Javelin Throw (Elementary Girls)
Steven Que Shot Put (Elementary Boys)
Steven Que Discus Throw (Elementary Boys)
Steven Que Javelin Throw (Elementary Boys)
Roselette Daguro Shot Put (High School Girls)
Roselette Daguro Discus Throw (High School Girls)
Kirsten Casio Javelin Throw (High School Girls)
Christina Angki & Mary
Badminton Doubles (Elementary Girls)
Elizabeth Chua

First Runner Up (9)

Jean Claire Agudo Javelin Throw (Elementary Girls)
Mary Elizabeth Chua 100 Meter Dash (Elementary Girls)
Mary Elizabeth Chua 200 Meter Dash (Elementary Girls)
Stacey Sophie Ravago 1500 Meter Run (Elementary Girls)
Kathleen Yu, Camille
Jungco, Pauline Sachi Chiu Table Tennis (Elementary Girls)
& Marion Nicole Lim
Alej Shem Chua, Vincent
Labaclado, Kevinn
Table Tennis (Elementary Boys)
Friedrich Chan, Miles Diez
& Joseph Joshua Te
Grace Rebollos, Justine
Aguirre, Helinda Muleta & Table Tennis (High School Girls)
Khrisnae Tan
Christian Dinero, Gian
Trimañez & John Michael Table Tennis (High School Boys)
Steven Que & Matthew
Badminton Doubles (Elementary Boys)

Second Runner Up (12)

Christina Angki Shot Put (Elementary Girls)
Christina Angki Discus Throw (Elementary Girls)
Kirsten Casio Discus Throw (High School Girls)
Roselette Agudo Javelin Throw (High School Girls)
Emma Guanco Badminton Singles (Elementary Girls)
Franklin Ajayi Badminton Singles (Elementary Boys)
Mary Elizabeth Chua & Badminton Mixed Doubles (Elementary)
Steven Que
Hannah Co Badminton Singles (High School Girls)
Jemi Gerwayne Tiu Lawn Tennis Singles (Elementary Boys)
Renjun Galigao Lawn Tennis Singles (Elementary Boys)
Anne Danielle Tay Chess Board 1 (Elementary Girls)
Bena Lagunda, Bianca
Lacson, Irene Tiu & Aoefe Swimming 4X50m Freestyle (Elem. Girls)

Over-All First Runner Up – Badminton (Elementary Boys)

Over-all Second Runner Up – Track and Field (Elementary Girls)

Entrance of the ISAthletes at the PRISAA opening ceremony held at

Iloilo Sports Complex on November 21, 2006. There were 38 private
schools joined in this year’s IloPRISAA sports meet. Upon becoming a
full-fledged member, ISA sent 32 athletes last year and won 8
champions, 4 1st runners-up and 4 2nd runners-up.

3rd Year ISAer Justine Betsy Aguirre is a member of formidable ISA

Table Tennis Girls team. Together with her team mates, Grace
Rebollos, Helinda Muleta and Krishnae Tan, they won the 1st runner-
up title in high school table tennis in the IloPRISAA 2006, next only to
the Central Philippine University (CPU) team. Last year, ISA team won
the championship game against the legendary CPU high school table
tennis girls team.

ISA Sportsfest ‘06

Last October 26, 2006 ISA held its 3rd Annual Sports Fest at the Iloilo Sports Complex. Learners from
Grades One to Third Year participated in the cheering competition, parlor games, track and field,
volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, and chess. The facilitators also participated in the
volleyball games...

The Second Runner Up for the sports fest was the Blue Team. The title of Champion is given to the
Red and Yellow Teams for a tie in their over-all scores. In the facilitators’ volleyball game, Yellow
Team was pronounced the champion.

The cheering squad of the Red Team preparing Blue Team won the title of 1st Runner Up in this
to set up their pyramid formation. The Red year’s sportsfest. This team is strong in team
Team won the overall champion title of this coordination..
year’s Sportsfest.

Many ISAthletes (ISA varsity members) belong Members of the Green Team assembles during
to the Yellow Team. They were able to equal the opening ceremony.
the relatively stronger Red Team in the final
tally and emerged champion.

5th FCAAC Table Tennis Tournament ISAthletes Champion in all 4 categories

The 5th FCAAC Table Tennis Tournament sponsored by the Filipino

Chinese Amateur Athletic Confederation Iloilo Chapter was held on September 23 and 24, 2006 at
Sun Yat Sen High School Auditorium. Fifty table tennis players participated in the games: 10 from
Iloilo Central Commercial High School, 15 from Sun Yat Sen High School, 6 from Ateneo de Iloilo
(Santa Maria Catholic School) and 19 from Iloilo Scholastic Academy. The elimination rounds were
held in the afternoon of September 23 following a brief opening ceremony, and continued in the
morning of September 24.

ISAthletes performed extraordinarily well in the final rounds in the last

day of the tournament. The outstanding performance of High school ISAthletes, John Christian
Dinero (2nd Yr.) and Justin Aguirre (3rd Yr.), stunned almost everybody. They both defeated the
players of two bigger schools, ICCHS and SYSHS, after a close fight and brought home the champion
trophies in high school boys and girls categories, respectively. Earlier that afternoon, ISA elementary
players had also made it to the top in both boys and girls categories. Other ISAthletes were able to
bring home four more trophies. A player from ICCHS won first runner up in the High School boys
category; an Atenean was second runner up in High School boys category. SunYat Sen High School
players won the two first runner up in High School girls and Elementary boys categories.


The annual Iloilo Private Schools Athletic Association (ILOPRISAA) meet is an arena for students of
private school in Iloilo City to compete in the field of sports, literary and music. This year, forty six
member schools look forward to this event to prove their mettle and to give their schools in general
and their students in particular a chance to show their various talents and intelligences.

According to Mr. Oscar Co, ISA-BOT Sports Committee Chairman, this year, after a one-year
probationary period, Iloilo Scholastic Academy is joining the ILOPRISAA meet. ISA sent thirty three
athletes to compete in six major sports areas: table tennis, lawn tennis, swimming, track and field,
badminton and taekwondo. After a week-long competition, ISAers brought home 8 gold, 4 silver and
4 bronze.

4th FCAAF Cup Table Tennis

ISAers brought home 6 trophies

ISAers proved again they are not just scholars but also champions in sports. They showed this at the
4th Filipino Chinese Amateur Athletic Federation (FCAAF) Table Tennis Tournament held last
November 26 and 27 at Gaisano City.

Bona fide students from four Chinese-Filipino Schools, namely ICCHS, SYSHS, Ateneo de Iloilo and
ISA, joined in this years table tennis tournament. ISAers outshone the other players in the girls
division. Players from the three other schools divided the trophies in the boys category. Only Gian
Francis Trimañez of Grade 6 made it to the top three in the boys Elementary Level, he bagged 3rd
place. While in the girls elementary, Trixie Shane Ledesma of Grade 6 was the Champion and Jia
Fem Bolinas of Grade 4 won the 2nd place.

In the high school division, Grace Rebollos of 2nd year proved herself unchallenged by winning the
1st place and her classmate Justine Aguirre won the 2nd place. In the Womens Open, Grace Rebollos
defeated many adult players to finally emerged second.

Go! ISAth1letes
In recent years, schools scouting for mercenary players instead of developing their own talents has
become a fad. Obviously, this is contrary to the spirit of sound campus PE program. At ISA, we
subordinate sports competition to the needs of total human development. Recruiting good players
from outside sources will not raise overall campus sports level, maintaining a good sports program

"Players need to have discipline, dedication and perseverance to win in the competition." said Mr.
Serapion Garillos, ISA Sports Coordinator.

As early as the third week of this SY, all ISAers had undergone try-outs to vie for the limited slots in
their chosen sport events. Few qualified athletes had started their training with their respective
trainers during their PE period and special training sessions.

ISA's Pride
Last month, another honor was brought to the school by Lara Hudak, a Grade 5 - Shakespeare
learner and her brother, Robert Hudak, a Grade 3 - Beethoven learner.
After their victory barely a month ago in Mandaue City, they joined the Regional Karatedo
Championship held in Robinsons Place, Bacolod City last October 22. Lara won two gold medals in
both Kata (showmanship) and sparring categories, while Robert won gold medal in showmanship
and silver in sparring. This tournament was participated by different teams from Bacolod, Boracay
and Iloilo. This only proves that ISAers do not only excel in academics, they are formidable athletes
as well.

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