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BPO industry that grows at high double-digit rates for two decades; provides mas

sive foreign exchange gains; generates direct employment at levels way above the
per capita income; catalyses the creation of four times the jobs in other indus
tries (Source: Nasscom Strategic Review, 2007); becomes the basis for developmen
t of new suburbs and cities; spurs migration of people from smaller towns in hug
e numbers; and, in short, lifts an entire economy.
Finished college and planning to join a BPO? BPO jobs in fresh graduates, post g
raduates and final year students very popular. The most important thing about BP
O jobs, they give very handsome salary, from this money students can peruse thei
r further studies, improve themselves by academic, professional courses somethin
g like this, if not then they save the money for their future etc.
BPO is offering jobs in large numbers. Moreover, it s hard to get the pink slip if
you are working for the BPOs. If employees don t perform well, they are simply sh
ifted to a different process or sent back for retraining.
Now let s take a look at the pros and cons of joining the BPO sector as a career.
Ten reasons why you should join a BPO
1. One can earn a quick buck and lots of it. The companies provide excellent rem
uneration packages compared to other industries.
2. No technical qualification required but if you have then it would help you un
derstand the technical part of process quickly.
3. No investment needed to upgrade you unlike many other professions.
4. One s communication skills can be greatly improved. Many shysters end up as art
iculate dudes. The call centers run Personality Development Programmers free of
cost along with regular voice & accent training.
5. You can actually imbibe a lot of knowledge depending on the industry you are
working for, i.e. insurance, finance, accounting, telecoms, auto, computer hardw
are etc. The companies also provide international certifications for the industr
y trainings.
6. You may be made to undergo the six-sigma and other quality control programmer
s hugely in demand in the corporate world.
7. You get good food for free and lots of recreational activities like gym, swim
ming pool, billiards, Internet for free. Also, one gets free home pick up and dr
ops in AC cabs.
8. The work environment of most of the international call centers is truly world
class. Also, most of the international BPO firms insure their employees for fre
e. Plus, there are parties and get together at excellent hotels and discs on wee
kends all paid by the company. Camping tours are also arranged by the companies
at hill resorts.
9.There are open feedback sessions during training which help you to know your s
trengths and weaknesses. You also learn team building skills and management.
10. Working in a BPO also helps while applying for a Visa to a foreign country.
It gives you added points and helps if you are planning to immigrate as you are
already familiar with their culture.
BPOs in India offer good starting salaries with regular raises every year. Typic
al salary of a person working in India can vary between 15000 rupees to 30,000 r
upees or even higher. This is much higher than individuals working in most other
traditional professions like Government jobs, teachers, clerks and armed forces
. there is no doubt that money is very important these days and BPOs are a good
opportunity to earn some good money. Therefore you need not be just an engineer
or a doctor to earn good money.
All BPOs require you to be fluent in English, although most do expect you to hav
e at least a bachelors degree like BSC or BA. For certain types of jobs like Med
ical or Tech. outsourcing, having a background or education in that field can ce
rtainly add to your advantage. Bilingual (people who speak multiple languages) i
ndividuals who are fluent in Spanish, German and French have a great advantage o
ver others. Spanish language has nice penetration in United States due to Mexica
n (Spanish speaking) immigrants, similarly French has a great demand in Canada.
Well there is no running around to get your work done, most bigger BPOs will eve
n provide you a convenient bus service from several pick-up locations in the cit
y. This is especially convenient for girls of India because of elevated women cr
ime in recent years. Your job requires talking over the phone after going throug
h an intensive customer support training. Most BPOs also provide free snacks and
drinks to their employees.
People with just a few years on experience are in great demand, and will usually
be able to change their jobs to a competing BPO company for a better salary and
BPOs provide trainning and how to deal with customers and the best part is that
they even pay you when they train you. The trainning typically lasts for a few w
eeks and often followed by a supervised practical experience.
Many call canters provide good health insurance for your family at a low cost. T
hey may even provide counseling to deal with the stress is you happen to deal wi
th a tough or abusive customer.
Often Indian all centers have an overseas office, they will regularly send a sma
ll percentage of their employees to countries like United States, Britain etc ..
so that they understand their working environment better. These trips can not o
nly be fun but also a great opportunity to earn higher money in US dollars.
As of August 2008, The Indian government has given its go-ahead to agents workin
g at BPOs, other service providers included, to work from home. But BPO firms ar
e already voicing security concerns which, they say, would not allow them to mak
e full use of the concept.

Cost reductions- Cost reduction is done through process improvements, reengineer

ing and use of technologies that reduce and bring administrative and other costs
under control.
Concentration on core business- With the day-to-day back office operations taken
care of, the management is free to concentrate more on the core business of the
Outside expertise- Company is saved from the hassles of recruiting and training
personnel. BPOs ensure that experts from another company provide the needed guid
ance and skills.
Cater to changing customer demands- It is another great advantage of out sourcin
g the business processes. Many BPOs provide the management with flexible and sca
lable services to meet the customers' changing requirements, and to support comp
any acquisitions, consolidations, and joint ventures.
Revenue increase- As stated above, by outsourcing non-core processes, companies
can concentrate on increasing their sales and market share, develop new products
; spread out into new markets and increase customer service and satisfactions.

BPO Advantage India Today, India is undoubtedly the most favored IT/BPO destinat
ion of the world. This raises the question why most of the big MNCs are interest
ed in outsourcing their operations to BPOs in India. The answer is very simple-
India is home to large and skilled human resources. India has inherent strengths
, which have made it a major success as an outsourcing destination. India produc
es the largest number of graduates in the world. The name of India has become sy
nonymous with that of BPOs and IT industry hence the name BPO India.

Besides being technically sound, the work force is proficient in English and wor
k at lower wages in comparison to other developed countries of the world. India
also has a distinct advantage of being in a different time zone that gives it fl
exibility in working hours. All these factors make the Indian BPOs more efficien
t and cost effective. In order to meet the growing international demand for lucr
ative, customer-interaction centers, many organizations worldwide are looking to
BPO India.
Business Process Outsourcing gives tremendous help to the companies to concentra
te more on the core areas of their business. The most important factor behind th
e growth in the BPO market world wide today is an increase in the number of ente
rprises that are reviewing their internal operations in an attempt to fully unde
rstand their true core competencies. In the process they are able to focus more
on their core competencies. Business Process Outsourcing gives more freedom to t
he management to focus more time, energy, and resources on building the company'
s core businesses. It is because the BPOs assume full responsibility for managin
g the day-to-day back-office operations.
Once outsourcing of certain processes take place it becomes easier for the compa
ny to compare and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of services that are
being delivered from outside and inside. This decision-making process often inc
ludes an evaluation of the cost of owning technology - with its associated suppo
rt costs, that are not core to the enterprise (HR is one such example). This tre
nd is leading to an increased keenness to outsource processes that are considere
d non-core, yet critical activities. These critical activities include claims ad
ministration, HR services and payment services.

Apart from other advantages, business process outsourcing has another big advant
age which leads to increase in capabilities of the employees and the company. Wi
th this know-how increased capabilities can be seen. In addition to doing things
more efficiently, employees can expand their ability to deliver new products an
d services to their customers. Then there are the factors of scalability and sco
pe. Companies that want to grow internationally must continuously invest in infr
astructure and find talent around the world and this is possible only trough bus
iness process outsourcing. Many outsourcing providers are already established gl
obally and help in increasing the capabilities of the companies that are outsour
cing their work to these BPOs.
Improved HR is another great advantage of outsourcing business processes. Severa
l market studies have shown that HR outsourcing can lead to cost savings in the
range of 20-40 percent for customers. It also leads to improved HR. HR Business
Process Outsourcing (HR BPO) is a market that has experienced substantial growth
over the past few years and is now set for even more rapid expansion. This is b
ased on the fact that gradually more companies are looking at outsourcing transa
ctions and processes to create a more strategically focused HR function.
Clearly, companies all over the world are getting motivated to outsource their H
R processes and transactions to run their HR functions more efficiently, free th
e HR function to focus on strategic people practices that drive growth and add t
o the organization's long term success and facilitate their professionals to add
value to their business. Companies today, require complete domestic and global
HR delivery through systems and processes that can generate economies of scale t
o reduce or eliminate their need to make future investments in quickly outdated
technology. Companies can save between 20-40 percent of their HR costs, dependin
g on their business priorities and the pace at which they want to move.
An important facet of business process outsourcing is its ability to free corpor
ate executives from some of their day-to-day process management responsibilities
. Conventionally, executives spend 80 percent of their time in management of det
ails and only 20 percent on formulating strategies. But the scenario is remarkab
ly different when the business process is outsourced. Once a process is successf
ully outsourced, the ratio can be easily reversed. In such situations, executive
s get more time. This saved time helps them tremendously to explore new revenue
areas, accelerate other projects and focus on their customers. This, beyond doub
t, leads to productivity improvements.
Companies that outsource their business processes are often able to capture new
efficiencies and in the process improve upon their productivity. They are in a b
etter position to reallocate their resources to other important projects. This a
lso helps their employees to increase their efficiency and productivity. In most
cases, high-caliber subject-matter experts are brought in to design and manage
these processes. They bring with them increased productivity and years of experi
ence that most companies don't have access to or can't afford on their own. Avai
lability of highly qualified skill pool and faster adoption of well-defined busi
ness processes leads to productivity improvements without compromising on qualit
One of the most important benefits and advantages of outsourcing the business pr
ocesses is in terms of cost savings. The companies that outsource their work hav
e the access to the best of talent and expertise in the BPO field and that too a
t very low wages. Various studies have indicated that for every one dollar inves
ted in BPOs across India, the value derived by the US economy is between $12-14.
This is what makes the outsourcing to India an irreversible process. It is a re
ality that the companies which have shifted their BPO work to India have garnere
d savings of around 40-50% till now.
American BFSI (Banking & Financial Services Industry) companies have saved more
than $6 billion in the last four years by outsourcing their business to India. I
t is a simple fact that if a bank shifts work of 1000 people from US to India it
can save about $18 million a year due to lower costs in India. Similarly, in th
e field of pharma research and development, firms can reduce the cost of develop
ing a new drug, currently estimated at between $600 million and $900 million by
as much as $200 million if development work is outsourced to India. In the US/UK
67-72% of costs incurred by call centers are directly linked to man power costs
whereas call centers in India spend only 33-40% of costs on man power. This inc
ludes spending on training, benefits and other incentives for labor.

BPO services provider to improve business productivity

BPO services have been the latest mantra in India today. BPO is one of the faste
st growing segments of the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) indust
ry. As the current sources of revenue facing slower growth, software companies
are trying new strategy to boost their revenues. BPO has hit the top on their li
st today. The basic of BPO services is specific, do what you do best and leave e
verything else to business process outsourcers. Companies are moving their non-c
ore business processes to outsource providers. BPO saves precious management tim
e and resources and allows focus while building upon core competencies. In other
words BPO services can be defined as a strategic management tool that can help
organizations to improve process level efficiency and effectiveness, as well as
reduce costs.
Benefits derived from BPO Services can be summarized as follows:
Productivity Improvements
Access to expertise
Operational cost control
Improved accountability
Improved HR
Opportunity to focus on core business
India s advantages as the BPO destination:
India is providing one of the largest platforms of low-cost English speaking hig
hly educated, scientifically and technically skilled work force. This makes Indi
a one of the obvious choices for BPO services. Thus India s advantages to outsourc
e can be summarized as follows:-
Availability of qualified personnel across various industrial fields.
English speaking and IT savvy workforce providing a suitable platform for an out
sourced call center.
Indians are taking BPO jobs as a good career option.
Vital government support for Call center & BPO services providing industry.
Cost reduction up to 50%.
Telecom infrastructure is improving to meet outsourced call center requirements.
Infrastructure costs are low in comparison to other countries.
Adherence to leading quality practices by various organizations and important as
pect is certifications are given importance.
Strong domestic IT services industries are coming up to support BPO industry.
Advantages of India as a BPO destination
India has a relatively cheaper workforce as compared to any other nation
Indian workforce is well educated, computer savvy and has good English speaking
India has a good communications and internet infrastructure
The Indian Government is very supportive of foreign investments and has devised
many investment friendly laws and taxes
Individual State Governments in India are constantly developing their IT and net
working infrastructure in order to attract more BPO investment
India has many quality certified software firms and agencies that act as BPO ven
These are the very reasons why India and it outsourcing are considered synonymou
s and the Indian BPO outsourcing market is booming at such a great speed and is
estimated to grow even more and clinch a huge market share by 2007.